Rose Hanan NCMT & Reiki

Certified Massage Therapist practicing since 2001, specializing in pain management, sports therapy, and stress reduction. Effective April 29th 2022 I am closing my office.

Thank you all for a wonderful 21 years.

Operating as usual

Rose Hanan NCMT & Reiki updated their information in their About section. 02/24/2022

Rose Hanan NCMT & Reiki updated their information in their About section.

Rose Hanan NCMT & Reiki updated their information in their About section.


As most of you know by now I am nearing the end of my massage practice here in Virginia. My last day will be April 29th 2022. Thank you for trusting me to be part of your health journey for the past 21 years. I will be sending out a list of massage therapist around the area that I have met and received work from by the end of March so everyone can make sure that they are able to maintain their healthy habits.

Rose Hanan NCMT & Reiki updated their business hours. 10/12/2021

Rose Hanan NCMT & Reiki updated their business hours.

Rose Hanan NCMT & Reiki updated their business hours.

Rose Hanan NCMT & Reiki updated their information in their About section. 10/12/2021

Rose Hanan NCMT & Reiki updated their information in their About section.

Rose Hanan NCMT & Reiki updated their information in their About section.


Celebrating the Amazing Rachal Lohr and Firefly Acupuncture and Wellness.

Rose Hanan Massage & Reiki 04/03/2021

Rose Hanan Massage & Reiki

There are two open slots on Saturday April 10th. Book online, call or text. 704.989.2938

Rose Hanan Massage & Reiki Schedule your appointment online Rose Hanan Massage & Reiki


I had a new client today and this is exactly what he said.


I am a massage therapist and have been in practice for 20 years, I am a Caucasian woman, I can count the number of inappropriate request to less than 5. I have a colleague, someone I mentored in the beginning of her career, she is an Asian woman, I can not even count high enough the number of inappropriate requests she has had to endure. I don't know when or how Asian woman have become so sexualized, but something has to change.


I have two open appointments this Saturday 2/27; 9:00 am and 10:30 am. Schedule online, call or text to 703.989.2938 12/07/2020

6 Ways to Manage Mental Health During COVID-19 - Fairfax County Emergency Information

Great article for all of us. Posted at 1:45 p.m. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to change the way we live, work and play, it is normal for us to feel anxious, fearful and uncertain about what to expect. The social isolation of COVID-19 can affect us in different ways. Although there is no right way to manage stress, ther...


Just a reminder that I will be out from 10/22 until 11/17/2020. There are just a handful of appointment slots left.


Just a heads up that I will only be in the office in October for 11 days so if you have been thinking of getting a massage do not delay in scheduling - I am open Oct 1-3 and Oct 13-22. There are still spots available.


Did you know September is National Self Care Awareness Month? When was your last massage?


Just got an open appointment on Saturday June 27 @ 12:30 pm. You can book online or call me. 05/28/2020

Rose Hanan Massage & Reiki

I hope everyone is healthy and joyous,

I just wanted to let you all know that we have been given the go ahead to reopen under certain guidelines.

The ones required for the state are listed below.

Governor Northam has issued that beginning Friday 5/29, masks will be required:

-For everyone ages 10 and up

-Inside all brick and mortar retail establishments

-Inside all personal care & grooming establishments

-Inside places where people congregate

-Inside food & beverage establishments, except when eating

-On public transportation

-When accessing state or local services


-While eating or drinking

-While exercising

-If you have trouble breathing or are unable to remove the mask without help

-If your health conditions prohibit wearing a face covering

Our massage board has additional standards that must be adhered to:

De clutter and remove items from the session room that might become dusty, or contaminated and require repeated cleaning and disinfecting

Make alcohol-based hand sanitizer easily accessible to clients entering the session room.

Both the client and the practitioner must wear a face mask during the session. The client must also wear a face mask from the time they enter to the time they leave the facility. (I have purchased disposable mask that I can provided you if needed)

Disinfect high-touch surfaces between clients with an EPA-registered disinfectant. High touch surfaces include door handles, counters, tabletops, light switches, massage lubricant bottles, or any surface the practitioner or client might touch before, during, and after sessions.

I also will be running a Air purifier with a Hepa filter in the room during session.

Since I am in a shared space and do not have control over the reception area, I would like you to text me when you are parked and I will wave you in.

I will be keeping the restroom by my office disinfected so I would like you all to use that one for the time being.

If you have any questions and concerns Please fill free to reach out to me. Texting or email is the most effective.

