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Happy Thursday Everyone! Starting tomorrow, April 3, CrossFit will be running a friendly 3 week competition to support your local box and CrossFit Affiliates. The way it will work: Over a three-week period, CrossFit will release three classic workouts, each with a scaled option that can be performed with minimal or no equipment by athletes of any ability level. All athletes who participate will have their names displayed on the Open leaderboard during the competition and will be able to create smaller leaderboards among friends, family, and other members of their affiliate by using leaderboard hashtags. Registration will take place on beginning on or before Wednesday, March 31, and will remain open for the duration of the competition. The first workout will be released on Friday, April 3. Anyone can participate in the Support Your Local Box Fundraiser. Payment is not required. We understand that many face financial difficulties at this time, and we want everyone in your communities to have the opportunity to participate without barriers. When participants register, they will have the option to select a contribution amount ranging from $20 to $1,000, or participate at no cost. Participants can select which affiliate they want to receive their contribution. When the competition closes, 100% of the proceeds collected will be distributed to affiliates in accordance with their roster of supporters. CrossFit, Inc. will distribute all registration funds to the designated affiliates. Click the link to register--> Let's do this!
Looking to improve your handstand skills and master the basics of being upside-down? Beginning Saturday September 14, coach Amy Fissmer will be hosting a 4 week handstand clinic held on Saturdays from 11am-noon. This clinic will run through October 5. During this clinic you will learn: Progressions to get you upside-down at any level The proper technique in a static hold How to properly exit a handstand safely How to enter into handstands Mechanics of effective handstand walking Most importantly, how to build a handstand that doesn't hurt your lower back and wrists! **No prior handstand experience necessary. Cost is $60 for 4 week session Space is limited! To sign up follow the link: [email protected]
I had a great time dropping in with y’all for MURPH. Thanks again for the push, vest, and food!
I’m going to go in a little rant here... but why must salt contain dextrose? Can someone explain that to me? In forgot my salt shaker at home and had to get a packet at work... and I just so happened to read the label... ☹️. Not impressed salt packet... not impressed.
Think I needed a swifter Spirit Animal for 18.3...
CrossFit Open 18.3!! We did it!!
Just 2 Mother Thrusters enjoying post-18.2 bliss (said no one ever!)
Mother Thrusters- your spirit package will arrive right before 18.6
Most of my out-of-the-box outdoor activites involve my granddaughters! Exhibit A:
Thanks for the warm welcome! "Jackie" for Jackie was fabulous!!! 🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️

Ashburn CrossFit is for everyone, not just elite athletes. We are a complete fitness program that can be adapted for all fitness levels and ages.

If you’ve been thinking of giving CrossFit a try and find the super-fit, super-lean images off-putting rather than inspirational, set the images aside and come see the reality. It’s a very supportive community of real people, in a range of shapes, sizes and ages, all aiming to get stronger, faster, fitter and more powerful. CrossFit is typically done in classes with the supervision of a trainer, but we also offer one-on-one personal training. If you are curious about CrossFit, please contact us to set up a free introductory session. Many people think CrossFit is "too hardcore" for them. This could not be further from the truth. Our program allows you to workout at your own pace, and our classes are full of average people looking to improve their health and wellness. Our program uses constant variation, meaning your workout each day will be different than the day before. This keeps the body guessing, and allows us to make sure we are hitting every area of the body. Since we preach functional movement, we are constantly teaching the best, most natural, safest positions to power through a movement. This ensures that our high intensity workout remains safe and has the lowest risk of injury possible. Interested in learning more? Check out our website to see if our program is right for you!

The CrossFit Games

The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser is an online event held in support of the CrossFit affiliate community. Three workouts will be released over three weeks. These will use classic CrossFit programming designed to be done at home with little or no equipment. Each workout will have a modified version that can be performed with household items by anyone, regardless of age or ability. For affiliates and their loyal members, this is a chance to share a few workouts with friends and loved ones who could benefit from CrossFit Training, especially during this time.

Registration is free, but 100% of financial contributions will be given to CrossFit affiliates. During registration, you can select the affiliate under which your name will appear, and it will receive the full amount of any contribution you make. You can use the CrossFit Games Open leaderboard and apps to check in on others from your designated affiliate and see who has posted scores, or create your own custom leaderboard for just your family, friends, or neighborhood by using a leaderboard hashtag.

