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I hope you're well rested and ready to listen to this message. I'm starting to feel gloomy. As I look out at the world today. Individuals like you who are aware of and can see what is occurring in the world are also saddened by it. It's an extremely severe and upsetting scenario. In spite of this, we feel depressed. Anguish is a way for us to show how much we care about the lives of everyone and everything. For us. It's a privilege to assist others to help them awaken and return for the natural levels of bliss. We know that the evil powers have deceived us. The moment has come. However, for us to wake up or face an elation at these hands, a better world is within our reach. If we work together, particularly with those few awakened individuals who share our goal, the majority of people live in a state of terror, making this difficult, but they have no idea how to cope with their gut feeling that something dreadful is going to happen. They aren't aware that their ideas, emotions, and perceptions are being manipulated by a variety of different influences. There are just a few individuals in the world who are capable of grasping this reality and the truth that lies inside it. There are a few individuals who know what is happening in the world when they wake up the moment has come for everyone to wake up and realize what is going on in their own lives, their surroundings, their nation, and the globe. As a large you really are one of the fortunate few. As soon as you realize the truth you'll be able to assist others escape out of their agony as well. People like you are the only ones who can assist others get out of their current predicament. Most people are in a fantasy world of their own making, because they have given the evil powers permission to build their fictitious reality. They are unable to discern what is good and bad, or who is influencing and manipulating them. They've got compounds in their masters hands, and they're doing what they want without even realizing it. To put it another way, if someone doesn't wake up from their illusionary world, and most likely, no one will be able to assist them escape out of their illusionary world. It's because they become so lost in the fantasy world, that they've lost touch with reality. Why I think you're blessed is because of this. few individuals like you are capable of assisting others in escaping this complex and deceptive society.People are doing wrong and suffering because of their bad ideas and wrong behaviors. Thus, it is my obligation to inform them. The moment has now arrived for everyone to come to terms with the facts. They too will come to terms with their ignorance, and it will be a terrible moment for them. Since everything will have changed by then and no one will be able to adjust to the new circumstances. You have my permission to share my message with those who are open, willing and able to listen, as well as those who want to shift their paradigm and become more awake and aware of their surroundings. To assist you, I am here. Let me be here to assist you currently reawaken the soul inside you that has been dormant for quite some time. There are layers upon layers of dust covering your soul, which is like a diamond. Once the dust is removed from your face your sparkle like a diamond. My duty is to do that. It is my belief that there are people like you who are awake and want to help others but are unsure how to go about it. That is the reason for my being here today to help the awakened spirits that desire to change the planet. You are well educated and well intentioned, but you have yet to grasp the magnitude of your own potential. You may achieve greatness by just following my instructions and engaging in basic exercises like meditation, love and compassion for all creatures on the planet will bloom from your inner force. It's time for you to get out of bed. Since then, you've been slumbered in your sleep. Those ancient days were a long time ago and you are not the same people as you were back then. Now that you've developed you've become a human being. There has been a shift in your state of mind. As a result, you've gained the ability to view things from an entirely new perspective than you were previously capable of this planet has always been inhabited by evil powers. For a brief moment in our history, they were able to gain control over almost everything we see now. And that is why looks like as if there was nothing left to control. That however is not the case. You in the dark forces are both here because we are in the midst of the most powerful moment of human development ever seen on our planet. Good, evil, light and darkness. Love and hate are engaged at a war. Observers are seeing an epic battle between those two opposing forces. In the past, you may have seen or interpreted things in a different matter. You may perceive the world from a heavenly perspective when you are linked to your actual self. When that happens, you'll discover that the world is no longer filled with suffering. When it comes to God. It is more like a game. Regardless of the matter that is occurring. It is for everyone's benefit, and your own souls benefit. People who are attempting to hurt you will no longer be able to stop you from loving them. Whenever we face a problem or a tough scenario in our lives. We tend to want to make things go away as quickly as possible. Fortunately, it doesn't work that way in order to conquer our fears and be ready for great changes. In our lives. We need patience and endurance. My beloved friends, you will soon realize your actual divine essence and be able to recognize the validity of the statement but that day will not come unless you're patient and persevere through the trials of life. But I'll always be here to assist you get through the tough times for your benefit. I've granted you access to my heavenly vision so that you may see things for what