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GoodLife Nutrition LLC is an Integrative Nutrition practice based in Ashburn, VA and online.

GoodLife Nutrition LLC was founded by Angela Mari, an Integrative Nutrition Coach. Angela's master's degree studies are in Human Clinical Nutrition & Integrative Health. In 2018, she will be seeking board certification as a Certified Nutrition Specialist (CNS).

GoodLife Nutrition LLC was inspired by the need for a return to the basic principals of good health: whole food, restorative sleep, physical movement, fulfilling work, and loving relationships. These principals aren’t innovative, but the rise in chronic disease suggests that they may have been forgotten.

While the principals of good health set a strong foundation for a nutrition practice, what makes GoodLife Nutrition LLC unique is the integration of these principals with evidence-based research, biochemical individuality, and behavior-change support.

Each client of GoodLife Nutrition LLC receives
→ An in-depth nutritional assessment
→ A personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan
→ Health education
→ Behavior-change support

We believe in helping people harness healthy behavior and the therapeutic value of whole foods to heal and thrive.

Avoid the frustration of navigating your complex symptoms and health history alone. Call (703) 679-7958 or e-mail [email protected] to schedule a free 15-minute introduction phone call to learn more.

Mission: We believe in helping people harness healthy behavior and the therapeutic value of whole foods to heal and thrive.

Portrait of a happy man. Brad spent the day in Hampden, Baltimore while I tackled Day 3 of the #expoeast2018. We met up afterwards at @bluepitbbq , which is a BBQ & whiskey joint = Brad’s heaven. Their vinegar-based Chesapeake Pickleback Coleslaw is such a refreshing pair to heavier meats.

Over the next several weeks, you’ll see stories of my experiences with the products I was introduced to this past weekend at the #expoeast2018 by @natprodexpo, but in line with my friend Dana’s recent IG story, the REAL TREASURE was in the connections I made with other women in my field. Private practice & online work can feel extremely isolating, and it felt so good knowing that I’m not the only one with these feelings. 🌻I met Aimee @theakkitchen in grad school at @muihealth, so she’s one of my “older” friends, but I feel like our time together this year took our friendship to the next level. We shared our deepest truths, and I haven’t felt such a rooted connection in a long time. 🌻I also met Dana @realfoodwithdana at @muihealth, but our friendship really started in earnest as we planned our attendance at last year’s expo. Her work inspires many meals in my home, and I’m so excited that she’s moving to one of my old stomping grounds. 🌻Aimee introduced me to Lauren @flora_and_vino at last year’s expo, and I’ve been stalking her IG ever since - it made our reintroduction this year all the more exciting. She’s a fellow #nova resident, so look out for our weekend Whole Foods dates! @ Baltimore Convention Center

Football season is quickly becoming my favorite season. It’s incredible to see how the human body performs & repairs when given the tools & attention. I’m on the edge of my seat, boys! Get it! #footballwithangela

Spent a few minutes of QT with Shelly today, fellow #loudouncountybusiness owner and lifelong friend (going on 10 years). While I mainly post about food here, I don’t think it’s misplaced to talk about feeding other aspects of our lives: Our friendships, business networks, communities, romantic relationships, etc. I’ll admit that I need this reminder more than anyone🙋🏻‍♀️ How do you feed these important areas of your life?

Shelly @loveofgray owns @abichfinancial with her husband Abe. I worked with them through grad school and still haven’t left my most precious side hustle.

For those of you who don’t know me, I founded GoodLifeNutrition in 2017 and practice in Loudoun & Fauquier counties.

#smallbusinesses #smallbusinessowner #womensupportingwomen #womeninbusiness #womeninbiz #womenentrepreneurs

August - October is the year’s second fig season, “new wood” season. I love this fall fruit because you can have it as a sweet or savory snack. What’s’s rich in potassium, manganese & fiber.

