Mobu Herbals by Crystal

Herbal remedies for a multitude of maladies. I first learned about Mobu Herbals from a Facebook friend that say I was really struggling with elbow pain.

I couldn't bend, straighten or lift anything without wanting to burst into tears from the pain. When she saw my frustration, she offered to send me some samples of Mobu products. When I got the samples, I immediately tried the AM Pain. And. I. Was. Sold. It worked so well that my physical therapist was blown away by my progress just 3 days later (I was in PT for over month with very little progress being made). I did some research on the company itself and the sales model and immediately signed up. I am so happy I did, as Mobu has really been a true life-changer for me!

[10/01/18]   Good morning and Happy first day of October! To welcome in the new month AND the new season I'm going to do some giveaways!

In order to do more giveaways....we need MORE FANS!!! So the first giveaway will be posted when we reach 200 fans. If we reach 250, another giveaway will be posted. And if we reach 300 fans before the month of October runs out ANOTHER giveaway will be posted! So invite your friends, share the page, whatever you need to do to spread the word about Mobu Herbals by Crystal! Let's Go!

[09/30/18]   Tomorrow is the first of October! I want to do a giveaway! What kind of giveaways do you prefer? Give me some ideas!!!

[08/15/18]   Been a while! Hi all! Quick question!

What time is supper in your house?

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[05/11/18]   What would you like to know?? Do you have any questions about our products? Maybe you have questions about the business side of MOBU? Keep an eye out for a Q&A live, coming up next week! You've got questions, I've got answers ;)

[05/09/18]   Congrats Lauren! You are the winner of $10 in Mobu credit! I will contact you shortly!

Stay tuned because I will be going live again this weekend to share about our SUMMER ESSENTIALS!!!

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[03/30/18]   I'm sorry I haven't posted much the last couple weeks! I was in recovery from a nasty ear infection (all better now finally! I can hear again! Yay!).

I've also been consumed with my latest hobby/craft...crochet! It's been very relaxing for me, at a time when my anxiety is normally very high. Easter and April are very rough times for me as our family suffered a very significant loss on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009. Our little angel Trenton, who would be 13 now, passed away after a tragic accident. Easter Sunday and the month of April itself brings with it high anxiety and lots emotion for me. The last couple of years, Kava Calm has been a HUGE help in calming my nerves, keeping me relaxed and just getting me through this tough time. That, coupled with the crochet, and of course the love and support of my family and friends, will be what gets me through this year.

[03/19/18]   I'm going to get a bit personal now and share with you what's been going on the last few days (of your friends with me on Facebook, you already know ALL about it so I apologize for the repeat! Lol), and why, even though I LOVE Mobu Herbals and the power of herbs, modern medicine/healthcare is still very important.

A bit of background on me...I have Menieres Disease, which has caused 100% hearing loss in my right ear and about 75-80% loss in my left ear. I use a hearing aid in my left ear which allows me to hear better (but sometimes understanding is still very difficult). I also am very woozy almost daily (CCC has been a big help here, applied behind my ear helps ease some of the wooziness), have 24/7 tinnitus and frequent headaches (AM and PM pain have helped with those).

Heading into work Friday, my left ear started to really bother me...itchy, sore and when I swallowed it felt like something was poking in my ear canal. As the night progressed, so did the pain. I ended up asking to leave early, and by the time I got home my ear was pretty swollen and very painful. I rubbed PM pain all around the ear and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and my ear was so swollen I struggled to get my hearing aid in. I decided a trip to the med center was needed so off I went. The doctor said the ear canal was so swollen he could only see about 5% of my ear drum. He gave me a prescription for ear drop antibiotic/steroids and sent me on my way. I continued using the PM pain throughout the day (helps not only with the pain but also with the swelling). By Saturday night the pain was so intense. At one point what I thought happened was my battery in my hearing aid died...turned out it was my ear canal swelling closed. Quickly put more PM pain on and it slowly opened again. I had a hard time sleeping, I slept with a heating pad on my face, and every time it shut off and cooled I would wake. It was a rough night.

Sunday morning I woke up and again my ear canal had swollen completely closed. PM pain wasn't helping at all at this point. I couldn't hear a thing...100% deaf now. I had my husband call my doctor to ask what I should do. He sent me to the ER to have a wick placed in my ear canal to try and open it up. we went. On our way there, something popped in my ear and I could hear a little bit, but when we got to the ER and the doctor looked on my ear he said it was so swollen he wasn't sure he'd even be able to get a wick in there. Luckily he did manage to get it about half way in, unfortunately that blocked the remainder of the hearing I had left. So for the last 24 hours I have sat in complete silence (except for the buzzing and clicking from the tinnitus). This has been pretty scary and frustrating and still today my ear is very swollen and the pain is excruciating. For almost 2 years I've avoided taking pain meds, and right now my night stand is loaded with yellow prescription bottles and I am very grateful they are there. My herbals help in the day to day, and help me avoid a LOT of co-pays (I've spent almost $80 on meds for this ear infection alone!), but something severe like this, I am very grateful that there are many options available to me!

[03/17/18]   One of the MANY reasons I am so grateful for Mobu is because I save so much on copays. Unfortunately today I had to bite the bullet and go to the Med center for an outer ear infection. The steroid/antibiotic drops cost $60 out of pocket!! 😭😭😭



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