Purk Energy - HealthPositive, Plant-Based Energy

Stay golden, y’all. Purk is a coffee beverage unlike anything you’ve had before. Wait, what? We don’t add any sugar, chemicals, or things we can’t pronounce.

We use only raw, unroasted, Ethiopian beans and add an exotic mix of spices to highlight its unique flavors and refreshing taste. Refreshing and coffee aren’t words you ever see side by side, and for good reason. Roasting coffee beans is what gives coffee its bitter flavor and acidic content. By not roasting our beans and adding natural spices, we’ve created a light, invigorating drink that tastes

Operating as usual

iflscience.com 11/26/2019

Wellness Fanatics Are Butt-chugging Sunlight In Order To Acquire Energy

...or you could just have a delicious Purk and not look like an a-hole ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

iflscience.com Last year we thought we'd hit peak wellness guru when a proponent of the Paleo diet told hundreds of thousands of followers that staring into the Sun is on


Joe Rogan Experience - Best food supplement for your health (Dr. Rhonda Patrick)

Have You Heard of Sulforaphane??
Check out this super interesting Joe Rogan podcast with Dr. Rhonda Patrick and read below for more info and how to grow your own broccoli sprouts!

Sulforaphane is well studied to be anticancer, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, and may even protect against aging and diabetes. The best part? We don’t need high-priced supplements to get this important phytochemical, we just need to eat certain veggies like broccoli sprouts.

Sulforaphane is most potent when broccoli is sprouting before it matures into the plant you see in the produce section. The best part? You can easily and cheaply grow these at home.


3 tbsp. organic broccoli sprout seeds
1 large (32-oz.) mason jar
Sprouting top
Small bowl for draining
Filtered water

Add seeds to your clean mason jar.
Cover with about 3 inches of filtered water.
Leave the seeds to soak in water for about 12 hours (in a cool, dry place, not in the fridge or in direct sunlight).
After about 12 hours, drain the water and rinse and drain your seeds into the draining dish.
Rinse and drain your sprouts twice per day (once in the morning, once at night) until your seeds sprout (usually 5-6 days).
When your jar is full of fresh sprouts, they’re done.
Rinse and pat dry with paper towels. Store in the fridge.
Enjoy in salads, soups, and smoothies!
Recommended dose: Eat ½-1 cup of sprouts daily on salads or in soups or stews, along with some raw radish.

Time of day: Anytime

JRE - Dr. Rhonda Patrick talks about Sulforaphane and how Broccoli sprouts can be amazing for people Taken from Joe Rogan Experience #901

inc.com 10/04/2019

If You Can Walk This Far In 2 Minutes, Scientists Say You're Much Smarter Than Average (and Your Brain Is Actually Built a Little Differently)

Walk Farther, Think Faster, & Stay Golden, Y'all!

inc.com A new study shows a definite link between basic fitness and cognitive abilities. And that fit people's brains may be wired a little differently.


Part 2: Wheeler x Biker | Finding Common Ground

Nature is our common ground.
Get out there and show some love to everyone on or off the trails!
Stay Golden, Y'all

Multi-use trails are just that, multi-use. Watch how Renee, a mountain biker, and Val, a wheeler, learn how each other use the trails in our public lands and...

inverse.com 09/17/2019

An “Ape-Like” Change in the Heart Is Preventable With 1 Type of Exercise

Feed the machine and use the machine or it’ll end up like an ape screeching at a giant black monolith.
So, get out there and stay golden y’all!

inverse.com Our hearts are fine-tuned machines, and not using them comes with risks.


Austin Police Superheroes | 2019

Cheers to the Heroes in Blue!
Watching these kids light up like Christmas morning makes our insides all melty and warm. Awesome job Austin Police Department!

dw.com 06/26/2019

German scientists say spinach chemical should be banned from sports | DW | 25.06.2019

Behold The Power of Plants!

dw.com Popeye guzzled spinach to get his superhuman strength. But the plant's power-boosting properties aren't just fiction. German scientists say spinach has a steroid-like chemical that should be added to the doping list.

mymodernmet.com 06/25/2019

Interview: Kids Around the World Photographed Surrounded by Their Weekly Diet

Super interesting!

mymodernmet.com Gregg Segal's "Daily Bread" project examines the diet of kids around the world and the globalization of nutrition.

washingtonpost.com 06/21/2019

People who spend more time outdoors lead more fulfilling lives, new research shows

"The authors note their approach is similar to what governments have used in the past to develop physical activity guidelines for adults and children. They envision the creation of similar guidelines around exposure to nature." 🌱
Get some green and Stay Golden!

washingtonpost.com New research explores how spending time outdoors is linked to a serious boost in well-being, the kind that lasts a lifetime.

hipcamp.com 06/07/2019

7 of the Best Natural Swimming Holes to Help You Cool Off in Texas

Gonna be a beautiful weekend. So, get out there and soak it up before it gets too hot to even look outside!
Need some tips on where the coolest places to keep cool in Texas are? Luckily, our friends at Hipcamp have done the work for ya.
Stay Golden, y'all!

