Magical Girls Stacking Their Coins

Magical Girls Stacking Their Coins


Hi everyone. I'd like to thank khailah for the reading she just gave me and also her guidance through my very first ritual. Not only was the reading spot on she was also very direct and her instructions were easy to read. I so so so appreciate her and send her so much love!!
Grand awakening everyone 🌞 (Delete if not allowed) I keep having this dream where I am spitting out something and last night I seen it was crystal shavings or diamonds; something clear and shiny can anyone help me understands this ? As I went to the mirror I seen it pouring down the back of my throat.... I’ve had this dream multiple times but I thought nothing of it but it’s reoccurring so I feel like it’s something behind it.
Thanks for my gift... sorry so late posting

Providing magical women with spiritual guidance so they can manifest the abundance into their lives that they so deserve.

[12/16/20]   Grand Rising!

Yesterday I pulled this card in reference to the Great Conjunction “Reset”

Dec 21st will be an important historical day to manifesting the life that you want to live for at least the next 20 years. Saturn, Jupiter, and the sun will be at 0, 0, 0 degrees forming a trinity of neutrality, which is a universal reset.

The ancient ancestral mother’s are calling on her children to leave behind those old played out and mundane patriarchal ways and learn new ways that will nourish and restore our own communities.

If you’d like to receive the Mother of Life Ritual, follow me on IG. Comment “followed” BELOW after you’ve followed me. Then, I’ll DM you the ritual. Thanks 😘

The Cosmic and Spiritual Significance of December 21, 2020 - Forever Conscious There is so much to unpack about this ultra magical date! I am sure that as we move closer to the time (I am writing this on October 6, 2020) that I will have more insights that come through. Let’s first talk about what is almost always true for December 21st of any year- it […]

[12/11/20]   Hey! 👋🏾 I’m preparing a presentation on candle magic. What’s your #1 question? Please comment below

Comment below with your choice 1-3. I’ll be back later to reveal the cards

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Take a deep breathe. Comment below with which crystal resonates with you.

1. Amethyst
2. Clear quartz
3. Citrine

I’ll be back to reveal each one

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[12/09/20]   🔥Message of The Day 🔥 Stop beating yourself up and listening to others who don’t value your work. Your work is extremely valuable. So, Instead of fighting to be heard work on manifesting those people who will respect and receive your value.

[12/07/20]   🔥Message of The Day 🔥 You’ve been going through it with someone that you’re very close to. Seems like you’re always fighting over what you don’t have and anything you say goes in one ear and out the other. Take some time to yourself and figure out what you want for yourself. Create health boundaries so you’re not always triggered by this other persons negative energy and complaining.

[12/02/20]   🔥Message of The Day 🔥 After the full moon in gemini, you maybe full of ideas and even feeling a little overwhelmed about what to focus on. Take some time to get grounded before moving forward. Then, focus on pulling the trigger on your hearts desire.

[12/01/20]   🔥Message of The Day 🔥 You are royal and should be living your best life. In repressing your sadness and grief, you’re also suppressing authentic joy. Start to transmute your negative emotions into positive energy

Grand Rising 🤗

[11/30/20]   🔥Message of The Day 🔥 Thanksgiving just past and many of you overstand the principle behind thanks and giving.
You know that the universe is abundant and that helping someone else doesn’t make you poor. You live life giving thanks everyday. Therefore, your vibration is high and you have a lot of good energy around you. When you get a moment to yourself, reflect on all the good things that happened to you this year, give thanks, and determine what you’d like to manifest going into 2021.

I'm offering full moon readings which include the following:
*Reveals what you need to release
*What's being illuminated for you
*What's next for you between now and the new moon
*Which energy you need to harness this full moon to bring about change
*Also includes ritual suggestions and advice

Readings are $40. 📲DM to book your reading

[11/28/20]   🔥Message of The Day 🔥It’s time to release those hater-fake friends and protect your sacred space. There’s someone around who’s bitter and doesn’t mean well. Your ancestors and guides got your back this time but they want you to use more discretion about who you allow into your inner circle. Misery likes company.

[11/27/20]   🔥Message of The Day 🔥 You’ve been in a situation where your money flow just isn’t what it used to be so you’ve been waiting around for someone else to help pick up the slack. In turn, that person has been spending more of your money instead of helping 🤑 Well, now’s the time to take a hard honest look at what’s really been going on. Then, take matters into your own hands by manifesting your own abundance rather than waiting around for others to do something that you can do for yourself.

🗓 Mark your calendar for 11/26 at 12:45 pm EST

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[11/26/20]   🔥Message of The Day 🔥 There’s a new love coming into your life with a man who’s attractive, charming, and a great provider and protector. He’s exactly the man you’ve been manifesting into your life. As you get to know each other, you’ll bump heads and end up in petty arguments. Just make sure not to give your power away. It’s okay to have different opinions and agree to disagree. As the Wolof say, “teeth and tongue go together”....when you’re eating you might bite your tongue every so often. But, Everything will turn out okay as long as you don’t bite it too hard lol😝

Take 3 deep breaths. Choose a stack that resonates with you. Comment below with your choice:
Stack 💜 - amethyst
Stack 💛 - citrine
Stack 🤍 - selenite

[11/25/20]   🔥Message of The Day 🔥You’ve had a difficult time processing your negative emotions. Each time something toxic has happened to you, it’s like you just sucked it up and felt that things would get better over time. All of these emotions are being stored in your womb and you’ve gotten to the point where things don’t quite seem to be getting better like you’ve hopped. Well, it’s time to process and release those emotions so that you can bring closure to the baggage you’ve been carrying around. You’re ready to be reborn sis. Let it go‼️

[11/24/20]   I’m offering a mini intuitive photo reading w/ 1 tarot for $15. What would you like more divine insight on? Comment below.

[11/24/20]   🔥Message of The Day🔥 Abundance is your birthright‼️ Take stock of what you have and be grateful. You attract abundance by being grateful for the abundance that you already have.

[11/23/20]   🔥Message of The Day🔥 Maybe you’ve made some business or financial decisions in the past where you ended up losing money. You’re still in victim mode, beating yourself up, and mopping around wanting others to feel sorry for you. Well, today’s a new day. It’s time to put the tools that you have in front of you and your expertise to good use. Free yourself by focusing on the positive things that you have offer and start manifesting the financial abundance and opportunities that you desire in your life. The only thing holding you back is you‼️

[11/19/20]   🔥Card of The Day: 2 of Cups🔥 It’s nice to have companionship and be all lovey-dovey but don’t forget to spend time alone working on healing and loving yourself😘.

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[11/17/20]   Comment with a number 1-3. I’ll be back later with your card.
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[11/17/20]   🔥Card of The Day: 2 of Swords🔥Maybe you’ve been working on a group project or have a group of friends that have been bumping heads. Everyone has their own opinions and wants to be heard. You’ve just come to an agreement on how things will go. However, don’t put all your business or cards on the table. Hold it to yourself.

Claim it 🙌🏾 Everything you need is supplied to you in abundance

[11/16/20]   🔥Card of The Day: Judgement🔥Maybe you’ve been in a relationship where your partner is judging every little thing you do. It’s been weakening your confidence in yourself to the point that you keep wondering should you stay or go. Well, it’s time to summon your inner power and set some boundaries here. Know who you are. Who cares what he or she thinks about you.

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Reconnecting back with this deck, I’ll choose 2 people who resonate for a mini reading. Comment below with your question. Then if chosen, I’ll inbox you for your mini reading.

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