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Core Health is a private physical therapy practice focusing on Women's Health Issues. We are located in Ashburn, VA.

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A physical therapist can help you take care of yourself in so many ways!

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What Can You Eat After J-Pouch Surgery? What is a regular diet for a person with a j-pouch? Find out which foods can cause diarrhea, skin irritation, and bowel obstructions.

Interstitial Cystitis Network

Is IC a bladder disease? You might be surprised to learn that it isn't for many patients. ICN President Jill Osborne shares the subtypes of IC that could explain why you are not responding to treatment. If you would like more information, please come visit our website - We also have a video which explains the subtypes in-depth at: Our patient support line is: 800-928-7496!

(Please note that this video is for educational purposes only. We do NOT provide medical advice. If you hear something that you find intriguing or would like to explore further, we encourage you to research it and, always, talk with your doctor about it. )

Pelvic Floor Exercise

There are many options for managing #POP other than surgery
*weight control
* good toilet habits - stop straining
* learn to control intra-abdominal pressures correctly
* pelvic floor muscle training
* pessary support
Are all ways of managing prolapse
* Get educated
* Find a GOOD Pelvic Floor Physio
* make sure your personal trainer is trained in how to exercise with prolapse
* stay active!

Nurtured Mumma

Abdominal separation in pregnancy is normal. The gap that develops is what allows space for the growing baby.

All the fear mongering that re**us diastasis/re**us separation/abdominal separation is THE END OF THE WORLD and pathological is either pure fear mongering to support a product or industry, or very misinformed.

Bodies change and accommodate growth in pregnancy and then, with appropriate activity can undergo recovery and restoration after birth. A small percentage of women need professional help with their recovery and many women do benefit from guided exercise in the initial post birth phase to facilitate solid functional recovery.

Telling women that abdominal separation can "increase rates of csection, tears and forceps delivery" is complete misinformation and fear mongering.

Telling women that abdominal separation WILL cause back pain is pure crystal balling. We know pain is far more complex than just mechanics or post pregnancy changes. Not all women with separation WILL get back or other pains.

Telling women THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY or METHOD they can recover after birth is also misleading. If that was the case, we would all be stuffed after birth across the world. There is always more than one way to facilitate change.

Telling women THEY MUST purchase a specific abdominal brace or they are DOOMED is also misleading. A lot of women with abdominal separation in the postnatal phase can recover without light or heavy external bracing or supports. External bracing also runs the risk of changing motor patterning and creating additional issues if it is heavily relied upon. Support and bracing should be used judiciously as a short term aid to recovery alongside and active rehab programme.

Also run a mile if you are told you have a 20cm separation in any assessment...the chances of that is very, very slim (especially if you haven't had twins or multiple babies) and I'd be concerned about the experience and skill level of the practitioner doing the assessment.

If you need help, see an experienced pelvic and women's health Physio who recognises how language is important,.who knows this stuff, who knows, how our bodies can recover and can support you in the postnatal period. No fear. No threats. Just effective support. One with specialised skill in this area can assess,.formulate a treatment plan and also refer you on for additional surgical management in the small group of women who need that extra help

Women's and pelvic health Physios know our bodies can recover after birth. We know how to support you in the postnatal period. No fear. No threats. Just effective support and positive change.

Our bodies are not broken. They are changing, constantly though all the ages and stages.

We are amazing. Our bodies are amazing! The whole process is miraculous.

If this information resonates with you, please share widely, It's a conversation that is needed!

Trying Physical Therapy First For Low Back Pain May Curb Use Of Opioids A study of patients with low back pain finds that those who got physical therapy first needed fewer pricey scans and surgeries and had "significantly lower out-of-pocket costs" for treatment overall.

Vulvodynia, Vestibulodynia, and Vaginismus: what's the difference? Vulvodynia, vestibulodynia, and vaginismus are three diagnoses associated with painful s*x. Understanding the differences and obtaining a proper differential diagnosis leads to efficient and effective treatment plans. This week we tell you what you need to know!

