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Delight Medical is a membership based concierge medical practice in Ashburn, Virginia. Dr. Degha N Fongod is an Internist who provides comprehensive primary care and telemedicine for adults.

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How can I have clear skin???

I have been getting this question a lot so this week I will talk about 5 things you can do to get clear skin.

1. Wash your face. This is the first and most important step in your journey to clear skin. You want to wash off excess sebum/oil, makeup, which can clog your pores and lead to acne.

My advice is to use a gentle cleanser on your face. All cleansers are not created equal. Some people believe that a cleanser that strips away all the oil and dirt is the best option. Unfortunately using harsh cleanser are not great for your skin because it takes away all the oil on your skin and your body compensated for this by producing more oil which can then lead to more acne.

I recommend my patients use a gentle cleanser such as @isclinical cleansing complex because you can do a single or double cleanse and not strip your skin of all the natural protective oils.

So washing your face is the first step in attaining clear skin.

If you are in need of a skincare regimen you can dm me for a virtual consultation and we can make recommendations.

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I got a message from a patient requesting a #telemedicine visit. Her chief complaint was, I have toxic shock syndrome. I immediately knew she had be consulting Dr Google.
After getting her history I was able to diagnose her with a urinary tract infection and send her prescription to the pharmacy.
Moral of the story, always contact your physician with your concerns instead of Dr Google.
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3 reasons why you should be exercising!

Dr Fongod sharing some tips to stay healthy!!!

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Hi Family, I am now offering telemedicine services. Send me a message and we can get started. Share with anyone that might need medical attention during this lockdown.

California teenager dies of coronavirus after being denied treatment over lack of insurance

Lack of insurance is not a reason to not receive medical care. This is why I practice direct care medicine. I advocate for my patients because no will for them if they don’t have insurance. Dee Fongod

Mayor confirms teenager’s death with heart-breaking statement: ‘The Friday before he died, he was healthy ... By Wednesday, he was dead’

[03/27/20]   What happens when you wake up in the morning and you are like, “OMG why do I feel like I got hit by an elephant”? You think, I need to see my doctor or go to urgent care. Then you remember you are in the mist of the COVID-19 Pandemic and you can’t go outside.

Thats where #telemedicine comes in handy. Telemedicine is the practice of medicine between a provider and patient using a phone or computer without meeting in person. Currently due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, Physicians can practice across state lines which means we can help anyone in the entire country who needs non-urgent medical care. Here are a few things you should have at home besides your phone for the visit.

1. Thermometer. Everyone should have one at home. This checks your body’s temperature and if it is higher than 100.4 then you are considered to have a fever. Currently fever is the most common symptom associated with COVID-19 infection. Having an accurate temperature helps with your providers assessment and treatment plan.

2. Pulse Oximeter. This device measures a patients oxygen saturation and heart rate. Many people may not know this device but currently during the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe this is the most important device to have at home. One of the key symptoms of COVID infection that can lead to severe disease is a decrease in oxygen saturation. Having your oxygen saturation at rest and when you are walking is very helpful in determining disease progression.

3. Blood Pressure Cuff. This is used to measure a persons blood pressure. Typically patients with Hypertension should have this machine at home and should check their blood pressure daily. During a telemedicine visit, obtaining your blood pressure is vital in triaging patients.

4. Glucometer. A glucometer is a device that measures a patient blood sugar levels. This is usually used by diabetic patients. During a telemedicine visit, I usually want to know a patients blood sugar especially if they have a history of diabetes and are presenting with new symptoms that could make the disease worse.

Do you think you need a telemedicine visit? Send me a private message and I can help.

Telemedicine: What you need to know

If you need urgent care but cannot go outside due to the COVID19 then we are offering telemedicine to everyone in the USA. Send us a message for more information

Telemedicine: what you need to know What is telemedicine? Telemedicine is the practice of medicine between a provider and patient using a phone or computer a...

Degha Fongod M.D.

I will be providing telemedicine services (medical consults via phone and computer) to those who don’t have access to a doctor right now. This applies to the entire USA so share with family and friends

As everyone knows by now the COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked havoc on the world. With the current burden on the healthcare system I wanted to help out the people in my community and lessen the burden on the healthcare workers in the hospital right now.

