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This last week I did a BIG thing to drastically reduce my risk of breast cancer. It was definitely not easy but it was what I felt was right for me, my body, and my peace of mind.

This body is my temple, it’s the only place I have to live. I want it to be the best it can be.


The ability and willingness to adapt to change can make or break you. Pre-pandemic my personal and professional life had both taken drastically hard turns. I could have let that break me. I learned how to surf.

Photos from The Feedback Farmacy's post 08/26/2020

How do you know something works? Because it smells like stanky ass feet and I still use it. (Pro tip: roll on bottom of feet and immediately cover with socks to limit stanky exposure time) With my surgery date rapidly approaching my body finds fun ways to show it’s stressing, like trouble sleeping. I thankfully have not had to take the Rx anxiety meds yet but it’s there as a last resort.

I’ve been using the essential oil roller for a couple weeks now and it’s been an amazing help! As crunch time approaches I’ve added a couple other things to help me chill the f**k out. Relax Milieu is another one, I can’t stand the taste of it, but it helps so I deal. I’ve been doing that as needed during the day and before bed. Bliss and Chill however taste great! No problem taking those. I do Bliss as needed during the day and I’ve been doing Chill before bed as well.

So far this combo has kept me from another sleepless night. Now I just need a deep tissue massage 💆🏻‍♀️


When we focus on negative things we actually reshape our perception into seeing negative things. Focus on the good and the good gets better 🌈



My one true love...dark chocolate 🤤 70% is the sweet spot for me. Not too bitter, not to sweet. Movie night essentials for sure! 🍫


Looking back through old pics this one surprised me a bit. This is me now versus my birthday 2 summers ago in Vegas. At that point my back pain and adrenal issues had been doing wayyyy better but getting back into a fitness routine after years of chronic pain isn’t that easy.

January the following year (last year) I started getting back into a fitness routine. That May I began to incorporate a more keto based diet and intermittent fasting. And here we are now! I’ve been a classic yo-yo dieter for as long as I can remember. The difference here was creating a lifestyle, listening to my body, and giving it what it needs when it needs it. Start healing from the inside and it will radiate!


2020 has been an interesting year to say the least but has it’s been the worst year ever? Not even close! My 2019 was by far one of the most challenging to date but it’s all about perspective. Seeing these challenges as opportunities to grow. And finding the joy in the detours 😉



The truth about breakfast

When someone says the word breakfast most people automatically think about “breakfast” foods. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, muffins. These foods are also usually associated with being eaten in the morning. If someone has pancakes at 7pm they usually say, “I had breakfast for dinner.”

It was first used in the 15th century meaning literally to break the fasting period of the prior night. Now this fasting period is different for everyone so breakfast really has nothing to do with time of the day or types of food. Break your fast with a cupcake if you want! (Not every day but ya know 😉)

I’m sure most of you have heard of intermittent fasting or prolonged fasting. This is something I practice and it’s worked wonders for my health. This chicken salad was my breakfast today, at 3:30pm after 21 hours of fasting. It was incredible by the way.

Intermittent fasting is something I’ve been doing for so long now it will be interesting to see when and what my body wants to eat post surgery.


What’s weighing you down? Let it go, allow yourself to fly 🦋


Creating space to create. Since I’ve been in this new house my art table and easel have been cramped in a corner in my office and rarely utilized. Plus that’s “work” space. I needed a new space, so I created one.

How do you zen?


What’s one positive thought you had this morning?


Weekend walks 🌤


It’s !!!

But for me that’s every day 😆 I could eat one every day and almost do 🥑

Avocados are often referred to as a superfood. They are one of the most abundantly nutrient fruits you can find. With vitamin k, vitamin c, vitamin b, vitamin e, potassium, folate, and heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids to name a few.

What’s your favorite way to eat avocados?


