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Videos by Physicians Weight Loss Ashburn in Ashburn. Celebrating our 40th anniversary! Aggressive & moderate real food programs, professional diet coaching, Lipotropic/B12 Injections for assisted fat burn & Body Contouring treatments. Exclusive NOVA distributors of the new AM/PM Weight Control Patches.

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Fast Medical Weight Loss is safe & effective for 15 - 150 pounds. WE HAVE IT ALL - Appetite Suppressants. Fat Burners. Lipotropic B12 Injections. LowCarb & Ketogenic Food Plans. Delicious Meal Replacements. Professional (super-friendly) Nutritional Coaching. Book your Free Consultation to find out how you can lose up to 25 pounds by Memorial Day! Ask about our 40th Anniversary Specials.

Spring Into Your Favorite Clothes
20 DAYS UNTIL SPRING!! Need we say more? We have the best diet plans, coaching, lipotropic injections AND appetite suppressant options in NOVA! No other weight loss clinic includes them all for one low monthly fee!!! Call now for your FREE Consultation and Weight Loss Analysis. No Obligation - we'll tell you how much you should be eating to lose weight fast.

Your New Year's Resolution Can Come True!
Need help getting started? Schedule a Free Consultation to find out about our medical weight loss programs, designed to get you to goal quickly and safely. We include fat-burning Lipotropic injections & appetite suppressants with every plan!* Book online or Call 703-729-7952. *Individuals must qualify.

Be Ready for Your New Year's Resolution!
SAT DEC 15, 2018 SIGN UP FOR A 6 MONTH COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM and Get $50.00 OFF plus A 30 DAY SUPPLY OF APPETITE SUPPRESSION (natural or Rx). We'll get you through Medical Screening & Diet Teaching by Jan 1st so you are ready to go! Delicious shakes, soups, hot cocoa and WEIGHT CONTROL PATCHES available at Buy 3 Get One Free ONE DAY ONLY. CALL!

LOWEST PRICES OF THE YEAR! BOGO Lipotropic B12 injection packages just in time for the holidays!!! Plus, our exclusive high protein Chocolate Shakes, Hot Cocoa & Chicken Soup with herbal fat burners & appetite suppressants are all BUY 2 GET 1 FREE! Rx appetite suppressants available to qualified individuals following our medical diet plan - MONTHLY FEES DISCOUNTED TODAY ONLY. Can't get to the center? Call 703-729-7952 and order by phone now.

Lowest Prices of the Year
ONE DAY SALE! Friday Nov 16th. 7:30 am - 3:30 p.m. Best prices of the year on all our exclusive products including weight control patches. Low monthly fees on Medical Programs with weekly Lipotropic B12 injections to help burn fat and boost energy! Natural & Rx appetite suppressants available for qualified individuals. Call 703-729-7952 or book online at

Lowest Prices of the Year!
ONE DAY ONLY. Friday Nov 16 from 7:30 am - 3:30 p.m. Pre-Holiday discounts on all weight loss services, appetite suppressing products and energy boosting injections. NOW is the time to call! 703-729-7952. We personalize your plan! Pre-sale phone orders accepted starting Wed Nov 14, 2018.

Take Care of Yourself Too!
We include appetite suppressants and fat buners with every medical program to make taking care of yourself even easier! Call for your FREE CONSULTATION.

Lose 3 - 5 pounds each week with Physicians Weight Loss Centers
It's time to take care of you. Call Now for your Free Weight Loss Consultation and Metabolic Evaluation. No Obligation to find out how you can lose up to 5 pounds per week.

Countdown to Thanksgiving: 113 Days!
We have August specials designed to get you to goal by the holidays! Book your FREE Consultation online or by phone. We'll show you how we'll professionally customize your food plan before you join. Vitamin B12 or Lipotropic injections included with every program!

Ready to Fit Into Your Favorite Clothes?
We are open starting at 7:30 am Friday and Saturday of this week if you are ready and determined! It's easy to book a FREE Consultation online.

Appetite Out of Control?
We customize the right program for your Metabolic Rate, so you get ALL the way to your goal and stay there! Go to for more information or to book a Free Consultation today. Only 17 more Mondays until Christmas Eve! 703-729-7952.

Make it More than a New Year's Resolution!
Make it More than a New Year's Resolution! We can help. Call 703-729-7952

Flash Sale Lipo Laser Body Contouring
FLASH SALE! $50.00 OFF OUR 4 SESSION TREATMENT PACKAGE. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 18TH ONLY IN ASHBURN, VA. PURCHASE CAN BE MADE BY PHONE* 703-729-7952. *individuals must qualify for participation. Find out more at

Too much food over the holidays?
Ready to make it more than a New Year's Resolution? We're open Friday 7:30 - 2:00 p.m., Saturday 7:30 am - 12:00 p.m. and Monday January 2 all day! Call for your free No Obligation Consultation 703-729-7952

Diet Coaches Get You Maximum Results!
Thinking about working with a health coach to get rid of those extra pounds fast? We customize all our food plans and have delicious ways to help you reach your goal. Use 2016 your FLEX/HSA funds NOW! Call 703-729-7952 or click on this link to learn more ( #diet #weightloss #dietcoaching #Ashburn

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