they truly are. I cherish each and every one of you and want to express my gratitude for accompanying me on this spiritual journey. As always, I love you deeply and wish for you to have the most abundant and joyous life possible. Have a wonderful day. My dearly cherished and loved friends. We come to you to bring an update on the ascension process. We know that this journey has been long and at times tiresome with this message we tried to give you some much needed relief. You are our beloved and we want you to have as much information as you can possibly handle. For this journey is rough at times and we want to give you all the help we can. Let's begin. He may have noticed that last minute energy surges have begun to flow into the communal light and energy fields. There is a fresh influx of codes, frequencies and energies These are unique activation codes. For those who are ready to go on to the next phase of the evolution. You will be brought back to wholeness on all levels of your awareness by these new energies which will operate as an ancient DNA pattern activation. You will be able to finally let go of ancestral patterns that have been ingrained in your mind since you were a child. Many changes will occur as a result of this energy cascade. Many of them significant. As a result of this update, all of you will experience good changes in your personal psychological as well as global life. This cascade is bringing in energies that have never been experienced by mankind before. Since you've been evolving for a long time, the new energy you're experiencing is an evolution in itself. Wonderful energies such as self love, compassion, acceptance and understanding have been ingrained into this energy update. As a bonus, you'll get a chance to repair your entire being including your mind, emotions, body and soul. You will also have the opportunity to convert all the energies that no longer serve you with this new energy. This new release offers you the chance to discover your genuine spiritual calling. You'll be able to overcome your anxieties and forgive others as well as yourself. The attachment and concerns that have been holding you back will be able to be released. As a bonus this update aims to help you better connect with your higher self and align with your real purpose. Instead of running away when you're afraid, let it pass through you. Allow yourself to be scared. But then re enter the love you had before. Release the old energy and help yourself soar by doing this. Ascension is a strength, consciousness and truth of divine spirituality. It has the highest possible frequency. The goal of ascension is to raise one's awareness to a higher plane when you ascend. You're moving to a physical body to greater plane of consciousness energetically. By this I mean you shed lower vibrations of matter and matter awareness to move into higher levels of thinking, sensation be and being. Embracing who you are in the present moment means letting go of the past and letting go of what no longer serves you when your awareness grows, so do you the illusion of separation or divorce divine power within them? Something you're going to go through, you can overcome by unleashing the miraculous power lying dormant within it within you and it just takes a simple shift





Weston Williams aka Reiki Flyer is certified as a quantum healing hypnosis therapist, which can actually eradicate completely remove anything in the body that is not for a greatest entire good and bring to you your best health. there's no limitations to quantum healing it can and will remove anything. Weston is also a certified Reiki master and teacher for 7 years plus.
Are you experiencing trouble with physical conditions, mental discomfort or discomfort outside of your body like your job, your relationship etc? contact me and book an appointment so we can get those eradicated out of your life and get you back on to track with great health mind body & Soul. Contact me for questions or to book an appointment!

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3 world split Bifurcation 12/12/2020 to 12/21/2020 December Solstice


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"the final attempt" the November 2020 psychic update


youtube.com codes messages and downloads for ascension to new Earth and insight on this month. based on remote viewing, the current king will remain


Soul Energizer

You ask us where this, that you call 'coronavirus' originated. Whilst the origins at this point are of far lesser import than the antidotes, we move into explanation of such.
The creation of this mutated virus, which still undergoes mutation in it's chemical make up (so is therefore not 'one thing' but an evolving construct) the creation of this is multifaceted, as a convergence if you will, yet not in the sense of a destined convergence of timelines, more of a converged creation coming in predominantly from inverted matrix systems, dark or artificial technology if you will, as a convergence not as a 'Star of David' formation but as the spider's web if you will.
We provide here coded seed points for understanding and realisations which are an important part of the process of creating the antidote lifestyle.
A convergence is a convergence nevertheless and is a multiple reason or multiple origin formation.
However, we can break this down into three seed points for clarity.
The first two are black box programs in origin, yet intentions were not to create this virus mutation as the outcome that is within your current reality.
These black box programs had other intentions. The virus is amutation from original intention as well as a mutation at the cellular level. It is both spiritually and biologically a mutation. It is important for you to know this, for mutations do not hold power over organic structures that harmonise with Source frequency. We repeat, mutations do not hold power over organic structures that harmonise with Source frequency.
