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Mission: My mission is to guide and empower you towards balanced wellness in all aspects of life. I am mindful that everyone is unique and therefore each person has his or her own journey towards complete wellness.

This salad idea I shared just popped up in my memories on my personal page. I would add goat cheese to it now.
Fresh and quick-n-easy deliciousness for lunch! I'm slightly obsessed with combining peaches and avocados in a variety of ways. Today: Lemon Arugula; Sliced Avocado; Sliced Peaches; Juice of 1/2 Lemon; Pepper #leighdebrawellness #fresh #simple

Good ‘ol Bagel, Cream Cheese and Lox....Dairy&Gluten Free style!

Just because you can’t eat gluten and dairy, does not mean you can’t enjoy the foods you love. While I don’t always have this, I was craving it so I bought GF bagels from @odoughs, dairy free cream cheese and wild caught smoked salmon from @traderjoes.
Everything was delish and my cravings were served!
What delish meal are you savoring today?

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Sending your kid off to college? Come learn about sending them off with a natural survival kit!

Please pre-register and the Zoom Workshop Link will be sent to you.

Three Wellness Workshops this week!!
Watch from the comfort of home!
Please go to the Event page and register via the zoom link posted there.

Tuesday 1pm: https://www.facebook.com/events/341422893542367/

Tuesday 7pm https://www.facebook.com/events/1406155702909878/

Thursday 12:30pm https://www.facebook.com/events/660717424532304/

Monday Mindset!
What will you be curious about today? Tomorrow? This week?
When we let go of being comfortable and certain and embrace curiosity and uncertainty, we can discover new aspects of ourselves and of life.
Remember having this feeling as a child?
Let go. Pause. Listen. Discover. Grow.
Where will curiosity lead you?
Allow yourself and your children to be curious today!

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Delish summer pizza! This time I topped it off with home made pesto (are recipe on my “pesto” post), spinach, peaches, peas and goat cheese! Delish!

What do you like to put on your pizza?

Hello August!
May this new month bring warmth, sunshine and freedom to your mind, body and soul!

What will you do to create this in your life each day?

#helloaugust #newmonth #newgoals #newmindset #lettinggo #welcoming #sunshinejoy #powerofpause #goforitgirl #momboss #sayyes #healthyliving #healthcoach #wellnesscoach #familywellness #familytable

I am so excited for these AUGUST promos!!! All put together with Back to School in mind!! I love when they GIVE us a new oil to try for FREE as a thank you for taking care of your health!

☀️Product of the month: Caraway 5mL
When you spend 125 PV in your LRP monthly rewards cart by August 15th, you automatically get free Caraway in your order

🥕Caraway is a member of the carrot family and is a cousin to dill, fennel, anise , and cumin. The ancient Egyptians used caraway in herbal preparations. Caraway seeds are very popular as a spice, particularly in Europe and in India. Caraway essential oil is extracted from the seeds of the caraway plant and is transformed into an essential oil by steam distillation of the crushed seeds.

💧 • Apply one drop to toothbrush when brushing teeth, morning and night.
💧 • Add a few drops to tea or water and drink before meals and between meals.
💧• Diffuse three to four drops anytime to create an uplifting atmosphere.
💧• Caraway blends well with herb and citrus oils, such as Roman Chamomile or Bergamot, as well as other spice oils such as Ginger and Coriander.

📚 15% Off: doTERRA Motivate, Thinker, & InTune. No matter what back to school looks like for you this year, we’ve got you covered. (While supplies last)

Don’t forget TERRAZYME IS BACK! One per order.
TerraZyme is a supplement formulated to help break down your food naturally which aids in digestion. It’s important to have healthy digestion to support our immune and emotional health!

I will be doing a Back to School Class this Tuesday at 7pm! I’ll post details later.

Friday, July 31st is the last day for $50 back as a Thank You for becoming a new doTerra Customer but even more so as a thank you to yourself for taking empowerment over your health!

These are a few examples of the products my new customers start with. Click on each picture for a brief intro and am ordering link. When I receive your order, I will contact you to set up your personalized wellness consult and add you to my private customer education page!

Comment below or message me with questions!