Being afraid to mess up, make a mistake or not be perfect has kept me from trying/doing a lot of things in my life. We are human, we make mistakes and we learn from them and we grow. Remember, every expert was once a beginner.

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Life is 10% what you make it and 90% how you take it. How are you taking it lately? With all the twist and turns we’ve had thrown at us lately and the ever changing guidelines and rules it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Take a breath, look within and adjust your sails ⛵️

Timeline photos 06/18/2020

When sitting outside in 90+ degree weather in a sweatshirt is still comfortable 🤷🏻‍♀️ I hope my body remembers this when we start hitting the 100+ degree days 🥵

(yes I’m wearing uggs outside in 😱)

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Timeline photos 06/15/2020

Perspective is EVERYTHING!!! And beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is that problem or obstacle really the worst thing that could happen to you? Or could it be the challenge that helps you grow in ways you never thought possible?

..think about it 🧐

Timeline photos 06/13/2020

Had a little IG break... being a SAHM, business owner, teacher, wife takes up time!

I am the one in the family doing crucial errands and adjusting to a world where everyone is masked is definitely hard. One of my favourite things coming from the West Coast to Texas was how kind everyone is. They smile and wave and say good morning when you pass in the store. While I was pregnant people even loaded my groceries into the car for me. At first the Californian in me thought “Oh hell NO! I’m not letting you steal my stuff!” And quickly realised people genuinely wanted to help.

Fast forward to today and people are peaking out of their masks with suspicion and stink eyes as if I Will be the one to breathe in their direction and get them sick. For all of the community that we have gained during these crises this part makes me sad.

So remember, when you truly smile it goes all the way to your eyes and I will be waiting with a smile for you too.


My first podcast! Thanks to Slenderella and MSW Lounge for hosting me today. Could have talked with you guys for hours 💁🏻‍♀️

Timeline photos 06/12/2020

Love the trails behind my house! Plus my favorite purple filter. 💜

Timeline photos 06/02/2020

Photos from The Feedback Farmacy's post 06/01/2020

As someone who suffers from Stepford wife syndrome, ugly duckling syndrome and body dysmorphia. (Yes a couple of those are made up but you get it) This is often easier said than done but for whoever needs to hear this today...loving yourself is not selfish. Start looking at all the things that make you the amazing person you are 💕

Timeline photos 05/30/2020

Love this city! 😍

So about last night’s sunset 😳. As many of you know I’ve been chasing a really good 360 bridge sunset for a few years, as the last one was on my old camera. Finally after dozens of attempts the skies ignited last night

Shot w/

Timeline photos 05/29/2020

Learning to dance in the rain and appreciate the struggle hasn’t been easy but being able to honestly say I am thankful for the problems I have has been a blessing. Perspective and mindset is everything.

There’s a beautiful stillness that sets in after the storm, the moment where you sit back and take a breath. Look at the amazing thing you created, the obstacles you over came, whatever your struggle may be. You are not alone and your hard work will pay off.

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Happy Birthday to this amazing women I get to call one of my besties!!! It’s been a crazy year already and you are a remarkable mother, sister, daughter and friend. I can’t wait to celebrate with you today! 🍓🧁🍓

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YES YES YES 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

Sunlight, exercise, ketosis, and sauna can support the immune system.

The most bioavailable source of vitamin D is the sun. You should get daily sunlight exposure as often as you can, but avoid getting burnt. The best time for sunlight is in the morning to help in balancing the circadian rhythm, which also has an effect on the function of the immune system. The immune system actually has its own circadian clocks, and when disturbed, the immune system also is disrupted.

The ketogenic diet activates the Nrf2 pathway that lowers inflammation and oxidative stress. Ketones also have signaling properties that inhibit a class of enzymes associated with aging. Being exposed to stress, jet lag, infections, and pollution is safer in a state of ketosis, whether that be with fasting or eating a ketogenic diet because the body is in a heightened state of self-defense.

