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Start the school week off strong with these anxiety-soothing and routine-smoothing tips!

Welcome, Gillian!

Come see what the Buzzzzz is all about at this year's The Baby Buzz in Middleburg. This is a FREE educational seminar for expectant parents and parents of young children.

Has your child mastered a sound, like /r/, in words and phrases in speech therapy, but struggled to use it in conversation? A lot of children can make sounds beautifully in speech therapy but aren't quite as good at monitoring their own speech when they are moving throughout their day.

At @Little Hands Pediatric Therapy, our SLPs have a little secret… we call these our Reminder Bracelets! They are a simple but effective way to help remind children to use their good speech sounds. Just wear it... and remember your good, clear speech sounds!
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Social Skills Groups - Little Hands Pediatric Therapy

Tomorrow is the last day to register for Social Skills groups that begin next Thursday (with a screening this Thursday, 8/30). Register here: Social Skills Groups Building Social Skills through Movement Our Sensory Social Skills Groups ROCK because they incorporate movement to keep children engaged and learning. The goal of the group is to improve communication and foster relationships with peers. Each 45-minute group will begin with 5 mi...

In honor of National Dog Day, here is a wonderful activity for you and your child! Wash The Dog: #NationalDogDay #LHPT #WashTheDog #sensory #activities #fun #family #learn #play

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Fall social skills groups are filling up! We have limited space remaining in the 4-6 year old group. 7-9 year old group has 3 spots available! Register soon to secure your child's spot!

Every parent has questions before their child starts speech therapy. Our current parents have tons of advice for those just starting out. READ MORE HERE >>

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Baby's First Year Milestones: Promote and Celebrate Your Baby's Development with Monthly Games and Activities

I was given a draft of this book to read and provide feedback on earlier this summer. I was thrilled to receive a copy of it in the mail and plan to share it with many of the families that I work with!

"Baby’s First Year Milestones is an excellent month-by-month guide on how to play with your infant! Aubrey does a beautiful job of emphasizing the importance of talking to your baby to develop their cognitive and language skills, helping them to learn through everyday routines. Filled with simple activities that you can do and make with items you already have at home, it is easy to read and reference for new ideas each month!"―Kelli Atangan, MS, CCC-SLP, Speech Language Pathologist and mom of three" Baby’s First Year Milestones is a month-by-month guide filled with activities designed to support your baby’s development during their first year of life.In twelve months, your newborn will transform into a child. To celebrate each new development, Baby’s First Year Milestones offers a practic...

We love hearing feedback from you all! Whether it be good, bad or in-between it helps us know where to improve or where we are shining :)

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Are your children ready for back to school? Looking to advance your child's articulation, language, or social skills for the upcoming school year? LHPT provides Speech Therapy from birth to teen in your home OR school in Eastern Loudoun and Western Fairfax Counties.

Learn more here:

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Are your kids ready for back-to-school? If your child or teen needs help with: ☑️Self-Care ☑️Fine Motor Coordination ☑️Strength ☑️Dexterity ☑️Sensory Modulation ☑️Sensory Processing ☑️Attention to Tasks ☑️Postural Stability ☑️Handwriting -- we've got you covered!

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What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear.
Your turn: Tell us your favorite joke below!

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Have you received your car safety magnets yet?🚗
/// WIN A 5-PACK OF OPEN PLAY PASSES TO @WeRocktheSpectrum ($60 value)! ///

Make sure you get yours and post a picture of your child (and tag @littlehandspediatrictherapy) using their magnet on this post and you'll be entered to win! Good luck and have fun this summer! 👍🏽

Our magnets have a large handprint ✋🏼 on them and provide a place for your child to place their hand while they wait next to the car. Place them on the side of your car (not the back) and ask your child to “high five the car” while they wait.

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We LOVE hearing feedback from our families!! ❤️😍Thank you @Sarah Boltz Georgelas #loveourclients #feedback #5starreview #LHPT #family

Making your own popsicles isn't just healthy, it can be a fun way to work on a variety of skills!

Speech: Sequencing the steps to make popsicles (get fruit, put in blender, add water, blend, pour into molds, place in freezer).

Have a target sound (for example, /L/) your child is working on articulating? Focus on that sound as you make popsicles: BLend, BLueberries, watermeLon, Liquid, moLds, etc.

