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We can help you with all of your dog and cat medical needs! Visit our website at or give us a call at 703-729-0700.

We provide quality veterinary care for dogs and cats in Ashburn, VA and the surrounding communities. For your convenience, we are also open the second Sunday of every month.

Meet “Olive”, a very sweet 3 year old Shih Tzu. She has a chronic floating jaw (and a tongue that hangs out) because her jaw was fractured in three places before she was rescued from a terrible home life! She’s a happy girl now with a new and loving family who love her even with her special needs.

10+ Cats Who Love Sun More Than Anything

Gotta love those sun worshipping felines! Enjoy that sunshine out there! It's now very understandable that when the cats are not sleeping they're planning on taking over the world. But, there's one more thing that they love doing that is getting a sun bath! No, they don't do it to get their Vitamin D, cats are desert creatures and originated in the Middle East so they na...

WE NOW SEE POCKET PETS!!! If you have any concerns, Dr. Credit would love to care for your little furry friend!

Cat Adoption Checklist

Are you thinking about adopting a new cat? Here is a great list of things to do to prepare your home for your new feline friend!

Meet this wonderful trio of Yorkies: Copper, Lilah and Miley. They are the best siblings and very sweet dogs! They are slowly getting used to being Virginians 🐶

Top 10 Pet Insurance Sites

Pet Insurance is very helpful in easing the cost of veterinary bills. You can either get a wellness or illness plan or both! Here are some top companies we would recommend. Choose the top 10 best pet insurance providers. Read our expert in depth reviews and knowledge center and find the best provider for you!

We are very happy to present the new face of Ashburn Village Animal Hospital and our new logo. We chose our colors and layout to help you and your pets feel at ease and comfortable during your visit. Feel free to stop by and check out our renovations!

(Let's try this again...) In honor of National Hug Your Cat Day, here are some of our staff members loving on their cats (the upload didn't work last time, sorry)!

Happy National Hug Your Cat Day! Here is our staff with their huggable kitties!

Emily Credit, DVM - Ashburn Village Animal Hospital

PLEASE WELCOME OUR NEW DOCTOR, DR. CREDIT, TO ASHBURN VILLAGE ANIMAL HOSPITAL! Meet Dr. Emily Credit, DVM, Veterinarian at Ashburn Village Animal Hospital.

Celebrate Pet Safety this Memorial Day

Tips on how to keep your pet safe during Memorial Day Weekend As the unofficial start to summer, Memorial Day is a great excuse to get outdoors. But whether you’re partying, barbequing, or just soaking up some rays, it’s important to keep your pet’s safety in mind at all times. To prevent any Memorial Day mishaps, we’ve put together five tips to help p...

Heartworm Basics - American Heartworm Society

Read up on some Heartworm Disease facts! Please keep your dogs and cats protected against this deadly disease by keeping them on year-round protection. We are here if you have any questions!

Just some reminders of how to always stay safe around one wants to get bit!

Cat behavior fun fact: do you know why cats fluff up their fur, arch their back and turn their body sideways when they're scared? All of this is to make them appear larger and in hopes of deterring their predator!

We are in the peak of allergy season. If your dog suffers from allergies, we are here to help with a convenient monthly injection! Ask us for more information on Cytopoint.

Say hello to Winston, a beautiful Siberian Husky puppy. Who can say no to those eyes!!!

Heat Stroke in Dogs | petMD

If you're hot, your dog is hotter. Be careful this summer as the temperatures increase! Dog fur is great protection against the cold but can be a problem in hot weather. This is because, unlike humans, dogs eliminate heat by panting. (Dogs have some sweat glands in the footpads which help with heat dissipation, but only minimally.) When panting isn’t enough, their body temperature ri...

Disaster Preparedness

Be sure to have a plan in place in case you need to evacuate your home.

Meet "Odin", a Swiss Mountain dog x Great Pyrenees puppy. He was named after North God of all Gods. He gets along great with his brother, Tonka, a Swiss Mountain dog. He's already very good at sitting on command, his favorite toy is a duckie, he loves his puppy treats and he's the cutest when he sits on his back legs.