Pelvic Guru

May is Maternal Mental Health Month and this week is Maternal Mental Health Awareness week. Let’s support moms in the #4thtrimester 🌸🌸🌸🌸 1 in 5 moms experience #postpartum mental health struggles

#mmhweek2018 #maternalmentalhealthawareness #postpartumdepression

Interstitial Cystitis Network

An important IC/BPS research study conducted by Beaumont Health (Royal Oak, MI) is currently seeking women between the ages of 18 and 85! All treatment is free. Call for information at: 248-551-3355! Learn more at:

No. 358-Intravaginal Laser for Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause and Stress Urinary Incontinence This technical bulletin reviews the evidence relating to risks and benefits of using intravaginal laser technology in the management of genitourinary syndrome of menopause and stress urinary incontinence.

Best way to avoid back pain? Lift heavy things The human spine can withstand heavy lifting, according to the latest research.

What Is a Colonic and Should You Get One? | HealthyWomen Then it might seem reasonable that a thorough cleansing of your colon might help rid your body of excess toxins that collect over time through eating, drinking, breathing and general lifestyle habits. Supporters of colonics link those toxins to health problems, bloating, fatigue, weight gain, bad sk...

Pelvic Guru

“Too often, a woman’s pain is not merely met with doubt, but suspicion, both within the medical community and outside of it. Author and activist Abby Norman, has put decades of labor—including careful, independent medical study—into studying this phenomenon, as she describes in her book Ask Me About My Uterus...”

Virginia Physical Therapy Association - VPTA

2 fantastic opportunities coming up that you won't want to miss:

1) Course with Bill Boissonnault, PT, DPT, DHSc, FAPTA
2) Regional meeting of the World Confederation for PT; at APTA headquarters in April

Menstrual Blood Test Could Be Breakthrough in Endometriosis Diagnosis Learn more about research that could be an endometriosis breakthrough — a blood test of menstrual effluent that may help develop a non-invasive test and faster diagnosis.

Section on Women's Health-APTA

If these tips don't help, a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist can help address your issues. Find a Pelvic PT:

#bowelhealth #constipation #pelvichealthphysicaltherapist #pelvichealth

Do pediatric bowel and bladder difficulties lead to adult pelvic pain? Adults with pelvic pain often suffer from constipation, reporting that constipation has been a problem since childhood. Could improved pediatric bowel mechanics reduce the prevalence of adult pelvic floor disorders?

Seeing a Pelvic Physical Therapist After Giving Birth Should be Our “New Normal” Going to a physical therapist (PT) after pregnancy and childbirth isn’t standardized care in America, but it absolutely should be.I sat down with three therapists at Body Connect Health & Wellness (where I get treatment) to learn more about why every mom should check in with a pelvic PT at least

Pelvic Guru

Endometriosis explained!

#endometriosis #endometriosisawarenessmonth

Section on Women's Health-APTA

Unlike Larry Nassar, practitioners of pelvic floor physical therapy always wear gloves, which prevent infections but also make patients more comfortable. They manipulate muscles to release and elongate those that are tense and shortened or to strengthen weakened muscles. They often assign patients exercises to do at home.

“There is nothing s*xual about it,” said Rhonda Kotarinos, a physical therapist in Chicago who specializes in the pelvic floor and is an author of several studies on the therapy.

She, like many other practitioners, now worries that women with pelvic problems who could benefit from the treatment will be reluctant to seek help for fear of being abused.

“Much of the general public doesn’t realize what we as physical therapists have to offer them,” said Lori Mize

Some patients who come to a physical therapist will say they aren’t comfortable with transvaginal manipulation, and therapists say they utilize it only if the patient both understands what’s involved and freely consents.

Read more by clicking on the #NYTimes article below:

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Great infographic from the California Physical Therapy Association!

Healing Through Movement

Loosening the hip flexor is one of the most important things many people aren't doing.
Hip flexors are the engine through which our bodies move.
EVERYTHING goes through the hips.
And when they're tight, they can lead to a host of problems.
Learn about a step-by-step program designed to help loosen hip flexors, enhance strength training, and improve overall health.

Why a Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation is essential after every Pregnancy? | My French Physio Why a Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation is essential after every Pregnancy? by Virgil | Jan 23, 2018 | Woman’s health (obstetric) | Why a Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation is essential after every Pregnancy? In France, Women have automatically 10 Physiotherapy sessions with a women’s health specialist af....

Opinion | Nassar’s Abuses Stigmatize A Legitimate Medical Treatment Setting the record straight on pelvic physical therapy for the sake of women's health.