Feeding & Sensory - peeling, cutting, chopping, touching/smelling/licking foods as you put them in the blender, tasting the liquid before freezing.

See how Little Hands Pediatric Therapy can benefit YOUR child! Learn more here: #popsicles #healthy #fruit #kids #makeyourown #DIY #sensory #development #feeding #speech #children #family #LHPT

It's almost back to school time! Make sure you sign your kids up for our Fall Social Skills Group at We Rock the Spectrum - Loudoun! Registration will close on August 29.

Early Fall Session (7 weeks)
Screening date: August 30th, 3:30-5:30pm
September 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th + October 4th, 11th, 18th (Thursdays)

TIMES: Thursdays, 3:30-4:15pm, 4-6 years, 4 children max
Thursdays, 4:30-5:15pm, 7-9 years, 4 children max

Learn more about our Social Skills Groups
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Hello August! It’s Family Fun Month, and it’s time to get outside and have some fun, sensory-safe playtime with the whole family. Need some help coming up with ideas… Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

All kids can be affected by sensory processing issues and certain situations make them uncomfortable. We’ve put together a small list of sensory activities for any child.

See how Little Hands Pediatric Therapy can benefit YOUR child! Learn more here:

1. Jump—on a mini-trampoline, from a chair to a sofa, or on the be.
2. Do wheelbarrow walking or races
3. Plant new flowers
4. Toddlers can push their own strollers, the laundry, or grocery cart
5. Hammer ice cubes in a plastic bag (then use them for lemonade)
6. Climb a rock wall
7. Engage in tug-of-war
8. Play hopscotch
9. Stage a wrestling match
10. Play catch with a water balloon
11. Go on a texture walk, collecting things that are smooth, things that are bumpy, things that are soft and so on
12. Have a parade and march
13. Wipe the counters, sweep or Swiffer.
14. Play push-o-war by putting palms against each other and pushing as hard as you can
15. Play animal footsteps: Have your child lie down and choose an animal. Using your fingers or hands, make it feel as if that animal is walking over your child's back and limbs
16. Go for a swing; try different types of swinging to see which feels best (on a tire swing, rope, monkey bars)
17. Turn off the lights and play flashlight tag
18. Put single items in paper bags and let kids guess what they are
19. Hang upside down
20. Pull your child around on a sheet or blanket

Happy Summer, LHPT Families! ☀️💕⛱
During the month of August, your therapist will be passing out Little Hands car safety magnets! 🚗 Our magnets have a large handprint ✋🏼on them and provide a place for your child to place their hand while they wait next to the car. Place them on the side of your car (not the back) and ask your child to “high five the car” while they wait.

/// WIN A 5-PACK OF OPEN PLAY PASSES TO @WeRocktheSpectrum ($60 value)! ///
Post a picture of your child using their magnet on this post and be entered to win! *Winner will be drawn at random on August 30.

Good luck and have fun this summer! 👍🏽

August Autism and Developmental Differences Parent Coffee

A great back-to-school resource from Family Compass in Reston! The start of the school year is just around the corner! Join Billie & Becky of Family Compass' Developmental Team to talk about strategies for preparing kids for the transition back into school. In addition, there will be a number of sensory tools including proprioceptive pea pods, wiggle chairs, an...

The Autism Society of Northern Virginia

Here is a great, easy-to-read comic by an autistic adult! It shows the individual ASD traits visually portrayed on a spectrum versus a linear scale from "less autistic" to "more autistic". This viewpoint shows how particular ASD traits vary from autistic individual to autistic individual.

Whole Body Listening! Our Social Skills Groups are learning to listen with their eyes, ears, mouth, hands, feet, and more!

Find out more about our dynamic social skills groups here:

#SocialThinking #socialskills #LHPT

Our team of therapists provides services that support your child in many areas, including: Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Education and Events. Services also include Feeding Therapy, Social Skills Groups, FREE Sensory Integration Training, Sign Language Workshops, Educator Training and more!