There are pets with special needs that can still live a full life and bring us joy! This day is to recognize those special pets!

[04/30/18]   Celebrate National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day by sharing a picture of your adopted pet. Adopt, don't shop!

Happy World Vet Day! The Veterinary profession is key in the improvement of animal livelihoods, food security and safety.

Cats and Hairballs | Remedies for Hairballs in Cats | petMD

What are hairballs anyway, and how can you prevent them? If you have a cat, you’ve probably dealt with hairballs at one time or another. But do you really know what a hairball is?

Mandy's dog, Ticuna, is a gentle giant Great Pyrenees. He enjoys watching the appointments coming through our door!

Happy Earth Day! Reduce, reuse, recycle. Don't forget to be kind to our planet everyday!

Pets, Parasites, and Protecting the Family

How can you protect your family from parasites? We especially see a lot of puppies that have intestinal worms, so deworming them and practicing good hygiene is of utmost importance to prevent transmission of these to their humans! All dogs and cats are at risk for parasites. Many parasites, like roundworms, are zoonotic, meaning they can be spread from pets to people.

Check out “Evie’s” au-naturale hairdo. She is an adorable Cocker/Pom mix with a whole lot of style and her very own mohawk!

Say hello to Kiska❤️ one of our feline patients.
Kiska is a female Siberian Forest Cat who just turned 2 years old! Her name means “kitty” in Russian. She loves to spend her time chattering at birds, playing fetch, or playing with her favorite purple rattle mouse. Her favorite food is beef pâté. Her parents are most annoyed when she chews on cords, or tries to run out of the house while they carry in grocery bags.

Persistent licking isn’t just annoying - it could be your pet trying to tell you something. (Even if you don’t see anything there!) If this reminds you of your pet... it might be time to schedule a visit!

Heartworms are transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. Don’t let those bloodsuckers win!! Get your pets tested today! #heartwormdisease #heartwormprevention

April is HEARTWORM AWARENESS MONTH! To help spread awareness of this completely preventable disease, we are running a few specials all month long!

-50% off your pet’s heartworm test when purchasing 12 months of prevention (available for all our canine AND feline friends)
-10% off Proheart injections all month long

Don’t let your pet become a statistic! Book an appointment with us today!
#heartwormdisease #heartwormprevention

Happy Easter everyone! Remember to keep your pets safe today by following some simple guidelines! 🐾🐰🐶🐱#pethealth #easter

BuzzFeed Animals

This is too accurate 😻

This is the true anatomy of a cat

video credit:

As we are slowly lauching into Spring, keep these things in mind: make sure your cats and dogs are protected against fleas, ticks and mosquitos and that they are up to date on vaccines!

Say hello to our newest puppy patient “Lilly”. She’s a very sweet 14 week old puppy and she will grow exponentially in the next few months. Guess what breed she is in the comments below...

Allergic to Your Pet? Learn about Dog and Cat Allergies

It is very common for humans to have pet allergies. Here is an article to help you better understand what exactly makes you allergic to pets. Cat and dog allergens are everywhere. Pet dander is even in homes never occupied by these animals because it is carried on people's clothing.

We apologize for any inconvenience but we will be closed today due to a Spring Blizzard!!! Stay safe and we should be open again tomorrow for normal business hours!

We encourage you to bring in your senior cats every 6 months for a check up. A study showed "apparently healthy" senior cats were found to have hypertension (8%), a heart murmur (11%), high kidney values (29%), high glucose levels (25%), increased thyroid hormone levels (23%), increased protein in urine (27%). The earlier we catch these issues, the better we can help keep your cats healthy!

Katie loves her new cat “Denver”, so much that she loves to take him everywhere. Luckily, he loves the pseudo-convertible experience 😻

Essential Oils and Cats | Pet Poison Helpline

Since diffusers are becoming so popular, make sure you read this to keep your cats healthy and safe. Essential oils are becoming a commodity in our homes, but are they safe to have around pets? Learn about the dangers of essential oil poisoning and their potential toxicity to cats.

15 Cats and Dogs Who Are Having Fun in the Sun

Spring Break dogs and cats enjoying the sun!

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