The first two seed points as black box programs were thus:This first one as separate intention was regarding what you may know as biological warfare. This, having been in creation for many years from seed point was NOT directed at humanity at large or people en-masse. We repeat - this was NOT directed at humanity at large or people en-masse. Believing this to be the case and that service-to-self factions have the power and ability to do such creates extreme dis-empowerment and activates the victim/saviour template within through fear.
This was an 'insurance policy' creation if you will, a weapon if you wish to so call it this, to be used within battlegrounds as in military use not civilian use. We present the most basic of templates for this black box program here, for the entire presentation of truthful and larger picture here is beyond the scope of this transmission. We present here only the most relevant information giving you keycoded light as information and seed point into antidote creation.
The second, as separate intention was of a totally different origin to the first. That of hybridisation experimentation of biological lifeforms such as gene splicing and cloning. This was utilising animal, sea life and somewhat plant DNA, this was not utilising human DNA in this particular black box program. Again, the intention here was not to target humanity at large or the people en-masse. The intention was God complex related and focused on genetisism and testing. Again, we present a most basic template of this much larger picture.The third main seed point within the spider's web convergence that resulted in this mutation was of natural means. We say natural means as it was not a black box program per se. Yet it still held a disharmonious core.
This was to do with exploitation, lack of care, disregard and cruelty towards animal lifeforms.
These three seed points came together, over a period of time and series of events to create a distorted and mutated virus at the cellular level within a certain faction within the captive animal kingdom. This then spread to the wild and free animal kingdom, through deliberate means, the virus then migrated into the human kingdom becoming a virulent strain as it once again mutated.
So the intention was not pure, it was black box, negative polarisation as an intention creation. Yet the intention was not to create that which you call 'coronavirus' which was, from the third dimensional perspective 'accidental' in it's final formation as coronavirus.
There were other attempts at 'coronavirus' from black box technology through different means at certain times, this is outside the scope of this transmission but this is not the first coronavirus if you will but the first created this way and is uniwue yet has been given a label that has been utilised before for a different kind of virus with different make up and different seed point creations.
One cannot however say it was of 'natural means' due to the black box program seed points. One equally cannot say this was deliberate and intentional in the form that it presents as the result, coronavirus, for that was not the original intention. The resulting mutated virus migrating into and infecting human population, has been hijacked. Therefore it is a black box program from the perspective of that hijacking and regarding twoseed points within the convergence as creational seed point.
Therefore it is most understandable that there are many explorers of this situation who point the finger and say this was deliberate, for this conclusion holds partly truth but not complete truth.
It is also equally as understandable that there are many other explorers of this situation who say this was an accident and of natural origin, for this conclusion holds partly truth but not complete truth.
When one moves into heated debate, discussion and infighting with ones allies on this subject, one creates yet a new hijacked black box construct and adds to the overall negatively polarised intention of division within humanity. Indeed humanity at large is targeted when it comes to the creation of division within, however it is the individuals themselves who allow themselves to be hijacked this way when they take a polarity stance. We repeat, humanity at large is targeted when it comes to the creation of division within however it is the individuals themselves who allow themselves to be hijacked this way when they take a polarity stance.
It is therefore most important as antidote to this mutation and lifestyle as antidote creation, to hold balance and a disposition that is pragmatic, objective, alert, aware, open, accepting, logical, intuitive, 'non judgemental within the higher thought processes' into 'making judgements in integrity within third dimensional reality.'
Now we have presented to you a basic origin of said mutation into what you now know as coronavirus, we present seed points into antidote and antidote as lifestyle.
As we have said, this mutated virus has been hijacked. One aspect of this hijacking is creation of panic, fear and chaos inorder to prevent carbon to crystalline transformation within humanity, cosmic memory recall and thus ascension.
Humanity at large has been targeted for this. However, it is of the utmost import for you to be fully aware of and know that the hijacking can target the carbon aspect only. The crystalline aspect cannot be hijacked and your knowing of this IS your antidote. We repeat for as we have said this is of the utmost import for you to know at the deepest levels of your being. The crystalline aspect cannot be hijacked and your knowing of this IS your antidote.
When one is aware of this, the crystalline code shields and shelters the carbon aspect making you immune. This transmission is specific to that immunity.
