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To educate and empower people on the natural solutions that can be used to take control of their own heath. My mission is to share the amazing benefits of essential oils and natural alternatives all over the world. Aromatouch Technique and Emotion Mentor

I am a wife, mother and grandmother that began using essential oils and supplements to take control of my own healthcare. I work hand-in-hand with my doctor to provide and maintain my health with natural solutions. It has become my mission to share these natural solutions with everybody I come in contact with all over the world. I'm passionate about sharing the health & wellness benefits of All Natural Essential Oils, Supplements, Skin Care & Nutrition.

Mission: To educate and empower people on the natural solutions that can be used to take control of their own heath. My mission is to share the amazing benefits of essential oils and natural alternatives all over the world.

New Version Of 'Operation' Just Has Players Use Essential Oils Instead Of Performing A Medical Procedure

I love this! It’s a very innovative way to teach children and adults that non-traditional practices can also help the body do it’s job; that is to heal itself the natural way. PAWTUCKET, RI—In a press release Friday, Hasbro announced a new version of classic board game Operation in which players use essential oils to treat serious medical conditions rather than taking the patient, Cavity Sam, into a hospital for expensive, invasive surgery.Much like t...

There is a day for everything now. Happy National Kissing Day!

Come on down to the Wellness Expo at 15 N King Street in Leesburg. We have doTERRA Essential Oils, Advanced Corrective Chiropractics, Frog Fitness, Sierra Therapy, Holistic Psychotherapy & Counseling and Restart Nutrition Counseling and Hempworx CBD Oil.

Raffles, fun, food, massages!!

We are here until 2pm.

Happy first day of summer!🌞

Here's a summery blend for you to diffuse to welcome in the new season: add two drops of Grapefruit, Spearmint, Tangerine, and Lime into a diffuser of your choosing.

What are some of your favorite summertime traditions?

Price? Lack of education? Fear? etc. Message me.

An everything guide to essential oils

From ingestion to inhalation, a primer on how and why you should be using essential oils in your wellness routine #EssentialOil #Aromatherapy #Lavandula Oil Drop AbstractSharon JohnstoneAn everything guide to essential oilsBeauty Feature21.03.2019TextKristen BatemanFrom ingestion to inhalation, a primer on how and why you should be using essential oils in your wellness routine Essential oils are one of the oldest wellness methods around. In ancient....

Stop what your doing right now and go to your pantry! Do you have any of these items?! Drop off at 15 North King St Leesburg, VA - 3rd floor on Saturday between 10am-2pm. Please and thank you!! #feedtheneed #donate #foodpantry #communitylove #loudouncounty #historicleesburg #15NorthKing

What are you doing Saturday? Stop by and check us out!! We are collecting for Tree Of Life Ministries. See their needs in the comments.

10 essential oils your inflammation-busting tool kit needs

"Essential oils are a great support tool for relieving the discomfort from inflammation that can occur on the surface of our skin and even internally, like in joints, our upper respiratory area, and our belly." #Inflammation Experts drop all the details here.

Virginia Tech researcher finds cellular cause of Lyme arthritis, could lead to treatment

Fingers crossed for all who suffer from Lyme Disease!! I know help is still a long way away, but there is hope. A Virginia Tech biochemist’s discovery of a cellular cause for Lyme disease aches and pains is opening a window that could lead to prevention.

Here is a roller blend to cell Father’s Day!💜

Guys are you worried about the look, feel, and health of your beard? Well lucky for you, the answer is just a bottle (or two) of CPTG® essential oils away!

Find out more about the science from our latest dōTERRA Science article:

[06/14/19]   Here is the ebook! This has all of our information over the last few days compiled into one BEAUTIFUL ebook! Enjoy! 💜💜

Share with me your favorite way to use Aromatouch and why below to win a free gift from me.

😝AromaTouch soothes our physical bodies but emotions are sometimes the very cause for our bodies to struggle to unwind and relax.

🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️AromaTouch will take your emotions and help you to reopen your heart and let life flow, giving you the harmony you desire.

💆‍♀️The AromaTouch technique was developed by Dr David K. Hill, D.C., to provide people with a profound essential oil experience. Anyone can learn the technique and it is a beautiful gift to share with others.

😵Daily factors and occurrences in our lives can largely affect our overall wellbeing.The benefits of human touch and connection along with CPTG essential oils mean that no matter what situation arises you can feel empowered and comforted.

👩‍👧‍👦Have you ever tried to create your own Play dough as a natural alternative for your children to play with and ingredients you can trust?


2 cups flour

2 cups colored water (I like to add spirulina or blueberry powder to colour)

1 cup salt

1 TB olive oil

1TSP cream of tartar

5 drops AromaTouch blend


Combine all the ingredients, except for the essential oil, in a large saucepan and stir until combined. Once combined, put over a medium heat. Using a spatula continue to stir ingredients together until it forms a ball. Remove from heat and allow to cool. Then add your essential oil and knead thoroughly until combined.