I know a lot of you are stuck at home due to this pandemic but sadly medical needs come up and not everyone has access to a doctor who can treat their condition from home.

I know a lot of people don’t have insurance, don’t have an established doctor or have insurance with very high premiums etc. Maybe you just don’t want to go to urgent care and be turned away. I can help.

I will be offering Telemedicine services for patients age 18 and above. I can help patients ACROSS THE USA.

Please email me at [email protected] with your name, number and state your chief complaint. I will call people as the emails trickle in.

This service is not for people looking for COVID-19 Testing or worried about having COVID-19. I do not have access to testing for COVID-19. This is for Non-Urgent complaints or Symptoms. If you are in distress please visit your local ER.

I will be charging $75 dollars per telemedicine visit.

If you know someone who can use this service please forward this message to them or post it on your personal page.

Stay safe everyone

Dr Degha Fongod MD
Internal Medicine

We are offering Botox for the prevention and treatment of wrinkles. If you are interested send us a message or call 703-879-4729

Did you know that in Europe doctors can prescribe being outside in nature as a legitimate prescription? They are definitely on to something because studies show that being outside in nature can help improve #anxiety and #depression and generally puts you in a good mood. So let’s take advantage of the nice weather this weekend, increase our #endorphins and let #mothernature heal us. ~ Dr D

Dr Dee talking about the aging face and how Botox and Fillers can be used for anti-aging.

Dr Degha Fongod talking about her concierge medical services.
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Reasons Why you should consider having a concierge doctor

February is American Heart Month.

To celebrate I would like to share a few facts related to the heart disease

1. The heart is one of the toughest organs in the body.

2. High blood pressure, Diabetes and High Cholesterol all contribute to Heart Attacks

3.Broken hearts are REAL. Also known as Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy

4. One in every Four deaths is related to Heart Disease

5. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in women. More than Cancer!

6. Alcohol, smoking and stress all increase your risk of a heart attack

7. A plant based diet can reverse the effects of heart disease

8. Some heart disease if genetic (familial hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) This is usually silent but presents itself with sudden death in athletes.

9. Heart attacks CAN be avoided. 80% of them are preventable by: avoiding tobacco use, regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy diet, and regularly checking blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids

10. Major warning signs of heart attack include Chest pain or discomfort, Upper body pain or discomfort in the arms, back, neck, jaw, or upper stomach, Shortness of breath, Nausea, lightheadedness, or cold sweats.

Could you be at risk for Heart Disease? When was the last time you had an EKG?

Have you checked your Blood Pressure , Lipids and Blood sugar lately?

These simple tests can significantly change your life

Talk to your doctor about your heart health.

If you don't have a doctor send us a message and we can get you in.

Share this post with a friend or loved one.

Dr Fongod is always happy to answer questions

Happy to be offering Botox and Xeomin now at the office. Let help get rid of those lines...

[02/14/19]   Hello Delight Family, I have been thinking a lot about what this medical practice means to me. So I am going to share my thoughts with you all.

I wanted to have a medical practice where the focus was the patient. I see patients who have no insurance, have high deductibles or have good insurance. My goal is to give my best to my patients. I particularly enjoy working with the uninsured population. I have a deep respect for them because I have had a chance to learn so much from these people. Sometimes uninsured folks are seen as a burden to the system but a lot of people do not take time to get a deeper understanding of why these people are not insured. Some people cannot afford insurance and are not well informed about the resources available to them. Some people can afford insurance but just don't understand our current insurance model (Heck I don't blame them... I barely understand it). I grew up in a country where going to the doctor was simple. You saw the doctor for a check up, paid for labs and medications and went home. If you got too sick you were admitted to the hospital. A lot of immigrants have similar systems so the idea of insurance doesn't always make sense.

I want to focus on treating the uninsured, the under-insured and everyone else who wants to have a personal relationship with your doctor. I do not work insurance!

If you speak a language other than English, Come with someone who can translate for you.

$150 per visit per person
$99 for Telemedicine calls
$250 for house calls (1 time)

I see patients in Fairfax VA and Ashburn VA. Send me a message if you have questions. Call 703-879-4729.

Share this post with anyone who might benefit from my services.


Degha Fongod MD

Regenerative medicine is a field of medicine that is gaining momentum at the moment. Injecting PRP in the hair can aide with Hair restoration. It can also help with Sexual Health.