Rogue Fitness has commended the amazing work of CrossFit affiliates in the face of gym closures and social distancing requirements. They will donate up to US$100,000 to the Support Your Local Box Fundraiser by matching individual contributions. If you use the hashtag #ryourogue once you have registered, the affiliate you select will receive double the amount you gave. Rogue’s contributions will occur on a first-come, first-served basis until $100,000 has been distributed. There are no other requirements.

Join ➜

In the coronavirus pandemic, we're making decisions without reliable data Countermeasures like social distancing may help stop the spread of Covid-19. But how can policymakers tell if they are doing more good than harm? Data!

Ashburn CrossFit is THRILLED to share Aaron’s story💪👊

“I’ve generally been an active person all my life, but this past summer I found myself stuck in a rut. I’d been doing the same distance running and cycling by myself and my motivation had dropped to zero. My diet had steadily gotten worse and I was feeling depressed. I needed a change. My wife and a colleague both encouraged me to try CrossFit. Six months later and so much has changed. I’m fitter than ever before, but it’s not just my strength and speed that’s improved. My nutrition is on track and I’m genuinely a happier person. The social aspect of CrossFit is huge for me! Much love ❤️ and gratitude 🙏 for my ACF family! Thank you!”

Merry Christmas from the Ashburn CrossFit Family!
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Partner Spotlight: Ashburn Crossfit

Check out our Partner Spotlight from Mighty Meals! Mighty Meals is our favorite meal prep delivery company! They deliver fresh, chef-prepared heathy meals directly to your door, or our gym :)

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Christmas is right around the corner! Check out our Amazon store for gift ideas! Shop recommended products from Ashburn CrossFit on Learn more about Ashburn CrossFit's favorite products.

[11/11/19]   We're hiring! Apply now.

Another awesome podcast with Jason Ackerman, one of the hosts of Best Hour of Their Day, and one of the elite Level 4 Certified CrossFit Coaches.

Listen 👉🏻

Jason is an accomplished writer, business owner, CrossFit Coach, and Podcaster. Learn how to become a better Coach, and check out Best Hour Of Their Day and their new Mastermind Program!

#crossfit #besthouroftheirday #beyondtheboxpodcast #crossfitopen #ashburncrossfit

20.1 Strategy & Guidelines

CrossFit Games Open 20.1

10 Rounds for time
8 Ground-to-overhead
10 Bar-facing burpees

Have a listen as Coach Brandon & Matty discuss how 20.1 went and how to approach the workout.

1. Break the barbell up, even if it feels light. You're oppurtunity to recover is in between sets on the barbell.

2. The burpees are tough. They are going to catch up with you and are a tough place to try to recover (see tip above).

3. Snatch is going to be the fastest movements to get the barbell overhead.

4. Other movements for ground-to-overhead: clean & jerk, clean & push press, clusters...(MAYBE NOT THAT ONE)

Good luck all on 20.1!

[10/09/19]   Coach Brandon and Lee were fortunate to sit down with Ben Dziwulski of WODprep a couple days ago. This dude is awesome. Listen in, and find out how Ben found CrossFit through bass fishing and started one of the most successful companies in our industry.

Listen 🎧 👉🏻
WODprep Plus Program (releases Friday, Masters program) -

WODprep Instagram -

#crossfit #wodprep #beyondtheboxpodcast #crossfitopen

[10/08/19]   We're hiring! Apply now.

Chef-crafted meals designed to fit the nutritious way you eat and delivered to your doorstep. Get started with free meals using my referral code: PICKUP50

Lunch is ON US! Get healthy, chef-crafted, super delicious, ready-to-eat meals from Territory Foods delivered right to our gym - it's the ultimate life upgrade for busy, health-minded people.

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Coach Brandon sits down with Coach Matty Niles and CrossFit Games Competitor Nathan Bramblett to discuss how to prepare for the CrossFit Open.

They talk about hair, the journey, community, and learning from failure.


Listen 🎧 👉🏻

🎧 ➡️

Your favorite coaches talk about how to approach the CrossFit Open in 2019, for the 2020 season, and how to appropriately set goals and manage your expectations.

