Magical Girls Stacking Their Coins

Magical Girls Stacking Their Coins


Grand awakening everyone 🌞 (Delete if not allowed) I keep having this dream where I am spitting out something and last night I seen it was crystal shavings or diamonds; something clear and shiny can anyone help me understands this ? As I went to the mirror I seen it pouring down the back of my throat.... I’ve had this dream multiple times but I thought nothing of it but it’s reoccurring so I feel like it’s something behind it.
Thanks for my gift... sorry so late posting

Providing magical women with spiritual guidance so they can manifest the abundance into their lives that they so deserve.

Sacred Empress Alitash

Step Into your knowing and power alignment between yourself the Sun and Sirius (Spiritual Sun) With the Sun ruling Leo and the heart the Universe is in perfect Union where a Mystic Void in the harmonic of 33 allows us perfect connection of our heart to the Galactic Heart the very heart of the Universe. We will discuss where your power is already locked loaded and ready for you to dive in. Book your Liongate reading today!

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BLACK IS KING, a film by Beyoncé | Official Trailer | Disney+

I enjoyed this movie. Have you watched it? What did you think about it?

Experience a new visual album inspired by The Lion King: The Gift. Black Is King, a film by Beyoncé, is streaming exclusively July 31 on Disney+. Black Is Ki...

Take a deep breathe choose a card 1-3 that resonates with you. I’ll be back later to reveal the cards.

Release and attract love ❤️ 💚🖤with the black turquoise crystal candles.


🌚 I’m making some intention candles. Who’s ready for the full moon? What do you have planned?

Type 888 to receive

Intuitive Astrology: Aquarius Full Moon August 2020 - Forever Conscious The Aquarius Full Moon lights up the sky on August 3-4th, 2020, welcoming us to the month and the building energies of the Lionsgate Portal. Full Moons are always illuminating things, helping us to see a bigger truth and to expand our way of thinking. If things have felt foggy or unclear, this Full....

True or nah?

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Affirm 🙌🏾

Sacred Empress Alitash

Happy New Moon!!! This is a place that we can plant new seeds into a life that brings comfort peace fun. Make your life feel easy and homey just as you like it!
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The Herbalist Bruja

I just seen a woman in a fb group, asking for help because she chose to mix an altar for Papa Legba and Eshu...on her own. She’s feeling “negative” energy and needs to know how to cleanse her altar. Not a nere nobody told her ass to do this, but she couldn’t figure out exactly who it was so she just blended the two.

THEN got an attitude when Elders and other women were explaining to her why this was wrong because she doesn’t need to know why it was wrong...just how to cleanse her altar.

I need folks to understand, that NOBODY is obligated to help your funky ass FOR FREE if you choose to hop into sh*t you know nothing about. WE didn’t tell you to create a gumbo altar so why should WE be responsible for helping you fix it?

STOP LISTENING TO THESE DAMN FB GROUPS. They will get you f**ked off. I personally quit commenting trying to help because mfs who ☝🏽 don’t respect our religion and ✌🏽 don’t know sh*t about our religion attack folks who try to genuinely help. That or we get backlash from the op cause “iS mY pATh yUr rUlEs DoNt MeAn nOtHinG tO mE.”

-We’re not trying to gatekeep
-We’re not trying to keep you from having fun
-We’re not trying to tell you what to do
-We’re not trying to limit your gifts

-We’re trying to stop you from flipping your gah damn world upside down.
-We’re trying to stop you from letting some random ass spirit into your home.
-We’re trying to stop you from having to pay hella money later on for ebbo and ceremonies when you f**ked some sh*t up.

-African religions are not a game.
-Diaspora religions are not a game.
-The Orisha are not a game.
-The Lwa are not a game.

Update: there was some misinformation in the comments about these spirits, along with a lot of questions. I did a quick education post on the topic. Click the link to read.

Master P and Son Romeo Miller on Building Generational Wealth The Millers are a family of entrepreneurs. The dynamic father-son duo provides tools on laying the path for a lasting legacy.


BLACK PARADE · Beyoncé BLACK PARADE ℗ 2020 Parkwood Entertainment LLC, under exclusive license to Columbia Records, a Division of Sony Music Entertainment Re...

Londrelle - The Healer ft Naomi the Goddess (Lyric Video)

Available : On iTunes, Apple Music , Spotify, Tidal. Ect. Itunes : Lyrics Below _ Londrelle: _ You...

Right or left brain?

The first picture you'll see, will show the most requested hemisphere.

Watch the picture quickly. Which animal did you see first? Comment below

(1) The head of a tiger:

The left hemisphere of your brain is more active than the right. You are an analytical person, very focused on the success of your goals and organized. When you face a problem, you tend to be logic, calculator and objective.

However, sometimes you think too much about the decisions you make, checking that they are correct, which makes you tend to be firm. Remember that a little humility will help you help away.

Your personality features are as follows:

Organized: You do all your things in a planned way, like you have a bucket list.

Accurate: you have fixed goals and you know the way to achieve them.

Lucid: emotions and feelings don't prevent you from reaching your goals.

Logic: you have good skills for mathematics, science and organization of ideas.

Realistic: your world is very real. There is no room for fairy tales and fiction. And anyway, although your goals may seem to be high for others, you know they are real and doable.

(2) Hanging monkey:

The right hemisphere of your brain is very active. You are a creative person who has a lot of innovative ideas.

When you face a difficult situation, you rather trust your intuition (you're almost always right) instead of resting on critical thinking.

You know perfectly that every step you take in your life is a lesson for you and that even if you lose, it means that you are moving towards the success of your goals. For you, travel is more important than the goal. As you are a dreamer, you often get lost in your own paradise. For you, it's essential to keep your feet on Earth from time to time, realize the reality and pay a little more attention to the world around you.

Your personality features are as follows:

Impulsive: you do things in a spontaneous way. You have the ability to see everything in a different way compared to other people.

Sensitive: you worry a lot about everything. You spend a lot of time thinking and acting based on your feelings.
Creative and artistic: you are an expert in music, art and other creative disciplines.

Intuitive: you don't list the tasks to do and you don't respect the rules. You solve problems in an intuitive way.

Dreamer: you have dreams instead of having goals, and you give the best of you to achieve them, and generally, it's a success.

Remember that the two hemispheres of the brain don't work in an insulated way, they work together and complete each other. So, although it looks like you have more features from one of the hemispheres, you may also have features from the other hemisphere.

So, what did you see first?

The tiger's head or the hanging monkey?

Do your personality traits match the descriptions given?

Original poster: Unknown

‘Strawberry’ Full Moon Is Coming This Week And It Happens To Be A Lunar Eclipse On June 5th and 6th, the Strawberry Full Moon will also pass through the faint outer shadow of the Earth, known as a penumbral lunar eclipse.

Londrelle - You Are Enough + Meditation (Ft. Danni Fanning)

"You are Enough" Take your time Nurture your soul Embrace the highs Work through the lows Master yourself Work on your goals Just take a breath Let go of it,...

What are you doing to secure the financial future and conditions for your generations to come?

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Whatcha working on?

What are you focused on today?

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