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Jubilee Health is a holistic center aimed at empowering parents who want to use a natural and holist http://jubileehealth.org/

I’m a mom and a nurse who has worked over 20 years in the pediatric hospital setting- mostly in the field of pediatric oncology. My lens to see health care changed when both of my daughters had health issues early on and the conventional medicine route didn’t really help them. It was then that I discovered the beauty and effectiveness of natural remedies and using a more holistic approach to heali

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jubileehealth.org 04/04/2017

Strep Throat Infections in kids…an interview with Dr. Louisa Williams on Holistic Treatment Strategies | Jubilee Health

This week's podcast is all about Strep Throat and how to cure it naturally :)

jubileehealth.org Does your child struggle with repeated strep infections? Are you concerned with the repeated use of antibiotics and the potential side effects? You will definitely want to listen to this podcast with Louisa Williams, author of

joettecalabrese.com 04/03/2017

It’s Time to Smell The Flowers

Is anyone dealing with allergies this season? Here is a great article about which homeopathic remedies can help.

joettecalabrese.com If you had told me years ago that I would be able to cozy up to a beautiful bouquet of big yellow flowers like these — without my allergies sending me running far, far away — I would have to…

thehealthyhomeeconomist.com 03/31/2017

How to Repair Your Gut After Antibiotics - The Healthy Home Economist

How to repair your gut flora if you have had to take antibiotics (a must do)

thehealthyhomeeconomist.com The recommended protocol for preventing and repairing gut damage during and after antibiotics whether oral meds or IV treatment is used.

plantoeat.com 03/30/2017

Meal Planner and Grocery Shopping List Maker - Plan to Eat

My favorite meal planner and grocery shopping list maker.

plantoeat.com Join now and simplify your life using our meal planning calendar and automated grocery shopping list maker.

orawellness.com 03/29/2017

Simple ways to help remineralize your children's teeth

Four simple ways to remineralize your children's teeth

orawellness.com We're hardwired to want to provide our children with a better start than we received. When it comes to oral health, there's plenty we can offer our kids.

jubileehealth.org 03/28/2017

Propolis.. what is it and how it can help kids with Jean-Francois Lariviere | Jubilee Health

Here is more information on propolis (mentioned in yesterday's post)

jubileehealth.org In this episode, Jean-Francois Lariviere not only shares how valuable bees are to our food system but most importantly how bee products (i.e. propolis) are an essential first aid tool for kids and adults alike.

theholisticmama.com 03/27/2017

Do These Four Things to Avoid Catching Your Kids Illnesses - The Holistic Mama

theholisticmama.com Here are the exact things I do as soon as my children get sick so that I stay healthy! Follow my tips to avoid catching your kids illnesses.

foodnavigator-usa.com 03/24/2017

Heinz is latest target in new wave of false advertising lawsuits over ‘all natural’ claims and GMOs

Did you know?

foodnavigator-usa.com Heinz has vowed to vigorously defend itself after becoming the latest food giant to be targeted in a false advertising lawsuit alleging it is misleading consumers by describing products made from GM crops as ‘all-natural’.

corganic.com 03/23/2017


Has anyone tried the Primal Gut Powder from Corganic? It is part of our probiotic rotation at home.

corganic.com Looking for the highest quality, nutrient dense foods and digestive supplements? We carry EVCLO, GutPro, Primal Gut, Primal Soil, lard, duck fat and much more!

documentinghope.com 03/22/2017

The Microscopic Organ That Secretly Controls Your Child’s World - Documenting Hope

Interesting article on the microscopic organ that controls your child's world.

documentinghope.com The Microscopic Organ That Secretly Controls Your Child’s WorldBy Madiha Saeed, MD While your child may pretend he’s a superhero, did you know that he is actually a super-organism? That’s right—human beings are super-organisms, made up of a complex blend of genetic traits from human and microbial ce...

jubileehealth.org 03/21/2017

A Compromised Generation!! What to make of all the new childhood epidemics… | Jubilee Health

This week's podcast is on all the new childhood epidemics and what we can do about them.

