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Dr. Anne Sharkey

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Operating as usual


In clinic this morning and I have so many thoughts swirling through my head after the shooting in Tulsa yesterday. I am generally quiet on these events. I purposely compartmentalize and focus on positives for my own sake I try not to dwell on it or think too much about it or the worry consumes me. But, I’ll be honest I am uneasy with the events recently.

For as long as I can remember, there is nothing more I wanted than a career in medicine. I started delivering dinner trays at my community hospital at age 14 just to get exposure to the hospital environment. Then, at 16 I got a certified nursing assistant license and spent the next 6 years working the hospital floors as a nursing assistant and unit clerk. After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science I went onto podiatry school and then 3 years of residency where I spent countless hours in clinics and hospitals. Never once as I contemplated and moved through my career in medicine did I ever think my job could result in me being shot to death at my place of work. Miss family events, yes. Miss dinners out, date nights, school field trips and bedtimes, yes to all of that. I spend hours each day caring for patients, planning surgeries, thinking through treatment plans and generally worrying about the well being of my patients. I care so deeply about each and every one. I am jarred today that a colleague was shot in his place of work, while caring for patients, by a patient.

Healthcare is wearing us all thin. Insurance denies more and more of necessary testing and medication that my patients need every day. I spend more time documenting to ensure insurance pays for services than I get to spend face to face with my patients. We are tired and exhausted just trying to do what we all set out to do, help people. And now, we have to worry that if complications arise, pain happens or things don’t go as planned that we might be shot. This is too much.


🇺🇸Happy Memorial Day 🇺🇸

I am grateful for those courageous men and women who gave their lives to ensure my freedoms—what unimaginable sacrifice!

A most heartfelt THANK YOU to those who gave it all, and those who continue to serve.


As I tucked Meredith into bed tonight, I counted my blessings that she is here for me to hug.

And, I thought of the children who went to bed last night and were tucked in by their parents for the last time.

The last hug & kiss before a day at school.

The last turn and smile with a toothless grin as they happily bounded into school knowing summer break was near.

18 families are living in a shattered world right now. 18 families will never be the same. 18 families asking why. A world brought to its knees by yet another senseless tragedy.

It isn’t fair. I cannot wrap my brain around this. Tears well in my eyes. My breathing becomes ragged. How is this the reality our children face?

How do I help? What can we do?

One this is clear, something has to change.

Photos from Dr. Anne Sharkey's post 05/22/2022

John F Kennedy once said “A rising tide lifts all boats”

If this is to be the case, the world better be ready because the @pinnacleconference founders have started a tidal wave. @mamadoctorjones @dr.pamelamehta @nataliecrawfordmd @drrupawong the amount of thought into the content and the attention to detail is unparalleled in the world of medicine.

Joining @pinnacleconference in 2019 was one of the single best decisions I have made. I was comforted to know I wasn’t alone in the questions I faced daily as a female in medicine of, “do the other women feel this way or is it just me?” and “is THIS really the reality I am faced with after I went to school for all that time?” Finding female friends in the competitive field of medicine isn’t easy. At @pinnacleconference I am surrounded by 170 of my best friends who all get it.

On top of that, the room is filled with some of the most driven, accomplished, brilliant, inspiring, caring and giving women. It is impossible to leave here and not feel ready to tackle the world head on.

Thank you, @pinnacleconference for another amazing weekend.

Cannot wait to see everyone in 2023!!


What is one tool at your job that makes you more efficient? For me, it is dragon speech recognition software!

It is my secret sauce getting my charts closed quickly!

This handy microphone in my hands is coupled with dragon software which easily integrates with our EMR.

I have used dragon for the last 10 years and I couldn’t live without it!

I am always looking for ways to up my efficiency! Tell me, what is one tool or trick that makes your workday easier?


I stepped out of my homebody, introvert comfort zone tonight and went to a neighborhood party. We moved into this neighborhood in the midst of COVID and had only met a handful of our neighbors. It was so nice to meet so many new people tonight. The hosts had an amazing spread of food and organized a corn hole tournament. While we didn’t advance in the tournament, I didn’t totally embarrass myself 🤣

Hope your weekend is filled with fun!


“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass...it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

To be honest, lately, life feels like monsoon season. There’s turmoil and sadness in the world, uphill battles with insurance companies at work, and personal health struggles.

It’s not easy, but I’m strapping on my rain boots and trying my best to weather this storm. 

Recently, I was teaching Meredith what the phrase “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade” meant as I was helping her process the emotions of one of the first major disappointments she has had to work through. I explained to her that even in the sad and hard times, we look for the beauty and find the joy.

I know that eventually the sun will peak through the clouds again, but until then, I’ll find joy in life’s puddles.

Walking through a rainy season yourself? I am here for you with an umbrella and wishing for sunshine to come soon!


There’s a new episode of the From Tits to Toes Podcast] podcast up today!

@dr.mikaela.rush and I started this podcast in the thick of the pandemic and are so proud of ourselves for keeping it going as the pace of life has increased significantly over the last 6-12 months.

The fun we have recording keeps us motivated to find time amidst the busyness of life to continue recording.

Download and listen to the From Tits to Toes Podcast] podcast on your favorite podcast platform.


💕Happy Mother’s Day 💕

Of all the roles I have, mother is the one I am most proud of. There isn’t a manual or test, just trial and error and a whole lot of “we’ll figure this out” every day. Through the ups, downs, tears, sleeplessness, laughter, hugs and kisses there is joy. To be Meredith’s source of safety and comfort and her guiding light has she grows into her own person is an amazing privilege.

To all those who are in season of loss or a season of waiting and today is hard for you, I am sending you love and comfort.

📸 : @cheyenne_morris_photography


Incredibly blessed with amazing patients and their families ❤️❤️

This sweet kiddo and his family brought me flowers and a card for Mother’s Day this weekend.

Thank you Potter Family for making today a great day!


Surgery Friday!

I updated my stories all day as I went from early morning surgery at the surgery center to afternoon surgery at the hospital.

It was an action-packed day.

Now, ready for a weekend of soccer and relaxation!


Hopping on to wish you a 🐰Happy Easter 🐰

I am looking forward to a day spent relaxing at home…and likely sneaking a few pieces of candy from Meredith’s Easter basket 🤫

💄: @laurengarciamakeup
📸: @cheyenne_morris_photography


I did something tonight I have never done in my adult life!

I completely mixed up my schedule and showed up to a planned dinner with friends ONE WEEK EARLY 🤣🤣.

After the initial frustration with myself wore off, I decided to make the most of this extremely rare opportunity to dine at a table service restaurant completely on my own.

It was awkward at first but I quickly settled into enjoying my solo dinner and spent 1.5 hours just sitting and slowly enjoying my food. I was lucky enough to be at one of my favorite restaurants @thebeerplant where they have some of my vegan favorites!

And now, looking on the bright side, I get to eat at my favorite restaurant again next week when the actual dinner was scheduled for!

So, if you’ve had a rough week, I am right there with you. Hold on, the weekend is just one day away!

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