The Secure, Simple, and Affordable Tele-Health Solution!

VTConnect is the premier HIPPA and HITECH Act compliant tele-health solution to securely connect healthcare providers with clients anywhere, anytime, with any device. VTConnect offers two turn-key solutions for virtual treatment, with both solutions utilizing the proprietery VTConnect App for distance treatment sessions. For private practitioners in the mental health field, VTConnect offers a full service online virtual treatment solution at www.VirtualTherapyConnect.com. With this solution, practitioners are provided with their own virtual online office. They also gain access to all the essential tools and features needed to successfully provide virtual treatment and grow their virtual practice! For healthcare practices and organizations of all sizes, VTConnect also offers a turn-key tele-health enterprise solution at www.VTConnect.net. With this solution, organizations of any size can easily deploy a tele-health platform for their clients that is secure, simple, and affordable. This solution also includes a comprehensive portal for effectively managing clients and virtual discussions. VTConnect is owned and operated by Virtual Therapy Center, LLC, an industry leader since 2010 delivering innovative, secure technology solutions to healthcare providers of all sizes - individuals, small groups, and large enterprises. With innovative solutions and unparalleled customer support, our customers are able to easily adopt and integrate technology to expand how they deliver services, who they reach, and provide the highest standard in quality care possible!

Mission: To provide innovative, secure technology solutions to healthcare providers of all sizes - individuals, small groups, and large enterprises - with unparalleled customer support so they can easily adopt and integrate technology to expand how they deliver services, who they reach, and provide the highest standard in quality care possible!


VTConnect Therapeutic Break | Episode 4

Learn how to find your new normal as a healthcare provider!

Dr. Ireland, CEO of VTConnect and an expert in telehealth delivery, shares her wisdom and expertise in these weekly 3 to 5 minute Therapeutic Break Episodes to help you build the skills, knowledge, and tools to deliver exceptional teleheatlh care to your clients.

This week's Therapeutic Break clip talks about navigating all the uncertainty and getting back to a "new normal" as a health provider. Dr. Ireland, CEO of VT...


COVID-19 Update | Just Announced CMS Expands Telehealth Reimbursement - Virtual Therapy Connect

virtualtherapyconnect.com The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) just announced another round of regulatory waivers and rule changes to ensure Americans can receive healthcare through video and phone-based services during the COVID19 emergency.


What is the Future of Telehealth? Is it Here to Stay? - Virtual Therapy Connect

virtualtherapyconnect.com If you’re wondering this as you bring more of your practice online, you aren’t alone!  To answer these questions, let’s first dive into the three types of telehealth: The first is video conferencing. This uses audio and video to conduct telehealth sessions. Patients and health practitioners c...


VTConnect Therapeutic Break | Episode 2

Last week, we introduced the VTConnect Therapeutic Break video series. In this series, Dr. Martha Ireland, CEO of VTConnect and a practicing clinician with more than 10 years of telehealth experience, delves into all different topics for health care providers..

This week's short Therapeutic Break clip goes over tips and tricks to ensure professional and high quality telehealth sessions.

Click below to learn some best practices for lighting, framing, audio, clothing, background, and more...all in under 5 minutes!

This week's short Therapeutic Break clip goes over tips and tricks to ensure professional and high quality telehealth sessions. Tune it to learn some best pr...


VTConnect Therapeutic Break | Episode 1

Join Dr. Martha Ireland, CEO of VTConnect, practicing clinician, and 10+ year telehealth veteran for our new weekly VTConnect Therapeutic Break series.

The VTConnect Therapeutic Break videos will each be three to five minutes; short enough not to take up an entire 10-minute window between patients, but chocked full of helpful information!

Every week, Dr. Ireland will be delving into various topics such as telehealth industry updates, best practices, practitioner self-care, your questions, and more!

Today's topic touches on the overwhelm that can come with learning the new skill of telehealth and pivoting in our practices during this time of uncertainty.

Don't forget to subscribe to VTConnect on YouTube so you don't miss any episodes!

Topic for this week is learning to take a therapeutic pause, an important coping skill for the telehealth practitioner. Dr. Ireland, CEO of VTConnect and an ...

Simple, Secure, & Sustainable Telehealth Platform for COVID-19 and beyond, FREE to new customers! - https://mailchi.mp/84aaa2a1452d/tools-to-enhance-your-telehealth-practice-9255276

There has never been a better time for health providers, practitioners, and hospitals to expand the scope of their practices to offer telehealth services; and in our humble opinion, VTConnect is the most trustworthy telehealth option available! Thanks Brighter Vision Web Solutions! https://www.brightervision.com/vtconnect-telehealth-platform/

Why should I setup my practice for long-term telehealth HIPAA compliance now? Read our COVID-19 analysis and response.


