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Educating and empowering people to remove all toxins from their homes, food, products; their entire lives.

I am a wife, mother and grandmother that began using essential oils and supplements to take control of my own healthcare. I work hand-in-hand with my doctor to provide and maintain my health with natural solutions. It has become my mission to share these natural solutions with everybody I come in contact with all over the world. I'm passionate about sharing the health & wellness benefits of All Natural Essential Oils, Supplements, Skin Care & Nutrition.

Mission: To educate and empower people on the natural solutions that can be used to take control of their own heath. Our mission is to share the amazing benefits of essential oils and natural alternatives all over the world.

Balance your Emotions

Did you know that essential oils can be amazing at supporting your emotions? doTERRA has an oil for just about any emotion. There are a lot of emotions being felt right now during this uncertain time. Here are some of the emotions many are dealing with right now and which oils can help.

Feeling Fear? Try Juniper Berry, Cassia, Cinnamon, Lavender, Deep Blue, Yarrom|Pom, or Turmeric

Feeling Panicked? Try Balance, Serenity, or Roman Chamomile

Feeling Sadness? Use Breathe, Ylang Ylang, Peppermint, AromaTouch, or Elevation

Feeling Angry? Try Cardamom, Thyme, Geranium, Ylang Ylang, Spikenard, or Forgive

You can diffuse these oils together by adding a couple drops to your diffuser or make a custom roller bottle to help support your emotions. There is no wrong or right way to use your oils. Just remember to dilute properly and never put oils in your eyes or ears.

How do you think a combination of Buddha Wood, Balsam Canada, Black Pepper, Hinoki, Patchouli essential oils plus cocoa extract smells? It is totally amazing! I love wood oils so the aroma is a balanced woodsy aroma.

This set is coming back just in time for Father’s Day and you won’t want to miss out!

I am in Citrus Heaven!! I am diffusing 3 drops of each oil: Citrus Bliss, Citrus Bloom and Citrus Twist!🍊🍋🍊🍋🍊🍋🍊🍋🍊

Citrus Bliss is a combination of Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Clementine and a hint of Vanilla.
🍊 reduces stress
🍊 uplifts and energizes mood
🍊 cleanses and purifies the air

Citrus Bloom is a combination of Wild Orange, Grapefruit, Magnolia, Lavender and Roman Chamomile.
🍊 calming and soothes the mind and skin
🍊 elevates and energizes you’re mood and eases stress
🍊 cleanses and purifies the air

Citrus Twist is a combination of Wild Orange, Lemongrass, Litsea and Ginger.
🍊 sunshine in a bottle
🍊 uplifting and energizing
🍊 aids with changes and transitions

Three powerhouse oils penetrating every cell in my body (hubby’s too but he doesn’t realize it) and my home is the zen den. Try it and let me know if you like it.🍊🍋🍊🍋🍊🍋

Try this emotional support diffuser blend to inspire feelings of happiness and cheer.

Emotional well-being check in: How are you feeling today? Tell me in a GIF comment.

Here is the answer to my Black Spruce question; it takes 14.5 pounds of plant material to make just one 5ml bottle of Black Spruce!😲😲

Look what's coming soon!!! I don't have a confirmed date yet, but YIPPEEEE!!!! Woot woot!!

Black Spruce:

Can you guess how many pounds of Black Spruce are in a 5ml bottle of Black Spruce essential oil?

HINT: to learn more about Black Spruce click here >>

SOOOOO GOOOOD! Got mine! Did you get your Citrus Twist free? 🤭🤭

Do you wish you would have? (You do, I promise) if you didn’t do a 125 PV LRP order this month and are regretting it, call customer service 1-800-411-8151 and ask them to help you do an exception makeup order because you should have done 125PV and they will help you do another order and help you get your AMAZING CITRUS TWIST! Got to do it by the 15th though. 😊

If you order this months Respond Kit, you get a free 5 ml frank and if you do the Protect Kit you get a free 5 ml Onguard!

