Allen Powder Room skincare by Jennifer

Stop by the Allen Powder Room and see Jennifer for all your skincare needs. Your skin, which is the largest organ in your body is my Passion.

At the Allen Powder Room, I can personally treat my clients and educate them on skin health. A regular facial under skilled hands is essential for proper exfoliation and collagen promotion and I feel it should be affordable and accessible to everyone. Call me and book your appointment so together we can create your perfect canvas! 214-394-2805

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Want to achieve glowing movie star skin for tomorrow's Oscars, but don't have the Hollywood budget.

I have two appointments left tomorrow for an Oxygen Facial that will plump and hydrate, smooth out fine lines and leave your skin luminous.

Pre Oscar Special - Oxygen Facial - 60 minutes $55 ( that's almost 50% off)
Message me to book your appointment.


Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Are you prepared? Give the gift of a pamper facial to the Allen Powder Room. The one you LOVE will be SOO graceful.


Monday May 6th is Melanoma Awareness Day, I do promote getting your daily dose of Vitamin D sun exposer, but please limit your time to 15-20 minutes and protect your face and body with SPF 30 or higher. Sun exposure promotes wrinkles!


Hey North Texans, it's a balmy 43 degrees outside. The temps are near freezing, but the sun is still shining. Sunscreen is still your first defense against aging. Use SPF 30 or higher!


A facial is the perfect gift to put in your Easter baskets!


It's almost Valentine's Day, and that may mean you have chocolate on your mind. Don't fear the calories in those heart shaped boxes, there are many reasons to love Valentine's Day sweet treats! Dark Chocolate is especially beneficial to the skin, teeth (Theobromine hardens tooth enamel) and brain. Antioxidants fight off free racial damage in the body. So go on enjoy! It's good for you.


Looking for a last minute Valentine's gift? Share this page and comment what your favorite thing about Valentine's is for a chance to win a custom facial with me.


Looking for radiant skin? Pack a baggy of unsalted almonds or dried apricots in your lunch for a snack. The Vitamin E in almonds neutralizes free radicals,which dull the look of your skin, and the extra boost of fatty acids help give you a glow. Apricots are a power fruit that can reverse wrinkles. Our bodies convert the vitamin A in an apricot to Retinol, a compound that helps to build new cells. These cells have new barriers and help you look younger and make your skin dewy.


Are you out of ideas for what to get your Valentine? Give them the gift of beauty! Call me for gift certificate.



Good advice from my friends over at Product-Junkies.

I was recently introduced to Teavana. I was instantly hooked. I get so bored with water and love the idea that drinking something with zero calories is healthy and good for me. (This may explain why all of my Asian friends have beautiful skin!)
I have learned that while green and black tea are very healthy, white tea is the least processed tea and has the highest antioxidant levels. Antioxidants protect the body from damage by free radicals. Free radicals cause you to age prematurely. Yuck! Antioxidants are good because they neutralize the free radicals that can attack your skin just by staying out in the sun or a poor diet. Drinking white tea helps keep your skin looking beautiful.
Now if you haven't been in a Teavana store, you are missing out. It is such a treat!


Do you really know how a wrinkle is formed? The science or biology is really simple. UV rays from the sun form free radicals. Basically, unstable oxygen molecules that scavenge other molecules in the skin and that sets off a chain reaction and leads to cell deteriorations (lack luster cells that are collapsed and wrinkly). So your first defense always is an SPF. Even on the overcast days lather up!


Are you needing help getting your skincare routine to work for you? Come in for a facial with me and we will work on putting your perfect regimen together.


What you take care in your twenties and thirties will be what you inherit in your fifties and sixties. That is why you keep it simple and consistent. You brush your teeth twice a day. You should also be caring for your skin twice a day. A cleanser, exfoliant and something to hydrate the skin is all you really need. And above all you must wear your sunscreen- the sun does not discriminate.


