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This page is dedicated to helping you live a healthier and happier life! 01/12/2018

Thinking Beyond the ‘Chemical Imbalance’ Theory of Depression

Interesting read... The truth is more complicated than many people realize. 08/18/2017

Nutritionist-Approved Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

An increased metabolism means that it is easier to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight. A healthy weight is associated with a decrease in many chronic diseases and is associated with a healthy heart. What's a metabolism? And don't you want to know how to shift yours into high gear? 08/15/2017

Here's What Real Healthy People Actually Snack On

Great healthy choices! There's not one sad handful of almonds among them, and that's a beautiful thing.



Good yeast info!

Anxiety, digestive issues, dandruff, and chronic fatigue are all signs of candida overgrowth, here, a few diet changes to help cure it: 07/25/2017

Summer skin care recommendations

Remember, your skin us your biggest organ! We sometimes forget that we absorb many toxins through our skin. Check out these tips to keep your skin healthy and vibrant this summer! 5 skin care tips for summer



Add these 16 different foods to your diet to fight cancer and improve your overall health.


Travel + Leisure

Really good tips!

1. Smile at yourself in the mirror



Always looking for healthy snacks!

Here's 10 easy, low-carb veggie snacks to get you through the summer season lookin' & feelin' your best! 🍃



I love all of these foods! How many do you eat a day? Can you choose 6 a day?!

Learn how to help yourself in case of artery clogging:


Craving those cool summer flavors?! This is right up your alley!


Shaklee Corporation

Here are some green-cleaning tips to help keep you and your home cleaner and healthier.


Danette May


Having trouble learing to LOVE ACV? These Mocktails will have you licking your lips and wondering which one you are going to make NEXT!


Danette May

Great tips to help wake up and take on the day!

6 small changes in your A.M. to turn your body into a fat burning machine!


Real moment! 2016 and the beginning of 2017 have been a real struggle healthwise. I started to make a change late last year and, though I have still have challenges, I have continued my journey to get back to my healthy, happy self! Shedding these pounds and toning up is the next thing on my list! Are you in the same boat? How would your life change if you could lose that 10, 20 even 30 lbs you have been promising yourself you would for months or maybe even years??? Join me in my transformation journey and have a transformation story of your own! We will go through it together! This is a personalized, 90 day program and a lifestyle change that will carry you through the rest of your life! I am offering a special if you commit to the 3 month program by April 15th and another if you get a friend to join you!!!


Danette May

This recipe might be my new favorite!! I LOVE brownies!!

You might never make regular brownies again after you taste these!


When you can't fly home because all flights are booked ahead of a snow storm but you still need to get there, you drive. And these are your best friend to keep you alert for the drive!


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These are great habits and a good reminder!

Small changes for all 365 days of the new year.


Charlotte Today with Brooke Thomas - Healthy Donuts

I love donuts! So if they can be a little healthier that is a HUGE win! 360 Your Life with Brooke Thomas. **Sign up for the 28 Day Challenge Today!: Join the health...


Danette May

Feel like you can't afford clean organic food? Cut out just a few of these and you might surprise yourself! 11/04/2016

Here's what happens if you burn a bay leaf in your home

Interesting!! Most people have dry bay leaves among their spices...



Life is about balance!

How Do You Keep Your Diet On Track While Having Fun On The Weekend? -


Danette May

These things you enjoyed as a kid, might be great for your health now!


Danette May

I LOVE eggs so this is good news!

Here’s the lowdown on eating eggs, and what parts are best for you to eat.


Eat Clean

The right protein powder can mean the difference between a healthy drink and a glorified milkshake:


Danette May

If you love Chinese take-out but want a a healthier option this is just for you!


Danette May

I LIVE by #7 and so should you!



I LOVE me some brownies! A healthier option!

Avocado Brownies



Danette May

Great tip!

This trick doesn't take long and can be done anywhere.


Eat Clean

This speaks to me! I love fruits and veggies but sometimes I am just not in the mood! Check these out the next time you are feeling the same!

When celery sticks just aren't calling to you... 09/04/2016

The Ultimate Women’s Guide To Building Lean Muscle – BodyRock

Want a stomach like that? I do! Getting a lean body takes some serious effort. You need to have a great program and you need to work that program. The process can be challenging and frustratin


Danette May

Good to keep this in mind!

Carbs are NOT the enemy!


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Get your personalized health assessment! Check out the video below to find out how!



I love my dry brush in the morning! It wakes me right up and feels so good!

The benefits of making dry brushing a daily habit has so many benefits as it's said to boost circulation, sweep away dead skin cells, stimulate the lymph nodes, improve digestion, and help the cells and body in general remove waste.



Love healthy recipes for food I love!

Another tasty side dish to add to your menus! Potato Salad!

The BodyRock Healthy Meal Plan:

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Real moment! 2016 and the beginning of 2017 have been a real struggle healthwise. I started to make a change late last y...




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