Texas Health & Wellness Center

Healthcare Facility offering varied Services including: Chiropractic Care, Weight Loss, Rehab., Nutrition, Diagnostic Services,Laboratory Services, Surgical Alternatives, DOT Testing / Physical Examination, Sport Physicals, MUA Case Evaluation.

Healthcare Facility offering varied Services including Chiropractic Care, Weight Loss, Rehab. Nutrition, Surgical Alternatives, DOT Testing / Physical Examination, Sport Physicals, MUA Case Evaluation.

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Texas Health & Wellness Center's cover photo

Texas Health & Wellness Center

Texas Health & Wellness Center's cover photo

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Sweetened to Death: Exposing Sugar for What It Is


Neuroscientists Finally Revealed The Number One Exercise For Slowing Down The Aging Process

I am often asked by patients: “What is the best exercise to do, as I get older?”Strength Exercise, Cardiovascular Exercise? The answer may surprise you....

curiousmindmagazine.com As we grow old, some of us start developing a rather negative relationship with the mirror because it starts showing off our grey hairs, our body’s saggy parts, and the many lines on our face

October / November is breast cancer awareness month. Tip #2: Many cancer awareness campaigns recommend yearly mammograms which expose women to regular amounts of radiation. (Not good if you are trying to prevent cancer) For those who wish to avoid the mammograms, thermography is an option. There is no radiation exposure and may even detect problems sooner than a mammogram. Check http://www.breastthermography.com/ for more information.


FDA Finds Majority of Herbal Supplements at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, And Target Don’t Contain What They Claim – Instead Cheap Fillers Like Wheat And Soy Powder - Healthy Life and Fitness

I think we have shared stories like this before. There is a reason we sell the brands that we do. You never know what you're getting from GNC, Walmart, Walgreens...

hlfteam.com Walmart, Walgreens, Target, and GNC are taking full advantage of the lack of regulation in regards to herbals products and selling the public supplements that do not contain the herbs on the label. According to an investigation by the New York State attorney general’s office into store-brand suppl...

Power of Positivity

Plants inside your room can affect your sleep!

We have this one next to our bed and it has made a huge difference. http://amzn.to/2mgo4hs


Hormones and food: Is your diet stressing you out? (Fox News)

Hormones and food: Is your diet stressing you out?

apple.news Avoid these foods to banish a bad mood.

Cognitive Truth

Another reason supporting breastfeeding your newborn....

A substance in breast milk attacks cancer cells in numerous ways!


Science Explains How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells | CBD-Healthcare News

What you may not know about Cannabis...

Science Explains How Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells | CBD-Healthcare News Only recently we had published an article explaining how scientists at the National In...


10 foods that can help prevent diabetes (Fox News)

10 Foods you should include in your diet!

apple.news Certain fruits can help ward off the disease.


Report links painkillers to increased risk of heart attack (ABC News)

Be Careful what you take for that headache...

apple.news ABC News' Dr. Jen Ashton discusses the findings live on "GMA."


25 Coconut Oil Benefits That Are Backed Up By Science | CognitiveTruths.com

25 Benefits you should read.....

cognitivetruths.com is unhealthy as it’s high in saturated fats, which has long been seen as “bad fats” for their bad effect on heart health. Think again! Actually, there are already many science-backed benefits of coconut oil, it is not only good for your heart, but also helps your body running well in many other ways...


Soft Drinks and Sports Drinks: Would You Drink Flame Retardant? | CognitiveTruths.com

Soft Drinks and Gatorade have to be good for you....right? Surprised?

cognitivetruths.com Our story begins with the chemical element called bromine. Bromine is a toxic, corrosive liquid named after the Greek word for stench (“bromos”). Pure bromine is a dark red color and gives off an extremely unpleasant odor. It is considered a hazardous material because it causes severe burns to th...


WARNING: AVOID HEINZ KETCHUP Like The Plague, Here’s 3 Research Backed REASONS WHY

Why you should avoid Heinz ketchup....at all costs.

viralpatriots.com PE| “Heinz Ketchup has recently been banned in Israel from calling its product ketchup as it doesn’t include enough tomatoes. But there are more reasons why you should be cautious about this product.” There is [...]


