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Puja Khanna (Holistic Practitioner/ Reiki Master/ Tarot Reader & Feng Shui Consultant) Puja (Tina) is a trained Reiki Therapist/ Practitioner, Tarot Reader & Feng Shui Consultant. She is originally from India but has lived in the United States for many years now. She beautifully blends her knowledge of the East with that of the West creating a perfect blend of the two. Her expertise includes a strong understanding of the Indian Chakra healing system which she successfully incorporates with the Reiki system in order to make her energy sessions more potent. Puja thoroughly enjoys working with the mystical nature of healing energies. Yoga, Meditation and practicing of Yogic Breath is part of her daily practice. She also works with Crystals, Aroma and Sound therapy. Puja is passionate about a holistic approach towards wellness. That includes wellness of mind, body and spirit. She has also worked with Feng Shui in her quest to channel positive energy (qi) in space and environment for over a decade now. We all aspire to live a healthy, happy and a fulfilling life. It is absolutely possible to fulfill all our desires and wants with peace and tranquility of mind. Let's celebrate our life on earth and make the most of it. Dabbling through the beautiful and magical world of Energy Healing we can experience and feel the amazing benefits directly in our lives. Book Your Session Today! 1. Private Healing Session (30mins, 60mins & 90mins) 2. Distant Healing Session (30mins, 60mins & 90mins) 3. Tarot Reading Contact Us Phone: 703-392-7951 Email: [email protected] What is Reiki? Reiki is a form of energy healing that has been in practice for many years. It started around the 20th century when Dr. Mikao Usui, from Japan, began teaching his students how to perform reiki. Reiki is a gentle, natural, simple healing energy that brings balance and harmony to the body, mind and spirit. Today, reiki is used in hospitals and other medical facilities to help the body heal. The idea behind reiki is the energy that surrounds us has healing capabilities, and this energy can be channeled into anyone desiring to receive healing energy. What does a Reiki Session Feel like? The healer either lays hands on or above the person. The energy will flow where the problem exists depending on each person’s needs. Reiki never causes harm, but it will leave you with a warm comfortable happy feeling. Disclaimer: Reiki healing is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment.

Being a healer is comforting ❤️

Does it make you happy :)

Mindfulness with Puja Healing & Tarot Reading

What are energy blocks?

Energy blocks are abnormalities that restrict the energy flow in an otherwise perfect network of the body’s energy pathways.

Each person’s energy blocks are unique. With an energy scan we can tell so much.

Puja Khanna.
Mindfulness With Puja

What are energy blocks?

Energy blocks are abnormalities that restrict the energy flow in an otherwise perfect network of the body’s energy pathways.

Each person’s energy blocks are unique. With an energy scan we can tell so much.

Puja Khanna.
Mindfulness With Puja


Perspective | Thai soccer coach meditated with boys to calm them in the cave. We can all learn from them.

Why I am such a huge fan of “Mindfulness” because it’s a big part of my life and that of my family!

I am sure many of you have read/ heard about this Hero who saved so many lives.


washingtonpost.com The coach, a former novice Buddhist monk, taught the boys some of the basic principles of meditation while they were trapped underneath the earth. I believe it helped save their lives.

Have a great day!
Puja Khanna
Mindfulness with Puja

The thought manifests as the word. The word manifests as the deed. The deed develops into habit. And the habit hardens into character.
- Buddha



My TV Show Recording, Feb 2018 Broadcast of "Mindfulness With Puja"
What is Reiki? FAQ on Reiki Sessions!


Mindfulness With Puja Energy Healer & Personal Life Coach

[01/26/18]   What are the issues that you are struggling in your life with? Your journey of life can become easier if you have a guide with you. Book your personal session with me and lead a happy and more fulfilling life. Call Puja at 571-242-2961

Hope everyone came back more energized and relaxed after the weekend 🙂

Just wanted to raise some awareness around depression and anxiety. During these cold and winter months people experience more symptoms than other times in the year.

When trying to help someone with depression and anxiety, it’s so important to be patient, even when it’s hard. Assurance and support from your side will help your loved ones deal with stressful symptoms. Especially with teens, please be on a watch.

Reiki Energy, helps tremendously in such cases. It is completely holistic with no side effects. Each session leaves you more relaxed and in balance.

Book your session today!

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Take a break from your routine 😊

Happiness, Joy & Peace are all things that you can accomplish in your life. The energy that flows is in us is what makes us who we are. Our experiences, our journey in life, what we accomplish, our pains, joys and sufferings all of it comes from this. Healing your deepest fears is possible 🙏

[01/15/18]   When we practice meditation we shift our energy.


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A few questions around #Reiki, #Mindfulness, #Fengshui

Everything is energy.


Body, Mind & Soul Connection Energy is everything. Reiki, Tarot Reading, Feng Shui

Reiki has amazing benefits, have you tried a session yet?

With wisdom comes compassion 💕

[01/09/18]   “Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others do or say is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions of others you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

Stay positive!

What do you seek?

In my several years of experience of working with Reiki Energy I have seen many lives transform and witnessed life changing experiences that my clients have experienced after their Reiki Healing Sessions.

Distant Healing is as good as getting a Private In person Session done. Try one today!!

[01/05/18]   Reiki Healing is big and profound 💖 New Year is a great time to treat yourself to an energy healing session. It’s easy to book your session. Call Puja at +15712422961 to today!

Mindfulness with Puja Healing & Tarot Reading


[01/03/18]   Blessings come to us in many ways. Are you able to identify yours?

[01/03/18]   Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

Words have the power to heal-PSK

Try it 😊

[12/14/17]   Our mind is a complex thing and the kind of things it can spin are unbelievable. Try to retrain your mind towards better things. Things that you enjoy doing and that keep you upbeat!

Rise and shine my friends to a beautiful morning everyday!

Who are you trying to be? Be Yourself 💖

Embrace your uniqueness, that’s your strength!

Forgiveness is not easy but many times it’s necessary.

Sharing Our Reiki Space with you 💖

Each Reiki Session leaves you more energized and in balance! You experience a deeper state of inner peace, harmony, health and joy. You see a happier you after each one 😊😊

It’s beyond relaxing and a huge stress buster. Book your session today!

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Sessions offered include-

30 Minutes
60 Minuets
90 Minuets

Being greatful in life is our way of telling the universe we appreciate whatever we have.

[12/01/17]   Healing comes in many forms, as long as you pay attention to your learning 💖

Wanna be Happy? Being Happy tops the list for many to accomplish in their life.

Empower others

Set healthy boundaries 🙂

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Disclaimer: Tarot does not absolutely predict events or give absolute advice as to what actions you should take or decisions you should make regarding your current life circumstances. All divinatory readings are understood to be for entertainment purposes only.