Allen Foot Doctors: Dr. Victor Schechter and Dr. Neha Singh

Allen Foot Doctors: Dr. Victor Schechter and Dr. Neha Singh


I had so much fun last night on DocTalk Live! Thank you to all who listened, and especially those who posted questions and/or called in! If you missed it, the video recordings are below. Thank you to Dallas Renal Group and Zyga Healthcare for sponsoring the show! First half of show:
I had so much fun last night on DocTalk Live! Thank you to all who listened, and especially those who posted questions and/or called in! If you missed it, the video recordings are below. Thank you to Dallas Renal Group and Zyga Healthcare for sponsoring the show. Second half of show:

We are compassionate Foot and Ankle Specialists who really care about getting you back on your feet. No problem is too big or small. Call us today :)

Dr. Schechter is pleased to welcome the addition of Dr. Neha Singh. We offer a full array of foot and ankle services to help you maintain healthy and comfortable feet. You can learn more about your foot/ankle problem, and our services by visiting us at

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Allen Foot Doctors

That time I purchased a Podiatry practice and became an actual #boss. I’m starting this week so pumped! This would be a good time to re-introduce myself: I’m Dr. Neha Singh, Foot & Ankle Surgeon and practice owner in Allen, TX! I LOVE what I do, and take great pride in keeping my patients feet, ankles, and overall lower extremities healthy. Nothing worth having comes easy, but my patients have kept me going and make this all worth it every single day. Hope everyone has a great week! #podiatry #podiatricmedicine #footandanklesurgery #allenpodiatrist #planopodiatrist #mckinneypodiatrist #bosslady #bossbabe #newbeginnings

Celebrated 38 years of service as a Podiatric Physician and Surgeon for my boss/partner, Dr. Victor Schechter, a few days ago at the office! Peggy, his office manager through his entire career, is retiring, as well.

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Schechter. I am excited to make this practice my own, but I will never forget all the pearls of wisdom he shared with me over the last 3 years.
We have built a strong working relationship, and I’m looking forward to him staying on with me as a part-time Associate!
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Discovered this beautiful nature preserve in my city that I didn’t even know existed, and it has the most amazing views and hiking trails 🙌 Took some photos here yesterday to prepare for a little marketing I’ll be doing soon! Here’s a little sneak peak selfie I took 😋 #businessowner #footandanklesurgeon #hubbyphotographer #arborhillsnaturepreserve #podiatry #allenpodiatrist

Podiatry humor 😅
No, but for real, stay home 👀
#allenpodiatrist #podiatry #footandankle #covid19

Residency graduation 2017. Can’t believe it’s been 3 years! For all the residents starting today around the country, Good luck!! These will be some of the toughest years of your life, but I promise it’s worth it.
#residencylife #july1 #baylorscottandwhite #templetx #podiatry #medicine #surgery #footandanklesurgeon #footandanklesurgery

Last week was tough! We transitioned to a new EMR a couple weeks ago, and are still trying to get everything down, which means slower charting and longer hours in the office.
At one point in the week, I had 4 inpatients on my service on top of a busy clinic which means rounding in the evenings.

On Wednesday, I had surgery and things were going left from the start lol 😞. First, one of my implants I planned on using hadn’t been autoclaved, so I had to improvise-but that’s not unusual in surgery. Always have to have a plan B!

Buttt...then things got really crazy: My scrub tech passed out about 15 minutes into the case! She was saying she felt hot when we first started, but all of a sudden she said she was burning up and called out to the nurse to call in another scrub tech. I told her to sit down, and I called out to the anesthesiologist to take off her gown and gloves. But within a few seconds, she started falling over. Luckily, the nurse and anesthesiologist caught her and she did not hit the ground. I had to move the back table out of the way and poured saline on her. I had to stay sterile, and don’t forget my patient’s foot was cut open just chillin on the OR table. A bunch of people rushed in with ice and a wheelchair, and they took her to the ER. I had to stay calm, and finish my case.
Friday, I ended up having one of my regular patients show up in the ER with a severe infection in his foot, and I had to take him straight from the ER to the OR on Friday evening. The hospital was full (no beds available) most of the day, but luckily they found him a room by the time we were out of surgery.
Had to round on him over the weekend, as well. But he is seriously the nicest, most positive guy, and it made me feel so good to help him.
I had moments this week where I felt stressed. But when I went to round on my guy on Saturday morning, him and his wife expressed to me how grateful they were for saving his foot, and it literally made me almost tear up. It had been such a stressful week, and hearing that reminded me I am making a difference in people’s lives...and in today’s world, that is a blessing.
Hoping for a calmer week this week, though, not going to lie!
Happy Sunday!!
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How perfect that my first day back in the O.R. after more than 6 weeks (thanks Covid), is also my first case at the new amazing surgery center that I’m now on Staff at! It’s called Wellness Ambulatory Surgery Center, located into McKinney, TX, very close to my practice in Allen. It is such a beautiful facility. I decided to get on staff at a surgery center because there can be a lot of advantages for patients compared to having their surgery done at a hospital.
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I wanted to follow up on my post last week for #skincancerawarenessmonth and go over some Precautions to avoid getting melanoma of the foot and ankle, and other general precautions:
🔸Wear water shoes or shoes and socks-flip flops do not provide protection!
🔸Use adequate sunscreen in areas that are unprotected by clothing or shoes. Be sure to apply sunscreen on the soles as well as the tops of the feet.
🔸Inspect all areas of the feet daily-including the soles, underneath toenails, and between the toes.
🔸If you wear nail polish, remove it occasionally so that you can inspect the skin underneath the toenails. Avoid UV radiation during the sun’s peak hours (10am to 4pm), beginning at birth. While sun exposure is harmful at any age, it is especially damaging to children and adolescents.
🔸Wear sunglasses that block 100% of all UV rays-both UVA and UVB.
🔸Wear a wide brimmed hat.

