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At Halla Home Health Care, we value your decisions and we do as much as we can to materialize them especially when you’re in your senior years.

Where you live, how you live – you have a say. For your loving parents and grandparents, we make their golden years an epitome of comfort, relaxation and wellness. Many of us think that retirement at home is easy. We have all the time in the world and we get to do things we want to do when we want to do it. Unfortunately, old age can also bring forward some inconveniences and these can include dif

Operating as usual


Why Does Physical Therapy Matter?

What can physical therapy do for your loved one? Here are some of the examples:

- It provides therapeutic exercises which help reduce pain or get rid of it.
- It reduces the need to get surgery for their injuries.
- It helps them recover from a stroke or a musculoskeletal injury.

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Signs That Your Senior Loved One Needs Assistance

Aging is not something to be taken lightly. Your loved one’s deteriorating physical strength and cognitive skills can keep them from doing what they want to do and even put their lives at risk.

Here are some signs that your loved one needs professional help:

- Lack of appetite and extreme weight loss
- Extreme mood swings
- Poor body and oral hygiene
- Forgetfulness in taking medication
- Low physical energy
- Having trouble going down the stairs

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Understand Your Loved One’s Health Condition Better

Halla Home Health Care offers skilled nursing services. In this service, our licensed nurses not only provide basic medical care at home, they also educate you and your family about your loved one's condition. Get in touch with us today!

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How To Help Seniors Prepare Their Meals

Your main goal should be for their nutrition. Give them food that improves their physical and mental health.

Here are some ways to help your aging loved one prepare their meals:

1. Prepare their favorite dishes using healthy ingredients.
2. Involve your loved one in planning and preparing their meals.
3. Give their meals a nice touch to stimulate their appetite.

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Managing Diabetes with Occupational Therapy

Diabetes is most common among seniors. By undergoing occupational therapy, they can prevent it from ruining their daily living and golden moments. Daily management is necessary, such as:

-Checking and monitoring the blood sugar.
-Maintaining proper hygiene and foot care.
-Planning and preparing meals.
-Practicing healthy strategies to cope up with the illness.
-Daily appropriate physical activities.
-Learning effective strategies to cope up with vision, sensory and mobility loss.
-Occupational therapy also helps patients to manage medications as part of their daily routine.

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Thinking about Acquiring Home Care Services?

Still torn between hiring and not a home care provider? With Halla Home Health Care’s medical social services, you’ll get professional advice and support in getting home care. We have medical social workers who are qualified to do so.

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How Home Health Aides Help Seniors with Meal Preparations?

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Skilled Nursing: Proper Wound Care after Surgery

Primarily, proper care for surgical wounds should be done by a licensed nurse. This is only to avoid infections and further complications. That includes a proper wound care?

-Wash hands properly with a soap before tending to wounds.
-Prepare all medical supplies needed (i.e. dressing, bandage, gauze)
-Wear a sterile glove for removing the old dressing.
-Clean the area around the wound with a soft cloth or gauze pad.
-Clean the wound with the solution the doctor instructed.
-Place a clean dressing on the wound.

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The after Benefits of Physical Therapy

Most seniors undergo physical therapy to improve mobility and balance. Yet, it still has deeper benefits which include:

-Specific therapeutic exercises help reduce muscle and joint pains.
-If physical therapy got rid of the pain, you may not need to undergo surgery anymore.
-If you undergo surgery, you’ll recover faster with pre-surgery physical therapy.
-Patients who have mobility problems can move around more independently after a physical therapy.
-Performing daily activities like bathing, toileting, and dressing are easier.
-Specific physical therapy programs can help you go back to your sport.

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Know and Understand Your Health Condition Better

Halla Home Health Care offers skilled nursing services. Our trained nurses will assess your situation, then educate you about your disease. This is to help you prepare for what is coming. Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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The Essence of Home Health Care for Your Aging Loved Ones

Our seniors, despite their age and weakening state, still have dignity left in them. Whether they are suffering from an illness or injury, the thought of independent living stays alive. That is why there’s home health care. Qualified care providers are specially trained to assist the elderly with daily living. They can still perform light household chores such as preparing their meals or cleaning. It also comes with skilled nursing services so your seniors’ medical needs still professionally attended to at home.

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Benefits of IV Therapy

Intravenous (IV) therapies are required for some patients as these provide the following benefits:

- Medication dosage is controlled.
- Medication can be administered quickly.
- Medication can be given slowly but consistently.
- Medication cannot be affected by liver activities as it goes directly into the bloodstream.
- Medication can be administered at home.

