Nazakat, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) NGO that strives to create new forms of education with multidisciplinary approaches and global perspectives, and discover new paths of research that provide solutions to the school’s greatest challenges.

Mission: Our mission is to promote the efficacy of yoga to enhance children's cognitive health, advance women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and straddle the line between equity and equality.

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Khabrain Abhi Tak News channel

Vinny presented techniques to balance the subtle layers of the body on a live television broadcast. She shared her insights on the physical, emotional, mental, psychic and bliss sheaths of the body, and provided swift and effective ways to annihilate mental and emotional stress, clear and sharpen the mind, and revitalize energy levels in the body.

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Khabrain Abhi Tak News channel

Vinny presented breathing techniques to enhance ones' overall health on a live TV broadcast. The pranayama practices shared have favorable effects on respiratory system as they help strengthen the lungs, clears accumulated toxins, enhances blood circulation and improves the nervous system.

#BIGSHOW 'जनता कर्फ्यू' का कैसा असर ?
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Vinny was invited as a panelist on a live television broadcast on March 19, 20, 21 and 22. She discussed yogic techniques necessary to help deal with C-virus pandemic situation and also provided tools to fortify a path for life-long wellness and health. As we know, when one is in normal state of equilibrium and lives in normal physical harmony, the body has a capacity to resist illnesses. Vinny talked about practices to strengthen the immune system via healthy eating and pranayama practices.

Where to go?

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a perplexing situation as it prohibits us from traveling freely and going anywhere, where the public at-large is used to convening for edutainment or work. In this period of pervasive uncertainty, we can’t go the movies or favorite cafe, hang out at the mall, badge into the office, or venture into the usual array of public places. Instead, we are now forced to indefinitely confine ourselves indoors embracing virtual reality, cohabitating with digital devices, or interfacing with family members dwelling under the same roof.

So, the paradox of where should we go to encounter new people for shared experiences to be posted on our Instagram is overshadowed by the monotony of a day-to-day routine that lacks the titillating /splendiferous adventure of our pre-pandemic world. This ultimately gives rise to a desire towards a number of frivolous thoughts. Given this state of affairs, some may think that perhaps its’ about time that we learn how to pause for a moment to find a way to “level up“ by going in-wards. As you take time for cerebral reflections, this can be achieved by practicing calm meditative techniques that helps mitigate the stressors that trigger anxiety.

In addition to these social constraints, a lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, and chronic stress further compounds the threat towards our peace of mind and general wellbeing. These factors create adverse co-morbid conditions that are known to worsen during periods of restrictive or protracted confinement. In this state, our natural instincts are paralyzed and our ability to act astutely are frozen. To restore the equilibrium and sustain wellbeing, it is imperative that we find effective ways to reset our spiritual balance.

This can be achieved through Asana (yoga postures), Dhyana (meditation) and Pranayama (breathing techniques). These techniques when applied together, helps to mitigate feelings of isolation and reduce anxiety. This enables practitioners of the yogic arts to better tolerate adverse conditions such as the COVID-19 virus pandemic that have gripped communities around the globe. The practice of yoga provides a structured means to modify behaviors that can better level-set our energy centers, and anchor us to a greater sense of belonging, that ultimately connects our mind and body to a singular purpose – our place in this universe.

Looking at what’s happening right now as a result of the globally instituted mandate of “social distancing” which arose from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is a parabolic reflection of the paradox of modern relationships. In fact, many consider social media a peculiar perforation because it actually seems to disconnect us from each other. In fact, this pandemic has also created a pivotal moment for the healthcare industry. It has identified the need for exploring a range of non-traditional and complimentary therapies to better address the need for palliative care.

It has also exposed the void of primal connections and has shed light on the extreme degrees of loneliness that is being experienced by many citizens in our digital world. Further, given the magnitude of depression and high levels of anxiety that is being manifested during this crisis, it is becoming essential to find effective ways to incorporate mindful introspection and adaption of integrative approaches towards physical, mental, and emotional wellness. This practice of mindful techniques can be used to mitigate some of the self-defeating behaviors and the emotional relics that impede towards our wellbeing.

To achieve equanimity, we must take a moment to reflect in-wards to calm and clear our head-space, which ultimately helps to achieve emotional stability and enhance mental clarity. Yoga provides a swift and effective way to annihilate mental and emotional stress, and revitalize the energy level in the body. The long-term benefits of yogic practices help to increase overall wellbeing, as it gets the energy flowing through stretching, reflecting, and breathing freely. Together these processes serve to relieve accumulated stress by allowing our inner-energies to be used for attaining higher possibilities. Namaste!

Vinny was invited at the Gandhi National Academy of Naturopathy as a visiting faculty to teach on philosophy of yoga; to include asana, pranayama and meditation techniques. This discourse was conducted in accordance to the prospectus and syllabus defined for the three-year Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga.