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If you have foot pain, and/or are dealing with any issues regarding your feet/ankles, we want to see you. I am already seeing the effects of patients waiting their problems out at home. Pain, infections, you name it, are bound to get worse without appropriate treatment. This is the unfortunate downside of closing down outpatient care. I want everyone to know it is safe to visit your doctor, and we’re here for you! Hope all of you are staying healthy!
#allenpodiatrist #podiatry #podiatricmedicineandsurgery #footpain #ingrowntoenail #diabeticfoot

Very excited to be returning to work this week! Our practice is slowly and safely increasing our office hours, which means more availability to my awesome patients. We have appropriate PPE, are taking all necessary precautions and following all protocols to ensure the safety of our patients, staff, and ourselves.
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May is Skin Cancer Awareness month. I wanted to take this opportunity to share a personal story about a skin cancer scare I had during my first year of Podiatry Residency. The picture you see is my foot, specifically the bottom of my heel. I noticed a brown spot, which I knew 100% had never been there before. Over a span of maybe 3-6 months, I noticed it getting bigger, and it was irregularly shaped and different shades. I was worried about Melanoma. I had just finished a week on call at my hospital, and I decided to have one of my attendings biopsy it. The results came a few days later, and unfortunately, the results stated that the biopsy was inconclusive, and excisional biopsy was recommended. This meant that the entire lesion needed to be removed so the pathologist could take a better look at the cells inside. I. Was. Terrified. My family was terrified. I had surgery a few days later. Those days where I was waiting on the results were the most stressful days I had ever had (and I was a first year in a surgical residency program so I already had ample stress!). THANK GOD the final results ended up being completely benign. I had 3 stitches on my heel and was on crutches for about 2 weeks, but I was lucky.

Melanoma is the least common type of skin cancer, but the deadliest. Around 3-15% of melanomas occur on the FOOT. There are 4 different types of Melanoma that can occur on the foot.

One of these types is called Acral Lentiginous Melanoma, and it occurs equally in all skin colors, but represents a greater proportion of melanomas in darker-skinned people! That means that even brown-skinned individuals like myself, are at risk.

Prevention and early detection are crucial. DON’T WAIT to get something suspicious checked out because of COVID19 keeping you at home. I will do another post soon on Precautions to avoid getting melanoma of the foot and ankle.
#skincancerawarenessmonth #podiatry #allenpodiatrist

There has been some recent anecdotal evidence for COVID related findings in the feet. Specifically, skin lesions on the toes that appear as a red inflammation, sometimes ulcerated, with various possible symptoms including pain, itchiness, no symptoms at all, and more. This resembles frostbite or chilblains. Theory behind this is microemboli, and can occur after the patient has recovered, or could be their only sign/symptom of COVID19. Being in Texas, I almost never see frostbite or chilblains, but it will be very interesting if some of these findings make it into my office in the coming weeks! We don’t know how much of a correlation there is yet, as with everything COVID, there’s just not much evidence based info yet. It is very important to still do a complete work up and not miss a true vascular emergency in these patients, though. #covi̇d19 #podiatricmedicine #allenpodiatrist #cantwaittogetbacktowork

“The new normal” is something the entire world is trying to accept right now, all thanks to our not-friend, Covid 19. This is undoubtedly a challenging time for all of us in many ways, but it is starting to feel like there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. Thinking positive right now is the only thing I can do, right? I take pride in taking care of my patients, and being away from them has been extremely difficult. I am staying mentally connected by posting and sharing more things Podiatry related on this platform, and if I can engage even one person on what we do as Foot and ankle surgeons, it would be worth it.
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Know anybody with toes like this? Well, they could have a problem called PRE-DISLOCATION SYNDROME, which is a problem with the joint and ligaments of the 2nd toe. Early on, it presents with an increased space between the second and third toes, and the second toe leaning on the great toe. At this early stage there may not even be any pain. Later, the 2nd toe will begin contracting into a hammertoe, and gradually it will climb and overlap the big toe. Eventually, the joint at the base of the 2nd toe will dislocate. Pre-dislocation syndrome usually develops later in life, and will usually require surgery. In the early stages, usually the pain is not in the toe, but rather on the bottom, in the ball of the foot, at the base of the second toe. Initiated early, conservative treatment, with taping and orthotic devices, before significant deformity has taken place, will often slow progression and relieve discomfort.