Yet one must be pragmatic. One cannot sit back and believe they are immune from hijacking without taking action upon the third dimensional level to ground that belief and thus create immunity.
Another aspect of this hijacking is the control of humanity through the 'problem, reaction, solution' pathway of chemical antidote as vaccine. This is a major black box program and is a false antidote. We repeat, this vaccine is a false antidote.
This false antidote contains DNA scrambling codices within prevention of carbon to crystalline transformation and thus positively polarised ascension as it's core intention. If fear and panic through adrenal over productions and burn outs within humanity does not hold back enough light awakenings then the black box program false antidote vaccine will - or so is the perspective held by a broken negative faction who can only recycle old programs and cannot create new negatively polarised programs. The reason for this is because critical mass for the ascensiontimeline has been reached by humanity. The dark worker elite cabal factions hope to reduce critical mass back to controllable levels and switch timelines with Armageddon core templates. The explanation of this is beyond the scope of this transmission but we shall speak further on this in future transmissions. Know that critical mass is currently within a light cascade or overfill and the ever increasing minority of fifth dimensionally aware starseeds hold the space continuously for this light cascade or overfill, keeping critical mass at the level of ascension timeline manifestation and the paradise core templates.
With keycoded transmissions such as this one we deliver and other similarly coded presentations, the starseeds holding this space are continuously energised with crystalline and gemstone light in order for them to contain the fifth dimensional reality system and the fourth dimension. For those with this reality creation as their focused intentional spiral core timeline, the critical mass cannot be lowered and the Armageddon core template timeline achieved.
All black box programs are thus backfiring and mutating themselves from dark intention into light as manifestation.
However, there are those brothers and sisters that are 'caught within the dark net' so to speak and we give to you here, within this transmission, through our Fireston Weston Daleigh Williams Lightchild, seed point and keycoded frequency for true and absolute antidote.
Yet we cannot give you the antidote in it's entirety for it is a lifestyle, a mindset and a spiritual path. We can but guide you, as you too can guide others. The work as it were, must be undertaken by you, the spiritual warrior.
We speak now to those known as starseeds who can build their own sheilds and give healing and building tools to others, for many shall come with their fears and worries. You as masters, ashealers of Gaia, are thus, yet again, much needed. Indeed you knew this to be so for this is your mission and this is your calling.
Dedication to the path creates a reality dedicated to you, your lifeforce and your life and existence on all levels. Dedication to the path of light creates a reality where you exist as light, radiate light and you ARE light.
We have presented an antidote to that which we speak of within our previous transmission 'The Black Box Programme and the Rose Gold Flame as Antidote'.
This information holds alignment for this coronavirus as you so call it. The reason is this :the mutated virus holds it's most virulent strain at 'first bite' if you will and indeed that first bite was literal.
Yet as the virus migrates into the human kingdom, the immunity to it begins through mechanisms you know as 'hundredth monkey effect' if you will or we could refer to this as biological telepathy or indeed magick. Yet pragmatically and physically this is, in it's simplest and most accurate presentation, energetic communication at the collective level. Indeed, you are one, you are unified. You therefore create the antidote together, at the collective level, as one. You shield those that are unable to add their consciousness to this antidote.
We have said many times 'the light is catching' and we mean this, in this particular instance, as energetic communication. Where immunity begins in one area of space and time so too does it simultaneously manifest in complete match in another area of space and time. This is your clue, your keycode and your teaching into creating true global immunity. The vaccine is the false immunity. Your collective power of light is the true immunity. Your knowing of this at the deepest intrinsic levelsgive you the immunity and thus you build your architectural, energetic shield.
So after a series of subsequent 'bites' - this time we speak in metaphor, the mutation loses it's virulence and potency. By the time the virus reaches humanity at large it is no longer any threat to the healthy individual with strong immune system in place.
We repeat, By the time the virus reaches humanity at large it is no longer any threat to the healthy individual with strong immune system in place.
This brings us to another aspect of the convergence we speak of and the antidote within the transmission 'Black Box Programme and the Rose Gold Flame as Antidote' which is that which you call 5G.
The electro-magnetic aspect of the human organism is scrambled or miscoded, if you will, creating an immune compromised human organism.
Through close proximity to original 5G testing areas, codices within the human DNA system respond to energetic bandwidths and wavelengths which are planetary and cosmic. The 5G created grid is a false bandwidth and wavelength.
