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[01/12/15]   Last post here, but don't fret. You can follow us here Beyond Wellness

[01/07/15]   103 likes, thats it!? I can't wait to shut this page down.

[01/07/15]   why did I ever try to create a page for myself? Consolidating our pages in 2015. Follow Beyond Wellness instead.

[12/26/11]   West. VA here I go @realpatchadams

[12/16/11]   Got 2 c Dr Amanda while I'm at it! It's great 2 b back.

[12/16/11]   Home swt home! Sure is chilly, need to warm up w some reston hot bikram yoga!

[12/08/11]   Kitesurfing is dependent on wind, darn!

[12/06/11]   I just interviewed some awesome candidates for a PT front desk admin position that I just filled. do u need someone, i can refer u my best

[12/04/11]   Kiteboarding lessons! I hope I don't fly away!

[12/04/11]   Proud

[11/30/11]   Live the life you dreamed of, just do it! How can I help u achieve this...?


Official website of the Disciple MMA Academy

Train #MMA with the best in #ashburn VA and most professional at http://ow.ly/7wf2s can't wait to come back and see you guys

ow.ly The Disciple MMA Academy will be the premier martial arts training destination in Virginia and the Mid Atlantic region.

[11/17/11]   #UFC who is watching The Ultimate Fighter? I know who i'm rooting for...

[11/16/11]   break time for Dr. Su. Hope everyone had a wonderful lunch and break...!

[10/14/11]   What healthy activity are you doing this weekend!? I said "healthy!"

[09/20/11]   #cosmicconsciousness "Self knowledge is the highest form of knowledge"

[09/13/11]   salsa class tonight....if miami can't teach me, I am hopeless...thank you for all those that tried in VA tho

[09/08/11]   I love organ meats, is that bad? pate' in particular...gotta love the french!

[08/31/11]   "Own your own feelings. Nobody else does. And accept that you don't own the other person's feelings, they do." - Deepak

[08/29/11]   Who hates mondays? What is your least favorite day of the week?

[08/27/11]   "Travel is the best way we have of rescuing the humanity of places, and saving them from abstraction and ideology." - Pico Iyer: Why We Travel

[08/26/11]   I miss Tony Passos, Greatest teacher of Jiu Jitsu in the World. For those that live near Sterling, VA, try it out and good it...it will change your life.

[08/24/11]   "I will not wait for science to catch up with me with what I already know from experiences." -Dr. Su

[08/24/11]   Anyone else, what would make your day go better today?

[08/24/11]   What would make your hump day better?

[08/23/11]   If you could create your own business, what business field would that be?

[08/23/11]   Friends of mine often wonder why I travel on foot or bike so often when in a "foreign land" or on vacation...the book below gives insight to why I am the way I am. Try it!

[08/23/11]   Book of the day..."Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel" - by Rolf Potts

[08/23/11]   Pepper Weeks, I repeat, Pepper weeks, would you like the Washington Nationals Tickets. You have til 9pm tomorrow to respond. Thank you for following...

[08/22/11]   "My greatest skill has been to want little. - Henry David Thoreau (Good Morning!)

[08/22/11]   A You-tube for Beyond Wellness will be made coming soon. The drawing was video taped to be fair, but for now, you all will have to trust me with how I came up with the winner. Thanks!

[08/22/11]   Jennifer Medina, I repeat, Jennifer Medina...You won the random drawing for the Washington Nationals Tickets for yourself and 4 friends!!! Please reply back to claim your prize and I will mail you the tickets immediately or let me know if you do not want them and that someone else can have them. Either way, thank you for following.

[08/18/11]   Am I going to see any football this season at the University of Miami? Just my luck!!! >:( Glad I'm a Hokie!

[08/16/11]   If you lost a significant amount of money, how would you compose yourself?

Dr. Su Credentials - "What Really Matters is MOXIE!"

[08/09/11]   "What you want and can't "GET" from others are things that you struggle with giving to yourself." Wierd thought and quote of the day I came up with while while driving to work today...What do you think? I'm not sure if I just made up some gibberish or not.

[08/02/11]   Ok, I'm ready to start sharing. Moving to Miami, FL next week! That will be step 1 in my journey and goals...

www.tonypassossbjj.com  - I learned 4 years of how to align joints.  I am now learning how to displace them in sport and in self-defense.

www.tonypassossbjj.com - I learned 4 years of how to align joints. I am now learning how to displace them in sport and in self-defense.

Dr. Su's View: Bikram Yoga

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