Vinny was invited as a Guest of Honor at the Post Graduate Government College in Chandigarh India. She conducted a session on asana, pranayama and meditation techniques to address mitigation practices related to drug de-addiction. This event was held in association with the Department of Social Welfare Chandigarh on the theme of substance abuse prevention and control.

Vinny was invited to conduct a yoga session at the Gandhi Smarak Institute in Patti Kalyan India. She shared her insights on dynamic meditation and mindful techniques to be cognizant of the physical, emotional and mental layers of the body.

Vinny was requested by the Gandhi Smarak Bhawan Chairman to write an article on efficacy of yoga. This National Academy of Naturopathy and Yoga holds discourses by persons of spiritual eminence; to include seminars, lectures, symposia and talks on national and international issues. This article was published in their ‘Acharyakul Samachar’ newsletter, which is endorsed by the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India.

[12/28/19]   Vinny conducted Integral yoga classes for the United Nations (UN) Women staff in New York City. She covered the concepts on subtle layers of the body to address the physical, emotional, mental aspects towards well-being. Vinny also demonstrated various Pranayama /breathing techniques to help invigorate, balance and tranquilize the body.

Vinny conducted a class on 'Path to Minimalism' at the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies to present de-clutterring strategies. The concepts entailed Minimalist Way to clear the clutter in your home, head and heart. To move forward with purpose and peace of freeing oneself of physical clutter, clear the mental clutter to find clarity inside, identify negative thoughts and replace them with empowering convictions to help move forward with purpose and peace.

Vinny conducted staff programs for the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck New York on the concepts of Integral Yoga and Meditation. Topics entailed eight limbs of yoga, subtle layers of the body, para and apara body, pranayama types and practice techniques.

The Government of India, Ministry of Ayush celebrated the 5th annual International Yoga Day event with immense zeal. The Government of Haryana invited Ms. Vinny Garg, Yoga, Meditation and a Reiki master to present on Integral Yoga and Meditation. Ms. Garg rendered an integrative approach towards physical, mental and emotional wellness to incorporate mindful introspection and cultivate self-regulation. She also illustrated physical postures, breathing and meditation techniques to help purify the body, enhance body energies, develop mental balance, stabilize emotions, and to elicit a peaceful mind. The District Commissioner of Haryana Government Mr. Balkar Singh presided over this event, along with Mr. Dilip Mishra, State Public Information Officer, Directorate of Aryuveda in Haryana.

The International Day of Yoga was celebrated with great enthusiasm at the Shiva International School in Ghumarwin, Bilaspur on June 21, 2019. Ms. Vinny Garg, a yoga and meditation master teacher presented on sheaths of the human body – physical, emotional, mental, psychic and bliss body, to manifest ones’ awareness on different planes. In conjunction, Mr. Naresh Nadda performed yoga and pranayama series for the audience. The key representatives at this event comprised of Mr. Purushottam Sharma, Managing Director; Mr. Shashi Pal Sharma, Sub Divisional Magistrate; and Mr. Rajinder Garg, Member of Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh. This event was sponsored by Casa Homes from Mohali Chandigarh, in stride to promote yoga as an invaluable gift of India’s ancient tradition.

Ms. Garg was invited to host a ‘know thy-self’ session at the Post Graduate Government College in Chandigarh on Feb 22, 2019. Vinny covered the integral yogic aspects of existence, consciousness and bliss. She shed light on physical and subtle elements of the body, how one can ascend above via the means of self-realization, and experience a state of supreme bliss. Her insights to manifest a divine life by the evolution of ones’ consciousness, and to channelize energy with a concerted force for an infinite, eternal and self-fulfilling experience were thought-provoking. Transformational aspects of hatha yoga, karma yoga, bhakti yoga, jnana yoga and raja yoga were also covered in her stride to promote yoga as a practical psychology conformity.

Ms. Vinny Garg was invited to chair a panel discussion at Chitkara University’s annual entrepreneurship summit SURGE 0.1. on Feb 18, 2019. This initiative brings together region’s startup ecosystems and subsystems, venture capitalists, new age entrepreneurs, academic community, and region’s success stories to a common and interactive platform. The goal was to provide the alumni valuable perspectives to establish profitable and sustainable businesses. The objective was to understand the connection between thinking like an entrepreneur and identifying opportunities to build businesses against all odds. Ms. Garg shed light on understanding free market principles of risk and reward, access to capital, exposure to new markets and opportunities, deficiency with respect to critical technical skills, and marketing savvy compounds.

