Bekah Marie Weideman • Holistic Therapist & Executive Coach

Bekah Marie Weideman • Holistic Therapist & Executive Coach


There is no more profitable investment than investing in yourself. It is the best investment you can make; you can never go wrong with it. It is the true way to improve yourself to be the best version of you and lets you be able to best serve those around you.
Roy T. Bennett

I changed my whole life by investing in my own healing. It was by far the best money I ever spent. There is not a single thing I would do differently, except I’d do it sooner.

The strangest thing happens when we say yes to ourselves. It’s as if others see that “yes” and then follow along with the “yes”. 💕

Every year, I make it a priority to invest more into my self, and my business, so I can continue to be the guide to help clients change their lives. 💕

I see you. I’ve been you. You are not alone. Your trauma is just as valid, so stop comparing “big T” and “little t”. It is all trauma. And your body and mind are responding based on your experience, not someone else’s! It is also responding with the conditioning over a lifetime.
That may be the hand you got dealt, but it doesn’t mean you have to stay at the table and keep in loosing.

Sometimes, you gotta know when to fold ‘em. And walk away. Walk right into the arms of that younger you, who needed you to be brave, to be her voice, her protector, and you can be. 💕 She’s still inside. She’s just waiting for you to come home to yourself. 🙏🏻

“After a while you learn the subtle difference Between holding a hand and chaining a soul,

And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning

And company doesn’t mean security,

And you begin to learn that kisses aren’t contracts

And presents aren’t promises,

And you begin to accept your defeats
With your head up and your eyes open

With the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child,

And you learn to build all your roads on today,

Because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain for plans,

And futures have a way of falling down in mid-flight

After a while you learn
That even sunshine burns if you get too much.

So you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,

Instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.

And you learn that you really can endure…

That you really are strong,
And you really do have worth.

And you learn and learn…

With every goodbye you learn."~

~Veronica Shoffstall, “After a While.”
Depression is the one thing I work with THE MOST.
You wouldn’t believe all the successful female Executives and Entrepreneurs who struggle with depression, daily.

The sad thing is, we stay silent and we don’t get help soon enough.

And, unfortunately if you are anything like my client’s, when you do reach out for help, you find yourself leaving horribly disappointed.

We’ve grown in a culture that thinks a Dr. is in essence a Healer. And while they absolutely do that, they aren’t able to do the deep inner work for us. And, the therapy models are missing some HUGE pieces, the exact pieces I myself needed to heal. And, those same pieces that I use with my clients!

I have unbelievable results with my clients!

👉🏻 I screen them, to make sure we are both on the same page. That’s right!! I turn clients away when I don’t feel it’s a good match for them, me or both of us!

👉🏻 I do “root cause” work. We don’t dance around the issues and only touch the surface. Oh no!! We take a leap off the diving board, going right on in to the deep end.

👉🏻 Everything is 100% up to the client. They have to be a participant. I am not the one who heals anyone. I am a guide, because I’ve walked this road myself!

👉🏻 I’m passionate about helping women, because I 100% believe that women healing is the key to changing this world. Stopping the cycles NOW, so our children have healed Mommas and role models. They then create different patterns of thought and behaviors, based on our own HEALED patterns and behaviors. 💓

Ready to book a qualification call?
My link in in my bio! 💕 I have TWO spots opening soon! 💕
Who else is having a migraine today?

Can you comment bellow? 👇🏻 I like to have if others are suffering with allergies causing migraines, or weather causing migraines so I can have some idea what’s happening.

Thankfully, what used to be multiple days per month have turned into only a few days a year for me. So that is definitely something to be grateful for.

I stay pretty busy with my awesome work with women and healing their heart. But when a client needs her new home cleared, it’s a pleasure to help!

Think of energy. Think of someone who you don’t really love the way you feel when you are around them. That’s THEIR energy. Well, what about buying a home where others have lived and have THEIR energy in that home?

