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Hello and Welcome! I work with families who desire a holistic approach to helping their child who has a chronic health condition or learning, behavior and/or emotional challenges and families who simply want better health all around.

(read below) I work with families who choose a holistic approach to helping their child who has a chronic health condition or learning, behavior and/or emotional challenges. Through an integrative and actionable approach, all while exploring areas such as, but not limited to, healthy history, gut health, sleep habits, nutrition, mindfulness, and movement, your child will embrace their challenges with confidence to live a life full of joy and vitality. I believe in taking a bioindividual approach where we look at your child as the unique and individual person they are and personalize a health plan just as unique. In addition to this, I also work with families who desire better health all around such as improved nutrition, meal prep/planning, fitness, and intentional family time. FAMILY WELLNESS, TOGETHER!

Mission: My mission is to guide and empower you towards balanced wellness in all aspects of life. I am mindful that everyone is unique and therefore each person has his or her own journey towards complete wellness.

Operating as usual

Popped up on my memories...

Love this message from @finding_joy.

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Make LAUGHING part of your mental fitness routine!
Laugh daily!

Are your children/teens having a stressful day? Frustrated? Sad? Allow them the space to do something fun either with you or on their own...watch a funny movie, listen to fun dance music or to call a friend who will lift their spirits.

Cheers to Friday! What will you do this weekend to have fun and create LAUGHTER for you and others?

LAUGHTER is not only free to give and receive but it is also contagious and you might spread all these side effects to others so go spread the LAUGHTER today!

Relaxes the brain.
Reduces stress.
Improves breathing.
Immune Boost.
Exercise for inner gut.
Heart protector.
Creates positive relationships.
Reduces pain.
Allows for better sleep.

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Tasty Thursday!
This is so yummy and healthy. You will have leftovers of the sauce to then use on other dishes, salads or even as a dip!

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Sometimes easier said than done, especially for children and teens. It’s not a race to do it all, all the time but rather to set up healthy habits to last a lifetime. Break it down and choose one focus for the day. Have your child come up with ideas to set themselves up for life habits.

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Today's reminder...our children and teens are watching us.
They see us. They feel us.
How do you want to show up today?

Today, I am going to remember that my reactions are my own. I am the only one who can control that. I will take many pauses and many deep breaths.
Teaching our children to breathe through challenging and uncertain situations, is a gift.

Power of Pause and Deep Breathe:

🌱calms the mind
🌱calms the heart
🌱calms the body

All of which allows us to show up to our day in a state of calm and kindness towards others, no matter what.

🌱stabilizes heart rate
🌱reduces blood pressure
🌱reduces stress levels
🌱improves immunity
🌱supports healthy gut
🌱increased energy
🌱improved focus
🌱positive mindset
🌱supports managing pain
🌱better quality sleep

Pause and breathe! Even better...gather your kids, do deep breathing for one minute and then go outside and take a 10 minute walk, together. If not with your kids, do it for yourself...remember, our children are watching us.

MetDaan Tips

So many fun and cool ideas you and your child/teen can try!
My daughter had read about the lemon juice/hard boiled eggs a while ago and it really does work.

Cook in bulk! Efficient ways to meal prep or cook for a crowd!

Guiding our children and teens towards a daily habit of discovering gratitude around themselves isn't always easy however it is a gift we can give our children. In gratitude, we can find joy and connections to others. As I shared yesterday, getting in the habit and mindset of gratitude can also improve our emotional and physical well-being.

Here are 4 more ways to start guiding our children to pause and find gratitude.
(for the first 3 ways I shared, see the post from yesterday)

1) "Who helped you today?" This is a great question to ask your children. Often we ask (as we should), "Who did you help today?" This should also bring a sense of gratitude knowing we can serve others. But we also want to teach children to take notice of who helped them as well. Perhaps it was something small or maybe it was something bigger. Recognizing others are caring enough to help us, creates joy and a sense of gratitude towards others.

2) Fail Forward - Yes, often gratitude can be found in making a mistake or failing at something. Naturally, these situations might cause anger and frustration and that is okay. Guide our children to validate those emotions within themselves and then teach them to find what they learned so they can grow from it. This is a wonderful way for our children to create a growth mindset.

3) Volunteer in your community. There are always volunteer opportunities available and for many different organizations. Decide as a family which organization you want to support. Find something that will create a connection for your child. If they love animals, volunteer at a pet adoption event or at a shelter. If they enjoy clothing, have them volunteer at a clothing donation center to sort and organize clothes. If they enjoy food, have them volunteer at the local food pantry. This isn't about feeling badly for others. It is about giving back to others, learning from others and through the experience and forming community connections.

4) Home - But beyond the basic human needs of family, food and and shelter. Guide your child to look right in front of them, with the people they are closest with, to find what they are thankful for. Did a sibling help them with something? Did a parent do something special? Did your child do something for their pet? Who did something extra to care for the house? Practicing gratitude all starts in the home.