They also dive into how run and manage an intramural open tailored specifically to your gym!

Welcome back to the 2nd BEST 60 Minutes of your day!

Listen 👉🏼

Your favorite coaches discuss the controversial “new” carnivore diet. What is a carnivore diet? Who should do it? Why would anyone do it? Is it healthy? We answer all these questions and more!

Achieve Your Goals

Change starts here! Come try a free class or get a free fitness consultation and let us help you achieve your goals!

Will Crossfit make me ripped? Your questions answered! | Ashburn CrossFit

Apart from the health benefits, we also want to make sure that our workouts help us achieve our physical goals. The question now is: Will this help me achieve the look I want? Check out this article to find out. Starting out as a training regime for fitness fanatics, CrossFit has grown into a way of life that is helping all kinds of people reach their fitness goals.

Can You Do CrossFit?

Ashburn CrossFit is not what you think. Anyone can do it, and we produce results better than any other fitness program or gym out there!

Listen 👉🏼

Coach Brandon and David Baldini, CEO of IntegrateIT, talk mentors, business, risk, and more.
For more on David and IntegrateIT 👉🏼


Dexa Scan Tests, VO2 Max Tests, and RMR Analysis | Composition ID

Hey Everyone!

Our 45 Day Whole Life Challenge begins Tuesday, September 3 and ends Thursday October 17!

We have partnered with Composition ID to take advantage of the DEXA Scan at a reduced price. The Scan Van will be here on Saturday, August 31 (the before) and Saturday, October 19 (the after), 8am-12noon. The scan takes 12 minutes which includes an overview of the results with a representative from Composition ID as well as the scans.

We will have a gathering on Friday, August 23, 2019 at 7:45 at the gym, where the "rules" and information packets will be distributed. We hope you will join us.

For ease we have included the links for signing up for ALL or the option of your choice.

We would be thrilled for you to consider taking this journey with's only 45 days...and YES a lot can happen in 45 days. First and foremost a new mindset. It is not selfish to put ourselves first in a health and wellness state of mind; understanding how food for FUEL will allow our bodies to work at their fullest potential.

Member Challenge $35

Member Challenge w/DEXA (Aug 31) $85

Member Challenge w/DEXA (Oct 19) $85

Member Challenge w/DEXA (BOTH - Aug 31 + Oct 19) $135

Member DEXA (Aug 31) $50

Member DEXA (Oct 19) $50

Member DEXA (BOTH - Aug 31 + Oct 19) $100 Composition ID provides the best DEXA scan body composition tests, VO2 max tests, Resting Metabolic Rate testing, and Nutrition Coaching Programs! Visit us today for more information!

[08/01/19]   "Once you hit 40, you're past your prime, right? Or is it 50? Or 35?

Regardless, you certainly can't gain strength in your 50's. The best you can do is maintain your fitness or slow its demise."


Looking for a new fun class for your kiddos to keep them busy and active this summer?
We are now offering a kids tumbling and acrobatics class for kids 6-12 years of age on Monday and Wednesdays 11am-noon.
Coach Amy Fissmer will lead students through, tumbling and handstand basics, teach them new tricks on circus apparatuses like the lyra and silks, and improve balance and strength while challenging kids to find comfort upside-down.
No previous experience necessary. Dont miss out! Cost is $187 for a 12 pass punch card. Follow the link to register.

Vacation and Hotel WODs

For little to no equipment so you don’t have to take a day off!

See here 👉🏼

Looking for a new fun class for your kiddos to keep them busy and active this summer?
We are now offering a kids tumbling and acrobatics class for kids 6-12 years of age on Monday and Wednesdays 11am-noon.
Coach Amy Fissmer will lead students through, tumbling and handstand basics, teach them new tricks on circus apparatuses like the lyra and silks, and improve balance and strength while challenging kids to find comfort upside-down.
No previous experience necessary. Dont miss out! Cost is $187 for a 12 pass punch card. Follow the link to register.

Identify the movements you’re not good at and ATTACK them, don’t shy away!

A recent workout braught me a good slice of humble 🥧

Core endurance isn’t my thing, and while some parts of me were disappointed, most of me was STOKED. I found a movement I am really weak at, and therefore my next best opportunity to better my fitness.