AromaTouch Tip & Tricks! Don’t underestimate the versatility of this synergistic blend!

This is a proprietary synergistic blend of relaxing and comforting oils often used for various massage techniques including the doTERRA AromaTouch method for profound whole body wellness.

In this blend you will benefit from….

Cypress oil to support and enhance healthy circulation

Peppermint oil to cool, soothe and refresh

Marjoram oil for a positive effect on the nervous system

Basil oil which contains linalool, a beneficial component in decreasing tension and anxious feelings

Grapefruit oil brings positive vibes to invigorate and energize and promote a more loving relationship with our bodies

Lavender which brings calming and aromatic properties to promote relaxation and feelings of ease

Here are some tips on ways to use the AromaTouch blend

In Northern Virginia, hard-to-detect strain of Lyme disease could leave people undiagnosed

Friends..... ABC 7 News - WJLA is reporting from Leesburg!

Keep your family safe by messaging us TODAY!!

Get your Terrashield out and use it!!! my website is Lyme disease is a problem that continues to get worse. And in Loudoun County, they're focusing on the growing number of cases there. A southern migration of black-legged ticks, also known as deer ticks, has brought with it the growing threat of Lyme disease to Northern Virginia. "It certainly is a r...

Comment below how you use PastTense and what for to be entered into the Giveaway.

😭I think of Past Tense as a physical oil not so much as something we would use for emotional support.

👊The 9 oils in this blend work not only on the outer shell but also on the inner shell of our body. In this day and age it is more than common for us to be burnt out and fatigued beyond what our human bodies were ever meant to endure.

🙆‍♀️When applying Past Tense and addressing those inner fears and traumatic events we move into energy and balance and learn to appreciate life in a whole new way as our fears melt away.


Recipe 1: Happy to be Home Room Spritzer, 3 drops of Past Tense, 2 drops of Thyme & 2 drops of Eucalyptus, add to 30ml glass spritzer bottle and fill to the top with water

Shake before spritzing through a room 30 minutes BEFORE your tribe comes home

Recipe 2: Release Rub: Add 6 drops of Past Tense + 4 drops of Copaiba to 30ml of our unfragranced hand & body lotion, mix well in a small glass jar and you are ready to Rub and Roll onto to those areas of tension whilst giving your skin a beautiful moisturizing boost

Recipe 3: On The Go Stress Buster: In a 5ml glass bottle add 4 drops of Past tense, 4 drops of tangerine, 4 drops of Grapefruit & 4 drops of lime, fill to the top with FCO and shake. When you need to destress just put a couple of drops into the palms of your hand, rub together & inhale for 30 seconds. Then rub your palms over the back of your neck and finish with your hands over your heart.

PastTense, your go to blend to support your physical & emotional wellbeing.

When we need to unwind after the stresses of a busy day, applying this beautiful blend with its cool, minty. herby fragrance, takes us on a journey to peace and tranquility.

Supporting our body to let go of tightness and tension, we can relax, unwind & enjoy the calm.

Dilute with Fractionated Coconut oil for a cooling, relaxing massage.

Secret Tip: Add a drop or 2 of Wild Orange to your massage blend to enhance the experience.

Carry in your handbag for quick easy application when you feel the onset of Tension.

Nervous Traveller?? Apply over the wrists and enjoy your journey.

Test Stress? Exams Looming? Diffuse PastTense with Bergamot, lifting your confidence to conquer the task ahead📷

Last post for today but it’s an important one.

This post was shared with me from a friend so I am sharing with you...


Ready for a powerful Balance testimony? This was shared in my group by a friend. One of the best parts of this story was that my friend is a nurse, her daughter was being treated by the best Pediatric Hematologist in San Antonio, and all of her results were documented in her blood work panels! This is not just an anecdotal testimony; it is medically documented success!


Hello everyone, I was asked by my friends to share my daughters story regarding Balance. My daughter Reese was born with Thalassemia (an inherited blood disorder characterized by abnormal hemoglobin production). We found this out when she was 3 months old after I noticed her becoming more jaundice and not being able to recover from a cold. After her diagnosis, which was completely devastating to us but thankful to God that she didn’t have severe Thalassemia, are lives became so busy. Busy with many Dr appts, scans, finding hematologists, trying new vitamins/meds, and lots of blood work.

Specialist told us to watch her like a hawk. That she would soon be showing signs of fatigue, slow growth, increased jaundice, and poor appetite. She could not get hurt, because she could have weak bones and probably result in a break. Low immune system, so had to clean clean clean. No one sick around her and keep her healthy. I only breastfed and fed her homemade organic food to try to help her immune system. And we kept her loved and safe and worried ALL the time.

Her blood work, once a week for 6 months, always showed anemia. Dr said the #’s would never change and would never be normal. After she turned 1, appts got moved up to twice a month and eventually once a month. When Reese was around 3 yrs old, we met Leslie. My oldest daughter and her daughter became great friends. And thats when she introduced us to Doterra!!!!