I hope you all are doing well and I look forward to finding our new normal together.

Stay Blessed

Rose Hanan, BCTMB

(703) 989-2938

PS. Some of you already have appointments scheduled, for those that need to schedule you can do so using the link below. If you can not remember if you have an appointment please reach out and I can let you know. Schedule your appointment online Rose Hanan Massage & Reiki 05/12/2020

COVID-19: When the Risks Outweigh the Benefits [Opinion]

An interesting op ed. Editor’s note: this is an opinion piece This is such a hard time for massage therapists, for two reasons. The first is financial, of course. The hidden cost is significant as well: Massage therapis… 05/12/2020

JUST IN: Northam to Delay Northern Va.’s First Reopening Phase

I know this is not what everyone wants to hear, I however feel that they have made the right call. So many people I see have compromised immune systems, so I feel that delay will be a good thing. As always please reach out to me and let me know if there is any advice I can provide. Stay Safe, Stay Blessed. Gov. Ralph Northam is allowing Northern Virginia localities two extra weeks to start reopening as the rest of the state readies for the first reopening phase this Friday.

Northam's order that was announced today (Tuesday) delays the reopening, which is outlined in phases, for Fairfax County and o 05/10/2020

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam - Executive Actions

I am still working through when and how I will structure my reopening. This was extradited by the VA Chapter of the AMTA. I will provide my plan by Wednesday May, 13th. Thank you and stay blessed.

"Executive Order 61 was finally posted this evening and has clarified that massage therapists can start practicing in Phase 1.

"Personal Care and Personal Grooming Services
Effective 12:00 a.m., Friday, May 15, 2020, beauty salons, barbershops, spas, massage centers, tanning salons, tattoo shops, and any other location where personal care or personal grooming services are performed may reopen, provided such businesses comply with the Guidelines for All Business Sectors and the sector-specific guidelines for personal
care and personal grooming services expressly incorporated by reference herein. Such guidance includes, but is not limited to, the following requirements:
a. Occupancy may not exceed 50% of the lowest occupancy load on the certificate of occupancy with at least six feet of physical distancing between work stations and only one appointment per service provider at a time.
b. Service providers and employees working in customer-facing areas must wear face coverings over their nose and mouth at all times.
c. Provide face coverings for clients or ask that clients bring a face covering with them, which they must wear during the service. Limit services to only those that can be completed without clients removing their face covering.
d. A thorough cleaning and disinfection of frequently-contacted surfaces must be conducted every 60 minutes in operations, while cleaning and disinfecting all personal care and personal grooming tools after each use. If that is not possible such items must be discarded.
e. If any such business cannot adhere to these requirements, it must close."

You can find Executive Order 61 here - And massage is addressed in item 6 on page 5." Governor Ralph Northam, 73rd Governor of Virginia 05/07/2020

COVID-19: What We Understand Now

Great article on what Covid-19 is and does. I am a pathology educator, and it is my job to keep current with available information about pathologies, as it applies for massage therapists. This has been particularly challenging of late, because as we know, our understanding about COVID-19 changes hourly.


How is everyone doing this dreary Monday? I am doing my best by saying home to flatten the curve. Does anyone have any issues going on? Please reach out and let me know. I can find a self care solution for you.


Psoas / Hip Flexor Stretch - Active Isolated Stretching

For you Luz - this should help those knees - (Use Promo Code "Youtube" for 20% Discount when you Download Smart Stretch: Full Body Active Isolated Stretching) Act...



Here is the additional video for happy hips/back. Remember tennis balls, not lacross balls. (you know who your are :) ) Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.


Piriformis Stretch - Sciatica & Back Pain Relief - Active Isolated Stretching

I have been thinking about all of you through this time. I miss you as much as you miss me. It dawned on me that all of us are sitting more then we are use to. Here are a few things you can try to keep your hips/back feeling good. I will share another important video on how to keep your piriformus happy.

Please do not hesitate to reachout to me if you are having any issues - I can find someway to help you help yourself.

Take care and stay healthy. (Use Promo Code "Youtube" for 20% Discount when you Download Smart Stretch: Full Body Active Isolated Stretching) Act...


It is with a heavy heart that I notify all of you that in accordance to Executive Order #53 2020 announced today, 3.23.2020, by Governor Ralph Northam, that my massage practice will be closed until May 18th 2020. If you have any question or concerns or you just want to talk feel free to call, text or email me. Praying that everyone stays safe. Blessing to all of you.