Today’s snack: Slice fresh figs into halves or fourths. Top with crumbled goat cheese, honey drizzle, fresh chocolate mint leaves (thank you @farmladynutrition ) & Himalayan sea salt. @ Reston, Virginia

When I signed my contract with @asi_nova, I had no idea that sports nutrition would become my lifeblood. @jordanreed_86 was the 1st NFL football player I ever worked with...and the rest is history. I’m so proud of his dedication to health & excellence as well as his humble & kind spirit. I’m going to have an exciting & nerve wracking season watching Jordan kill it on the field 💪🏼

#mealprepsunday in the fading afternoon light...
1) Flank steak cooked in 🥑 oil seasoned w @traderjoes Chili Lime seasoning, onions & black pepper.
2) Rice & black beans combined & cooked in the dirty cast iron skillet from #1 above, season to taste.
3) Summer squash cooked in butter, salt & pepper to taste.
4) @traderjoes spicy guacamole.
What’s in YOUR #lunchbox ??

Brad & I have always had a hard time finding heart-pumping, sweaty activities we both like bc of his “duck” foot & the fact that I’m a sh*tty biker. If you also follow my personal account, you’ll know that we’ve been testing the waters with hiking...and now we’re hooked. We’ve moaned & groaned about living in #nova, so I’m thrilled to find something I love with abandon here in my new-ish home. I’ll be posting story highlights of our hiking adventures if you’d like to check back for cool places to go. What got your blood pumping this weekend? @ Scott's Run Nature Preserve

It was a beautiful day on the Potomac. I had a wonderful weekend to energize me for the week to come. A digestive health workshop on Saturday and a life-changing hike this Sunday morning. What did you all get into this weekend, and what great things are planned for the short work week?

Today we turned to a family healing tradition 👉🏼 Mom soothes all sorts of sicknesses with Arroz Caldo, and now I make it to soothe the stomach this weekend. This is a traditional Filipino dish loaded with garlic, ginger & rice cooked down to nearly a porridge. What has your family used to soothe a sour stomach & case of irritable bowels?

My colleague & mentor Gina sent the team a simple & lovely pesto recipe: Lemon balm, parsley, garlic & EVOO. And what’s better is that two of the ingredients are from her own garden 💚. @liftingmars & I are using the pesto over chicken & zoodles tonight. Maybe I won’t need to take my sleep supplements tonight...with all the lemon balm 😴 Gainesville Holistic Health Center GHHCenter Whole Nutritional Health

I’m so blessed to have been included in a day in paradise making flower essences with June, Gina @farmladynutrition & a group of wonderful women. May 26, 2018 @ Rectortown, Virginia

Happy #nationalsiblingsday to the boy (guess he’s a man now 😒) who will have a picnic with me on the side of the road instead of stopping for fast food during a road trip. Love you, Tofurky.

Today I had the honor of delivering an in-service for the delightful trainers at @gainesville_ep with my esteemed colleague Dr. Greg Nash from @ghhcenter. We reviewed physical signs of potential nutrient imbalances that may pop up with some of their clients. Our time together highlighted the value of INTEGRATION to improve outcomes. I’m thrilled to have made new connection & friends today. DM if you’d like me to visit your space for a Nutrition in-service...I’d be happy to oblige 👩🏻‍🌾

I shared an amazing meal with my family tonight at @bartacolife in Reston Town Center. So many of my NoVa clients ask for healthy restaurant recommendations, and this place KILLS IT. For 25¢ you can have you tacos wrapped in lettuce instead of corn tortillas if that’s your thang. Oh and their chicken soup is noodle-free BTdubs. I’m building a local “menu” filled with NoVa restaurant items for my clients to use as a resource. Any recommendations? I love including restaurants who source locally. Farm to tables are great!

It’s been a long time coming, but I just posted a career update article on the website ( titled “Spring update: Angela is in Gainesville & Leesburg, VA!” Thank you, sweet friends, for enduring my silence as I waded through this huge transition. And thank you to my new clinic families for welcoming me with open arms >>> Gainesville Holistic Health Center Analgesic Spine Institute (Photograph taken by Anne-Marie Hainer)

Happy Easter, my friends! Happy Sunday after the 1st full moon after the March Equinox! I’ve been filling my window box with flowers that have been growing like weeds on the edges of our sidewalks. Lovely company last night as my tiny family of crystals charged in the Full Sap Moon 🌕

#mondaymealprep 🔛 Mexi bowls, or as we used to say in school...HAYSTACKS. ✔️Shredded greens ✔️ground turkey ✔️stir fried mushrooms & peppers ✔️fire roasted diced tomatoes ✔️black beans ✔️retried beans ✔️black olives ✔️fresh lime ✔️mexi-style cauli rice ✔️guac. Everything is completely prepared, so each day or night before we just pile what we want into our bowls and head off to work! What does your meal prep look like this week? Tell me by tagging me in your pic!