jubileehealth.org Does your child suffer from one of the new childhood epidemics like ADD, autism, Asperger’s, SPD, Asthma, Allergies, or behavior issues? Be sure to listen to this podcast as Beth Lambert, author of A Compromised Generation sheds some insight as to why we are seeing a rise in the numbers of these iss...

mommypotamus.com 03/20/2017

How To Dye Easter Eggs Naturally

Who else is looking forward to dyeing eggs for Easter?

mommypotamus.com After lots of testing, I’ve determined which ingredients consistently yield beautiful, vibrant colors. Here's how to dye Easter eggs naturally using beets . .

nourishedkitchen.com 03/17/2017

8 Easy Ways to Support Digestion Naturally

8 (easy) ways to support digestion naturally

nourishedkitchen.com Gas, bloating, burping, heartburn...ugh! It's no picnic when our digestion isn't working as it should. So what can we do to get things back on track quickly? First, let's start with the fundamentals. If you are



Can you guess what the 3 times it is not a good idea to brush your teeth?

The 3 times it's best to NOT brush you teeth. https://goo.gl/ngNjdm

jubileehealth.org 03/14/2017

Essential Oil use in Kids… what you need to know! | Jubilee Health

Do you use essential oils at home? If so, you will want to listen to this podcast I did with Plant Therapy.

jubileehealth.org In this episode, I interview Retha Nesmith from Plant Therapy. She covers how parents can use essential oils to treat minor ailments in children. She also clarifies some of the controversial questions I often get asked, such as “are essential oils safe for children to take internally?”.


Mommypotamus - Heather Dessinger

Find out which essential oils are safe to use while pregnant and nursing.


If you’ve tried to answer that question by researching online lately, you know that there is a ton of conflicting information out there.
I compiled this list based on the information found in Essential Oil Safety, which was written by world renowned essential oil expert Robert Tisserand.

Considered the most evidence-based resource available, Essential Oil Safety took 10+ years to write and contains over 4000 citations.
There's an option to download this list in printable format at the bottom of the post. I hope you find it helpful!

bodyecology.com 03/10/2017

Are a Baby’s Gut Bacteria the Secret to Growing Healthier with Age?

The importance of healthy gut bacteria starts at birth.

bodyecology.com The healthy bacteria found in a newborn baby’s gut help to strengthen digestion and boost immunity. As we grow older, a special strain of protective bacteria declines, making a daily probiotic all the more important.

bodyecology.com 03/09/2017

The Body Ecology Diet, The Healthy Diet and Nutritional Supplements Source - BodyEcology.com

If you don't have time to make fermented foods, you can get lots of them from the Body Ecology.

bodyecology.com Body Ecology Diet all natural supplements and body cleansing products detoxify, improve and restore heath. Health products, cleanses, probiotic and digestive enzymes created by Donna Gates to restore internal harmony, regain vitality and feel younger and stronger.

jubileehealth.org 03/08/2017

Getting your kids to eat healthier brain foods! with Landria Voigt | Jubilee Health

How to get your kids to eat healthier foods

jubileehealth.org Join us on this Podcast with Landria Voigt, a nutritional consultant. She shares some of her tips and tricks on how to eat healthy and loving it.

culturesforhealth.com 03/08/2017

8 Ways to Create a Cultured Breakfast

Start the day off right with a fermented breakfast.

culturesforhealth.com What better way to start your day than with a nice dose of cultured goodness? Learn to incorporate cultured and fermented foods into this important meal.

nourishedkitchen.com 03/06/2017

Fish is good for your heart (here's why)

Who likes fish? Find out the many reasons why it is so good for you.

nourishedkitchen.com There will be 700,000 heart attacks this year, but you can lower chances of getting one by 36%

jubileehealth.org 03/03/2017

10 power foods you can get your kid to eat! (part two) | Jubilee Health

Here is part 2 of the 10 power foods I recommend for kids.

jubileehealth.org Salmon can be one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids, and if you are familiar with fatty acids, you know the brain, and especially kid’s brains need lots of omega 3’s to function optimally. Hands down, salmon is one of the best sources of fatty acids. It is also a great source of Vitamin A…

realplans.com 03/02/2017

Real Plans | Online Meal Planning - Healthy. Smart. Delicious.