What about the land? The history it has seen?
It’s something we don’t often think about, but it’s also something that can influence your own energy and even health when it isn’t a good vibrational match for you.

This for this precious family is all ready for amazing memories and happy delighted giggles to fill it with JOY! 💕

I’ll be honest, this is a LOT of work! That’s why I only offer this service to existing clients. 🤗

Research has shown a link between disorganization and depression, a connection between messy environments and poor eating habits, and findings that clutter reduces one’s ability to focus and retain information. “Our brains like order, and constant visual reminders of disorganization drains our cognitive resources,”

The energy of our mothers flow in us, and is in them. This is why the trauma our mothers experience while we are in-uturo is powerful enough to change us as well. We experience the emotional wounds she has.

Clients often go back to the womb in their Journey sessions with me. They don’t know that’s where they are, until I keep asking questions.

“It’s dark”

“I feel dizzy”

“I hear noise muffled”

“I hear what sounds like a drum playing one beat”

“I feel like I’m floating”

“I just got tossed somewhere”

“Oh, wow….I think I haven’t been born yet”

These sessions are some of the most powerfully healing sessions I have seen.

“I knew you before you were born” is a phrase I’ve loved forever. I truly did know my babies before they were born. 💕

Personally, I suffered with PMDD for YEARS.

I saw family members suffer with it as well.

So when Katie decided to embark on her Journey to Joy, to reverse the symptoms of I was extra tic for her to see the HUGE shifts that can happen is such. Short period of time.

PMDD often goes undiagnosed. Women are instead treated for all the individual issues that come up because of it, but they fail to see the shifts they need for long term results.

Symptoms of PMDD include:

Mood swings
Depression or feelings of hopelessness
Intense anger and conflict with other people
Tension, anxiety, and irritability
No interest in your usual activities
Trouble concentrating
Appetite changes
Feeling out of control
Sleep problems
Cramps and bloating
Breast tenderness
Joint or muscle pain
Hot flashes

These are just some of the many symptoms that women go through monthly, and have no idea it is actually all related!

Katie talks about her experience with Journey to Joy and the monumental changes she saw in such unexpected ways. (Full version is on my website)

If you have suffered with PMDD and not found relief, I invite you to listen to Katie’s story.

People often forget that the lack of joy in their lives comes down to one thing.


You can add small changes into your life that
will add up to BIG things by starting to examine
what it is that causes you the most stress.

Get clear on the issues you CAN change.

And, get clear on the issues you can’t change.

Now, ask yourself what would help those areas that you feel stuck in?

Often times, it’s something small. But it also requires effort and planning! That’s where we often fail to INVEST in ourselves, by adding in things to help.

Tell me in the comments bellow, what area causes you the MOST stress? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


✔️ definitely
✔️(but reversed it)
✔️(working on it)

👏🏻 I 👏🏻 love 👏🏻 my 👏🏻 work 👏🏻.

There’s nothing better then being part of someone’s healing story. 💕

From to this young lady blew my mind with how willing she was to heal her story. 💓

She was incredibly BRAVE, and made this Momma’s heart melt. I couldn’t be more proud of how she took ownership for her life, and was determined to succeed! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Her mom is such a special soul. I met two amazing women!! Women that I know have amazing things in store for them!

💓 It is my honor to have been part of their story of healing. Individually, and together. 💓💓

Board Certified Hypnotherapist • Master Teacher of Energy Medicine • Intuitive Healer Are you struggling to find joy in life, despite how far you've come?

Founder and Creator of Journey to Joy & Mindset to Manifest

Are you ready to create UNSTOPPABLE CONFIDENCE? Do you struggle with repeat patterns in relationships, or shy away from creating relationships? Are you feeling ready to breakthrough the limitations and live an authentic expression of your inner most desires? Are you exhausted from the people pleasing, and the perfectionism? As someone wh

Operating as usual


Top tips for

👉🏻If someone asks you for a favor, politely decline.

Taking your time might offer you the opportunity to consider the request and determine whether or not it is something you really want to spend your energy on.