Section on Women's Health-APTA

We have updated the language on this infographic following your great feedback. Download/share this *UPDATED* version of this infographic at

What can a Women's Health Physical Therapist or a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist do for you? Check out some of these great educational resources:

Find a PT:
Stay tuned for a complete REVAMP of our PT Locator in the coming week!

The emphasis of the health sciences on fitness and wellness has brought to women’s attention a need to pay closer attention to their bodies during recreation, work, and throughout life. Many physical therapists have specialized training which will benefit women with a variety of medical conditions. These therapists use every facet of their physical therapy training to evaluate and treat female clients, promoting and enhancing health through the life span.

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APTA Section on Women's Health Student Special Interest Group - SSIG

Interstitial Cystitis Network

Interstitial Cystitis Network

Are bladder treatments not working for you? Have you gotten worse rather than better over time? Don't bankrupt yourself by taking medicine that doesn't work. This new ICN blog may help you find better and more effective treatments for your unique case of IC/BPS!

Regular painkillers work as well as opioids for sprains, strains and fractures ERs often provide prescription medicine for such injuries to ease moderate to severe pain.


Remarkably reassuring.

Healing Through Movement

Negative effects of prolonged sitting

Sitting may seem like the most harmless activity out there... but in reality, it can create a wide variety of health issues.
Why? Sitting for long periods of time shortens the psoas muscle - the very engine of our bodies movement!
Weakness and tightness of this core muscle from extended sitting contributes to poor sleep, posture and high stress levels and more.
Gain knowledge about injury prevention and stay flexible! Learn about the step-by-step program designed to strengthen the psoas and proven to help counteract the effects of too much sitting.

Interstitial Cystitis Network

IC Awareness Daily Fact #28 - An IC flare can happen suddenly and without warning. Diet is the top trigger, particularly coffees, teas, sodas, citrus, cranberry, chocolate and other acidic foods.

Interstitial Cystitis Network

IC Awareness Daily Fact #25 - Does beer bother your IC symptoms? For some patients (Hunner's lesions, bladder wall injury), it does and for others (pelvic floor) it doesn't. In our Wine, Beer & Spirits Survey, lighter lager, american ales, ambers, pilsners and pale ales were the least bothersome beers, such as Miller Genuine Draft Light and Blue Moon Pale ales. The most irritating beers were the darker english stouts and dark brown ales.

Interstitial Cystitis Network

IC Awareness Daily Fact #26 - Is it safe to drink wine when you have interstitial cystitis (IC), bladder pain syndrome (BPS) or chronic prostatitis? If you’re actively in a flare or have Hunner’s lesions, drinking wine would be foolish because alcohol on any tender tissue or open wound would sting. However, when your urinary symptoms have improved, it may be worth trying a low acid, low alcohol wine.

In 2009, we surveyed more than 500 patients who shared with us their experience with wine. 21% reported that they could drink wine without any bladder irritation. 31% reported that they sometimes drink wine without being worse for wear. On the other hand, 48% of patients reported that wine always irritated their bladders.

Interstitial Cystitis Network

IC Awareness Daily Fact #24 - Pregnancy can cause some patients to go into a complete remission while others may experience more severe symptoms. While IC patients have had many successful pregnancies, it does take careful consideration and planning. The ICN offers several pregnancy resources. -

Interstitial Cystitis Network

IC Awareness Daily Fact #23 - Cranberry juice can cause agonizing pain in patients struggling with IC/BPS, especially patients with Hunners' lesions and/or bladder wall damage. Known as the "acid bomb" in IC circles, it is one of the worst trigger for IC flares. We strongly encourage you to avoid cranberry products.

Interstitial Cystitis Network

IC Awareness Month Daily Fact #19 - With the cost of medications continuing to rise, many patients are opting out of conventional treatments. Most pharmaceutical companies offer drug assistance programs if you are low income. What medications are the most expensive for you? Have you had to stop medication because of cost?

Interstitial Cystitis Network

IC Awareness Daily Fact #18 - If you have had an IC flare after intense stress, you are certainly not alone . While stress doesn't cause IC/BPS, it can certainly aggravate it. What kind of stress has triggered your flares?

Interstitial Cystitis Network

IC Awareness Daily Fact #16 - IC patients often report that their worst symptoms occur at night when there are none of the daily distractions that can make bladder symptoms less noticeable. Nighttime discomfort is often a direct reflection of irritants that occur during the day including eating acidic foods, car rides, intense stress and so forth. What do you do to help get a good nights sleep??

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