She was also new to oils and we learned a lot together. She was told by someone how Balance helps red blood cells and mentioned it to me. Me being a nurse, at first I was skeptical. That all changed quickly when I started noticing Reese sleeping better after applying Balance and appeared more energetic. I decided to ask her Dr if it was ok to use. He read up on it and said why not, can’t hurt.

So I applied Balance to the bottom of her feet and her spine before they came in for her usual blood work. 10 mins later, her hematologist comes in to retest. He appeared in shock. He said hemoglobin was 2 numbers higher than usual and all other labs were within normal range. He said lab tech must have made a mistake and switched them. He drew the blood himself and hand delivered them to the lab downstairs and watched them do test. He couldn’t believe it that they came back the same, higher than she’s ever had in her entire life.

He asked us to return 3 days later and not to apply any oils on her but to bring them with me again. That Friday he tested her before and after using Balance and showed the same as that day. Low hemoglobin count before and within range after. He cried, I cried, we all cried. Of course we knew that this was not a cure and she will always have Thalassemia, but it meant she wouldn’t be fatigued and show less symptoms. He said her RBC appeared more oxygenated under the scope after Balance. I called Leslie crying and thanking her for giving my baby girl a chance to live a better life.

We never go without Balance anywhere. It’s her morning routine before school, she has a key chain in case she feels like she needs some while in school, and we apply and diffuse about 3x during afternoons/nighttime. She now sees Dr every 6 months and continues with amazing results. She plays club soccer, can live on her trampoline or pool, and thank the Lord she is never tired.

She is strong, very smart, no injuries, and could never guess she has this scary diagnosis. Hope our story helps someone out! I know I’ve thanked you many times, but you know we will forever be thankful for introducing us to Doterra! Love you Friend!! Blessings to all!!

Balance is a stable oil with soft energy. It takes those who are scattered and disconnected to a place where they are grounded and stay present in life goals.

How do you use your Balance oil?

For me it is wonderful dropped onto my pillow at night, when I focus on its beautiful scent and my breathing, to help me go to sleep.

I would love to hear how you use your Balance oil. doTERRA is all about community, which is one of the things I love most about it, and sharing the ways we benefit from these incredible oils is so valuable for others to get the most from them.

Comment below what your favorite use of Balance would be and you will be entered into a drawing for a prize.

Balance combats anxious feelings and promotes a sense of calm and tranquility. During times of stress or adversity, this blend can help promote feelings of peace and instill a quiet confidence. Many of the oils in this blend have been used for thousands of years to balance emotions, ease anxious feelings, and harmonize the mind and body. It is therefore a wonderful oil to diffuse and to incorporate into your self-care routine. There are some lovely ideas below.

Balance is such a beautiful oil! It is the perfect oil to reach for when you need to ground and reset. It is dōTERRA's Grounding Blend, and has the most beautiful woody yet sweet, gentle aroma. A wonderful oil for children, diffused, and/or applied to the bottom of their feet, to settle them in times of mayhem.

This blend includes Frankincense, Spruce, Ho Wood, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus, with Fractionated Coconut oil:

1. Frankincense promotes feelings of peace and contentment. Used in religious ceremonies around the world, Frankincense promotes relaxation, a positive mood, and a strong mind-body connection.

2. Spruce is renowned for its grounding properties. It has a fresh woody aroma that can be used aromatically to soothe away stress and help with blocked emotions.

3. The gentle aroma of Asian-grown Ho Wood soothes the mind and body and introduces feelings of peace. Ho Wood essential oil has powerful calming and grounding properties.

4. Blue Tansy is distilled from the Moroccan Tansy, a fragrant flowering plant in the Daisy family. It has a soft, sweet, and fruity aroma that is used to uplift mood.

5. Blue Chamomile (also known as German Chamomile) rounds out the blend. Calm and comforting, Blue Chamomile essential oil is helpful in easing feelings of disappointment, worry, and discouragement.

6. Osmanthus Flower eases feelings of stress.

Below you will find some examples of how you can bring this oil into your daily routine:


👫👭👬In this group one of our three June promo oils will be reviewed in depth daily. I’ll have DIYs, tips, tricks, and educational information on our beautiful essential oils and products, so that you’ll be able to make a big impact with them in your home!

👉Before we dive into the oils, let’s first talk about how you can take advantage of this month’s promotion to get all three of our focus oils for free!

If you already have a wholesale membership, you’re ready to go! Simply place your single 200pv order to receive your free tension taming oils!

If you DO NOT have a current wholesale membership, the best option is to get one. Ever heard of Costco? It’s just like that — purchase a membership and save money!

There are a few ways to go about acquiring a membership, but my recommendation is to purchase one of doTERRA’s qualifying enrollment kits {meaning it has a point value (pv) of 200}. When you choose this option, you will immediately be eligible to receive all three of our featured oils for absolutely free in the month of June!

‼️Here is an example of three of our customer favorite kits that would qualify you for his fantastic deal {and be sure to check out the savings}!

If you need assistance please message me and here is my website:

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