I convinced Brad to join me for a midday workout/meditation, so we rolled up the carpet, moved the furniture & hit the mats. The lighting was gentle & energizing, and @kait.hurley & @alison__wu shared an as*-kicking/peace-giving video.

Hazy morning light on a cozy winter morning • We woke up to a house without running water, so until Fairfax Water came out to save the day, we set up bowls of water in the kitchen: One bowl with water & ACV vinegar for rinsing fruit & veg, one bowl with soapy kitchen water for rinsing our hands & rags. It was kinda fun since our frozen water meter was thawed, replaced & insulated by 2:15pm. Happy Saturday, ice bunnies!

Since Jan 2, I’ve been doing a low-key #whole30. Haha what does that mean? Basically, I’m not doing it as part of a group program or with a large group of friends (except for knowing that @jentiff is doing it too 😏). Since I’ve done it once before, I’m just modifying some staple meals as I go and trying out new recipes when I have the energy. Also, if a friend or family member cooks for me, I make the best choices I can without grilling them on every ingredient they used. This bowl of delight I’m holding is from @paleorunningmomma - It’s her Sautéed Apples & Pears with Coconut Butter. It’s a lovely twist to the sautéed apples with oats & coconut butter I like when not on the Whole30. I love how much cinnamon she calls for (trust her even if you think it’s a sh*t ton) & the pear 🍐 element added to a dish you only expect “apple pie 🥧 “ from. The only thing I’ll change next time is to make a bigger batch, bc this is perfect for breakfast, snack & dessert.

Thought I’d post a personal pic to close out the 1st day of the new year. This is the handsome @liftingmars & me at @holly.lynn.xvi ‘s 1920’s speakeasy partay to celebrate her bday & the new year. I wish you all could’ve been there because it was IG-tastic! Have y’all ever been to a murder mystery party? This was my 1st, and it was AMAZING. Happy New Year’s Day, beauties!

Happy New Year’s Eve, my friends. It’s been a heavy close to the year, so we kept tonight simple & intimate with pizza (yes, pizza!) & a small veggie/hummus plate while lounging on the couch watching Black Mirror. I feel a bit unsettled not having thought out my intentions & resolutions for 2018, but with the new year comes new energy...and I’m SO looking forward to it. How do you develop your intentions & goals for the new year? This is not simply a rhetorical question, as I love to play with new processes when I’m in a bit of a funk. Anyways, my friends, I wish you a night surrounded by people you love & thoughts that bring you peace 🌔

's cover photo

This year, I’ve made a commitment to wrap all the gifts in recycled material from my home. Imagine all the gift wrap that piles up on Xmas morning, and multiply that by a bajillion people. You guys...that’s a lot of trees. Join me in gifting our Mother Earth with intention & kindness. Our loved one will also appreciate the extra care & unique touches. Share your responsibly-wrapped gift by using the hashtag #goodlifenutr - I can’t wait to see! (BTW, these gifts are wrapped in inside out @traderjoes nags & clippings from the bouquet @liftingmars gave me for graduation ❤️💚❤️💚)

@traderjoes haul! My office in @aidppt_ashburn is just close enough to the Trader Joe’s in Reston. So when my clients ask me for grocery shopping suggestions, I send them there bc TJ’s is ON POINT. Seasonal produce, whole ingredients, responsible sourcing, and fun treats. Starting from top left: 1) Exfoliating sea salt body scrub with ylang ylang & eucalyptus, 2) Brussels sprouts on the vine, 3) curried carrot & cashew dip and beet & roasted garlic dip, 4) cauliflower tabbouleh, 5) persimmons, 6) organic maca powder, 7) sheep’s milk feta, 8) Greek whole milk 🥛 yogurt in egg nog, 9) sunflower 🌻 seed butter. Have you guys tried any of these?