What a great month!!😉😉

Using Your Oils to Support Your Mental Wellbeing 💜

Have you ever wondered how a beautifully smelling essential oil can help reduce your stress levels, lead you into sleep and provide support for tonnes of physical and emotional issues?

It is actually really simple. So simple, in fact, that it can leave you scratching your head!

Aromatherapy works by stimulating the cell receptors in your nose which then send “messages” through your nervous system to the limbic system (the part of your brain that controls memory and emotions). This works regardless of whether you have a sense of smell.

As the molecules that make up essential oils are so tiny, they cross the blood-brain barrier (a layer of cells that protects your brain from pathogens and toxins).

This means that inhaling essential oils is the quickest, most effective way to use your oils to impact your mood and emotions.

It can be as simple as diffusing in your home, inhaling from cupped hands, inhaling straight out of the bottle, rolling diluted oils onto your chest or running them through your hair or even wearing diffuser jewelry.

Great choices for lifting your spirits are Tangerine, Green Mandarin and Citrus Bliss. These are my favourites but any citrus oil would be a good option.

Which oil do you rely on to give you a boost?

If you don’t have oils and are curious to start exploring them, DM me or email me at [email protected] and we can talk about you and how these oils can help.

As a bonus, when you join me you will get a resource book, a goodie bag from me, access to my free private facebook group and stacks of resources / ebooks and continuous education.

I’d love to hear from you.


Toy Soap - Make Hand-Washing Fun!

Wanting the kids to wash their hands more? Try this “Treat soap”!


● Small toy that will be of interest to your child

● Small piece of plastic wrap

● Solid Glycerin Soap Base

● Soap mold or small plastic reusable snack container

● Essential oils (OnGuard, Lavender, etc)


1) Wrap the toy tightly in a small piece of plastic wrap to protect toys that can’t sustain being soggy for extended periods. Best to use plastic toy.

2) Following the instructions on the Soap Base package to melt

3) Add 5-10 drops of essential oils (depending on how much you are making).

4) Pour melted soap into the mold, 1/3 full.

5) Wait 5-10 min until soap base has begun to set.

6) Place the toy upside down onto partially set glycerin soap.

7) Cover the toy with re-melted glycerin soap.

😎 Wait 40-50 mins for soap to set. Pop out of the mold and you are ready to wash!

If you haven't experienced doTERRA’s #1 selling product, then you are absolutely missing out! Check out this testimonial from Chris and her thoughts on the LLV (Lifelong Vitality) Supplement Pack.

I'm 56 years old and have been a full time 24/7 caretaker for my father for the past 2 1/2 years. I'm the only surviving child of my parents so it's all on me. It was a huge adjustment in my routine. Meal planning, exercise and sleep were no longer something I could plan for my day. It was worked in when I could. I started taking Lifelong Vitality about a year ago. It's been life changing! I have energy, I look and feel better (even though the stress has been greater) and I have more patience. I feel more whole, like nothing is missing. My knees have felt better than they have in years. No more aches and pains like before. I've also noticed that the oils I use daily seem to have better and faster results. LLV is now my favorite Doterra product!


Have you tried LLV yet? What has your experience been like?

Take the next step in your dōTERRA journey and empower others to do the same even if you don't have an audience, a team, or experience!

Join me is this educational training and we will hit our goals we have set for ourselves. Please use this link and join me! Feel stuck in your dōTERRA growth? Feel like you have ran out of people to talk to, motivation, or the tools necessary to succeed?

I am so excited to share with you the new ITOVI DNA Kit! I will receive a personalized report that recommends the products that my body needs the most to stay at my optimum health.

In the video I briefly talk about the ITOVI Scanner and what it does and now with the new DNA piece of the puzzle it will really take my scans to a new level looking at my DNA and what my body really needs.

I will be back once I get my report and share with you the results and show you how you can get the same information for yourself.
iTOVi ITOVI scanner #DNA #healthgoals #personalized

What makes Tea Tree so beneficial? Check out these key elements that make Tea Tree essential oil!

Today I will be reminding you all of the importance of staying hydrated and what that means for your body!

