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Broadlands Family Practice is committed to delivering comprehensive, high-quality, personal care to our patients throughout the Northern Virginia region.

The physicians and staff at Broadlands Family Practice welcome you to our practice page! We are committed to delivering comprehensive, high-quality, personal care to our patients throughout the Northern Virginia region. Our practice is proud to have served the Ashburn and Brambleton communities since 2003. We are part of the Fairfax Family Practice Centers, which has provided quality family practice care to Northern Virginia since 1971. All of our physicians and our physician assistants are board certified and are dedicated to providing medical care which is specifically tailored to your needs and the needs of your family.

The Flu Shot Clinic is here! Saturday October 20th at our Brambleton office we will be open for Flu Shots between 8 AM and 11:30 AM. Call either of our locations for more information on how you can get your Flu Shot.

Countryside Orthopaedics

Check out this article from Countryside Othropaedics about Chronic Pain. This is a very common term these days and some may think that medicine is the only treatment that helps, however, physical therapy is the recommended form of treatment and other non-drug options over medication.

Does Physical Therapy Help Chronic Pain?
Chronic pain is a term we hear a lot these days, most often in connection with our nation’s opioid abuse epidemic. Chronic pain is a very real condition and absolutely needs to be addressed.

Let's talk Flu shots... It's that time again and we have received our shipment of Flu shots in. Call either of our locations to get your appointment scheduled today!

Fitness Habits to Make -

Are you looking for a way to improve your #health? Forming good fitness habits not only help you stay physically active but mentally active as well. Developing pathways to bettering your health can start small with as little as 30 minutes of #exercise a day. Read this article from Family Doctor to get more tips on how to start your health journey today! #fitness Setting good fitness habits helps you stay physically active, which helps prevent disease, increase energy levels, and promote better sleep.

Do you know all the names for whooping cough? Take a look at this infographic the CDC created to learn more about this vaccine. If you have any questions about your vaccine record feel free to give us a call! #health #wellness

Can you think of any other names for whooping cough? This serious and common disease is also known as pertussis and 100-day cough. CDC recommends whooping cough vaccines for people of all ages. Learn more:

How dogs contribute to your health and happiness

From Dogs to Cats, our pets have special bonds that can improve our health and happiness. Check out this article on how dogs contribute to our health and happiness! Dogs really are a person's best friend — not least because they impact both our physical and our mental health. In this Spotlight, we explain why and how.

Today at Broadlands Family Practice we put together backpacks to give to Loudoun Hunger Relief. We are so happy to help support our community and are so grateful to have an opportunity like this to help increase Loudoun County's food security. Go check out Loudoun Hunger Relief to learn more about what they do for our community!


Now that it's summer, temperatures are rising and outdoor activities are increasing, we all need to be cautious of what are bodies can handle. Take a look at this video from the CDC and learn how to stay cool and safe during this season!

Summer heat can be dangerous. Getting too hot can make you very sick when your body can’t properly cool itself off. Prevent heat-related illness by learning how to stay cool and safe in extremely hot weather.

A big thank you to Dr. Rodriguez and to all who showed up to the Summer Kick-off this past Friday! It was a wonderful community planned event that brings everyone together!

Welcome back to our Friday Faces segment where we introduce our providers from both of our offices on Fridays!

The next member of our family is Samuel Heisler, PA-C who has been a Physician Assistant at our practice since 2017.

Samuel started his career in the medical field as a medical assistant at Broadlands Family Practice shortly after completing his Undergraduate degree at Virginia Tech. He attended the University of Florida School of Physician Assistant Studies where focused his training in the Primary Care setting.

Samuel currently lives with his wife and growing family in the Ashburn area. He enjoys time spending time outdoors and hiking local trails. He also enjoys riding his bike and running along the W&OD Trail. Lastly, Sam enjoys spending time exploring the area and finding the best place to get a cup of coffee.

Fun Facts: Sam was a member of the Virginia Tech Bowling team and he was an Medical Assistant at Broadlands before he went to P.A. school!

Welcome back to our Friday Faces segment where we introduce our providers from both of our offices on Fridays!

The next member of our family is Benjamin Fox, MD who has been a Medical Doctor at our practice since 2015.

Dr. Fox was born and raised in Aldie, VA and attended Loudoun County High School in Leesburg, VA. He graduated from The College of William and Mary and went on to receive his medical degree from the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical College of Virginia.

For his family medicine post-graduate training, he returned to Northern Virginia and attended the Fairfax Family Practice residency program. Upon graduation in 2015, he chose to return to his childhood community to practice. He enjoys taking care of patients of all ages, with a particular interest in preventive medicine.