hipcamp.com Texas is known for its scorching summers; a three to four-month span of the year where seat belts double as branding irons and ice creams can’t be consumed fast enough. Thankfully, though, as hot as Texas is at times, this sizzling state has more than its fair share of natural watering holes to...

themurphchallenge.com 05/27/2019

The Murph Challenge 2019

Cheers to the troops! And mad respect to all those doing The Murph Challenge today!
Stay Strong, Stay Golden!
If you don’t know what it is or why it’s done, checkout the link.
The workout:
1 mile run
100 pullups
200 pushups
300 squats
1 mile run
(Ok, the last three are just a friendly recommendation!)

themurphchallenge.com Register today for The Murph Challange on Memorial Day, May 27, 2019!

ncw.livenation.com 05/01/2019

$20 All-In Tickets Live Nation: National Concert Week

Purk up to get down!
It’s National Concert Week with $20 All-In tickets to tons of shows!
Let us know what catches your eye and maybe we’ll see you out there! Until then, Stay Golden, Y’all!

ncw.livenation.com Celebrate Summer Concert Season with $20 All- In Tickets to +1,000 Shows! Available Now through May 8 on participating shows.

adventuresportsnetwork.com 04/22/2019

Rob Machado Introduces First 100% Biodegradable Cooler in Time for Earth Day | Adventure Sports Network

Every day is Earth Day, so do her a favor and skip the styrofoam cooler next time you're heading out there.
$10 at REI!

adventuresportsnetwork.com Rob Machado is standing behind the RECOOL by Igloo, the first biodegradable cooler, which will be available May 1 at REI stores nationwide.

futurism.com 04/17/2019

An AI invented a weird sport called "Speedgate"

Need a reason to get outside? How about a new game invented by an AI?
Even computers are learning to stay golden!

futurism.com It's like Ultimate Frisbee meets Quidditch.

truththeory.com 04/12/2019

These Rare Blue Bananas Taste Like Vanilla Ice Cream

Nature, you're just too good to us!

Eat blue and Stay Golden out there!

truththeory.com By Mayukh Saha / Truth Theory I am sure all of us wants to eat healthy food that tastes just like our favorite dish? How many …

i.redd.it 04/05/2019


Friday Feels: Do gold, Be gold, Stay Golden


vice.com 04/04/2019

Skrillex’s Music Can be Used as Mosquito Repellent, Study Finds

EDMosquito Repellant?
Whatever lets us enjoy the sunshine without soaking ourselves in chemicals "sounds" good to us!
Get out there and stay golden, y'all

vice.com Researchers observed mosquitoes sucked less blood and had less s*x when exposed to the song 'Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.'

businessinsider.com 04/03/2019

Exercise officially makes you happier than money, according to Yale and Oxford research

Feeling gold is better than having gold!

Find your happy zone and Stay Golden out there, y'all!

businessinsider.com Yale and Oxford researchers may have just proved exercise is more important to your mental health than your economic status.


Sugary drinks linked to 31 percent higher risk of early death, study finds

Sugary drinks are way worse for your health than we thought!

Thankfully, Purk doesn’t need any sugar cuz plants are such healthy sweethearts!

Stay Golden out there, y’all!

New research finds drinking two or more sugar-sweetened beverages a day is linked to a 31 percent higher risk of early death from cardiovascular disease

eaglecreek.com 03/14/2019

Quit Your Job

Eagle Creek’s “Quit Your Job” is a 6-month search that includes eight audition stops from coast to coast, starting March 28 and running through August 3.
(4/13 Austin, TX. Whole Earth Provision Co. 1010 N. Lamar Blvd. 11am-3pm)
Anyone can try for one of five total spots for an all-expenses-paid trip up to 3 weeks in length almost anywhere in the world.

The outdoor brand doesn’t care how you “quit your job.” Gearmaker Eagle Creek just wants more people to experience the positive impacts of travel — on stress levels, creativity, and, yes, even productivity at work — with its bags in tow, of course.

We just thought we’d share an opportunity for y’all to get out there and stay golden!




'By Hand' Teaser. Twin brothers paddle from Alaska to Mexico.

On March 18th, 2016 two brothers embarked on a 2,200-mile hand-paddle from Alaska to Mexico on 18- foot paddleboards.
In other words, these two guys were laying on their stomachs and using their hands to paddle for 2,200 miles.
You’re only beholden to embolden yourself.
Stay Golden out there.

‘By Hand’ is a feature length documentary adventure film. In an attempt to escape comfort, reconnect to the natural world and set a new bar for ocean adventu...


Purk Energy - HealthPositive, Plant-Based Energy

Get your LTC while supporting a local family during this time of grief

Texas friends:
If anybody wants to get their LTC (License to Carry) these guys are offering a discounted rate for a donation.

eventbrite.com 01/10/2019

Texas LTC Course (To Benefit The Henderson Family)

Texas friends:
If anybody wants to get their LTC (License to Carry) these guys are offering a discounted rate for a donation.

eventbrite.com We're offering a Texas LTC Course on January 26th to benefit the family of Chance Henderson.

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Purk Engery is a delicious health-positive, plant-based energy drink made from premium, unroasted coffee beans, saffron, and a blend of exotic spices. Stay golden!




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