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My time hanging out in Smithville has led to a second office 😍 I’m SOOO pumped to be out in Bastrop as well as here in South Austin. Booking link in bio✨


There’s a time and season for everything. There’s a time to simply “be” with emotions and experiences. There’s a time to learn with them, a time to move through them, a time to share them, a time to be with them again. If you want to. Your choice.

Life is not all lightness and joy. Life is not all heaviness and pain.

If ever there is a day you need to simply “be,” I would love to sit with you. All emotions are part of our experience here on earth. They all will be felt and present at one time or another. One way or another.

Here’s to being human, to sharing experiences, and holding space for one another 🖤


I’m so excited to announce and I’s first retreat here in South Austin 😍

We have so much goodness planned. We have an incredible chef, beautiful grounds and so many soul nourishing activities.

Come join us for community, play and healing ✨ September 9-11


Cups on the beach forever 🤍


5 quotes from clients I get a lot and my responses 😍 I love to change these narratives:
#1. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t shave my legs”- neither did i and im so glad you felt comfortable to show up as you are 🤍
#2. “I have zero make up on today”- odds are, I don’t have much (or any) on either 😘 you look beautiful
#3. “I’m dirty and don’t want to get your sheets dirty”- please get my sheets dirty. That means they did their job ✨
#4. “My feet are dirty bc I was barefoot outside”- I LOVE that you were grounding 😍 (and it’s very likely I’m not even wearing shoes as we’re having this convo) also I will absolutely clean your feet and show them more love. Dirty feet don’t scare me
#5. “I feel like I’m talking too much”- this is your treatment, and If you’d like to talk I would love to listen ☺️

Come as you are, I promise to always do the same


Last night I wrapped up my Master Coach certification 🤍 I’ve been working really hard all year and diving into the techniques of hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming, past life regression and quantum time technique. Techniques that have changed my life over the past 5 years. I am so incredibly grateful for the personal growth and healing I’ve experienced throughout this process. I’ve truly moved mountains for myself and look forward to empowering you to do the same ✨ this year is about stepping fully into my power, using my intuitive gifts and building the business of my dreams. Thank you all for the love and support. Cheers to more growth this year and the launch of my new program soon 🖤


3 more weeks until this beautiful event😍

Curious about cupping? Have questions about an at home practice or do you already own a set you’re not sure what to do with?

This workshop is for you!

We will go over history, uses, contraindications, and so much more

We will end with a sound bowl meditation and heart centered yoga practice using your new cups

The workshop is 65 which covers the cost of your own set of silicone cups. If you already have a set, let me know and I will discount the price for tou 🤍

Message me for questions and venmo to reserve your spot ✨


I deeply love this quote. It always brings me back to a state of reflection and a knowing of how deeply powerful we are.

When you reflect on something that happened this week, can you see where you have planted the seeds for exactly what happened?

I’m also hit by a wave of “keep going.” Sometimes the present doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it’s a part of a bigger plan for later- a later you must keep going to realize

Remember how powerful you truly are today and every day forward 🤍


I am so excited to be offering this workshop again 😍

Curious about cupping? Want to learn the history of cupping, how to use them at home, and have your questions about the practice answered? This is for you!

We will go over the history of cupping, how to use them, contraindications, why we use cups, what stretching looks like with the cups, and then I will lead you through a yoga practice with sound bowl meditation at the end

We are going to have so much fun🤍 if you already have a set of 4 silicone cups, contact me and I will give you a discount- make sure to bring them with you

$65 includes a new set of cups for you

To register, venmo me at and your spot is reserved! Message/text me with any questions ☺️ I’d love to answer them!


Whatever you believe…challenge it. Whatever the people around you when you grew up believe…challenge it. Whatever you have gone with on autopilot…challenge it. Does it still resonate? Are you giving yourself space and time to change your mind? As i share more and more of my story you’ll understand how important this is to me. There is power in challenging what you believe. Always. Whatever that may be. That’s the only way you will find your truth and be with it


A couple announcements for this Monday morning


Good morning loves🤍

This Tuesday I will start coming to Smithville weekly. I adore all of you who live in the Smithville/Bastrop area and look forward to this opportunity to serve you closer to home 🥰

has been so kind to open their doors for me on Tuesdays

To book these days, call/text me. I look forward to seeing all of you


We all have our own models of the world. In my model of the world, past lives exist, generational wounds are real, and there is so much to uncover in your unconscious mind.

And I LOVE working with clients on all of these

What fun it is to experience each other’s realities and my own🖤


Starting a lil series on my favorite quotes and what they mean to me✨

This one always opens my heart. Big shifts can be scary, projects ending can feel empty, relationships ending can feel lonely. All emotions are welcome to the table.

Know that as long as you’ve got your back and stay true to yourself, you’re on the right path 🤍

Know that sometimes it’s healing to look at how far you’ve come. Honor it. Honor the shifting and changes of tides throughout the course of your life.

Believe me when I say that 5 years ago I would’ve bet I’d be anywhere else other than where I am right now. I couldn’t have dreamt about the growth that followed my decision to leave a life path I’d initially set out on

Keep going 🦋


It is so important to keep bringing ourselves back to balance in a world full of chaos. Here are 7 reasons I have seen clients recently.

Essentially, acupuncture moves qi and blood through the body. When you have symptoms of imbalance, acupuncture needles disrupt and redirect energy flow in your body. This starts a cascade of hormones being released, anti-inflammatory processes to start and your nervous system takes you out of fight or flight

Many of my clients fall asleep on the table or go into other worlds and dreams🤤 I do too when I’m on the table!

