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At National Wellness Supply, we are all about service - in other words, making your life as easy as possible. We are a woman-owned, full-service pharmacy.

We are a woman-owned, full-service pharmacy with over 75 years of combined healthcare experience. Every person's needs are different - with that in mind, our approach is based on closely working with your physician to provide the best solution for your specific needs.

**Our services include:
-Bracing (Back & Knee)
-Compounded Medications
-Compression Socks & Hosiery
-Diabetic Shoes & Diabetic Su


Maitri Medicinals

“WHO’s new position comes at a time when a growing number of countries are moving to reform their cannabis policies.”


Thanksgiving is this week, and we’re thankful for YOU! What are you thankful for this year?


The busiest travel day of the year is fast approaching, pack your bag with a fresh supply of nausea relief products like NoMo Nausea Band, essential oils to ward off airplane germs, and your flu shot!


Did you know we carry more than just your regular, over the counter and prescription medications? We carry pharmaceutical grade supplements and vitamins, essential oils, and a ton of other natural solutions to all your problems.


If your doctor recently suggested compounded medications, our pharmacists can create the perfect mix just for you and your needs. Many of the big chain pharmacies can’t make them, but we can!


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Did you know that we’re a local business? Every time you , you support your community.


Happy Halloween! We hope your evening is full of TREATS and not TRICKS!


Stop in today to get your flu shot! Most insurances cover them at no cost to you!


Essential oils are amazing during cold and flu season, our expert pharmacists can help you create the perfect blend to prevent and treat your symptoms!


Pregnancy can be tough, but Mama Strut is one of our favorite products to help relieve some of the aches and pains of pregnancy and post-childbirth. Give it a try!


National Wellness Supply is one of the only pharmacies in the area to offer compounded, customized medications made just for you. Let us help you get the exact right dose every time.


Our customers are the BEST, thank you so much for supporting our local small business.


We have a great selection of stylish compression socks and stockings to help keep you comfortable during your cycling or runs! 09/19/2016

Natural D-Hist | Ortho Molecular Products

Autumn allergy season has begun- if you’re sneezing and wheezing, we have Natural D-Hist for quick, effective, natural relief. One of Ortho Molecular�s most popular products, Natural D-Hist provides effective support for nasal and sinus passageways during seasonal changes.


Did you know our amazing staff can help you select the best essential oils, vitamins and supplements to help prevent or relieve your cold or virus symptoms? Be prepared, come in today!


Cooler temps mean it’s time for your annual flu shot! Get yours at NWS, it’s free with most insurance.


We are so excited to carry essential oils, drop in for a visit to have our knowledgeable staff show you how essential oils can be an essential part of your health.


National Wellness Supply

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Motion sickness is the worst! We have No Mo Nausea to help ease the misery.


We love our customers! Thank you for being the best and supporting small, local business!


Vitamins aren’t always the same, our pharmacists can walk you through the differences between “drug store” and pharmaceutical grade vitamins, and can help you choose what is best for YOU!


Are you travelling around the world crossing things off your bucket list this year? Drop in to find out exactly what immunizations you will need before you take flight!


Studies have shown that of every $100 spent at a locally-owned business, nearly 50% of that stayed in the local economy! We are so proud to be part of the Ambridge community, thank you for your business!


Many chain or grocery pharmacies cannot compound medications, by shopping with National Wellness Supply you support a small business AND get the customized care you want.


If you’re travelling this summer, be sure you have all the immunizations you need! Visit National Wellness Supply for more info.


Compression socks have come a long way, National Wellness Supply carries fun and fashionable styles!


Get the support you need as you recover from delivering your bundle of joy! We carry Mama Strut, a Revolutionary Pregnancy Support & Postpartum Care System


Attention new moms! We are excited to introduce Mama Strut, a Revolutionary Pregnancy Support & Postpartum Care System


Pharmaceutical Grade-Supplement Facts

Have you ever wondered about the differences in drug store vitamins and pharmaceutical grade vitamins? This article breaks it down really well: Still want to know more? Our pharmacists can help you choose the best, high quality vitamins for you! Purest, most effective raw ingredients available, pharmaceutical grade whenever possible, state of the art research and manufacturing in-process and finished product qc testing, innovative patented products, highest quality control standards in the industry, peer-reviewed, published scientific resea…


Summer travel can lead to that nasty summer cold- National Wellness Supply has the vitamins and supplements to keep you and your family healthy.


Leaving the US for work or that “bucket list” trip you’ve always dreamed of? Don’t forget to get the immunizations you need. We even have anti-malarial tabs!


The pharmacists at National Wellness Supply are experts at personalizing your medications, by compounding based on your doctor’s orders!


Will you be stuck on long flights or car rides this summer? National Wellness Supply has Compression socks, hosiery and calf sleeves to help keep your legs and feet ready to go when you get to your destination!


National Wellness Supply has all the prenatal vitamins and supplements you need, stop by today!


Not all pharmacies are created equal, support small business by receiving personal care at National Wellness Supply.


Is pregnancy making your back ache? National Wellness Supply introduces Mama Strut: A Revolutionary Pregnancy Support & Postpartum Care System. 05/04/2016

Natural D-Hist | Ortho Molecular Products

Looking for a natural solution for your spring-time allergies? We have Natural D-Hist by Ortho Molecular. Specifically designed to provide “optimal support optimal support for nasal and sinus passageways for individuals who anticipate seasonal changes.” One of Ortho Molecular�s most popular products, Natural D-Hist provides effective support for nasal and sinus passageways during seasonal changes.


Warm weather means it’s finally time to get back to running and cycling! We have compression socks and calf sleeves to make your run or cycling more comfortable.




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