Have a 🎧

- Coach Brandon AKA “Thumbnail Extraordinaire” 😝

Inside the First In-Hospital CrossFit Box in Australia | Morning Chalk Up

What they do.

"The Functional Movement Training Center includes a neurosurgery practice, rehabilitation center and CrossFit box. And, in that order, each patient progresses to an athlete." The story. CrossFit Neuro is part of the Back Pain Centre at St. Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It opened in July of 2017 by Joanne and David Johnson. David, a Neurosurgeon and avid CrossFitter, wanted to create a center where the cause of back pain was being a...

Summer is nearly here and we’re taking only an additional 10 people to undergo our 4-week total body fitness transformation 🍩 👙!
Starts May 20th 2019
Schedule a FREE consult ➡️
What you get:
✅ 4 weeks programming
✅ 4 week nutrition guide
✅ Personal trainer
✅ 12 cutting edge fitness classes
✅ Body measurements and data
Ready to SIGN UP? ➡️

My Experiments With Intermittent Fasting

One of the nutritional tools that flies under the radar. Have a read as Dr. John Beradi discusses the benefits of intermittent fasting.

For a “how to” check out our episode all about intermittent fasting at the Beyond The Box Podcast.

Listen 👂🏼 Expert Dr. John Berardi serves up an introductory summary of his research into extended fasting.

Listen 👉🏼

Every year on Memorial Day CrossFit gyms from all over the United States (and some others in different countries) come to together to perform the Workout “MURPH”.

MURPH is a workout done in honor of the Armed Forces. A way for the thousands of CrossFit gyms and hundreds if not millions of CrossFitters to show their thanks and gratitude to the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our great nation.

It’s a fun, slightly painful, and long workout. Here, Lee and Amy discuss how to prep for this day.

In memory of Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, 29, of Patchogue, N.Y., who was killed in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005.

This workout was one of Mike’s favorites and he’d named it “Body Armor”. From here on it will be referred to as “Murph” in honor of the focused warrior and great American who wanted nothing more in life than to serve this great country and the beautiful people who make it what it is.

For MURPH gear and donations visit >>>>

Low-carbs and lipids

"Most of these cardiologists have their doubts about low-carb dieting, and, just as with the one who sent the email to my former patient, most will never read this paper critically, but will immediately use it as padding for their own anti-low-carb bias.

These are the kinds of shenanigans that go on all the time. They are the reason there is so much disinformation out there. And they are the reason that you should always be skeptical to the max whenever you hear this kind of idiocy bantered about. You must read the entire paper – not just the abstract."

- Michael R. Eades, MD Once again the dishonesty or maybe sheer stupidity of scientists bowls me over. I got an email from an old patient a couple of days ago who is following a low-carb diet while under the care of a skeptical (to say the least) cardiologist. The cardiologist sent the patient an email with a link to […...

Listen ➡️

Coach Brandon may be one of the happiest dudes who walks the Earth. However, it wasn’t always a happy go lucky life.
Here are three key behaviors that have altered his life.

”Some of the greatest memories you will ever make, will be in the moments when you leap into the jaws of your greatest fears”.

- Coach Brandon

Listen ➡️

In today’s episode. Amy, Brandon, and Lee discuss the books that have had the biggest impact on their lives. Some are current, some are from the past, and some have been read multiple times.


1. My Year with Eleanor by Noelle Hancock -
2. Educated by Tara Westover -
3. Wonder by RJ Palacio -


1. How to Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill -
2. Chasing Excellence by Ben Bergeron -
3. The Way of the SEAL by Mark Divine -


1. The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lencioni -
2. Altered Traits by Daniel Goleman -
3. Atomic Habits by James Clear -

Read ➡️

“CrossFit is a beautiful tricky beast. We have movements we love and excel at, and then we have the ones we hate and we struggle with. Good — this will only make us better. In the moments of self doubt, when you look to your left and right and begin to compare yourself to the people next to you, remember that it doesn’t matter”

Listen ➡️

Ever been here? Ever felt like you could have ran your intramural open better? Never ran one before, here you go! Here it is, ALL laid out for you.

Here are some suggestions:

2️⃣ Eliminate points for competition (mostly), yup...we said it!
3️⃣ Let your members drive this thing!


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Achieve Your Goals
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19.1 Strategy & Guidelines
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