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The Feline Medical Care Center in Ashburn, Virginia is the first full-service, feline exclusive, veterinary hospital in Loudoun County! We are committed to providing the highest quality veterinary care and extensive wellness education. We believe owners want to make informed decisions about their cat's health care. Our staff is trained to educate our clients about preventive care for felines of all ages. We focus on early detection and treatment of disease as your cat ages, and offer comprehensive medical and surgical care as necessary during his or her lifetime. Education empowers our clients to enhance their cat's lives. We understand the special role your cat plays in your family and are dedicated to partnering with you to choose quality health care options for your cat. Our goal is to practice high quality medicine with compassion. Our health care team is committed to providing personal attention to the unique concerns and needs of each feline's family.

Our Holiday Photo Contest begins today! Submit your favorite holiday inspired cat photo for a chance to win this basket!

*Rules and Regulations in comments*

American Association of Feline Practitioners

Happy National Cat Day! 😺

Misty is doing Friday right by enjoying this beautiful weather! What a sweet girl she is 💕

Thank you for this wonderful review. We truly love our patients!

Happy Purrrrsday from Mel! 😍

Our clients have told us again and again-our hospital is something truly special. We are now thrilled to welcome another special, caring and bright doctor to our five-star team.

Dr. Im first attended school in Korea and then completed her studies at the stellar Veterinary Clinical Sciences program at the Oklahoma State University. She will be joining our team for a 6 week externship starting on August 20th and then will be starting with us full-time as a veterinary associate in mid-October.

She has done rotations in a specialty hospital in both internal medicine and dermatology and brings passionate dedication, and invaluable knowledge to our practice. She looks forward to getting to know our clients and creating a relationship with them as she helps your pets live the longest, fullest life possible.

Join us in giving a warm welcome to Dr. Im!

Melody said she likes to explore when she comes to the vet, and that is exactly what she did! We love you sweet girl! 💕

Three Cat Trends Marking Their Territory In 2019

Check out these awesome cat trends for 2019! Which one is your favorite? 😻 Almost anything associated with cats is a growing or new trend. Cat people like you

Everyone meet Peanut! She’s licking her lips after all the treats she got today! Such a sweet girl! 💕

Today is International Cat Day! Show us your cute fur babies below! 😻

Stephanie is pet sitting one of our patients. He is so chill! (Look at those ears! 😍)

Rezzy spent the day with us today! Look how cute he is curling up in his warm blankets 😍

Caesar was so calm today! He decided he liked laying on our chaise lounge- none of that carrier nonsense ☺️

Happy Whiskers Wednesday! 🐱
Look at this cutie relaxing on our cat tree 🤗

Luna came in to work today with mommy! She enjoyed all the extra love and treats 💕

LOST CAT! He is a Ginger male cat name ‘Tank’ who lives in Marion Village. If anyone has seen him, please contact us. Thank you!

We had the pleasure of meeting Vladimir today. It looks like Kayla made a new best friend 🤗💕

Just a reminder, we will be closed on Thursday, July 4th in honor of Independence Day.

In the event of an emergency, please go directly to the nearest 24 Hour Emergency Veterinary Hospital. There are several wonderful options and we work with TLC frequently and recommend them highly.

The Life Center (TLC) 703-777-5755 in Leesburg -

Fourth of July Safety Tips

Remember, while Thursday may be a fun holiday for you, it can leave your pets full of anxiety and around dangers. Check out these ways to keep your fur buddy safe! Teaser blurb goes here

Do you need a Bat Cat in your life?!

Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh - BAT CAT!
Bat Cat is looking for a new Bat Cave to call his very own. He enjoys roaming his city, seeking out crimes (empty food bowls) and encouraging his humans to correct these offenses!

All cats over 7 months old have their adoption feed waived this weekend - Friday 6/28 through Sunday 6/30. Come by and adopt a new feline friend today!