Fun Facts: Dr. Fox enjoys stand-up comedy, board games, and kayaking/canoeing.

Sports and Exercise at Every Age -

Exercise at every stage of a person's life can help us thrive as we age! Check out this helpful read that'll go into more detail on which exercises you should be doing at every age. Take the path to improve your health today! A lifelong exercise program helps us live and thrive into old age. There is a place for exercise at every stage of a person’s life.

Welcome back to our Friday Faces segment where we introduce our providers from both of our offices on Fridays!

The next member of our family is Catrina Turner, FNP-BC who has been a Nurse Practitioner with us since 2016.

Catrina is originally from Ohio but has since made Northern Virginia home. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelors in Science. She later went on to get her nursing degree at Marymount University. She spent time working on the post-partum unit at INOVA Fairfax Hospital prior to obtaining her master’s degree in nursing from JMU. Her interests include adolescents and women’s health. Catrina is passionate about healthcare and providing care to patients.

Two fun facts: In college she was an orientation leader for Virginia Tech and secondly Catrina and her youngest sibling have a 19 year age difference.

Keep an eye out on the Lettuce that you're eating! Follow the E. Coli out break with the CDC to stay updated and check out the article below.

E. coli Outbreak Update: Do not eat, serve, or sell ANY romaine lettuce from the Yuma, Arizona, growing region. This includes whole heads of lettuce, hearts of romaine, and chopped romaine and salad mixes with romaine. Updated advice based on new data.

Welcome back to our Friday Faces segment where we introduce our providers from both of our offices on Fridays!

The next member of our family is Clair Oja, FNP-C who has been a Nurse Practitioner with us since 2017.

Clair Oja, MSN, FNP earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Syracuse University in 1991 and began her career at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in the Pediatric Oncology Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. She then transferred to New York University Medical Center for a career in neonatal intensive care. She served a number of overseas military and remote embassy medical facilities before completing the Family Nurse Practitioner program at the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 2006. Clair is also attending George Mason University to finish her Doctorate of Nursing Practice with an expected date of May 2019.

As a Family Nurse Practitioner, Clair gained experience in public health and communicable disease, alternative medicine, and family practice as a primary care provider. Before joining Nova Medical Group, Clair served as the executive team lead for a retail clinic.

Clair is married and has three children. In her free time, she enjoys running, reading, watching college basketball and football, and spending time with her family.

Clair believes that listening is the key to providing excellent patient care. Empowering the patient to make healthy lifestyle changes allows them to be an active participant in their own healthcare plan.

Shingles | Vaccination | Herpes Zoster | CDC

Have you had your shingles vaccination yet? Do you know if it was Shingrix? Well the new Shingles vaccination Shingrix is 97% effective compared to the Zostavax at 51% effective. If you're 50 years or older call your doctor and ask about getting the new Shingles vaccine today!

To find out more information about the Shingrix vaccination follow the link below: The only way to reduce the risk of developing shingles is to get vaccinated. Learn more about Shingrix and Zostavax, both shingles vaccines.

MedMic by Unknown on Apple Podcasts

Yikes! It’s a Mumps Outbreak! Check out this weeks installation of Med Mic where Dr. K. Michael Rodriguez discusses the most recent JMU outbreak of Mumps.

Check out the link below to get more information and tips on what to do: Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of MedMic by Unknown for free.

Welcome back to our Friday Faces segment where we introduce our providers from both of our offices on Fridays!

The next member of our family is Anne Marie Craig, FNP-BC who has been a Nurse Practitioner since 2014.

Anne Marie is a native of Northern Virginia. After graduating with her BSN from George Mason University, she worked as a nurse in Labor and Delivery for 15 years. She has lived in Broadlands for the past 17 years with her husband and two children. The flexibility of nursing allowed Anne Marie to be a stay home mom for 10 years before returning to graduate school. She attended James Madison University and achieved a Masters in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner.

Her interests include women’s health and adolescent medicine as well as managing chronic disease. She believes that it is important to provide the comprehensive health care to patients and their family as a family unit. She will help you achieve optimal health through promoting a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. She provides compassionate care through open communication and respect for your concerns.

Fun Facts: Anne Marie is actively on the board of the Briar Woods Crew team and once marched in the Macy's Day Parade!

Tickproof Your Yard Without Spraying

Here is a great article giving 5 chemical-free tips on how to keep ticks away from your yard! Now that the weather is warming up maintaining your yard can help keep away ticks from your family and pets. 5 chemical-free tricks to tickproof your yard, from the experts at Consumer Reports.

