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Practice update

Update on Delight Aesthetics. We are waiting for PPE so we can start doing fillers. If interested call us and get on the waitlist. Or go to and add your email for the newsletter and we will send you our June update and deals

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Practice update
Update on Delight Aesthetics. We are waiting for PPE so we can start doing fillers. If interested call us and get on the waitlist. Or go to and add your email for the newsletter and we will send you our June update and deals

Let’s talk about skin care regimens!!!

Will the use of sunscreen lead to Vitamin D deficiency?? Comment below if you like this type of videos and what my next topic should be

A lot of women struggle with facial hair. This could either be genetic in nature or from medical conditions such as PCOS. Our laser is safe on all skin types and is a comfortable treatment. . . . We currently have deals on Bikini and Full legs laser in time for summer. Call us at 703-858-9988 to schedule your appointment. . . . #razorbumps #razorburn #laserhairremoval #laser #skincare #hairremoval #hairremovallaser #aesthetics #pcos #pcosawareness #facialhair #facialhairremoval #smoothskin #skincareroutine #permanenthairremoval #acne #hairfree #summer #aestheticclinic #medspa #skinofcolor #ashburnva #loudouncounty #fairfaxcounty #northernvirginia

Botox to the masseter muscle is one of the few treatments that’s both medical and aesthetic in nature. . . Medically Botox to the masseter can reduce symptoms of TMJ disorders and #bruxism (teeth grinding). . . . Aesthetically it is used to improve lower face contour, slimming the face for a softer feminine shape. . . . This treatment will everyone asking you, “have you lost weight?”. . . . Treatment last 12 weeks, need consultation with experienced injector to determine how much Botox is needed. DM or call for a consultation. . . . #botoxmasseter #masseterbotox #masseterreduction #jawlineslimming #tmj #tmjdisorder #facialslimming #aestheticinjector #contouring #oliviamunn #aesthetics #medspa #ashburnva #northervirginia #dermafillers #loudouncounty

Are your legs ready for the summer? Stop by for a free consultation for #laserhairremoval and we will get you ready for the summer. . . . Currently offering 15% off packages for #bikini and #legs and 20% of #brazilian for #valentines_day. Call us at 703-858-9988 PS. Our laser treatment are great for all skin and hair types. It doesn’t work on grey and red hair. Best hair type for the laser is dark thick hair.

People often think that #dermaplaning is a treatment to remove #facialhair. Dermaplane’s main purpose is to remove the top layers of dead skin. This can also be done prior to a Chemical peel for maximal results. Removal of peach fuzz and vellus hair is an added bonus. . . . Have you heard of our dermaplaning club? Ask us today!!!! . . . . #loudounbiz #ashburnva #loudouncounty #facial #chemicalpeel #medspa #laserhairremoval #deadskinremoval #masteraesthetician #skininfluencer #skinexfoliation #dermaplanefacial #dermaplane #dermaplanepro #dermaplanefacial #hudabeauty

Dr Dee doing the Viveve treatment. It’s a one time treatment that improves vaginal laxity, increases lubrication, decreases bladder leakage. We are happy to be able to help women who struggle with these issues. We are currently offering the service at an introductory price to the first 5 patients who book the appointment. So if you pee when you sneeze, laugh, cough, Workout, have vaginal dryness or laxity after childbirth then call for your consultation Call us at 703-859-9988

Summer legs are made in the winter! There is no time like the present to start your #laserhairremoval treatments. You typically need 4-6 treatments so now is the time to start your treatments. . . . We are currently offering 15% off #bikini and full legs packages. . . Call us at 703-858-9988 to take advantage of that deal

Treating our lovely patient with #jeaveau aka #newtox. This is the latest neuromodulator on the market used for wrinkle treatments. . . . This month if you purchase 40 units of Jeaveau we give you a $75 gift card while supplies last! . . Call us and make an appointment for your #antiwrinkle treatments 703-858-9988

Hey Everyone, don’t forget to book your appointments to get ready for the holidays!!! 703-858-9988 or book online

October is our one year anniversary! To celebrated we want to give our patients as a thank you some amazing specials! Keep a look out every Monday on our social media for deals of the week. Don’t forgot about our birthday party on October 24th!

Forehead and Glabella Botox/Xeomin on our lovely patient. Call us at 703-858-9988 or book online Message us if you have questions.

Fire and Ice face demo

Hand fire and ice demos

What are your lip filler choices. Message us or call for a consultation. 703-858-9988

Botox/ Xeomin competition results!!!!!

How to improve wrinkles around the eyes

Part 2 of FAQ Wednesday

FAQ Wednesday. I am trying something new. I will be going Live every Wednesday to answer questions I get asked frequently. Fell free to ask questions at the bottom for the next Facebook live. If you want an appointment call 703-858-9988 or book online

Underarm Laser hair removal at work today. Our Laser Splendor X is not painful and is safe on all skin types. It Doesn’t work on gray, red or super blonde hair. You honestly only need 4 sessions to start then you can go on maintenance treatments. You need treatment every 4-6 weeks depending on the body area. Best part is you no longer have to worry about shaving. With summer coming it also makes sense to treat upper lip, chin, bikini and legs to get ready for the beach. Some people might also be interested in treating their backs, arms and abdomen. We are offering a free underarms session for those who want to try it. Comment below if you have questions. Share with friends who might be interested in trying it out. Book your free consultation and underarm treatment at #ashburnva #loudouncounty

Dr Dee talking about how much Botox you might need. Do you have questions about Botox? Comment below and I will do a video on the question. Send us a private message if you have specific questions.

Instagram live with my good friend

We are currently offering a free laser hair removal session for our new patients that come in for a consultation.

#botox vs #xeomin which neurotoxin is best for me?

#botox #xeomin For more information go to and book online for a consultation

In the spirit of our lip fillers special this week I decided to do a demo of a lip flip. Remember $100 off #lipfillers this week. We having been doing lips 👄 all week and we are loving it! Do you have questions about lip fillers? Comment below and I will answer them.

We have been getting such great feedback and results from everyone on our Splendor X. It is such a fast and comfortable #laserhairremoval procedure. . . . It has a combination of two lasers. The Alexandrite is great for patients with Fitzpatrick skin type 1-4 and the ND Yag is great for darker 4-6 skin types. This means it’s the best laser hair removal treatment for all skin type 👩🏻👩🏼👩🏽👩🏾👩🏿🧔🏻🧔🏼🧔🏽🧔🏾🧔🏿. . . . The great thing about laser hair removal is once you treat an area you don’t have to worry about shaving, threading, waxing, buys razors and shaving cream etc. . . . We currently have a special that is a steal!!!! We are offering a FREE treatment when you buy a package of three. That’s a saving of $100-$3000 savings depending on the area you choose. . . . Call us at 703-858-9988 or book online to take advantage of this amazing deal.

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