5 Alternatives for Cats Who Hate Catnip

Contrary to popular belief, not all cats love catnip. Here are a few alternatives your furry friend may enjoy instead!

Have you tried any of these before? Catnip ( Nepeta Cataria) is a historical favorite for felines, but believe it or not,

Don't miss out on our current wellness packages for every stage of your pet's life and save between $90 - $250!

Because of the shorter lifespan of our pets, we stress the importance of an annual physical examination. Thorough check-ups and preventive care can help alleviate serious health problems. At Fancy Paws Cat Clinic we offer a wide range of veterinary services and wellness education to keep your companions feeling their best! 😺🐾❤️

Visit us online at or call us at 703.723.9940 today!
**Please note that the discount is reflected in Wellness Screen Package price only and is not available on individual tests. Visit or call for additional details.

Today is Garfield the Cat Day!

Did you know that Garfield made the Guinness World Record as the most widely syndicated comic strip in the world? His antics were printed in more than 2,500 publications in 2002!

Image Credit:

Happy first day of summer! May the days be warm and your treats be cold!

This week is Animal Rights Awareness Week. Started in 1999, this week is a great time to think about how we can all be kinder to animals. From our own pets to farm animals and more, you can volunteer, donate or support a cause. How will you make a difference in the lives of animals?

Video Of Cat Going Crazy In A Room Full Of Toilet Paper Goes Viral

This cats owner decided to give him a day of fun by setting up 100 rolls of toilet paper in their living and letting him go crazy! What would your cat do?! Cats love knocking stuff over, scratching its owner's favorite sofa and ... toilet paper. In fact, Pusic loves it so much, its owners have decided to surprise it with 100 new rolls, placed all over the living room. And it's a good thing they set up a camera as well because the kitty's going absolute...

Appointments | Fancy Paws Cat Clinic

Is it time to make an appointment for your pet? But you keep forgetting to give us a call? That's OK! Book your appointments online today at Appointments -

30 Of The Most Adorable Photos Of Cat Dads And Their Furry Friends

In honor of Father's Day this weekend, check out these hilariously cute Cat Dad photos!

Have a fun photo of your own? Share below! There are plenty of stereotypes out there when it comes to guys and cats; they are sensitive, deep and caring, more likely to fancy staying home reading James Joyce and puffing moodily on a cigarette than be out and about exploring the world like those adventurous dog guys.

Unlike dogs, cats are not the typical host for heartworms, and most worms in cats don't survive to the adult stage. If infected, cats typically have just one to three worms. However, worms can still cause damage to your cat, such as heartworm associated respiratory disease (HARD), immune system issues and more. It is important to note that there is no approved drug therapy for heartworm infection in cats. So it is crucial to give your cat monthly heartworm preventives.

Moreover, the medication used to treat heartworm infections in dogs cannot be used in cats, so prevention is the only means of protecting cats from the effects of heartworm disease. To learn more about heartworm prevention and testing feel free to contact us or stop by.

Each June is Adopt-A-Cat Month! It coincides with the peak of "kitten season," when tons of kittens are born and often end up in animal shelters. This month will you consider giving a new cat a forever home?!

Be safe this summer and please remember to never leave your pet unattended in a parked car for any period of time. Temperatures in enclosed cars can rise quickly in just a few minutes, even on a mild day and with the windows cracked. Your pet can quickly suffer brain damage or die from heatstroke or suffocation.

Many cats prefer to stay home, but if you must take your pet with you in your car, do so safely: cats should ride in pet carriers and never be unattended.

#FPCCSummerSafetyTips #SummerSafetyTips

Today is National Hug Your Cat Day! So take this perfect opportunity to express a little extra love to your furry companions! 😻

Feel free to drop us a selfie hug pic in the comments! 🐈📸

Dealing with the loss of a loved one, like a friend or pet, is never easy. But actively mourning them can help you navigate through the grief and loss. One tip we offer is to continue your relationship with your pet through memories. Take some time to look at past photos, write a tribute to your pet, or write your pet a letter recalling your time together.