Have questions about therapy? Our Office Manager, Kimberly Lee, has all the answers! Please contact her at (571) 207-8850 or

The relationship Little Hands Pediatric Therapy Therapists have with our parents in unique. Parents have a huge impact in the success of therapy. We feel fortunate to work with such a dedicated, loving group of parents. Thank you for supporting our therapy efforts! #HappyParentsDay #love #parents #parentsmakeadifference #goteam #LHPT

Wondering how an Occupational Therapist can help YOUR child? 🤔Pediatric Occupational Therapists (OT) help children gain independence while strengthening the development of fine motor, sensory motor, visual motor, and feeding skills needed to function and complete daily routines.

See how Little Hands Pediatric Therapy can benefit YOUR child! Learn more here:

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We love hearing feedback from a great experience. Thanks for the kind words, Samantha C.! ❤️
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Autism Risk Determined by Health of Mom’s Gut, UVA Research Reveals The discovery raises the possibility that preventing forms of autism could be as simple as an expectant mother modifying her diet or taking custom probiotics.

Taking your child to the pool this summer? 🏊🏽💦The LHPT therapists have some tips to make your trip enjoyable! 💕😊

✅ For a child with tactile sensitivity, work your way in. Start in the baby pool or shallow end. Bring a cup and encourage your child to pour water on their feet, then legs, belly, and arms. Allow them time to work their way into the water.
✅ For a child who has difficulty transitioning to the pool, bring 1-2 favorite waterproof toys from home to play with in the water.
✅ Never splash at or dunk your child underwater unexpectedly. Children who are sensory sensitive need to gradually desensitize themselves to the new feel, look, and sounds of the pool.
✅ Songs help children get excited about swimming. Try “If You’re Happy and You Know It …. blow some bubbles, kick your feet, splash your shoulders" etc. If your child likes to spin, hold them under the arms or in a hug and spin slowly at first, and then faster to the song “motorboat, motorboat, go so slow…. motorboat, motorboat, go so fast…. motorboat, motorboat, step on the gas!”

#splishsplash #poolscanbefun #summerfun #summer #pooltime #pool #beattheheat #LHPT

Q: If my child has a speech or language delay, should I only speak one language so I don’t confuse them?
Find out the answer here:

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Pollan Family Table

Great guide for cooking with kids 2+ in the kitchen!

It's so important to get kids into the kitchen and teach them to cook! Do your kids like to cook?

Wishing all our family and friends a happy and safe Independence Day! 🇺🇸
Some LHPT families are planning ahead for the over stimulating noise of the fireworks celebration. To escape the noise, head down to the basement with a dozen red, white and blue balloons for a festive evening! Play games, decorate the balloons, or fill deflated balloons with different textures like rice, beans, and sand. #Happy4th #4thofJuly #LHPT #Happy4thforEveryone #sensoryfriendly

There is a difference between school-based Speech Therapy and private services. If a school district reports that a child does not qualify for services that does not mean they would not benefit from Speech Therapy or that they won’t qualify in the future. Many schools don't consider articulation errors such as R and TH to be educationally based, as well as picky eating. Private Speech Therapy provides a whole-child approach focusing on just your child and working on all areas of speech issues while school services will address only areas for the educational need.
See how Little Hands Pediatric Therapy can benefit YOUR child! Learn more here:

Timeline Photos

The Little Hands Team had a great afternoon welcoming new team members, celebrating birthdays, accomplishments and even a new baby! Congratulations Miss Brittany on your sweet little one!

The fun has begun! 🎉 We are so proud of our new friends and we are looking forward to a great Summer! 😎☀️ Learn more about our Social Skills Groups located at We Rock the Spectrum.

Fall dates and times will be available soon. Learn more at

Tech Insider Presents

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful, supportive fathers that we work with. Enjoy our new favorite LEGO video in your honor ;)

This is how LEGO bricks are made.

Have a long car trip planned this Summer? 👫🚙☀️
This is a great opportunity to strengthen Speech and Occupational Therapy skills! Simply fill a plastic pencil box with small items and try these two fun exercises:
💬SPEECH: Play Guess What?! Have your children describe the new items to you and you guess what they are. Then classify them by color, shape and use - the conversation is endless!
🖍OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY: Fill the box with Sensory items that move, like a squishy finger trap, Jacob's Ladder, fidgets or a tangle. Also, these boxes are great to bring along to those many dinners out.

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