Good Morning everyone, I hope everyone is happy and Healthy,

I just wanted to touch base and let you all know that I have been monitoring the progression of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) and want to give you an update about the office. This disease is both worrisome and unsettling for us all. I want to let you know that we are taking the utmost precautions at the office. Our priority is the safety of both you and ourselves.

As a precautionary measure, we have implemented increased sanitation procedures, and are engaging in extra precautions to keep our spaces and surfaces disinfected. I have outlined our sanitation process below.

· Our treatment room are sterilized before and after every treatment (including door handles)
· Hand-washing is critical, and always has been. We thoroughly wash our hands before and after any interaction with a client.
· The surfaces in the lobby, and common areas are being thoroughly sanitized throughout the day.

I ask that for the safety of f us all that we follow the guidelines that the CDC has set in response to the Coronavirus. If you are feeling unwell, please remain at home. I have waived the late-notice cancellation policy.

Thank you for your loyalty and for your valuable time.


Castor Oil Pack for Fertility Massage

Oldie but goody. This is focused on fertility work - but it is great just to do for general health and wellness. Castor oil can also be applied to an injury with heat for amazing relief.

Fertility Massage using Castor Oil Pack Introduction to using castor oil packs for fertility massage, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts by Claire Marie Miller ...


I will be out of the office until Tuesday September 3rd. You will still be able to schedule online.


I will be out of the office from May 30 until June 4th - All phone calls, text and emails will be responded to on Tuesday. As always you can book online. Have a safe week everyone. 02/05/2019

Can you sing while you work out? To get the most out of exercising, aim for an exercise intensity that is moderate to vigorous. See how to judge your exercise intensity. 02/01/2019

15 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You to Know

Those of you that know me have heard all of these - but it is always good to have validation. 1. I am not a masseuse, and, no matter how cool you think that word sounds, your massage therapist probably doesn’t like it. Massage parlor is rather outdated as well. In years past, some “massage parlors” were really fronts for sex shops and I did not take out student loans and complete more ... 02/01/2019

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Just in time for Valentines day - you can buy GC's online. Rose Hanan Massage and Reiki Our Gift Certificates make the perfect gift. You can purchase online 24/7!


From rehabilitation to relaxation, there are many reasons why people get massages. Depending on what you need, a massage can help relieve pain, relax your muscles, improve your posture, or reduce your stress. Take a moment to consider some of the top reasons that people choose to get a massage.

1. Relieve stress and anxiety

2. Relieve lower back pain

3. Reduce pain in other areas of the body

4. Reduce muscle tension

5. Improve flexibility

6. Relieve tension headaches

7. Reduce depression

8. Boost your immunity

9. Improve stability and quality of life in older adults

10. Improve your overall health and well-being


Just two open massage slots for the rest of the year. Both on Friday 12-28. I will be closed all of next week - I hope everyone has a safe and joyous Start to 2019.


A great experience each and every time.


For the month of November I am offering a 40 min session of Assisted Active Isolated Stretching for $45 dollars a $15 dollar savings. Schedule online

Massage Therapy Journey

I graduated from the Virginia School of Massage and became Nationally Certified in 2001. I have been practicing full-time since. I have a full and robust practice and I am grateful that my clients include me in their health and wellness routine.

I charge for my time 30, 60 or 90 minutes, this is actual time of the massage not the time from in the office to out the door, so if you have a 30 minute massage expect to be here in the office at least 45 minutes. I use every tool I have to relieve your discomfort or address any other reason for seeing me.

In any session I will use Myofascial Release, switch into Swedish, find a tight muscle- address it with Deep Tissue, feel an adhesion- use TP therapy or Structural Therapy or Cupping Therapy or Hot Stones or all of the above. If I feel that it is needed I will apply an essential oil for stress, pain or inflammation or just because you like the smell of it. I do everything I am capable of to get you feeling as well as possible.

I know that this policy is why I am blessed with a great clientele that truly values everything I do. My clients appreciate that fact that they always get the best I have, not the best they paid for. I realize that there are Therapist that are paid more for a single massage, however I charge what I feel is a fair amount for my time and make every massage the one that is needed on that day.

I hope this answers any questions you might have about me, feel free to email me with any additional questions. If you cannot find an appointment time that works with your schedule, please place your name on the wait list and I will contact you if anything opens up.





19980 Highland Vista Dr. Suite 125
Ashburn, VA

Opening Hours

Monday 9:30am - 12:30pm
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