Sweating flushes the body from toxins and infections
by improving lymphatic drainage and blood circulation. Both the traditional and infrared sauna kill pathogens due to heat. Regular sauna bathing has also been shown to strengthen the immune system. Going to sauna over 2 times per week has been shown to reduce the risk of acute and chronic respiratory conditions, at least in middle-aged men.

Exercise flushes the lymph system and increases blood circulation. It also stimulates the body’s defense mechanisms and strengthens immunity by activating Nrf2. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce upper respiratory infection prevalence. Light and moderate exercise during sickness can even be beneficial in fighting the disease. However, overtraining will actually make you more vulnerable to getting sick. If you have a fever and you feel really sick, do not exercise.

LEARN MORE ---> Read Biohacker's Flu Guide ---> Register to Biohacker's Fortified Immunity Online course ---> Available in the Biohacker's webshop ---> Link in bio.

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Today we remember and honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. This year we also salute the fallen healthcare heroes who lost their lives on the frontlines. 🇺🇸

Timeline photos 05/22/2020

Flash back Friday!!! To last years birthday shenanigans. Can’t believe another year has gone by and my world was turned upside down pre-covid. It’s been a challenging yet rewarding year. We’ll see what’s open for more birthday shenanigans next month 💁🏻‍♀️

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Early morning least my coworker is adorable 😻

Timeline photos 05/18/2020

Bad days will happen, but you survived. Remember that.

Timeline photos 05/11/2020

New book! Thanks for the rec .ko.8020 loving it 💕

We live in a time where being average has become the new standard of failure. We feel this need to be extraordinary in every area of our lives. But if everyone were extraordinary then by definition no one would be extraordinary.

As a recovering perfectionist, whenever I don’t excel at something I am extremely hard on myself. But the reality is I will not be great at everything and you know what...I’m ok with that! Well, I’m getting better at being ok with that 😉

Timeline photos 05/10/2020

Happy Mother’s Day to this amazing woman I get to call MOM!!! 💕

Words can’t express the love and gratitude I have for you each day. Absolutely no bias here, but you’re the best mom ever 😍


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Ahhhh nuts!!!! 🌰

My roommate tries to tell me I have a problem. I say it’s a healthy need for variety 💁🏻‍♀️ but in the event of an actual apocalypse I could totally survive on nuts. But for real life they are extremely convenient for snacks and a better option than those overly processed protein bars.

Nuts are extremely nutrient dense and rich in protein, good fatty acids, minerals, fiber, vitamin E and vitamin B. My favorites are by far almonds and pistachios but as with everything in your diet you want a variety and they all have some unique benefits.

Almonds may improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar regulation when eaten with carbs. They may also lower the risk of coronary artery disease.

Pistachios are rich in beta-carotene and lutein and have been found to have a positive effect on the intestinal microbiome.

Macadamia nuts have the highest fat content of all nuts. Nearly 80% fat and is mostly monounsaturated fatty acids. They have also been found to help lower oxidative stress and inflammation.

Brazili nuts contain the most selenium. Eating 2 Brazil nuts a day is equal to a 100mcg selenium tablet.

Walnuts are exceptionally rich in short-chain omega 3 fatty acids and may improve blood cholesterol levels.

Pecans help improve the antioxidant capacity of the body and inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

Timeline photos 05/08/2020

Absolutely LOVE this! 😍 Please check out her amazing art!

“FEEL the Love” 😍💓💙💚💛🧡❤️💗 10x20” Gallery wrapped canvas.

Photos from The Feedback Farmacy's post 05/08/2020

We live in an age of filters and photoshop. But let’s be honest, most of us lived a filtered life before Snapchat. As a recovering perfectionist I can guarantee you I did and to a certain extent still do, but I’m working on it!

We all like showing the pretty pictures, getting the hearts and the likes but real life has a blooper reel. Learn to laugh at yourself, don’t be so hard on yourself, share your blooper reel 🤪

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