Learn More About the VTConnect Telehealth Solution

To support our community during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we are offering new customers of any practice size their 1st Month FREE - Visit https://vtconnect.net/ and enter code VTCHELPS at checkout! Check out the video below to see our NEW, ENHANCED platform that now supports group sessions!

VTConnect is the premier HIPAA and HITECH Act compliant telehealth solution that allows healthcare practices and organizations of all sizes to easily connect...

[02/27/20]   During the inevitable coronavirus pandemic, leveraging your telehealth platform will be vital! - https://mailchi.mp/3e83511858f4/a-new-and-improved-virtual-therapy-connect-is-coming-soon-9219863

Dr. Ireland talks about how telehealth will be critical to supporting an inevitable coronavirus pandemic!

Coming in a Few Weeks - The New and Improved Virtual Therapy Connect!!! - https://mailchi.mp/e7051b495a6b/a-new-and-improved-virtual-therapy-connect-is-coming-soon-4728646


Is HIPAA Compliant Technology Enough to Protect Practitioners from Legal Issues?

We encourage practitioners to join and participate in both state and federal advocacy efforts!

vtconnect.net Practitioners that offer telehealth services generally agree that it is crucial that they choose technology, like VTConnect, that is HIPAA compliant. There is a peace of mind that comes from knowing that when the technology provider signs a Business Associates Agreement, the liability for HIPAA comp...


Telehealth Voted One of the Top Trends in Healthcare for 2019

Telehealth continues to be a strong healthcare trend with significant growth!

vtconnect.net A recent survey of more than 1,000 leaders in healthcare, conducted by Definitive Healthcare, reported that telehealth was the #3 voted top trend in healthcare for 2019 (#1: consolidation; #2: consumerism). Telehealth continues to make headlines, as coverage expands, and major retailers are getting....


Telehealth to support a "Silver Tsunami"

Great opportunity for teleheatlh to meet the healthcare demands of Baby Boomers!

vtconnect.net There is a tsunami coming – a “Silver Tsunami” – with more than 75 million Baby Boomers becoming eligible for Medicare coverage (Milliard, 2019). Given that the federal healthcare system is already stretched thin, it is thought that telehealth and remote patient monitoring capabilities will ...


Does online therapy work?

Studies are now showing that online therapy can be as effective as face-to-face therapy!

vtconnect.net In many scenarios, online therapy is just as effective as talking to a therapist in person. For instance, research has shown that online cognitive behavioral therapy for eating disorders is just as effective as the same modality delivered in person.i Veterans being treated for PTSD had the same leve...


Are we missing an opportunity to address the opioid crisis via telehealth?

Telehealth could assist in the opiod crisis!

vtconnect.net A recent study published in Health Affairs found that telehealth use in the treatment of substance use disorders (SUDs) is far outpaced by telehealth addressing other mental health concerns. Although telehealth treatment for both SUDs and mental health disorders has grown rapidly from 2010 and 2017,...


CMS Report Shows Bright Future for Telehealth

Recent CMS study shows increased utilization of teleheatlh and future opportunities for continued growth of this delivery method!

vtconnect.net The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released their report to Congress, Information on Medicare Telehealth, and the future is bright for telehealth. CMS continues to expand waivers that increase access to telehealth services among certain provider groups, including an expans...


Changes to Telehealth Reimbursements for Medicare Advantage Insurers

Good news for telehealth providers!

vtconnect.net Changes to Telehealth Reimbursements for Medicare Advantage Insurers Earlier this week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) proposed that Medicare Advantage insurers be reimbursed for additional telehealth services, beginning in plan year 2010. The proposed change would allow insurers to be....


Expanding Telehealth Access for Low-Income Americans

Good news that will further support the expansion of telehealth to reach vulnerable patients.

0cni3szb79b2i9q6-10238461.shopifypreview.com Telehealth is an important way to deliver healthcare to some of our most vulnerable patients, but sometimes the patients who need telehealth lack the ability to utilize it. In August of 2018, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a proposal to establish the “Connected Care Pilot Pro...


Expanded Uses of Telehealth

Telehealth is being utilized successfully for more than just psychotherapy. Check out this blog article which highlights one study that found telehealth to be an effective modality for delivering a training program for parents of young children with autism.

vtconnect.net Telehealth has many potential applications in the field of mental health, outside of directly connecting clients and therapists for the purpose of psychotherapy. In a study by Bears and colleagues (2018), researchers used telehealth to provide training for parents who had children with autism betwee...