Even a little pause before making a decision improves decision-making accuracy, according to research.

Practice saying no, even if you want to say yes. This is to get it familiarized, and allow you to be comfortable saying “no”.


Happy to all you mommas out there!

I count myself extremely blessed to be the momma of two amazing daughters, and one amazing pup!

Hope you get to celebrate with people you love most! 💗


Top tips for

Avoid Blaming Others for Your Failures

In order to say "no" effectively, you need to be clear and concise.

Don't create excuses for why you can't participate because of other commitments.

Refrain from going into excessive detail about your argument and speak with a firm voice.

It is important to keep in mind that the word "no" means "no”. PERIOD.

This will be hard. You’ll want to walk back your boundary: 🤷🏻‍♀️ You’ll struggle with all kinds of negotiable emotions around saying no. After all, it goes against the core of people pleasing.

What you have to remember though, is people pleasing is a coping mechanism. It is NOT WHO you are.

Refuse to walk your boundary back. Sit in the uncomfortable feeling. Say to yourself, “I feel uncomfortable because….” And that makes me feel…” and that must mean…..”


Ready to release the people pleasing and find emotional freedom? Schedule your call with me today! ☎️


How is your self-esteem?

Lack of self esteem often shows up in the types of relationships we find ourselves willing to stay in.

The types of conversations we allow to be had towards us.

The way we show up in our work, parenting, friendships and really all of life!

Do you feel your is ??

Self esteem struggles stem from childhood experiences that somehow had us believe we,
• Are not lovable.
• Are unworthy of connection.
• Are not wanted.
• Are not accepted.
• Are not valued.
as a few examples.

Do you identify? How is your self-esteem on a scale of 1-10? Would you like to change it? Schedule your call today! 📱


Top tips for

Set Goals and Priorities for Yourself👀 YUP. I said it.

Take action if something is draining your resources or taking up too much of your time.

By learning to say no to things you don't want to do, you'll free up time for the things you do want to accomplish.

Practice different ways of saying no, without giving excuses. Be ready to say no, so you make it comfortable.


I’ve told you mine!!!

So tell me…

What is YOUR dream? 🤩

What’s standing between you and your dream right now?

What is one action you can take TODAY to make that dream closer within grasp?

We don’t get there in one fell swoop.

We get there one step at a time.


I love that song. 😇 I think so often we get side tracked with what others want us to be sidetracked with. We walk away from OUR dream into someone else’s.

This is an invitation to and

Want to join me on the most epic adventure? Heart healing happens here! ——>

Photos from Athens Park's post 05/11/2023

Can I tell you a secret? 😉

This is my dream. 🤩 (when my kids are out on their own)

Living on a small island in Florida, able to hook up and travel the Keys, work from the beach, and live life in the SUNSHINE! 😎 ☀️ 🌊 🌴 Fuji would work too. You know, that clear blue water and seashells galore?

I’ve stayed in tiny houses in my travels. One of my favorites was in Hawaii, with an outdoor shower and bathroom. Only downside was the giant apple snail 🐌 who about scared me TO DEATH when I went to the bathroom at night in the rainforest jungle. 🤣

I’m also not a fan of the GIANT spiders in the rainforest of Hawaii. 🕷️ 😝 I much prefer Florida.🤣

I absolutely love owning very little, and living life outdoors on the beach. The less we have, the easier life is. It’s like that with our stuff, and even MORE so with our MENTAL STUFF.

Imagine if you could rid your mind of that ginormous semi truck you pull behind you everywhere. Imagine your mind was as tidy and clean of a space as this. 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

The habit of living simple starts with our mind. Clearing out the decades of junk beliefs, and making space for new ones. And heck, if your dream is to live in a 16 bedroom house, one room for each of your deepest darkest secrets, great!👋🏻

But if your dream like me is to live life untethered, let’s dive in. 🙌🏻 Let’s let go of those beliefs keeping you stuck, weighing you down, and inhibiting your FREEDOM. 🫶🏼

I’m all about and that unlocking of LIFE and LIVING! 🙌🏻


Top tips for people pleasing.