Youth HIV & AIDS

Today is National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day. Find out what YOU can do to help make a positive impact and raise awareness for those in your community at the link below: April 10th is Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

Welcome back to another Friday Faces segment where we introduce our providers from both of our offices on Fridays!

The next member of our family is Dr. Derek Yang, MD who has been a Medical Doctor here since 2010.

Upon completing his undergraduate education at Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Yang returned to his then home New Jersey to start his medical education at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. His desire to practice a wide scope of medicine and his commitment to developing meaningful relationships with his patients led him to the specialty of family medicine.

Residency training gave his family the opportunity to move and establish a new home in Northern Virginia. He completed his training at Virginia Commonwealth University – Fairfax Family Medicine Residency Program. As a resident, he was selected to be the Academic Chief Resident. This enabled him to further develop his understanding of evidence-based medicine while teaching and learning from his peers.

Being affiliated with Virginia Commonwealth University and Fairfax Family Medicine Residency Program allows him the opportunity to interact with students and residents. He continues to strive to build strong relationships with his patients and provide them with the best evidence-based medical care.

Fun Fact: Derek is a fan of 1st generation Mazda Miatas as well as he loves to grow and eat tomatoes.

5 ways to keep active at work

Check out "5 ways to keep active at work" as this article helps provide those who find themselves sitting at work all day or in meetings that may not allow you to be active. This guide provides tips to help you stay happy and healthy through activity! Do you have a desk-based job and struggle to find the time to be active during the day? We have some top tips to help you stay active at work.

Deciding When to See a Doctor -

Are you having trouble deciding when to go to your doctor? Check out this quick guide by that you can refer to when your trying to decide the next time you need to come in! It can be hard to tell when you need to be seen by a doctor. Learn some general guidelines to help you next time you’re trying to decide.

Welcome back to our Friday Faces segment where we introduce our providers from both of our offices on Fridays!

The next member of our family is Mary Renard, MD who has been a Medical Doctor here since 2007.

Mary grew up in Northern Virginia where she earned her B.S. in Nursing from Georgetown University. She then worked as a nurse, childbirth and breastfeeding educator, and non-profit administrator while raising her family. She returned to school to complete her medical school prerequisites at George Mason University and graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. She completed her residency at Virginia Commonwealth University/Fairfax Family Practice where she served as Academic Chief Resident.

Fun Fact: She went to all three "George" universities in Virginia and she also slept on an aircraft carrier for three days and four nights.

MedMic by Unknown on Apple Podcasts

Check out our newest installation Med Mic where Dr. K. Michael Rodriguez interviews and discusses community health issues and more with experts and professionals in their fields. We have our first guest Dr. Yang who is a board-certified family doctor in Ashburn, Virginia, giving timely tips on combating allergy symptoms.

For more information on this topic, please click on the link below:

Dr. Yang can be reached at Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes of MedMic by Unknown for free.

[03/22/18]   WEATHER Update: We will be opening at normal business hours today. Hopefully everyone had a nice and safe snow day!

[03/21/18]   WEATHER Update: The office will remain CLOSED for the rest of the day. Stay tuned in for future updates on our opening tomorrow.

[03/21/18]   WEATHER Update: Due to the weather we will be delaying our opening till 10 am. We will provide further updates here and on the website for our opening time. Please stay tuned for more updates.

[03/20/18]   UPDATE: We are continuing to monitor the weather system moving into our area and will post any changes to our office opening to the website. Be safe!

Loudoun County Snow Guide: Traffic, Snow Removal, More

Check out this article from the local Ashburn Patch website to stay up to date with the weather and how to plan and prepare for this snow storm! With several inches of snow coming to Loudoun County Tuesday night through Wednesday, it's good to be prepared for potential disruptions.

[03/20/18]   UPDATE WEATHER: As of right now both of our offices are operating at normal business hours until further notice.

[03/16/18]   Today we've reached 200 Likes and 200+ followers thank you all for your support in getting us to where we are!

We would like to welcome you to our newest segment where we'll be introducing the providers from both of our offices on Fridays!

To start the segment off, we'll be introducing one of our newest members of our family, Rachel Sparks, FNP, who has been a Nurse Practitioner here since 2017.

Rachel started her nursing journey at Clemson University, where she majored in nursing and was a collegiate athlete on their swim team. She furthered her career by working as a nurse in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), as well as the Labor and Delivery unit for 6 years before she graduated with her Master of Science in Nursing from Frontier Nursing University in 2016. Throughout her journey of pursuing higher education, she has also managed to enjoy some free time in which she has trained her cattle dog in agility!

Stay tuned each week for this ongoing series where you'll get to know a little more about our diverse team of providers. #FridayFaces

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