Tuesday BOGO!!
Buy Deep Blue Oil get Past Tense Roller

Today’s BOGO pair is all about:
Relief & Soothe & Restore

Want to purchase with wholesale cost and save 25%, get $50 back, free shipping, wellness consults plus the BOGO today?

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Smoked Basil Pesto
(dairy free and low fodmap)

I had some basil from our farmers market and farm delivery that I needed to use up before picking up more tomorrow. I love making my own pesto. It's so easy and you can get creative with flavor. This time I decided to use @traderjoes South African Smoke Seasoning...and guess what is in it? Basil along with Paprika and some other herbs. It has a deep smokey flavor! I am sensitive to garlic so I am not able to use it in my recipes but if you choose other flavors, it is not missed at all and it keeps my belly happy! I also add 2 drops of doTerra's Basil Essential Oil because, why not get the added health benefits? I used to on my pizza using @caulipower crust tonight. Added, spinach, artichokes, olives and goat cheese. Delish!

2 bunches of basil
1/2 cup lemon juice
1 cup pecans
2 tsp Mixed Up Salt
2 tbls Smoked Seasoning
2 drops of doTerra Basil EO*
Blend together in a food processor. Add spices to your liking! Serve on pizza, pasta, salads, and as a dip.
*I can only recommend using doTerra EO for internal use due to their integrity of sourcing and pureness of their product.

Uses for Basil EO
prevents candida
supports liver function
fungal challenges
needing an emotional feeling of rejuvenation
supports emotions of commitment
ear challenges
bug repellent
furniture polish

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I am so thankful to have something natural to use at my finger tips. I tweaked my back doing who knows what. I am using Deep Blue, Lemongrass, Turmeric and Ginger oils. The ginger I use topically in the Deep Blue Rub and I also add it to my water with Lemon.

An experimental model of rheumatoid arthritis found that ginger essential oil prevented chronic joint inflammation.

Wednesday BOGO:

Buy Tea Tree and get Citronella for FREE!


☝️ Increased limit to 3 per account!!!

🌱 Tea Tree can be used for just about anything: immune, all things skin, ears, congestion, prevention of lice, and even toe fungus!

🦟 Citronella is not just for bugs outside but also bugs or yuckies inside the body, supports your digestive and immune system, menstrual cycle, anxious feelings, and pesky insects!

🏡Both great to use in cleaning products!

⭐️These two combined together are a powerhouse of anti-fungal effects!

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I call this the happy and healthy mind and body combo!!
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Moderation not deprivation!!
Happy National Ice Cream Day!
What’s your fav?

I was super excited to find these tortillas at Target! I actually went back to Target for the first time yesterday. My daughter was looking for veggie nuggets and then I saw these. I love their pizza crust so decided to try the tortillas and they are delish!
I love adding iceburg lettuce to salads and dishes during the summer. Very cool, crisp and refreshing! And despite its reputation for having zero nutrition value, it actually does have small amounts of some minerals and is high in vitamins A and K. It also has a high water content which gives it the refreshing texture.

What is inside my tortilla?
Mashed Avocado
Goat Cheese
Mashed Hard Boiled Egg
Iceburg Lettuce
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🍑Mini Parfait Time!🍑


🍋Tip: Add a drop of doTerra lemon essential oil to your yogurt for extra flavor and the added health benefits such as digestive and detox support. Added bonus: when you open the bottle you get the aromatherapy bonus of joy, happiness and uplift!

#summersnack #traderjoes #fruitandveggies #dairyfreesnack #cleaneatingsnacks #healthymom #kidsnacks #wellnessblog #familyhealth #familyhealthtogether #fromthefarmer #supportlocalfarms

What do you do when you are feeling stressed or anxious? How do you react and how quickly? Do you have a mental list of healthy things to do when stressed?
Stress isn’t a bad thing, we just need to learn how to manage it. We can model healthy reactions to stress for our children and teach them from an early age to pause, honor their feelings, take deep breaths and then choose something from their “calm toolbox” to do to take care of themselves.
Here are some great ideas in this beautiful graphic from @colormehappii on Instagram. Of course, I’d add using calming essential oils to this list. 🙂

What will you do today to bring a sense of peace and calm to yourself? One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is teaching them how to pause, be in tune with and care for their inner souls. Lead by example!
I did a self guided yoga practice today. I let intuition lead my way. Stayed out longer than I anticipated which just meant my body and mind needed a little extra care today. While I will not force my girls to practice with me, I do share with them the benefits and hope one day they will discover the love of yoga for themselves. I think this upcoming school year, we could all benefit from pause and practice.
Off to the beach for some fun in the sand & ocean!