Do not be embarrassed to question yourself why you feel the need to work extra hard at activities that offer no pleasure to you if you are trying to find time for yourself.

Do not feel forced to give up your time for the sake of others.

Remind yourself of the importance of your dreams, goals and priorities.


And babe, once you start living, really living, you are going to lose people, who were comfortable with the version of you that was only existing.
Those were never your people.
Stephanie Bennett-Henry

How can you show your body some love today?
What does your body need right now?


It sounds easy.

It’s actually not.

Today’s tip is about really
deciding to honor your thoughts.

Give them the attention they need.

If you find yourself thinking about things that are t bringing you joy, go deeper.

Why are you thinking about this?

What can you do about this situation?

Who could you reach out to to talk about it, and maybe gain some perspective?

When we start paying attention to our thoughts, we can really start changing our life!

DECIDE what you want to focus on.

This is your life. Nobody gets to get in your mind without your permission! So, don’t let them!


***Setting Boundaries ***

For the this is much easier said than done. Because somewhere deep in your subconscious, you do t actually believe you are worth of boundaries. Or, you feel they are mean.

The truth is, establishing clear boundaries and then communicating those boundaries is essential to establishing and maintaining a healthy environment. within your work and personal life. It is important to be precise and detailed about the things you are ready to do. Let them know if they're asking for too much and that you aren’t available for it.

This will take practice!!!! Give yourself grace as you are learning to walk in your

Ready to step into your greatness? Schedule your application call ☎️—->


How are you prioritizing your emotional wellbeing?

Look at the space around you.

How is it supporting your wellbeing?

What are THREE things you can commit to doing this week for your ?

I’ve realized in life we very often hold onto things because we don’t know if we’ll find something we like to replace it, even if we realllly don’t like it.

I think about a blank umbrella. It works. It’s useful for what it is. There’s nothing wrong with it. But black and rain ☔️ always makes me remember a funeral I went to. It was pouring that day. So for me, I made it my job to find an umbrella I loved. 🥰 And, I got rid of the black one!

Raincoats are always heavy and insulting, and I’m usually hot. I found one I loved in my favorite sea mist green that is breathable. 🌧️

I got rid of what didn’t bring me joy, what felt uncomfortable and constricting, and I brought in color and JOY! 💗


People Pleasing is a

People pleasers create an understanding wt an early age. The feel excluded, so a way they remedy it can often lead to a life spent trying to make EVERYONE else happy, at the expense of their own happiness.

See, we are hardwired for connection. 👀

We crave connection like it is the air we breathe.
It’s part of being human. Somehow, we got the message that we weren’t part of something, maybe on the playground, or even with our parents. Feeling “there must be something wrong with me”. 😣

So, the to the rescue!
Belief created: If we are included, that means we belong. If we belong, we are loved.

People pleaser meet your maker! 🤝
The desire to be loved, accepted, connected.

Some find other coping mechanisms.
But for you, this was yours.

This mm*seems* to work… until it doesn’t.

You find yourself in toxic relationships, ☠️ where they just take take take take.

You find yourself burnt out from always being the one to make it all happen for everyone else.

👉🏻👉🏻Your self esteem struggles deepen as you find yourself unable to be to your own desires, wants, and needs while taking care of everyone else in your life

sets in. Your self esteem takes an even bigger hit. 🤜🏻👩🏻 You feel and to others unless you are the one doing all the work. 🤦🏻‍♀️

You take a step back and see the one sidedness.

You realize you stayed way too long in relationships, and places were your value was only what others could get from you.🙇🏻‍♀️

This is a time you have a crisis of confidence. Unsure of who you are, as you see clearly you’ve only ever been what others wanted you to be.

You don’t know where to go, or what to do, but you know this isn’t working for you anymore.