What is one way you will model and guide gratitude for your child today?

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New Month!
New Week!
New Day!

NOVEMBER... the month synonymous with the word "gratitude."
Some say, why do people only focus on this concept in November? I say, use this month to start practicing gratitude, DAILY, beyond November.

This is an important life skill and habit to not only practice as adults but to teach and guide our children and teens to engage in as well. Simply practicing GRATITUDE is one way to cope with the stress or frustrations of life.

When we express gratitude either out loud, through writing or drawing, our brain releases neurotransmitters that produce "feel good" emotions. Our body immediately goes into a state of calm and uplift.

Yes, simply by expressing gratitude, we can change the emotional and physical state of our bodies.

It takes practice though! Just like our kids practice soccer, gymnastics, violin, acting, math facts, etc, to learn and improve skills, they can do the same with GRATITUDE.

This week, I will be sharing tips on ways you can help guide your child and teen towards this powerful life skill.

Here are 3 ways to start:

1)When out and about with your child, start to take note about the people, things, events, happenings around you that you find you are thankful for and verbalize this out loud. Don't discuss or make it a big conversation, simply make note of it out loud.

2)At dinner, share about something or someone that brought you joy and ask if anyone else has anything to share.

3)Throughout the day, find the simple ways YOUR CHILD does something that you are thankful for and TELL THEM!


I made this last weekend and I'll be making it again this weekend! This time I am going to roast the walnuts first and mix them into the chili. It gives it a nutty taste. Perfect for a chilly Autumn night!

We had this last night for dinner. Such an easy and healthy dish to make. I have different toppings out and everyone makes their own bowl. The Pumpkin Tahini Sauce gave it a wonderful Autumn Flavor!

What do you like to put in your rice bowls?

Pumpkin Palooza Day!
(dairy and gluten free)

I love all the warm flavors of Autumn Baking...cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and even a little cumin pepper and with a hint of sweetness too.

In trying to keep my baking made with as little sugar as possible, my tip is to load up on the spice! In my recipe I say 2 tablespoons of all-spice but sometimes I even add more. Go with how you like it!

Just a few notes for this recipe: I use a gluten free pancake mix because it adds a little sweetness and already has the baking powder/soda mixed in to create the consistency you want for your baking. (I use Arrowhead Mill brand); You could leave the honey/maple syrup out all together but I enjoy a touch of sweetness. I use either raw local honey or pure organic maple syrup; I use Enjoy Life allergy-free chocolate chips; Using a strong blender like a Vitamix is helpful. You could also use a hand mixer.

Adding chocolate chips is optional.
Would you add chocolate chips or not? Let me know below.

Enjoy the sweet and savory taste and the warm aroma!

It's Tasty Thursday!

Lately, everything this week is all about PUMPKIN!!! I'll be sharing a few recipes today but first I am wondering...

Do you like to cook/bake with Pumpkin?
Answer below and if yes, what is your favorite pumpkin dish?

As a Nutrition Health Coach, I am an advocate of "moderation not deprivation" and keeping things real. Eating will never be "perfect." What is perfect after all, anyway? What is right for you, might not feel right for another.
It is important to model healthy food and lifestyle choices for our children but also not to beat ourselves up when this might not happen. This is a good quote to keep in mind when feeding ourselves, our family and our children to help us make healthy and clean choices...the majority of the time.

HELP! My child isn't eating enough protein and is a very picky eater! He does not like eggs, cheese or meat.
What can I do to add more protein to his nutrition?
This is a question recently asked by a parent and inspired me to share.

First Step: Stock up on a selection of protein sources so that you can give him CHOICES. You can even make it a fun trip to the grocery store and create a scavenger hunt for him. (I can help you with details on how to do this...just message me)

Here are some great protein sources and ideas for adding Protein to your family's nutrition:

🌱1)Nuts and Seeds- walnuts, pecans, cashews, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and hemp and flax seeds. Make a snack mix and add in a few chocolate chips (Enjoy Life Brand is allergy free!). Add hemp seeds to smoothies.

🌱2)Nut Butters-Add to smoothies; Spread on rice cakes or whole grain bread and top with bananas; Use in baking

🌱3)Beans-chickpeas, peas, edamame and lima beans; Tip: roast your chickpeas to make them crunchy; Add beans to salads, pasta, rice

🌱4)Greens and Veggies-YES, they have protein! Spinach, mustard greens, asparagus, brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower and broccoli to name a few.