#yogatime #selfguidedyoga #intuitiveyoga #beachyoga #powerofpause #wellnessblog #obxlife #familyfitness #familyhealthcoach #growthmindset #healthyfamily #naturalmamas #familywellnesstogether #iinhealthcoach #wellnesscoach #teenhealth #familytable

Delish and easy to make snack for you and everyone in the family!

Vanilla Protein Energy Balls
2 cups Walnuts (you can use pecans too)
8 Dates, pitted
3/4 cup Organic Unsweetened Coconut Flakes, separated into a 1/2 cup and 1/4 cup
1 tbls Hemp Seed
1 tbls Local Raw Honey
2 tbls Nut Butter
2 tsp Vanilla
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (I use doTerra’s Trim Shake)

In a food processor, process the walnuts. Chop dates in half and add to the processor. Add the coconut flakes and hemp seeds and blend. Add the honey, nut butter and vanilla and then slowly add the protein powder. Put the mixture into a bowl and mix in the remaining coconut flakes. Roll into one inch balls and place in a closed container. I prefer to keep in the freezer but you can also keep in the refrigerator. Makes about 20 one-inch balls.

☀️🌸Hello July!🌸☀️

These are unprecedented times we are in and the uncertainties can take a toll on our emotional well being and our physical health. We might not even recognize it. It’s important to take a pause in the day and take notice of how you feel in your mind and body. Honor where you are at, own it and figure out how to manage what you discover.
If you have children, keep in mind, they too might (most likely) are experiencing stress and anxieties. Younger kids might be acting out more. Teens might not be sleeping well. Perhaps your child’s personality has changed or you’ve noticed good habits disappear. Many are creating stories in their own minds. They observe us adults and how we react to situations. Take time to pause and be in tune with their emotions as well as your own. Be honest and vulnerable with them about your own feelings and thoughts. Ask open ended questions and have conversations together that allow time and space for them to talk openly.
The past four months have certainly been like no other in our lives. We have felt all the feels over and over again. There are many things out of our control and that doesn’t feel so good and causes us to react in ways we might not like and same with our children. This is where giving grace to each other comes in.
One aspect of life we can control is to manage our physical health and emotional well being. With this new month, a month during summer where the sun shines bright, which alone ignites good health, decide as a family what you can do to engage in acts of positive wellness. Decide what you will do to model for your kids.

Are we eating clean foods? How much sugary foods are we eating? Is my teen eating fast food every day? How much water am I actually drinking? Are my children learning to cook or bake? Are we getting outside each day? What physical fitness are we each doing? What fitness activity does my child really enjoy? What’s the last thing I do before bed? Is my child relaxed during sleep? Do I take time to pause from devices and the noise of life and what am my children? Do I take time to just be? Do I do something each day to bring joy?

Throughout the month, I will be sharing engaging and fun ideas to address all of this and
more. I truly believe that our emotional wellbeing effects our physical health and vise versa. Let’s teach our children how to be in control of health regardless but especially during these more challenging days.

Share below one health goal your family is working on, together.


Tip on how to Keep Flowers Fresh and Long Lasting

I love my hydrangea plant! The colors that came in this year are stunning...mix of blues, purples and pinks. When I drive up to the house, they just make me smile. I cut some fo the flowers to bring inside but I know that hydrangeas don't last long. I learned an easy trick that helps keep them fresh and long lasting. Watch the video to learn what I do.

Basil is one of my favorite summer foods! Did you know it doesn't only taste delish but also has many health benefits?
🌱Aids in healthy digestion
🌱Supports healthy liver function
🌱Promotes healthy skin and reduces clogged pores and blemishes
🌱Stimulates neurotransmitters to induce feelings of joy and energy

Today's Salad: Basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches, and goat cheese tossed in olive oil, lemon and salt/pepper. So refreshing and healthy.

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Tip on how to Keep Flowers Fresh and Long Lasting




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