Ashburn Village Animal Hospital

Ashburn Village Animal Hospital


please share, no matter what state you are in reward increased ,no questions asked $5000.00 reward reward also applies to anyone who has information that leads to Izzie being found safe and getting back home , she is chipped and chip company notified , could be anywhere, last seen in Iron Station NC on July 12th. but if picked up could be anywhere if found please call or text 7045774581
Just sit back and relax.. Ashburn Village Animal Hospital has got you covered.
Hey everyone I got a question 🐾
Thank you Dr. Germann for the compassionate and kind care you and your staff have provided for our four legged "kids" over the last few years. It is very comforting to know that our pets will always receive the best possible treatment and lots of TLC!!
I want to thank Dr. Germann, Mandi and the entire staff that helped us through a difficult day yesterday morning. Yukon loved to come to the vet because you all loved on him so much. It was a safe and loving environment to say our goodbyes. Though I'm heartbroken, you all have been friends, care givers and support through the good and tough times. Thank you! Mark and Lisa Adams =)

We can help you with all of your dog and cat medical needs! Visit our website at or give us a call at 703-729-0700.

We provide quality veterinary care for dogs and cats in Ashburn, VA and the surrounding communities. For your convenience, we are also open the second Sunday of every month.

[03/31/20]   COVID-19 update: we are still open, as we’re an essential business, but our hours may be shortened. Please call to inquire on the day you’d like to come in!

Look at that smile! “Bortis” is a year old Border Collie mix who just got adopted and has a new home! He was also very happy to get a clean bill of health and lots of treats from all of us!

“Walter” is a very friendly blue colored Pit Bull. His owner was very responsible in getting this informative collar to aware approaching people that all they will get from Walter is a bunch of licks and love! It’s all about being cautious about approaching any dog and to not always adhere to stereotypes.

Meet “Mochi”, a very good patient puppy. She’s a 10 week old Basenji puppy named after a Japanese dessert. Lucky for us, we get to see her often since she needs many booster vaccines until she’s 16 weeks old.

[03/25/20]   The CDC, OIE and WHO indicate there is no evidence to suggest that pet dogs or cats can contract or spread
COVID-19 to people

[03/24/20]   We would like to sincerely thank our clients for being so flexible and understanding during our curbside service! #covid_19

Happy National Puppy Day! Are you looking to add a new member to your family? If you adopt a pet from Loudoun County Animal Shelter, you get the FIRST FREE EXAM with us!

Mandy and “Clyde” have mastered the selfie 😎. He’s a very cuddly big Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Please welcome our new Client Care Specialist, Grace. She’s new to the business but she likes it so much that she’s already enrolled in veterinary technician school. You’ll notice her right away by her warm smile and enthusiasm with greeting your pets!

[03/17/20]   COVID-19 UPDATE for our hospital: curbside only service. If you have an appointment, we kindly ask you to call us when you have arrived, we can meet you curbside or in the parking lot, where we will take your pet inside. At that time, a tech will call you on your cell phone and discuss your concerns and questions. The doctor will do their exam and any necessary treatments and then call you with a detailed explanation of what was done. You will then pay over the phone. We thank you for your understanding during these trying times and we are just being as responsible and safe as we can be for everyone involved, while still providing necessary care for your pets.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from “Jack”. He’s a very handsome and sweet 10 year old Doberman and he loves getting so much attention while he’s here for a visit.

[03/16/20]   AVAH COVID-19 update: We would like our clients to know that we are open for business. We are taking all the necessary precautions suggested by the CDC. One such precaution will be limiting contact with people, meaning that if you are picking up medications or food, you may call us to pay over the phone and we will meet you at your car with your supply. If you are feeling ill, please call to cancel your appointment. We are also willing to do phone consultations if that is the case. Please use hand sanitizer before and after your visit with us. Call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Meet our Pet of the Week “Summer”. He’s a 15 week old German Shepard puppy named after Bran Stark’s dire wolf in Game of Thrones. His favorite activity is making his parents chase him, he ‘stays’ very well, his favorite toy is the Bentopal ball, he loves his kibble and his grandparent’s back yard. He’s a little naughty when he barks every time he doesn’t get his way and pretty funny when he acts terrified of stairs even when he just went down them 5 minutes ago!

Meet Deb, our latest addition to the team. She works as a Client Care Specialist and as a technician. She’s been in the field for many years and she also used to work here about 10 years ago, before she moved to Florida. Well now she’s back for good! She loves giving every pet who walks in special attention and she will shower you with free smiles!

Currently there is no evidence that pets or other domestic animals can be infected with this new coronavirus. PANIC IS THE MOST DANGEROUS REACTION, so please educate yourselves about the Coronavirus and the lack of zoonotic evidence.

We hospitalize sick pets when they need some aggressive and specific treatment to make them feel better. Although they are away from home, they get pretty spoiled when they’re here with lots of cuddles and pets! 😻

Introducing Purina Pro Plan LiveClear

This is groundbreaking science!! This new diet for cats is coming out in April and will help decrease their allergens that affect people!

Backed by more than a decade of Purina research, LiveClear is great-tasting, outstanding nutrition shown to reduce cat allergens by an average of 47%, with r...

Meet “Pierce”, a snuggly and happy 1.5 year old Pug. He was named after the Native American tribe Nez Perce, his favorite activity is his morning walk, his favorite toy is a tennis ball, his vice is chicken, he likes to show off by running super fast, and he’s always so happy and excited to go to the vet!