Do you have a loved one who needs IV therapy in your home? Let our healthcare team assist them. Contact us at Halla Home Health Care.

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5 Tips: How to Store Foods at Home

- Keep dairy items at the back of the refrigerator because it’s the coldest part.
- Store meats on the bottom shelf so their drippings won’t reach other foods.
- Wrap leafy vegetables with paper towels to absorb their excess moisture.
- Know that some fruits and veggies need not be stored in the fridge.
- Monitor fridge temperature to prevent spoiling.

For more assistance in your meal tasks at home, contact us at Halla Home Health Care. Our home health aides are ready to assist you.

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Why You Need to Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Is it time to visit your doctor yet? If you’ve been thinking about excuses for not going, here are the top reasons why that visit is a must:

- Your medications can be adjusted as necessary.
- Your health status can be monitored properly.
- Your medical questions can be answered.
- Your laboratory results can be interpreted.
- Your recovery period can be cleared.

There are still varied reasons to make that trip to your physician’s clinic. If you need assistance with your next visit, we have a medical transportation team at Halla Home Health Care.

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5 Steps to Proper Hand Washing

It’s essential to practice proper hand washing, especially if you have sick loved ones at home. This practice keeps infection at bay. Follow these steps:

1. Wet your hands with running water.
2. Apply soap and rub your fingers together including the back of the hands, between the fingers, and under the nails.
3. Scrub your hands for as long as the “Happy Birthday” song twice.
4. Rinse with a clean water.
5. Dry your hands with a clean towel or hand dryer.

To maintain a sanitized home for your unwell family member, get our assistance at Halla Home Health Care. Feel free to inquire about our services.

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Baking Soda: Healthy Alternative to Air Fresheners

Do you know that commercial air fresheners contain chemicals that are bad for your health? Use baking soda as an alternative. It contains sodium bicarbonate that naturally absorbs unpleasant odors at home. To maintain your home clean and sanitized, contact us.

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[08/06/18]   Fun Fact About Tomatoes

Do you know that it had to take the Supreme Court to declare tomato as a vegetable? They did make that ruling in 1893. The reason is that while tomato is botanically a fruit, it’s frequently mixed in vegetable menus. But still, it doesn’t change tomato’s health benefits.

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5 Ways to Avoid Senior’s Loneliness

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Schedule a Care Assessment Today

The first step to help an ill or aging beloved improve their quality of life at home is to recognize the signs it's time to seek in-home care support. However, some red flags can be too hard to identify until it's too late.
That's why we encourage families to have a care assessment with us. A trained eye can easily spot those warning signs and create the best care plan that fits their needs.
Please feel free to schedule an assessment with Halla Home Health Care. You may visit our website or call us directly for more details.

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[07/27/18]   Are You Eating a Proper Diet?

Your immune system today is not the same as it was in your younger years. It may not be as powerful as it was in preventing and/or fighting an illness. That's why seniors are more susceptible to diseases. However, the right nutrition can help boost your immunity.



Are You Financially Conscious About Seeking Home Healthcare Services?

Has your doctor advised you to consider home health care? Or do you need in-home assistance in your current situation? Whether you're sick, healing, or aging, you can address your health needs and enjoy the company of a skilled care expert right at home!

And here's an even better news: You can receive home healthcare services without breaking your bank!

Halla Home Health Care provides plenty of payment options you can choose from. We have collaborated with several insurance companies to give you access to our promised comfort and care.

You're a step away from experiencing our quality care. Check if you're covered for our services. Contact us today.

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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Senior’s Exercise

Here's the ultimate fitness secret: Exercise won't feel like a chore when it's fun! Enjoying your fitness routine can become like any of your favorite pastimes. And the next thing you'll know, you'll be looking forward to doing your next walkathon or dance session.

So, if you're considering a fitness plan for your seniors, remember to keep it fun! Here's how:

1. Go window shopping
2. Play with the grandkids
3. Take a pet for a walk
4. Join dance classes
5. Plan a hiking activity

Try any of this with your seniors and tell us how it goes!

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[07/09/18]   Health Tip: Have Regular Check-Ups

Do not wait for an illness to come before visiting a physician. Get regular health screenings, whether you're in perfect condition or not. It is a good precautionary measure for your overall wellness, most especially in your aging years.

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Do You Need Occupational Therapy?

Injuries or disabilities can affect a person's ability to perform their daily living tasks. With the help of our occupational therapists, you can regain your independence and improve your recovery. Our in-home rehabilitative services are designed to provide practical solutions to enhance your daily living.