Telehealth & Older Adults

Recent studies show telehealth to be beneficial and welcomed by older adults.

vtconnect.net Can telehealth reduce social isolation among older adults? According to a recent study, published last month in Health & Social Care in the Community, telehealth may very well be critical to addressing the needs of older adults. In this study, Annie Banbury and colleagues (2018), conducted weekl...


'Anywhere to Anywhere' VA Telehealth Program is Finalized

This is great news for telehealth providers!

vtconnect.net On May 11, 2018, the VA published a final rule, allowing VA care providers to see patients via telehealth, no matter where the patient or doctor are located. This is a significant step forward in eliminating barriers to telehealth services for veterans. Telehealth services are sometimes limited by p...


Expanding Teleheatlh Reimbursement in 2018

Good news for teleheatlh - increased reimbursement for services in 2018!

vtconnect.net Early last month, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released their final 2018 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule, which will go into effect on J


New Report from Center for Connected Health Policy Shows Progress Towards Increased Telehealth Reimbursement

Progress continues to be made in broadening the application of telehealth and expanding reimbursement for telehealth services!!

vtconnect.net This month the Center for Connected Health Policy released their report, State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies: A Comprehensive Scan of the 50 States


VA Proposes Allowing Telehealth Providers to Bypass State Licensing Laws to Reach More Veterans

The Veterans Affairs Department is looking to allow providers to deliver telehealth services across state lines!

vtconnect.net On September 29, 2017, the Veterans Affairs Department announced the proposal of a new rule that will expand telehealth services to veterans. The ‘Anywhere to A


Telehealth Support for Hurricane Victims!

VTConnect is committed to being part of the process that helps to heal the victims of the recent hurricanes! To do so, VTConnect is offering 3 months FREE use of its HIPAA compliant, easy-to-use, cross-platform telehealth technology to any practitioner who is able to expand their reach into the hurricane affected areas. We know that many victims are in need of support, and VTConnect believes that providing free access to secure teleheatlh technology will encourage more healthcare providers to provide services and in turn increase the number of victims receiving the support they need!

vtconnect.net Millions of Americans have been affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma over the past few weeks. Many have faced evacuations, flooding, destruction, and even the


HHS establishing medical shelter to aid those affected by Hurricane Harvey

Our thoughts are truly with ALL those affected by Hurricane Harvey! So good to hear though that HHS is providing shelter and medical care on-site!

hhs.gov Thousands of Texans sheltering at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston will have medical care on-site through a 250-bed Federal Medical Station established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) at the request of the State Department of Health.


Trump’s Declaration of a National Opioid Emergency May Benefit Telehealth!

Trump’s announcement this week to declare a national emergency on opioid abuse may prove to reduce regulatory restrictions for telehealth.

vtconnect.net Trump’s announcement this week to declare a national emergency on opioid abuse may prove to reduce regulatory restrictions for telehealth. Once a national emerg


Patients want more convenient communication – they will leave if they don’t get it!

vtconnect.net A study released last week by Solutionreach found that once patients leave the doctor’s office, they are feeling less connected than ever before. Modern expecta


The Pathway to Practicing Telehealth Across State Lines

vtconnect.net In order for healthcare providers to legally provide telehealth services across the entire United States, laws and licensure requirements must catch up to the t


Telehealth Licensing Compact Goes Live in 7 Member States

Huge progress for telehealth - licensing compact goes live allowing members of certain states to practice telehealth across state lines. Check out the full article to see if your state is part of the compact!

mhealthintelligence.com Interstate Medical Licensure Compact goes live, giving doctors a better path to telehealth licensing


Telehealth Predicted to Transform Healthcare Delivery

vtconnect.net According to a recently published article in The Huffington Post, How Telehealth Platforms Will Reshape U.S. Healthcare Delivery, as telehealth continues to evo

Text Messaging and Behavioral Practice Risk Management | TBHI

Live today at 2PM EST you can participate in this 1-hour online course that will cover the 12 risk management considerations with text messaging and behavioral health practice to keep you out of hot water. If you miss the live version, the fully recorded will be available 24/7 for the next six months. Don't miss this great information!

telehealth.org Attend this 1-hour online course to learn about risk management when using text messaging for behavioral health practice.

Latest Industry Report Identifies Best States for Telemedicine - The Source

The American Telemedicine Association today released an update to two critical state policy reports which identified gaps in coverage and reimbursement, and physician practice standards and licensure. The reports, which capture the policy landscape of each state and Washington, DC, include research methodology and state-specific grades based on a series of indicators for each report. Read the full article below!

thesource.americantelemed.org Shows a blog entry in detail

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