Another great Lapiplasty result is pictured below. The "Lapiplasty" type of bunionectomy has emerged as the most effective and permanent repair for moderate to severe bunions. While other bunion procedures are effective, the Lapiplasty virtually guarantees that there will be no recurrence.

Foot Health Facts

It’s ADA Diabetes Alert Day! If you’re living with diabetes, get the #FootHealthFacts on how to keep your feet & ankles healthy.

Soft tissue impingement found in the ankle joint. Patient had been having pain for months. Broke that sucker up!
#anklearthroscopy #allenpodiatrist #footandanklesurgery

Ankle arthroscopy (ankle scope) is unlike traditional open surgery. It has a steep learning curve, and has not come easy for me. None of it has actually. But hard work, self confidence, and an amazing support system has gotten me here. #ilooklikeasurgeon

Pic coming soon of what I found in this patient’s ankle joint 😏
#footandanklesurgery #allenpodiatrist #podiatry #anklearthroscopy

Ankle arthroscopy lab with one of the leaders in our profession, Dr. George Ty Liu from UT Southwestern! #dallasdpm’s #dallaspodiatrist #footandanklesurgery #anklearthroscopy #anklescope #allenpodiatrist

#tbt to when I was on DocTalk Live on Funasia radio! This was actually a fun experience, and I loved giving advice to those in need.
#podiatry #allenpodiatrist #footandanklesurgery #podiatricmedicine

Ingrown toenails...they’re small, but they’re a big pain!! For our patients that is. This is a very common problem, and can occur at any age. There are many possible causes: cutting the nails incorrectly, injuries to the toe, fungal infection, poorly fitting shoes, swelling, and frequently, an underlying genetic growth pattern. Treatment depends on the severity of the ingrown toenail and if there is infection present. If you’ve ever dealt with this type of thing before, know that we can do a minor procedure in the office (only takes 10 min) to permanently remove that pesky ingrown! Walk out of here and get on with your life!
#podiatry #ingrowntoenail #allenpodiatrist

Very kind words from my patient I did surgery on. These are the little things that make it all worth it! Love our patients! #podiatry #allenpodiatrist #footandanklesurgery

5 Shoe Tips for People With Plantar Fasciitis, According to a Podiatrist

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain, and one of THE most common conditions we see in our practice. Check out this article on 5 shoe tips for people with Plantar Fasciitis! Tip 1: Shop for a shoe with a deep heel cup.

Foreign body removal’s are so satisfying! This patient stepped on something over two weeks before coming in to see us, and had been dealing with the pain. Swipe right to see what I got out!

#podiatry #foreignbodyremoval #footandankle #allenpodiatrist

I have first hand experience with some of these issues when I was pregnant with my daughter a little over a year ago. Here’s a few tips for my fellow mama’s!

Follow these quick tips to keep your feet healthy & pain-free during pregnancy. #FootHealthFacts

Before and Afters of my Lapidus bunion correction case yesterday! Here, I am doing the #Lapiplasty, which because of their patented technology, allows my patient to get back to walking sooner! Contact our office for more information on this procedure, and if you would like to schedule an evaluation!
#bunionsurgery #footandanklesurgery #allenpodiatrist #podiatry #hadanallfemaleoperatingroom

Hmm to fix or not to fix...that is the question! 5th met fracture I saw this week. #footandanklesurgery #surgeonlife #podiatry #allenpodiatrist

We are compassionate doctors who actually care about you and your feet. Help us help you! Call us for an appointment at 972-396-9101.
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LAPIPLASTY® Procedure Patient Education Video

Hi Friends! Here is a short video on the Lapiplasty, a type of Bunion correction surgery. Just like everything else, Bunion surgery has evolved over time, and there are better, more effective ways to correct that unsightly deformity. Dr. Singh and Dr. Schechter perform this procedure regularly. Check it out, and let us know what you think!
#bunionsurgery #footsurgery #podiatry #footandanklesurgeon #allenpodiatrist #podiatrist #allenfootdoctors #bunioncorrection

The innovative LAPIPLASTY® Three-Dimensional Bunion Correction procedure enables a precision realignment of the 3D anatomy, utilizes advanced fixation designed…

Happy new year from your Allen Foot Doctors!

Did you know that Diabetic Neuropathy (nerve damage) is the #1 risk factor for developing a Diabetic Foot Ulcer? Talk to your Podiatrist about the symptoms of Neuropathy, and what you can do to prevent a Foot Ulcer.

Diabetes Awareness | APMA

Diabetes Awareness Month begins this Thursday, November 1. Visit to see how important a Podiatrist can be in saving your feet from Diabetes complications. Making an appointment with today’s podiatrist, the foot and ankle expert, to have your feet examined is a critical step in avoiding diabetic foot complications and amputation.

Our Story

Hi! Thanks for visiting our page. We are Foot & Ankle Surgeons right in your neighborhood of Allen, TX. We pride ourselves on having the friendliest staff while providing you up-to-date, evidence based medical and surgical treatments. No problem is too small as we specialize in everything, from an ingrown toenail to flat foot deformity to a broken bone that needs surgery. We are here to help, and it’s what we do best!

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