Paw Tastic Patients | Fancy Paws Cat Clinic

Don't forget we highlight some of our wonderful patients on our website!

Stop by to check out some absolutely adorable pictures! Paw Tastic Patients - Our feline nurse Megan enjoys some snuggles with our patient Polydeuces. We think they make a pretty adorable pair. Liu enjoyed hanging out on the cat

Does My Cat Need a Summer Haircut? | Petfinder

Are you wondering if your cat needs a summer haircut? Probably not unless they are badly matted. Feel free to reach out to us to talk about your cat's hair or summer needs! #SummerSafetyTips #FPCCSummerSafetyTips Sporting a shorter haircut this summer and want one for your cat as well? Learn about all the do’s and don’ts of cat haircuts, and discover the most popular haircuts and grooming tips to keep your cat cool!

Wishing you a Memorial Day filled with pride, warmth and togetherness!

Just a reminder, we will be closed on Monday, May 27 in honor of Memorial Day.

In the event of an emergency, please go directly to the nearest 24 Hour Emergency Veterinary Hospital. There are several wonderful options and we work with TLC frequently and recommend them highly.

The Life Center (TLC) 703-777-5755 in Leesburg -

We've been known to share videos and articles about awesome cat cafes across the US - but did you know there was one in DC?! Get your coffee and cat cuddles at Crumbs & Whiskers!

Meet Tarot, our psychic cat! 🙀 Just kidding, she’s not a fortune teller, but she can foresee the *near* future of everyone who visits her. First, you’ll see her and fall in love.😻 Then you’ll follow her upstairs to her perch. Lastly, you’ll melt into a puddle when she purrrrs up against your leg and headbutts you for pets. 🥰 When Tarot first came to us, she spent most of her time alone in our “cats only” area. Now, she enjoys cuddle sessions in our upstairs cushions, and allows both cats and humans to join in! 😸 If you’re in DC, come meet Tarot at our cat café!
L O C A T I O N: D C #catcafe #crumbsandwhiskers #thekittenlounge

We stumbled on these awesome posters from the American Humane Association's "Be Kind To Animals" week from the 1930s and couldn't help but share!

Amazingly Cat

This can't help but make you smile and help you through the week!
#HappyWednesday #HumpDay

If you're happy and you know it say "meow" 😸

May is Lyme Disease Prevention Month. Lyme disease affects both humans and pets and is the most commonly reported vector-borne illness in the United States. It is carried and transmitted mainly by the deer tick - tiny black-legged ticks found in forests or grassy, wooded, marshy areas near rivers, lakes or oceans.

We know it can cause significant disease in people and dogs but that doesn’t necessarily hold true for cats. However, it is still very important to keep your cats on a tick-preventative product for protection from other parasitic diseases and spreading ticks and potentially Lyme disease to dogs and humans in the home.

Make sure you are taking extra precautions for your pets by using reliable tick-preventive products, avoiding areas ticks may be found and checking for ticks once indoors. Contact us for more information and preventative product recommendations.

To all the great mothers all over the world, happy mother's day!

How to Pet or Massage Your Cat | Cat Care

In honor of National Pet Week, why not give your kitty a little massage? Check out this video with tips on how to make your cat purrrr with delight!

Video credit:

How to Spoil Your Cat

Show your kitty how much you love them with some easy ways to flat out spoil them! Ten easy tips to spoil your already pampered feline, a little extra love never hurt a kitty.

Cute Cat Cosplays As Marvel Characters

With all the Avengers memes and fun about right now, don't miss out on this cute cat dressed up like marvel characters! 😻 I have been a long time 'Avengers' fan, and I remember seeing the first 'Iron Man' trailer at SDCC back in 2008. Therefore, I decided to make a series of my adorable cat Waffles with his heroic wardrobe. Here are fun and cute pics of Waffles as various Marvel characters.

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