This is the reason there are many explorers of this situation who say that the coronavirus as you call it, is in fact 5G poisoning. There is partly truth within this but it is not the whole truth.
So we are saying here that the human energetic is supposed to key in to and merge with planetary and energetic signalling from these bandwidths. Original 5G scrambles the DNA code and the human biofield connects to the false energetic signalling.
This took place around the same time as the mutated virus migrated over to the human kingdom yet was a different andseparate black box program that was subsequently hijacked and linked together.
As we have said this situation is a convergence, as in , a multitude of explanations and causes. The antidote, so too, is multi disciplinary and multi faceted.
As we have said this situation is a convergence, as in, a multitude of explanations and causes. The antidote, so too, is multi disciplinary and multi faceted.
This is original 5G only that causes this immune compromisation through electro-magnetic scrambling signal. Watered down 5G can contribute towards immune compromisation and signal scrambling in some susceptible individuals. Yet there are many who remain strong and immune.
We say again, this is a multi-levelled causation and the antidote is similarly multi-levelled.
Yet, immune compromisation is a concern amongst many of you, with or without 5G.
We draw your attention to our previous transmission 'Lessons from a Living Lemuria' which hold keycodes and information for the 'karma free' state of being which is a high immunity state. Within this transmission is the nutritional baseline for ascending humanity. Which is Keycoded information for high immunity.
We suggest to the serious lightwarrior regarding this situation that you call 'coronavirus' to engage in intense study of our words within this transmission we deliver now yet also the previous two transmissions we have mentioned. Keycodes and seed point inspirations for your own creations and healing work shall be discovered within.For those who do not wish or feel called towards intensive study in this area then the 'shortcut' or 'cheat sheet' if you will is as thus:Sigil work through triquetra symbolism or that which brings to you knowing of and the connection with the trinity, is one aspect. Colour therapy working as 'gemstone light field' codes is that of higher heart chakra as pink or in actuality rose gold as a flame. Through the gemstone work one can utilise rose quartz, pale ruby or that which is known as morganite. However when utilising morganite, take the more aligned label of pink beryl or pink emerald, as morganite as a terminology is in and of itself a hijacked program through gemstone grid infiltration. The gemstone grid infiltration is beyond the scope of this transmission however we shall speak more on this within future transmissions.
The next working is activation of the parasympathetic nervous system on a regular and consistent basis (daily for some of you) through your own personal unique workings. You can utilise out of body travel, meditation, yoga nidra or hypnosis, energetic psychologies, acupuncture or QHHT or similar work. Utilising a healer for assistance with this work will be in alignment for many of you, most especially the newly awakened starseed.
This work counteracts the adrenal systems that lead to potential immune compromisation or to balance immunity and empower immunity within those who have central nervous system disharmonies. This work also assists in achieving that which we call 'karma free state.'
The next working is the nutritional path with that which you call superfood or superherb as adjuncts to the baseline. One looks here to cleanse and detox whilst simultaneously building, strengthening and nourishing. There are many teachers workingtirelessly 'round the clock' if you will to deliver to you this information in various guises and from different perspectives.
Your answers and antidotes are not to be found within these transmissions per-se. Yet keycodes and energetic seed points ARE to be found through that same telepathic channel that we call 'hundredth monkey effect'.
This transmission we deliver to you now adds to the planetary and global antidote as true antidote. Therefore be aware of and be in understanding of what this transmission is and what it is not.
Further work is to be undertaken. We repeat, further work is to be undertaken.
However, to ground such planetary and global antidote, the incantation we present shall suffice, holding with it the light coded seed point into synchronicity and magick for that further work or discovery we speak of.
And thus you shall say :I am immune from accepting random, negative or infiltrated thought, seed or program from becoming suggestion, energetic or physical code.
I am immune from accepting infiltration beyond my own personal infinity sphere and I hold strong that boundary with the sovereignty of the Excalibur Codex. I ask and call all lightbeings and angelic ascended master and Archangel structures of positive polarised source consciousness to stand by me in my endeavours as a light warrior of Gaia in transition. I hold fast to the diamond light and rainbow gemstone codes and fields as an activated starseed of multidimensional awareness. I make this my call, my plea, my bond and my forever code. So shall it be and so it is. Within this I stand with compassion, love and gratitude.

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