Do you have enough hydrating foods in your daily diet? During this cold an flu season one combat for weather and illness is food. Try adding a cup of cantaloupe to your breakfast and lunch plate. This super melon adds moisture to the skin and reduces inflammation in the body. It is about 90% water so it hydrates the skin and contains 103.2% of your daily vitamin A to keep the flu away!


Burr, it's cold outside. We had a beautiful white Christmas we had. With this brisk cold your skin will need an extra boost of moisture. Try applying moisturizer while the skin is still slightly damp. You will get a better absorption of the product and it helps to seal in hydration. Finish with your SPF and enjoy your day!


I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas holiday. Start off the year with clear and healthy skin. I am offering buy 3 facials and get 1 free til the end of the year. Call me today to purchase.


It's the subject no one likes to talk about let alone see on their face. The pimple. (I know, I hate the sound of it too.)

These unfortunate surprises arise when oil from the skin mixes with bacteria and even dead skin lodged in the pores a pimple forms, it's the bodies natural inflammatory response to heal the skin.

Regular exfoliation is key during the colder (well maybe not in Texas) winter months. A gentle scrub, micro bead polisher or enzyme mask once a week will keep the skin looking brighter, feeling smoother and will also help your makeup from clumping on your skin.
Skin Ceuticals is a preferred Allen Powder Room skin care line has the perfect winter scrub. The Micro Exfoliating Scrub is gentle yet through at clearing away the surface debris.

Book your appointment today so I can give you the gift of glowing skin for holidays!


Still in need of a Christmas present for a special friend or family member? Purchase three custom facials for $195 and receive a complementary custom facial for yourself or to give as a gift (value of $65.00). Book anytime through out the year with no expiration. Call 214-394-2805

Free gift wrap available.


A must for calming stressed, red and inflamed skin is found right in your beach bag. Simple organic Aloe Vera gel is a must for calming red skin and preventing a post party breakout. Before crawling into bed apply a thin layer of Aloe Vera to the skin and sleep in it as a mask. It is high in Vitamin A, C, E and enzymes so you will wake up the next morning with calm and hydrated skin.
An added bonus... it's also a great morning frizz tamer. It is usually the primary ingredient in most conditioners and defrizzers. It is slightly acidic which helps seal the hair cuticle making it easier to tame.


Post party skin is no fun. Did you know a wrinkle will actually become a crease when the body is depleted of the essential nutrient of water? Alcohol will dehydrate your skin. (Disappointing I know!) If the skin isn't properly rehydrated it results in enhanced wrinkles and lines, rough surface texture, less elastin, and a lackluster and dull complexion. The key is to draw moisture back into the skin to fill in lines and folds. Choose a moisturizer or hydrating mask with hyaluronic acid. It acts like a magnet pulling water back into the cells and giving them a plumping effect. With the right moisturizer and loading up on H2O, your skin should be as good as new.


The Holiday party schedule is filling up! Here is one tip for looking your best and a few pointers to keep the post party skin blahs away.

From December issue of Self Magazine, they shared a great homemade fruity lip stain:

1/2 cup petroleum jelly
1 scoop or 2 packets natural cherry pomegranate Crystal Light
Small jar to blend gloss in

Mix petroleum jelly and crystal light, adding 1 tsp of water a few drops at a time until gloss turns berry red and is blended. I tested this out and made it for fun and it really does work. The flavor on my lips was hard to stop licking and the color was a nice cross between a gloss and stain that did last thru a cup of tea and some munchies. (This might be fun to try at home with your daughters too!) 12/08/2012

Jennifer Reeves - A Powerhouse of Knowledge

Check out this write up I did for Product-Junkies! I talk about my 3 favorite products that I won't live without. Having suffered myself with bad acne as a teen and then rosacea and still breakouts as an adult I knew that I was doing something wrong and needed help (and not in the form of a prescription from the dermatologist). So I abandoned my Corporate America job…


Gift certificates available. With our inexpensive prices, this is the perfect gift to give the ones you love!


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Refreshing Holiday Facial special. All services booked between December 15th and December 30th are 15% off.

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Introducing the Allen Powder Room specialized Skincare by Jennifer Howard.


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