🌱5)Eggs - Fun Tip: I make hard boiled eggs and use the egg whites in smoothies...not only adds protein but also helps make the smoothie have a creamy texture; Figure out how your child likes their eggs and offer it that way; Make Egg Muffins...eggs and veggies and bake in a muffin tin

🌱6)Oats-Make oatmeal; add to smoothies (want to use a good source and organic)

🌱7)Quinoa - makes a great substitution to pasta; Chickpea/Veggie/Bean based Pasta- lots of new options out there.

🌱8)Wholegrain waffles/pancakes/muffins...look for my recipes that include little to no sugar; The brand, Kodiak Cakes is good for easy baking.

🌱9)Cacao-Baking or making a smoothie with a "chocolate" taste, use cacao for extra protein

🌱10)Tofu-add to smoothies; use in a variety of dishes

🌱11)Cheese, Yogurt and Milk - While we want to limit dairy, these are good sources. You can also look for dairy free options...but be careful of added ingredients/processed versions; Add non-dairy milk to smoothies

🌱12)Meat and Fish - Just be sure they are from a local farm, reputable source, non gmo and/or organic

NOTE: Children can have good intuition on what their body needs, enjoys and will react positively/negatively to. If a child becomes extremely picky, there could be a reason...gut challenges, sensitivities, etc. If you suspect that something is "off" with your child, follow your own instincts and reach out to me and we can explore more.

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Dinner in a Minute!
Spaghetti Squash


‎Healthy Home Hacks Podcast: 5G: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly on Apple Podcasts

Want to learn more about the dangers that lurk in our bedrooms and our children’s bedrooms? Everything from allergens to chemicals to electromagnetic radiation. You will be shocked but you will walk away with simple hacks you can start now to help create a more healthy sleep environment!
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podcasts.apple.com ‎Show Healthy Home Hacks Podcast, Ep 5G: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - Sep 23, 2020

Good morning! I'd like to invite all of you to join me for a fun and educational workshop where I will share more about how to use Essential Oils/Non-toxic products as one of your wellness tools for your family.
🌸Stress? Anxiety? Metabolism? Seasonal Threats? Immune? Focus? Discomfort? Gut Health? Sleep? Non-Toxic Cleaners? Healthy Skin? Children's Health? YES, I have something for that!
🌸Come join me for an afternoon or evening class this Wednesday to get empowered on integrating these products into your wellness!
🌸Be sure to register via the link to get access to the class. Message me with any questions or if you prefer your own wellness consult, we can schedule that too.
12:30pm- http://bit.ly/ldwellness
7pm- http://bit.ly/ldwell7
Comment below which class you plan to attend to be entered into a drawing for one of my favorite oils...CHEER!


Best Ideas for Creating a Virtual Learning Study Space

Great tips!
Do you have something that has worked for you and your children? Share below!

grownandflown.com Here are inventive ways that families have created virtual learning study spaces at home for their tweens, teens, and college students.

Self-Care is important to embrace daily but personally I find Sundays are the day I can pause and do this very intentionally.
What are you doing today for yourself? No wrong answer...that’s the best part of self-care....you do what feels right to you!

Dinner in a Minute!
Tomato Sauce

Dinner in a Minute! Pasta Night!

Dinner in a Minute! Taco Bowls!

From “fb memories.”

Dinner in a Minute: Mustard Sauce

Dinner in a Minute!


Coronavirus pandemic taking toll on teens & families

Words of Wisdom regarding teens and the pandemic. What example are you setting in terms of reaction and self-care?


news4jax.com The cumulative effect of the coronavirus pandemic weighs heavily on just about everyone. But its impact on teens is especially hard.

What will you let go of today that’s holding you back or making you feel heavy?
What will you cultivate today to move you forward in a state of positivity, light and joy?
Let’s teach our children these mindful habits early. Let them be in moments of “stuck” and ask them questions to help guide them and figure out how to solve and cultivate ways to get to a state of more clarity and calm.

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Re-enacted Photo from a bit ago...
Are you hitting a Screen Wall? Are your kiddos?
I started my day with a long walk but since then, I’ve either been creating content for presentations, on zoom meetings or watching other videos/zooms. I hit a wall! Are you hitting a Screen Wall? Give yourself permission to take a break! Give your kids a Screen Break too! Step away from all screens! Some of you might worry you won’t get things done, won’t be productive, looked at as lazy. NO!! Give yourself a break! Set the example for the kids. Go outside and get fresh air. Go for a walk or read a book. Do yoga. Just sit outside and breathe!! (That’s what I did...not pictured is my dog who was in the chair next to me when I was actually outside without my device) If not outside, move somewhere in your house with no device and drink some tea or water and read a magazine. Do a small project...color or paint, bake, fold “that” basket of laundry, do jumping jacks, or simply, just sit and BE! Trust me, you’ll be more productive and focused by taking a break. Your brain will function better and you’ll feel refreshed! Guide your children towards taking Screen Breaks as part of their routine too!

⭐️What are you doing during your Screen Break today?

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