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Dedicated to helping you find your passion, live a healthy life and Wear Your Soul every day.

The Wear Your Soul Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping kids and young adults explore alternative outdoor sports, enabling them to find their passion and live a healthy, active lifestyle. By partnering with collegiate athletes, outdoor industry professionals and health and wellness experts, we will work to fight the epidemic of childhood obesity and
change the course of young lives across the nation.

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Rocky Mountain National Park

chicago.suntimes.com 05/28/2016

With kids health, arts moves, Michelle Obama locking in legacy

chicago.suntimes.com One part of Michelle Obama’s legacy already is in place: a national focus on reducing the prevalence of childhood obesity within a generation.




Building A Plan to Fight Childhood Obesity

In a world of video games and social media, parents may wonder how to keep children active and healthy. Tuesday, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings joins a panel of doctors and community leaders to find a solution...


Outdoor Industry Association

Big announcement from The White House: more than two dozen organizations (like OIA and Outdoor Foundation) have signed on , committing to funding trips to America’s public lands for nearly HALF A MILLION 4th grade children.


indianexpress.com 04/21/2016

Have regular family dinners to keep your kids fit

Children who have their dinner along with other family members are generally fit and eating meals together can also help kids cut the risk of developing eating disorders or weight problems later in life, say researchers.

indianexpress.com Eating meals together helps kids cut the risk of developing eating disorders later in life, say researchers.

outsideonline.com 04/11/2016

10 Ways to Raise Brave Girls

As Eleanor Roosevelt once famously said, “Do something every day that scares you.”

outsideonline.com Bestselling author Caroline Paul’s new book, The Gutsy Girl, is a how-to guide for parents to push through the anxiety and let their kids take acceptable risks outdoors.

nationalparks.org 04/10/2016

Celebrate National Park Week

nationalparks.org From April 16 – 24, you are invited to celebrate all that America’s more than 400 national parks have to offer. And in honor of the National Park Service Centennial this year, all parks are offering free admission the entire week.

healthcare.blog.ajc.com 03/31/2016

Scientists discover surprisingly simple way to fight childhood obesity | Health Matters

How many of you remember standing in line to get water after recess and the teacher counting to 10 was never long enough?
Make water more available in public schools. Wow a relatively cheap and easy way to combat America’s childhood obesity epidemic.

healthcare.blog.ajc.com Scientists in New York have found a relatively cheap and easy way to combat America's childhood obesity epidemic -- make water more available in public schools. That's the takeaway from a recent study that analyzed more than one million students in 1,227 elementary and middle schools across the city…


ForestKids Early Learning - Forest School

Kids Wearing Their Souls

A beautiful experience for the Toddler ForestKids to have a Sr. ForestKid leading them in song and dance today.

outsideonline.com 03/15/2016

A Daily Dose of Ecotherapy Eases Stress in Kids

"Pressure on kids to perform well in school, excel in competitive sports, and handle other pressures could be alleviated with some simple one-on-one time with nature."

The Wear Your Soul Project introduces and inspires children to connect with Nature and live healthy, adventurous lives!


outsideonline.com Trauma from gun violence in schools could be alleviated with some simple one-on-one time with nature.

doi.gov 03/02/2016

7 Things You Didn't Know About Yellowstone National Park

Happy Birthday Yellowstone!

doi.gov Explore 7 surprising facts about the world's first national park, Yellowstone.

news.utexas.edu 03/01/2016

Researchers to Bring School Gardens, Cooking Classes to Austin-Area Schools

“We saw that teaching kids to grow their own food, doing a seed-to-plate approach, was very impactful,” Davis said. “I hope to see the same effects of reducing obesity and increasing dietary intake on a larger scale with TX Sprouts.”

news.utexas.edu Elementary school students in Austin will grow their own fruits and vegetables, learn about nutrition and cook their own food in a study designed to improve health and reduce obesity.


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Great Message!

trofire.com 02/02/2016

Childhood Obesity Rates Are Exploding Across the Globe: What's Going On? - The Ring of Fire Network

The Wear Your Soul Project's mission is to tackle childhood obesity by introducing children and young adults to outdoor adventure sports and educate them on proper health and wellnrss.

"The childhood obesity epidemic around the world is a complex problem with many causes – all related to modern methods of food production, sedentary lifestyles and health care."

trofire.com There has been a fair amount of talk in the media over the past decade about the alarming increase in childhood obesity in the United States – but it turns out that it’s not just happening here. It’s happening in virtually every developing country on the planet, including places you wouldn’t expect.…

globalnation.inquirer.net 01/30/2016

40% of California 5th-graders are overweight or obese

"Experts say reducing childhood obesity requires policies that promote equitable access to safe places to play and exercise, frequent opportunities for physical activity in and out of school and affordable healthy foods and beverages."