[02/28/20]   MARCH: the time of jumping into Spring and getting ahead of all those new fleas and ticks! Prevention is key to stop transmission of tick borne diseases and flea infestations! Ask us about monthly Nexgard chewables for dogs, the 8-month Seresto collar for dogs and cats and topical 3-month Bravecto for cats. WE ARE OFFERING 10% off Lyme vaccines for the month of March!!

ALWAYS BE WARY OF RABIES!!! In Loudoun County, the culprit is usually raccoons. In the past 5 years, Loudoun County had the highest number of rabid wild animals found in 2019 (including raccoons, skunks, bats and foxes). There were 2 positive rabid raccoons in Ashburn! Suburbia does not have force fields against this fatal disease!! Please have your pets vaccinated to protect them and you!

Misaligned bites are not always cute in dogs...they can cause a lot of issues. This dog has an overbite where you can see how the bottom canines are causing holes in the palate and this can result in pain and infection. It can be corrected by a dental specialist for a pain-free life!

Happy Funny Friday 🙃😻

The Dodo

Pets can always sense what we need!!! 💕

This little boy was terrified of dogs — until he met this senior pup 💛

Meet “Chloe”, a spry and stylin 14 year old Bichon Frisée. She always comes into the vet happy, bouncing around like a puppy and of course with the hottest clothing 😎😁. She’s moving out of state and we will miss her appearances very much!

Happy Valentine's Day from us to you! Give your pet some extra love today. :)

These are x-rays of cats who have swallowed needles!!! The first picture is of the needle in the stomach and the second picture is one lodged in the throat. Cats love string and usually needles hanging around the house are attached to thread, so that’s how they get swallowed! This is obviously a very dangerous scenario so PLEASE keep all hazardous items hidden away from all pets!

Human medicine tends to cross over frequently to veterinary medicine to our benefit. The Freestyle Libre has been a human glucometer device used to monitor human diabetic patients for the last few years. Well now we can make it easier on our pet diabetic patients by pricking them less in order to monitor their blood sugar levels by using the same device. It is applied painlessly to the skin and you can scan the device with your smart phone every 8 hours for 14 days. It shares the data with your vet and it can provide a lot of useful information. That’s a win/win situation...and this kitty gets to wear a stylish shirt 🤗 #freestylelibre


This is the cutest sound cats’s called chattering and they usually do it when they are excited about seeing a bird or a laser light or shiny reflection! 😆

Ekekekkekkek compilation 📣

Every Pet Insurance

Nationwide is the first company to offer pet insurance for exotic pets!

[01/31/20]   Get ready for February Dental Month - 20% off dental packages!!! Spaces are limited.

Top Ten Ways to Exercise with Your Dog in the Winter

Dogs still need exercise when it's cold outside! Here are some tips to get those paw steps in... Winter time does not always provide weather that is favorable for exercising. Nevertheless, a little bit of daily exercise is essential to a healthy lifestyle – for both your pet and you. Knock out both of your workouts by exercising together. Here are ten ways to stay in shape with your pooch thi...

All bark, no bite: Some CBD pet products contain 'virtually no CBD'

Since the explosion of CBD products for both people and pets, not all products are even strong enough to do what they claim. Please do your research and if you need help with products, we know how to guide you! The onslaught of CBD products for people was swiftly followed by chewies, oils and sprays for pets.

Animal-Friendly Resolutions | Humane Society of Loudoun County

Some things to think about before acquiring a new pet. Fostering is also an option if having a pet for long term is not feasible at this time! Be kind to animals in 2019 by adopting these resolutions.

How to Check for Dog Ear Problems

Ear infections are one of the most common ailments we treat! Learn how to catch an ear infection early... Does your dog have itchy or smelly ears? Learn how to check your pup’s ears so you can discover dog ear problems early and keep them healthy.

Before and after...when your updo gets shaken out 😆. Patrick is a very cute and cuddly 2 year old Old English Sheep Dog and he’s a show dog who takes pride in his hair! 😁

Why do rabbits have such long ears?

Some fun facts about rabbits and their ears! Mammal expert Steve Harris answers your wild question.

Rabbit Haven - Litter Training

You can train your rabbit to use the litterbox! Yes, you can litter-train your bunny! But, spaying or neutering has to come first. It is almost impossible to litter train an unspayed or unneutered rabbit. If you can’t resist letting bunny have the run of the house immediately, be prepared to have him consider your house as one very large litter...

Teamwork makes the dream work...and we like to practice safety too! 😎 Shannon and Bailey are lasering Bandit's wound on his foot and keeping all eyes safe!

[01/10/20]   Is there anything you want to learn about on our page?? Post your questions!

Here's How to Train a Cat to Do 5 Life-Changing Things

You CAN train a cat to do tricks! Here's how to train a cat to come on command, shake hands, and more—and it's so much easier than you thought.

We are extending our 20% off of Senior Blood Work for the month of January! Preventative care is always easier than trying to fix something that is already ailing a pet. Catching something early can prolong your pet's life and make them happy for as long as possible.

Happy 2020! We would like to thank all of our wonderful clients for entrusting us in caring for your beloved pets. We love our job and love it even more when we see happy and healthy pets walk out the door after visiting us!

We will be open from 8am-12pm on New Year's Eve and Closed for New Year's Day. See you all again in 2020!

Nancy’s dog “Duke” is a great brother to her hamster “Peaches”. Different species can definitely coexist happily if you are careful about their introduction! 🐹 🐕

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