[02/09/19]   Transformational yoga provides in-depth focus of asanas, the chakras, mantras, breathing and meditation techniques to purify the body, stabilize emotions, focused mind, and enhanced spiritual well-being. It functions on a deeper level to stimulate kundalini energy to move up through the chakras, purifying and awakening the pure body. Transformational Yoga is a truly integral yoga system that synthesizes a variety of yogic system techniques for rapid transformation. Attained Master Level training in Transformational Yoga and Integral Meditation, with excellence in anatomy, pranayama, core hatha yoga asanas.

Vinny was invited as a keynote speaker at an International educational symposium in Dubai to address key topics impacting education and paradigms required for policy reform. As the panel discussed topics related to the future of classrooms and innovations impacting education, Vinny presented measures to adopt holistic ways of teaching. She emphasized on the imperatives to examine the iceberg theory and instill virtue of traits to address the physical, emotional behavior and cognitive imbalances in children.

Vinny was invited to coach the children at Satyanand Public School in Gohana to promote philosophical and scientific yoga techniques. She spoke about nurturing essential virtues such as self-respect, non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, compassion towards oneself and others. The intent of the workshop is to introduce new rhythms of learning and empower children to develop self-discipline and manage their feelings effectively and to cultivate a sense of equanimity.

[11/27/18]   Educating the Whole Child - If you cannot make good individuals, how can you make good nations? Prevalence of psychiatric conditions in adolescents reported that indicators of stress were the most consistent predictors of the incidence of psychiatric disorders.

We are proposing ‘Yoga as a lifestyle’ program in schools to address fundamental aspects of how we feel in our body, how we breathe and process our thoughts, how we communicate, and the way we treat ourselves and others.

We organised a Free #Medical Check-up camp in the town of #Zirakpur..!!
It was organised for childrens of Downtrodden families adopted by Mrs. Sushil Bansal.!!

International Cooking Competition was held in Chandigarh for Women to show their talent. This event was organized by the #Merisajni Magazine in collaboration with Komfort Pathshala and Nazakat, Inc.

Ms. Vinny Garg was invited as a Guest of Honour at the Lionesses Club Panchkula. Ms. Vinny is a perfect soul for this outstanding work in field of philanthropy. She is sincerely dedicated to take a step for Women independence..!!

Speaking on Women rights, Ms. Vinny Garg was invited as a guest speaker at the Chandigarh press club..!! It was 10th annual journalist Honour day held in the memory of a young Journalist Simmi Marwaha who left this world in a tragic road accident.

Where the storms strike with fury, the sturdiest trees are found!
The thunder pealed, the lightning flashed and the rain came down in spurts; however Vinny remained determined to run her first half marathon. The fortitude gained from her mother suffering from brain tumor, spurred Vinny to run the race despite the arduous conditions. On a sabbatical to assist her mother during hospice care, Vinny trained herself with diligence and discipline, as she crossed the finish line dedicating the race to her mother. This race was organized on Sunday March 13 to support Chandigarh become the most modern, peaceful and a prosperous Smart City.

[12/17/13]   Holiday gifts may be remembered for a long time, but holiday memories last forever. In celebration of the Christmas Holiday, Vinny was invited by Dr. Biju to narrate a chronicle on this festive season. Her oration was recorded at the BGM studio in Puthuppally Kerala. Her recording will be telecasted on the native television channels of this region.

[12/16/13]   Healing from a clavicle fracture at Santhimandiram Aryuveda hospital, Vinny was approached by Dr. Biju Kulamavu to mentor students from a local college. She gave a lecture on ‘Making Positive Impressions’ and provided an overview on workplace etiquette skills. The young women are B.Com final year students at P.G. Radhakrishnan Memorial Sree Narayana College in Kottayam Kerala. The students come to this venue in reference to Hospital and Marketing Management project.

Pratham Infotech Foundation

PIF ( runs IT based training, educational and community capacity building programs in under-served schools and communities.

About us

The Nazakat Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides tangible improvements in education and sustainable economic growth opportunities for women and children. Our efforts are focused at the grassroots level to bring together community groups and government bodies to establish holistic programs that are sustainable. These programs help straddle the line between equity and equality, promote the efficacy of yoga to enhance child’s cognitive health, and advance women’s economic empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Nazakat provides access to tools and resources to enable upward mobility access to individuals who are determined to have the interest and potential to make a difference in their respective community. Nazakat organizes communities at the local, regional, and district level to deploy programs that are designed to provide remedial learning; digital literacy, soft skills development and leadership training.

Nazakat has the crosscutting agility to work with a number of partnering organizations, namely the business community, academic institutions, fellow nonprofit organizations, public sector agencies. This collaborative effort amongst the eco-system of public, private, education and research entities permits Nazakat to operate with greater flexibility, and navigate through an intra, inter, and multidisciplinary environments.

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