Letter From A Concerned Father About Vaccines | Cognitive Truths | New Media Network

cognitivetruths.com I was one of the many fathers in this country that did not believe vaccines could cause damage or death. In the beginning of my wife’s pregnancy, I would fight with her about not wanting to vaxx the kids. I would say “Let’s be real, vaccines are here for a reason and if the Dr says to take them, we…


10 Signs You Have a Leaky Gut—and How to Heal It | HealthyWomen

healthywomen.org My body never completely bounced back after I had my first child—15 years ago. I've told myself that my symptoms were part of being a busy mom: fatigue, digestive problems, joint pain, insomnia, low libido, even mild-grade depression. Many moms I know suffer the same ailments, or worse. They'll subs...

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Arthritis Cure found in Nature!

You may consider this, if you have Arthritis.

shar.es ...also found quite a bit of evidence relating the correlation of boron concentration in certain areas and the development of not just rheumatoid arthritis, but common arthritis as well...

Wake Up World

Would you like water, or coke with your meal?

This is what happens to your body when you drink a can of coke.

#coke #coca-cola


E-Cigarettes Found to Have 10 times More Cancer Causing Ingredients than Regular Cigarettes

New technology....Increased Risk!

kingideas.co New research has found electronic cigarettes to contain even 10 times more cancer causing ingredients than the tobacco products they are supposed to save us from. E-cigarettes are meant to replace a dangerous and life destroying


Diet sodas may be tied to stroke, dementia risk (CNN)


apple.news Artificially sweetened drinks, such as diet sodas, were associated with a higher risk of stroke and dementia in a study; the findings do not show a causal link.


The change in this patient"s symptoms is truely remarkable.....

This girl struggles to cope with autism and cerebral palsy — and medical marijuana is the only drug that can help her


Common anticholinergic drugs like Benadryl linked to increased dementia risk - Harvard Health Blog

health.harvard.edu Long-term use of anticholinergic drugs like Benadryl, some antidepressants, and others has been linked to increased risk of developing dementia.


VACCINE STUDY: Peer-reviewed study shows vaccinated children have a 700% higher chance of neurodevelopmental disorder – NaturalNews.com

naturalnews.com was made available for viewing online. Six hours later, the URL had vanished, and the study was seemingly erased from the depths of the internet — likely in the hopes that the “controversial” information it contained would be forgotten.


If You See THIS Label On the Fruit Do Not Buy It at Any Cost! This Is Why...

www.realfarmacy.com Most of us don’t know that the stickers attached to the fruits and vegetables are there for more than just scanning the price. The PLU code, or the price lookup number on...


Costco Is Buying Over A Thousand Acres Of Land For Local Farmers To Grow Organic Produce

theheartysoul.com It may come as a surprise that Costco is one of the largest distributors of organic food products in the United States. In fact, according to CEO Craig Jelinek, Costco sells so much organic produce that they can’t keep up with their customer’s demand for it. “We cannot get enough organics to stay in...


Pepsi admits its soda contains cancer-causing ingredients

www.naturalnews.com Pepsi admits its soda contains cancer-causing ingredients

Online Holistic Health

Powerful Health Benefits of Honey!

Powerful Health Benefits of Honey! I’ll bet you didn’t know that honey has the following amazing health benefits:
But before we get into the nitty gritty of those benefits, let’s talk a bit about the history of honey...

Read More: http://www.onlineholistichealth.com/honey-natures-sweet-nectar/

Most people do not drink enough water.



Largest Study on Mammograms Again Finds No Benefit

articles.mercola.com One of the largest studies of mammography found that mammograms have NO impact on breast cancer mortality -- so what's the benefit of annual mammograms?


New Study Shows Chiropractic Care Superior To Drugs for Ear Infections in Children | Circle of Docs

circleofdocs.com New Study Shows Chiropractic Care Superior To Drugs for Ear Infections in Children 125185 Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Many people are now turning to Chiropractic instead of traditional allopathic resources to deal with ear infections for children.  But the questions begs to ask, is this form…


Dementia now striking people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage

Older adult neurological condition now shows up in mid 40"s! What's Changed?

naturalnews.com Dementia now striking people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage

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