Get back in shape and maintain your wellness. You're one step closer in addressing your health needs, redeeming your skills, and enjoying the fullness of life. Let's discuss your customized therapy plan soon.

Do you need help? Ask us to know more about our Occupational Therapy service. Call us today or visit our website for more details.

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Going Out to Exercise? Stay Safe with These 5 Tips

Before you head on out for a walk or jog, make sure you…

-Lock the doors and windows to your house in order to discourage a break in.
-Bring along a water bottle so you can stay hydrated during your workout.
-Always warm up and cool down to prevent sprains and other aches.
-Wear comfortable shoes that can cushion and protect your feet.
-Don't hesitate to stop if you feel uncomfortable, dizzy or short of breath.

Need help with doing exercise?
Halla Home Health Care can help!


(Source: https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/weight-management/health-tips-older-adults)

[06/25/18]   We're Here to Offer You Full Support

Halla Home Health Care will help you stay comfortable at home.

We can provide you with skilled nursing services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, assistance with daily living activities, transportation, and more!

How can we be of service?


You Can Be More Physically Active with These 3 Tips

-Pick a routine you like. It's okay to start small.
You can even begin by taking a 10-minute walk daily, then gradually increase your pace as the week passes.

-Invite a friend or family member to join you to make the workout more fun and interactive.
Your exercise routine can be a bonding activity too!

-Getting assistance from a care professional to assist you with your routine.

Halla Home Health Care will be happy to guide you on your journey to physical fitness.


(Source: https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/weight-management/health-tips-older-adults)


5 Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

1. Avoid eating in front of the TV.
You might be eating more without noticing it since you're distracted.

2. Stick with the proper portion size.
Choose a smaller plate if you want to reduce your weight.

3. Review the calories.
Check the food label to see how much you are consuming per serving.

4. Try cooking ahead of time.
This way you can just conveniently heat up food when you don't feel like cooking.

5. Store canned or frozen vegetables and fruits.
Make sure you rinse it first to remove additional salt or sugar.


(Source: https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/weight-management/health-tips-older-adults)

[06/12/18]   Need a Trip to Your Doctor's Clinic, But Don't Have a Car?

No worries, Halla Home Health Care can take you there.
Aside from providing quality home health care, we also offer both non-medical and medical transportation for our clients to make sure you don't miss your appointments.


Do You Like Cooking?

If you like cooking, then we're sure you like eating too.
There's nothing wrong with that, as long as you keep your meals healthy and in moderation.

According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), you should eat less of:

Sugary foods. These include drinks and desserts with added sugars.
Foods cooked with butter or with fats that solidify at room temperature.
Pasta, bread, and rice produced from refined grain.

Get aid with meal preparation from friendly carers at Halla Home Health Care.


(Source: https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/weight-management/health-tips-older-adults)


Keep Your Brain Strong

The chances of you getting dementia and other memory loss diseases increases as you grow older. Keep your brain strong as the years go by!

- Test your memory skills. Try memorizing different lists. The second time you travel to an unfamiliar area, don’t use a GPS.

- Challenge yourself to learn a new language.

- Stimulate your brain. Do word searches. Play Sudoku. Do a crossword puzzle.

- Spend time talking to others. Hang out with good friends. Being socially active will strengthen your brain.

- Learn how to manage and get rid of your stress. Stress has the ability to deteriorate your memory.

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[05/23/18]   Trust Our Skilled Nurses

If you have been diagnosed with a life-changing disease or health condition, Halla Home Health Care will be there for you. You can trust us to provide you with skilled nurses who will guide you and advise you on what you need to do to maintain your health.


Manage Your Arthritic Pain


Keep Your Home Safe

No one should have to fear for their safety in their home. Your abode should be a place of comfort and relaxation. Keep your home safe and secure by:

- Keeping your windows and doors locked.
- Taping down or getting rid of loose rugs to avoid devastating falls.
- Installing a raised toilet seat in the bathroom.
- Having proper lighting in all rooms.
- Making sure that smoke alarms are working properly.
- Halla Home Health Care will keep you safe at home, as well. We will prevent falls and accidents and provide you with the help you need.

#HallaHomeHealthCare #Safety

[02/06/18]   Better Living Can Exist in Your Senior Years

At Halla Home Health Care, we present solutions that can help you cope with the difficulties of getting older. Rather than living a life full of inconveniences, your golden years can be your epitome of comfort, relaxation, and wellness!






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