Reach out for specific questions 🫧


Hello everyone 🤍

We’ve got lots of new people here, let me introduce myself

My name is Isabel, I am a doctor of acupuncture and herbal medicine as well as a life coach🥰 most importantly, I am a human doing what I love to do-helping other humans achieve their health goals physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I believe our language is so important- how we talk to each other and to ourselves. You see, I believe everything outside of us is a reflection of what is inside of us. I also believe your body is brilliant and is giving you signs when healing needs to happen. This is why I love addressing health with multiple modalities such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, deep emotional work, diet, movement and meditation. Ultimately, your body knows what it needs to heal. There is no one size fits all for a healing journey

Let me know how I can support you and I look forward to connecting ✨ thank you for being here


To honor this seasonal shift, to honor Mother's day and Mother Gaia this season, and to connect with you all, I am offering 4 specials throughout May:

1. 20% off a 3-hour Breakthrough session: this session is an incredible ceremony honoring you, your emotions, and a way to tap into your unconscious mind to release trauma, stagnation, and negativity. These sessions are like plant medicine journeys without the plant medicine- you are your own medicine and the power of your unconscious mind is incredible. I am having so much fun with these deeply powerful, moving sessions. This special brings the session from 500 to 400 
2. 15% off of Microneedling sessions
3. 15% off of New Client Sessions- thank you all for your referrals, they mean so much to me 
4. 10% off of all packages- this is the biggest sale I will run all year! 

To redeem these discounts, simply book your session using the button below and the discounts will be applied at time of service! Or, reach out via call or email and I can load these onto your account for you. 

As always, reach out for questions/comments/thoughts, I look forward to connecting 


Our bodies are intelligent. Every sensation and feeling is a signal getting our attention. When we choose to listen, that is when the deepest healing happens. This building of trust and connection between you and your body is one of my favorite things to witness.

Today, what do you need? How can you honor yourself?

📸 capturing my favorite part of me, my healing hands 🤍


Look at these tiny helpers 😍

Many people are surprised to know that I do not like needles. Well, friends, I’m talking about hypodermic needles- the ones used at your western doctor’s office. My needles here are so different!

For starters, they are much smaller. These are a standard sized needled used in treatment- and I’m holding NINE of them!

If for some reason you reallyyyyy do not want needles, rest assured, we can stick with cupping, tuina, herbal medicine and/or coaching 🥰 we will always do what you are comfortable with

These needles are metal and conduct electricity which helps facilitate the movement of energy throughout the body. The insertion also causes microtramuas (meaning you are lovingly poked) which facilitates a cascade of healing responses/hormone release/increased blood flow and so much more.

Curious about what I do? Book a free 15 minute consultation call and let’s get to know eachother 🤍


Yesterday I had a great conversation with my own coach about obstacles. Do you ever have a day or a week where things pop up out of seemingly nowhere? Or maybe the usual activities you do seem difficult? It totally happens. It happened to me this past week! The truth is, I believe the universe gives us obstacles as teachers. Things will come up as your unconscious mind wants you to work through them, or the universe wants to test you to find out what exactly you want. Sometimes, we are tested and we get to choose how we show up in the face of fear, pain, joy, sorrow, frustration or anything else. Remember that life throws curve balls, and soft balls, and hard balls, and occasionally balls filled with something unexpected. Keep going 🤍 earth school is here for us to learn and evolve, you’ve got this!

📸 one of my MANY beautiful new headshots done by this angel 😍
💇🏼‍♀️ always by the one and only .by.james 🤍


I am back from my adventures at Big Bend✨ I can honestly say, it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. We covered some serious ground with our heavy packs and free climbed to the top of Emory Peak. I’m so grateful for the time to deeply connect with nature and to do hard things. I learned a lot out there, I’m currently working on an article about it that can’t wait to share with you all. For now, always remember you can do hard things 🤍 in any form.


Hi 🤍
I will be out of office April 5th-11th, I will be backpacking and enjoying the beautiful Big Bend. Have an AMAZING week and I look forward to connecting with you all next week 🤍


Did you know acupuncture and cupping can treat all of these things? And so much more!

Here’s a peak at what’s been happening at the office recently. Struggling with any of this? Wondering what modalities are right for you? Book a free 15 minute consultation call with me and we can chat about your health goals 🤍


Anxiety has many, many causes. If you find yourself frequently anxious about future events, try this out ♥️


Happy Monday♥️

Memberships start today, yay! This is a great way to invest in your healthcare monthly and maintain a maintenance schedule. Memberships are once a month, either 60 or 90 minute services

Link in bio to look at services and rates 🥰

To begin, reach out to me via email or text (or come on in and we can get you set up next visit) and we will get you taken care of✨


Let’s talk about Crabs🦀🦀🦀


Adding NLP life coaching 🥰 all of my sessions are customized to your individual needs


Hello loves ✨

My practice is always evolving, and starting today I am adding techniques of neuro linguistic programming, hypnosis, coaching and quantum time technique

The stories our mind holds onto and the strategies we use in life affect everything around us. Our health especially. I’m ecstatic to integrate these into our sessions and also offer breakthrough sessions where, using these tools, we clear out old feelings of anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame

What would it feel like to move forward with a clear mind and get to the root of pain?

I look forward to working with you all✨

Energy is everything. Let’s move energy through the body and the mind using the techniques that work for you

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Whatever you believe…challenge it. Whatever the people around you when you grew up believe…challenge it. Whatever you ha...
Anxiety has many, many causes. If you find yourself frequently anxious about future events, try this out ♥️ #atx #atxloc...
Let’s talk about Crabs🦀🦀🦀
Adding NLP life coaching 🥰 all of my sessions are customized to your individual needs
Quick check in ✨How are we doing today? What do you need more of to support you today? What you do at home and in-betwee...
Cupping 😍
Microneedling before and after 😍
Another day another cupping treatment YASSSS🤩Let me know if you have any questions ✨#tuina #cupping #cuppingtherapy #acu...




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