So, you seek out talk therapy. 🗣️👤
Where you proceed to talk about the problem weekly, for 10+ years. 📆

After waking up in a fog, you think ‘what the hell is happening….this can’t be my life’ and you somehow found this post. 💕

The good news is, I’ve been there myself.
You can heal your heart. Link in bio


I'm so excited for the upcoming
program! If you've struggled with and THIS IS THE PROGRAM you've been looking for!!

In this group program, we will address common issues that affect our sleep.

We will deep dive into your subconscious mind to show YOU the secret to your sleep struggles.

We'll rapidly rewire those patterns.

We will have a group energy healing session that is SO INCREDIBLY POWERFUL, I've only provided them to my students in the past.

If you are and ready to make sleepless nights a thing of the past, then sign up today by following this link. ------->


I came back and I was no longer the girl I used to be, but a whole new woman, who learned a lot from the darkness, but mostly, I learned who I was, and who I will never be again.
Stephanie Bennett-Henry


Mark Hyman, MD


The question often comes up in my work on how soon do clients see the changes after their sessions.

Healing is different for everyone. But these are the most common ways I see clients see results.

1. **Immediately** changed. This happened to me personally when I was doing my own healing work. I’d not slept in 15 years at night due to sleep trauma. The night of my session, I slept. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

2. **Cumulatively** we find this especially with clients suffering with self esteem issues. These changes happen over time as we do more work together, and more layers are peeled away. It’s through the looking back one can see profound change, however it happens little by little. I tell clients, “you look back six months later, then you can REALLY see the changes”!

3. **Retrospectively** I would actually agree that the retroactive may be the most powerful, as it is the profound and inconspicuous change that has completely taken root to the point that old thought patterns and experiences seem almost alien. You find yourself in conversation, having responded one way, discovering your response to be a 360 degree difference!

Sometimes we only see we have changed when we look back and say
“Wow I haven’t had a panic attack for months “
“I’m so much happier now“
“I don’t have anxiety before meetings anymore “
Still, it’s often other people pointing out the difference that makes us look back and see it retrospectively.

Another thing I’ve noticed as I’ve done this work for myself is beginning to reinterpret incidents differently, seeing them in a different light. In a light thar is more inclusive, more tolerant that considers different aspects. I’ve seen things are not really about me most of the time.
They were about others wounds.

I love love love my job. I love seeing lives radially transform. Sometimes that means multiple months of work to get all those feelings worked through. But, sometimes it’s a single month that is all they need. Whatever it is, it’s the profound, powerful, all pervasive changes that ROCK my world!!


➡️➡️The battle for your mind is the war everyone is trying to win. ⬅️⬅️

Retailers are trying to convince you you need their products, influencers are paid to promote this “you gotta have it or you’re not fulfilled” kind of message.

Everywhere you go, it’s a world saying “you’re not enough”. You see these underlying messages everywhere. 😤

You see this subliminal messaging of “this will make you happy, if you just buy that, look snatched, perfectly toned, wear these b***y huggin’ leggings”….etc🥱

My love, we’ve all played that game at some point. It’s only when you decide to get honest with yourself, and work on your mind 🧠 that the game changes. ↪️
People do this with negative beliefs, and positive ones too! ⬇️

➡️Confirmation Bias 🧠 is the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one's existing beliefs or theories.

When you allow emotions to rule your life, your life is being steered by a driver under the influence. 🚘
Our emotions go up 🔝 and down ⤵️ and can change on a dime. 🔀 This produces massive anxiety, fear, guilt and analysis paralysis!

I work with the mind, in ways that are super unique in the industry. We focus on the goal, and what is standing in your way. We then start the work of dismantling the old beliefs and patterns keeping you in a holding pattern of life, instead of propelling you into your dreams! ⭐️

Are you ready to rewrite your the contract you have with your mind? You can be pitiful, or powerful!

Schedule your qualification call today!
———> 📲

Healing Hearts with Reiki

I provide Advanced Reiki sessions, Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy, Energy Clearing for Home and Business with Reiki to charge the space, Pet Reiki with Communication, Distance Reiki, and Aromatherapy.

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