As I was saying goodbye to my relatives after our family trip to St. Louis, my Auntie Gaga shoved a little bag in my hands, a treat for the ride. Mom & I finished most of these persimmons in the car, but two cuties made their way home with me! This Chinese fruit is my all-time favorite fruit ever ever ever. It’s juicy, bright & gently sweet. Persimmons are high in vitamins A & C, so while I’m not quite eating with the seasons with these, I’m giving a kind little thumbs up to my immune system. Are you guys as obsessed with persimmons as I am?

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I am thankful for each and every one of you, my friends.

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Good morning, from the mountains of Virginia! We’re taking a long & much needed long weekend away from home and work. Probably not too much on the nutrition front coming your way since we’re a bit indulgent when we visit this particular spot 😏 So I thought I’d share the green beauty items I packed for the trip. I like to save sample-sized products I accumulate over the year because 1) travel-friendly(duh) & 2) it’s less of a middle finger to Mother Earth (I think). Products are tagged, and I’ll add my 2 cents about each in the comments below as I try them on my trip. MUCH LOVE, my sweets!

I think I’m most proud of food I put together when I have very little in the kitchen. This is my travel-friendly charcuterie for yesterday’s drive to Alexandria. Ideally I’m pop a little green in there, but I was really running short on food since I haven’t been grocery shopping this week. I have two more hours to drive tomorrow —� What should I pack?

[11/08/17]   Thank you to the Nutrition Department at Maryland University of Integrative Health for awarding me a scholarship to attend the American College of Nutrition cancer conference starting today! Hit me up if you’re attending too!

Remember that one time @theakkitchen & I cleaned out @anitasyogurt ‘s booth? Haha...happy Tuesday, folks 💛💛💛

Love is when two people make bacteria babies together 💜 Brad joined me last night as I inoculated & bottled my first batch of ginger beer. There are so many delicious ways to get our probiotics...and I can’t wait for a Moscow Mule to be one of mine 😏 Question for the crowd: How interested would you be in attending fermenting workshops?

Pro tip: Make yo own cocktail sauce for crying out loud.

This scoby is what’s up. What I learned: 1) How to start booch from “scratch.” 2) How to turn over batches of booch. 3) How to keep a booch hotel. 4) How to make booch vinegar. 5) How to be an awesome human like my mentor Daisy 🌼. She’s created a monster.

I found these beautiful surprises as I cleaned out our summer garden brush. We didn’t have a single bell pepper all year...until now 💚💚💚

“The seed of health is in illness, for illness contains information.” ~Marilyn Ferguson

These last two weeks have not been short of physical & emotional hardships, but as I hold fast to my mindfulness practices, I learn to listen to the head colds, restlessness, overwhelm & loneliness. My body & mind have been begging for inner kindness. Today, that came in the form of gifting myself an extra couple of hours this morning to attend a 6:15am yoga class, followed by an epsom salt bath (while watching Ozark>>>who’s with me?), comfy leggings & a warm matcha 🍵 all before my workday begins. What kindness will you show yourself today?

Nutrition and Mental Health

Thank you, Emmaus Counseling Center for the opportunity to write about nutrition and mental health :) Guest post by Angela Mari of GoodLife Nutrition LLC When I was invited by Emmaus Counseling Center to write a piece for this blog, I was thrilled to have such a conversational platform on which I c…

In all my 30 years, I've never poached an egg or made hollandaise sauce...until this 8th day of October. The kitchen was a disaster afterwards, but I learned that 2 min 45 sec is the perfect poach time for me. So...on the brunch menu was a toasted multi-grain English muffin topped with slices of avocado, smoked salmon, poached egg, hollandaise sauce & capers on a bed of spinach and with sides of leftover potatoes from last week's meal prep & crispy bacon. Dayyyymn.

"Eating a raw oyster is like French kissing a mermaid." ~Tom Robbins

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