My favorite place to get my meal plans. Have you tried it?

realplans.com Real Plans is a meal planning solution that you can customize to suit your needs. It creates a dynamic grocery list and can be accessed on your smart phone.

jubileehealth.org 03/01/2017

10 POWER foods you can get your kid to eat! (part one) | Jubilee Health

Do you need some snack ideas for your kids? Here is Part 1 of the 10 power foods I recommend.

jubileehealth.org True confession: I grew up on substandard and processed food. I remember in my college dorm room choosing to make Ramen noodles, and instant macaroni and cheese in the microwave instead of heading to the dining hall. I’m paying the price for all of it now as I am in my forties and having to play cat...


Weston A. Price Foundation

Podcast on why we need animal fats

There's a lot of confusion around what constitutes a healthy fat. In today's episode, Sally Fallon Morell, the head of the Weston A. Price Foundation, makes a solid case for including animal fats in our diet, based on her book “Nourishing fats: why we need animal fats for health and happiness.” For decades, animal fats and saturated fats have been maligned as unhealthy, but the evidence points in the opposite direction.

It's time to unlearn the propaganda and become reacquainted with the happy, healthy truth. Saturated fats have an important role to play in our physical and emotional wellness. Sally tells the history of when & why companies began pushing their pseudo oils and fats. And she then gives the science behind why animal fats are so beneficial--how they have been found to be protective against cancer, and provide vitamins A, D, and K that are essential for proper neurological function and emotional well-being, for example.

You will hear specifics about how and why butter, lard and tallow can all be embraced as part of your daily diet. Once you do so, you and your family will be all the healthier (and happier) for it!

mommypotamus.com 02/24/2017

Homemade Hair Detangler Recipes

Natural hair detangler recipe to make with your kids

mommypotamus.com Are there tears over tangles in your house? Here are three homemade hair detangler recipes that are inexpensive and simple to make.

ewg.org 02/22/2017

Skin Deep® Cosmetics Database | EWG

Here is great website to research your body product ingredients and see if they are safe to use


jubileehealth.org 02/21/2017

Hidden Toxic Ingredients in our everyday products… become an ingredient detective | Jubilee Health

Do you know the ingredients that are in your body products? Find out how you can become an ingredient detective

jubileehealth.org Join me in this podcast to learn about the hidden toxic chemicals that are used in personal care products we use everyday on ourselves and our family. Antoinette Moura enlightens us on some of the ingredients to avoid and empowers us to read labels before buying a product.


Nourished Kitchen

It's not just what you eat that matters, but what you wear, too.

jubileehealth.org 02/17/2017

The Dangers of Tylenol | Jubilee Health

Remember the article on Tylenol I wrote a couple of years ago? Here is another article worth reading about its side effects: http://bit.ly/2lfXaJz

jubileehealth.org Envision the scene with me. It is a baby shower for a friend, and she opens my gift and it is a basket with infant’s Tylenol, Motrin and Mylicon. I hear the “what a great gift” and the “ oh of course that is from a pediatric nurse” “ great idea”. I sit back and feel proud of my thoughtfulness to g...

jubileehealth.org 02/16/2017

Jubilee Health | Giving moms natural health wisdom

Have you signed up for my free online course? Learn how to use natural remedies for your family.

jubileehealth.org Does your child struggle with frequent ear infections? Do you want to avoid the continued use of antibiotics? check out my ebook:

nourishingourchildren.org 02/15/2017

Girl Scout Cookies or Chemicals?

Are you ready for girl scout cookie season? Read this article before buying some

nourishingourchildren.org I sold them as a girl. I also ate them. I may have eaten more than I sold! Girl Scout Cookies I just read in a blog post that young scouts are starting to take orders on January 7 – the actua…

mommypotamus.com 02/13/2017

MTHFR Gene Mutations: A Beginner's Guide

Here is a beginner's guide to MTHFR gene mutation. Share with the people you know have it.

mommypotamus.com MTHFR gene mutations affect 30-50% of our population, although most of us don't know whether or not we have it. So what is MTHFR, exactly?

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