Help us build a community Wear Your Soul Base Camp at your College Alma Mater. Go to wearyoursoul.org to learn more.

globalnation.inquirer.net PALO ALTO, California--Two of every five 5th graders in California's public schools are overweight or obese, according to 2015 data from the California Department of Education that are now

pulse.ng 01/26/2016

UN: Intl body urges govts to reverse trend of childhood obesity

The UN called on governments to reverse the trend of a global epidemic in childhood obesity by promoting healthy foods and physical activities. The Wear Your Soul Project Base Camps consists of our team of experts and professionals educating and reinforcing the importance of a healthy/active lifestyle, proper nutrition and how these components help lead to overall wellness. These certified instructors will also teach value of stewardship, proper technique to optimize participants’ performance in each activity - boosting their ability to enjoy the activity to a greater degree, more often and ultimately, for a longer period of time. A lifetime

pulse.ng UN: Intl body urges govts to reverse trend of childhood obesity


Childhood Obesity Panel: 40 Million Kids Under 5 Overweight

An independent panel on obesity commissioned by the World Health Organization is urging governments, educators, agribusiness and food marketers to do more to help fight childhood obesity.

abcnews.go.com An independent panel on obesity commissioned by the World Health Organization is urging governments, educators, agribusiness and food marketers to do more to help fight childhood obesity. In a report Monday, the Commission on Ending Childhood Obesity says 41 million kids under age 5 are now...

roodepoortrecord.co.za 01/16/2016

Tackling childhood obesity

Healthy lunchbox ideas!

roodepoortrecord.co.za Obesity in South Africa is starting to take on epidemic proportions and it is also affecting our children.


National Park Service PSA

Find Your Park | Wear Your Soul


A park can be a place, a passion or a state of mind. People all around America are finding their park every day. So get up. Get out there. Find your park. It...

childhealthdata.org 01/14/2016

Obesity State Report Cards NSCH 2007--Data Resource Center

Check out the Childhood Obesity facts for your state.


childhealthdata.org The Data Resource Center for Child and Adolescent Health is a national initiative funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau to make the results from the National Survey of Children's Health and the National Survey of Children with Special Health Care Needs accessible to everyone through an easy…

ajc.com 01/14/2016

New Fulton schools program aimed at getting kids more active

Fulton County school leaders are trying to get students to exercise more and combat childhood obesity.

ajc.com Fulton County school leaders are trying to get students to exercise more and combat childhood obesity.

findyourpark.com 01/13/2016

Find Your Park

Published on Jan 13, 2016
Secretary Jewell found her park as a tot. Over the years, she's built a life-long connection to Mount Rainier National Park in Washington. The National Park Service has been around for 100 years, protecting America's special places. Get up, get out and at http://www.findyourpark.com


nationalparks.org 01/11/2016

2016 National Parks Bucket List

How many National Parks have you crossed off your bucket list. Get Outside and Explore!!!

nationalparks.org With over 400 national parks across the system to choose from, there are countless experiences to be had, treks to make, and lessons to learn.


WEAR YOUR SOUL (written by Henry & Joe Ostaszewski, Don Quinn & Ron Ryan - Vocal by Adam...

"Wear Your Soul"

You should have been redirected to WEAR YOUR SOUL (written by Henry & Joe Ostaszewski, Don Quinn & Ron Ryan - Vocal by Adam Cunningham) by Ron Ryan.


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“To stay put is to exist; to travel is to live.”

cbsnews.com 09/22/2015

Little sign of improvement in U.S. obesity rates

As funds come in through grants and private donations Wear Your Soul Project will focus on building Base Camps with colleges and universities in the Southeast.

cbsnews.com New figures show which states have the highest rates of obesity

the-newshub.com 09/22/2015

Childhood Obesity a Worldwide Epidemic | Health & Fitness | The News Hub

The World Health Organization found one in three children were overweight in a study conducted in over 53 countries. It is believed that lack of exercise and poor diets are the problem. In Britain about 28 percent of children ages two to 15 are overweight. The number of overweight children has surged over the past three decades in many countries.

the-newshub.com Solutions to the problem should start at home.


Wear Your Soul Base Camps are designed to help children and young adults experience living healthy lives, not just listen to it. They connect them to others who share a common goal so together they can grow in life- changing ways.

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General information

Check us out on Twitter at: @wearyoursoul

Founder Bios

Henry Ostaszewski
Henry began wearing his soul at a young age and hasn’t taken a day off since. Prior to founding the Wear Your Soul Foundation in 2009, he was an accomplished account manager at an interior design and architecture firm, a Pittsburgh Steeler, a Florida State Seminole, and a big brother, but feels that he’s finally found his purpose in life. Henry’s passion for adventure extends into everything he does, whether shredding mountains on a snowboard or taking his kids, Brooke and Ben, on a kayaking excursion- and his passion is the fuel for the Foundation. Right now, Henry is on his own path to improve his lifestyle, and is a role model for kids who want to embrace a healthy outdoor lifestyle and seize the spirit of adventure.

Joe Ostaszewski
Wearing your soul runs in the family. Over the past 20 years, Joe has traveled the country in search of adventure, becoming a manager, an assistant coach at Florida State, an EMT, a firefighter, a law enforcement officer, a Miami Dolphin, a Seminole, and a brother. Henry’s junior by a mere 7 minutes, their friendly rivalry has spanned the years they spent together and apart, and has now culminated in the Wear Your Soul Foundation. Quitting was never an option in the Ostaszewski household, and Joe is dedicated to making sure that same spirit is infused into everything that the Foundation does. Joe is working every day to improve his own health and lifestyle, and wants to spread his infectious commitment and courage to kids across the nation; helping them overcome limits and discover the best version of themselves, all while supporting (and besting) his brother.

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