Our body is primarily made of water, so when we are deficient, it’s the fastest way for our body to go into survival mode and conserve and be on high alert which is a cascade of events that lead to chronic inflammation and other challenges.

I want you to remember to drink plenty of high quality, filtered, and alkaline water as possible! Take your body weight, divide that in half and add the letters oz to the end. That’s how much water you need daily!!!

My fave way to make sure I do this is to get a gallon sized pretty looking pitcher, fill it up, add oils and challenge myself for it to be gone by the end of the day!

Another fun tip! Drink 8oz of water, with half a lemon and 2 drops of lemon first thing every morning on an empty stomach, your skin will LOVE YOU!

Want to find out what’s in your tap water? Check out this link []( and type in your zip code. Share with us what’s in your water and let’s be sure to get some filters in place to protect your health!

I am in love with our Adaptiv oil. Try these diffuser blends and let me know what you think.

Cranberry Scones with Wild Orange Essential Oil Recipe

Looking for a delicious treat to bake? These Wild Orange and cranberry scones are what you’ve been dreaming of! Follow the link for the full recipe and instructions: These moist cranberry scones are made with Wild Orange essential oil — a perfect sweet and tangy blend! Covered with icing, these scones are amazing!

Immune support is obviously of utmost importance these days. Please consider these products for your daily use. If you need help getting any of them shipped to you wholesale let me know.


Product of the Month: Citrus Twist (15 mL)
Citrus Twist is a bright, cheerful, zesty new blend that was specifically designed to be diffused! Simply place a 125 PV+ Loyalty Order through May 15 in your LRP only to get this fun blend for free.

💦 Limited-Time Offer | 10% Off Collections: Protect and Respond
We are so excited to be launching two new kits that will be available while supplies last. The Protect and Respond collections, which are available to current and brand new members (while supplies last), were designed specifically to help support healthy lifestyle choices to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. To make this really easy for new members to get started with a wholesale account, when a new person selects one of these kits and checkouts they will not need to add an enrollment kit or packet. Also, we are excited to be rolling out some awesome targeted education that goes along with these two kits and helps everyone know exactly why they need them and how to use them!

✅Protect Kit
15 mL: Tea Tree, Bergamot, Purify® 5 mL: On Guard®, On Guard Hand Mist, Petal 2.0 Diffuser. Enrollment fee is waived.
SKU: 60213956
Price: $125.00, 100 PV ($166.67 Retail)
Savings: $13.50
Plus newbies waive $35 account fee!🙌🏻

✅Respond Kit
15 mL: Lemon, Copaiba, Peppermint, Lavender, Adaptiv™, Breathe, 5 mL: Frankincense. Enrollment fee is waived.
SKU: 60213957
Price: $150, 135 PV ($200.00 Retail)
Savings: $28.50
Plus newbies waive $35 account fee!🙌🏻

New Diffuser Launch
Pilot There’s a new diffuser in town, and it’s taking charge! The Pilot diffuser is a portable travel diffuser perfect for diffusing on-the-go. Here are the details:
• SKU: 60212263
• Pricing: $37.50

Plus don’t forget the beautiful Precious Petals Mother’s Day Gift Set as well.

It is an exciting time to start your Wellness Journey and I would like to be your guide. When you enroll this month with me you will receive a resource book, a Goodie Bag filled with my favorite things, education and such much more. If you are ready please send me a message.

Here are some photos of the new Pilot coming out tomorrow.

Some I believe I will be LOVING this diffuser. I love that it’s cordless. I will be able to take it all over the house with me. From bathroom getting ready in the morning to my office and back to the kitchen for lunch.

This is really a minimalist and modern looking diffuser with very practical uses. The carrying case is nice and sturdy and fits 4 15ml bottles of essential oil. The USB charger is branded with the doTERRA logo on it and the cord comes with a reusable silicone rubber band to keep it all together. The diffuser itself has a nice speckled pattern that’s very unisex friendly and I feel good using it knowing it’s made of recycled materials.