Did you know we offer PRP for hair loss? If you have hair thinning, or know someone who has male pattern Baldness, Prp might be a good option for them to help with hair restoration. Call us If you want more information. 703-858-9988

Dr. Josh Axe

I am a big fan of intermittent fasting as a tool for weight loss but it’s not for everyone. Make sure you have a provider that understands IF and can help guide through the process

Imagine that you can kick-start your metabolism, feel more energy and enjoy an assortment of health benefits without having to count calories or stick to strict meal plans.

Learn more about fasting:

So happy to announce that we now offer #Botox and #Dermalfiller at the office. Call or message us if you will like an appointment. Don’t waste time.!

[11/27/18]   Happy Tuesday everyone. I am happy to announce that we are now providing Botox at our Delight Primary Care office. If anyone is interested in getting Botox before the holidays please message me for an appointment.

[11/21/18]   Did you know that Delight Primary Care now offers aesthetics services? Call us to schedule and appointment for Botox before the holidays is over!!!

[11/14/18]   Happy Wednesday everyone. I have been seeing a lot of colds, flus and bronchitis recently. I hope you are all taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy. Wash your hands, avoid crowded places if you have any medical conditions that make you susceptible to infections and most importantly take the flu shot.

[09/18/18]   Happy Tuesday Everyone, I hope you all are staying dry!

Degha Fongod MD of Delight Primary Care featured on Stuck in the Middle podcast

On the Blog Degha Fongod MD of Delight Primary Care featured on Stuck in the Middle podcast Posted on September 8, 2018 by Dr . D Last week I had the privilege of meeting the young men and women of SitMpodacast. We discussed concierge medicine vs insurance based practices, healthcare in Africa and more. Of note...

Degha Fongod, M.D. Talks Delight Primary Care, Healthcare System, Concierge Medical Care + more!

Here is the video interview I had with Stuck in the Middle podcast over the weekend. It was my first podcast and I was quite nervous and made some mistakes but I am glad with how it turned out. I will be writing a blog post to correct some of those mistakes and to talk more in depth about some of the topics we discussed. Also you can listen to the video on the Stuck in the Middle podcast.

Delight Primary care is a membership-based #concierge medical practice in Fairfax, VA providing value-based primary care for adults. #internalmedicine Fed up...

Had a great time with Stuck in the middle podcast! Go like their page!!!

Dr. D (Delight Primary Care) is in the house, with a special somebody 😩🎀

you absolutely do not want to miss this episode. 🔥

This was shared in a physician group about a patient. It saddens me that people cannot choose a doctor they want to see. Now insurance companies dictate who you see and can even threaten you by not paying for medications and labs....

This Is one of the reasons why I choose not to work with insurance companies. They really do not care about people as individuals. All they care about is the dollar 💵.

If you have no medical insurance and will like to have a primary care physician Delight Primary Care is for you.

If you have insurance which is a PPO you can see the doctors at Delight Primary Care.

If you have an HMO plan, unfortunately you will have to check with your insurance company to see if you can see a doctor out of network.

If you have an HSA account, you can use it to pay for Delight Primary Care fees. However this will need to be rectified with your accountant/CPA for tax purposes.

Visit us at for more information.

Lastly we have few spots left for the free adult physicals so call us at 703-879-4729

Quick tip about exercise. I will be dedicating Wednesday’s to diet and exercise tips

FDA expands recall of blood pressure drug

The FDA has currently recalled Valsartan due to contamination from its suppliers. If you are currently take Valsartan ( for high blood pressure) check with your pharmacist to make sure your medicine isn't from the recalled batch The US Food and Drug Administration expanded the list of recalled valsartan products. The drug is used as a component in drugs that treat heart failure and blood pressure.

Food for thought 💭 Health is wealth.

A little Tuesday humor. This may be the norm in most doctors offices but at Delight we don’t keep you waiting 😃

Delight Primary Care reached 250 likes!

Delight Primary Care reached 250 likes!

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What is your health worth to you?

What is your health worth to you?

Rainy day thoughts

Our Mission

At Delight Medical, Our Mission is to help our patients achieve their healthcare goals. Be it dropping a few dress sizes, reducing number of medications or just preserving your health, we want to go on that journey with you until you achieve your goals.

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3 reasons why you should be exercising!




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