If you are interested in getting this diffuser just message me so that I can help you.

Can you guess how many pounds of Black Pepper fruit are in a 5ml bottle of Black Pepper essential oil?

HINT: to learn more about Black Pepper click here >>

Everyone who guesses will be put into a drawing for a set of roller bottles. Pictures here!

What is your doTERRA superhero name?

The (Color of your shirt) , (last oil you used), (favorite animal)

Example: Black Adaptiv Billy Goat!!

Have you ever wanted to know how some of your favorite doTERRA blends break down? Check out today's graphic to see all the components of DigestZen Digestive Blend.

DigestZen is well known for its ability to aid in digestion, soothe occasional stomach upset, and maintain overall digestive health when taken internally. This unique blend contains Ginger, Fennel, and Coriander to help ease occasional stomach discomfort, including motion sickness and indigestion, while Peppermint, Tarragon, Anise, and Caraway aid with digestion and help maintain a healthy gastrointestinal tract. A safe and effective blend, DigestZen is great to have on hand when stomach upset occurs.

Internal use of DigestZen is a healthy, natural, and gentle way to soothe an upset stomach or maintain a healthy digestive system. To learn more about DigestZen check out this link:


To celebrate dōTERRA’s 12yrs of transforming the world one drop at a time, they have a very special Birthday BOGO!

Buy Lifelong Vitality (sachets)
Laurel Leaf 5mL,
Yellow Mandarin 5mL,
and Tea Tree 15mL.

**Limit of 1 per account. Lifelong Vitality Sachets Sku: 60205416.

Lifelong Vitality is a foundational product for dōTERRA and core to a healthy lifestyle. It is their most reordered product and has a money back guarantee because it works. LLV gives you more energy, less discomfort, and a better mood!

Important to note: This BOGO is based on inventory so please be aware this will run while supplies last. This bonus BOGO is in celebration of doTERRA's birthday, and is not part of BOGO week. As such, this offering was not included in the BOGO Box.

This will SELL OUT Fast!

Arumani: Prepare your empathy for the post-COVID-19 world

Perspective from a 16 year old on the virus of today. On Saturday, March 28, my father took a calculated risk. After two weeks of silent restlessness, the inevitable need for a grocery run had arrived. The Clorox spray, decade-old gloves

Next Monday at 6:00 PM MT there will be the first ever session focused on the men of dōTERRA! We have created a unique opportunity to use this as a recruiting tool for any men you’ve introduced dōTERRA to. We wanted to make it possible for them to watch this session without having to purchase a Leadership Live ticket so we created a separate channel they can view this on:

This link will take them directly to the session without a need to log in. Please share with anyone that you think would be interested in watching. We will be hearing from top leaders in dōTERRA talking about the opportunity for guys in dōTERRA, residual income, and the amazing culture and opportunity to serve and give back. We will also have Tim Hightower-Former NFL Running Back and Emergency Room Physician, Dr. Gough, DO speaking on Men’s Health. It will be a great event for anyone (including women) that wants to learn a little more about dōTERRA. Feel free to share this link. See you Monday evening!

A friend of mine shared this tip with me and I tried and wow it really works!

“I love multi-purpose products!
A few weeks ago I treated my scalp to a deep conditioning with the Yarrow/Pom Body Renewal Serum. Little did I know it is great for my hair! I used about 10 pumps of the serum and worked it through my hair while it was dry so it would completely absorb into the hair shaft.

I color and highlight my own hair. It's been about 9 weeks. You can see how the ends are getting brassy and dry. After the treatment the color looks richer. I have very fine, straight hair. I wash it twice after the treatment (doterra shampoo and conditioner, of course) and blow dry with a round brush. It has lots of body and holds a gentle curl.

The condition lasts through several washings.”
#Yarrow #Pom #Serum

Our Story

As Essential Home Healers we encourage families to use natural products in their homes to reduce the toxic overloads that we encounter in our everyday lives.

To provide education, support, and resources for people that are looking to improve their overall health and wellness.

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