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Offering Custom Nail Tips! Reusable, Sanitary, and Beautiful!
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Why Austin isn't reopening with the rest of Texas 05/17/2020

Why Austin isn't reopening with the rest of Texas

If you do decide to go to another nail salon before we know more about this virus, please contact me for any questions regarding my views on the health and safety planning in place for the beauty industry.

Reopening my studio will cost a huge amount of capital to find a new rental space for the studio as well as a majority of salon furniture occupying the space.

I really feel we are going to have another wave of this and will be back to square one. Please do not risk your safety and the safety of others for a quick nail service that isn’t following guidelines for Covid-19 AND extra health and safety guidelines to protect everyone.

It is just too soon for a reopening of Gemini Nails and Makeup. Be patient ♊️

Why Austin isn't reopening with the rest of Texas Austin Mayor Steve Adler joins "Squawk on the Street" to discuss the city's strategy for stopping the spread of coronavirus. Alabama, South Dakota and Texas ...


Be Patient

Coronavirus live updates: Texas posts third straight day of 1,000 new cases as state reopens 05/03/2020

Coronavirus live updates: Texas posts third straight day of 1,000 new cases as state reopens

“Don’t Hate Me Because You Want To Be Beautiful”


Melody Lasseter

I want you to think of every movement you make while entering the salon. Every single one. But let’s take that back a few steps and think about where you have been prior to coming into the salon.

This is what TDLR and health officials should be thinking as well. Masks and gloves aren’t going to do the trick here. Salons need to revisit the TDLR Health and Safety Standards Book, which is a requirement by law, to have in the salon. It already states that clients must wash hands prior to their service as well as antibacterial hand sanitizer before touching the client.

Think about how many salons you have been to that enforce this one simple rule. But, what about where your shoes have been, where your purse has been set down, or what your clothes might have brushed up against at the grocery store. Don’t even get me started on smart devices.

Protocols must be set in place that are designated “safe zones” for all personal items. These should not be allowed inside the “safe work zone” and should not be accessible during services. Protocols for emergency situations must be thought out prior to opening.

Oh, you aren’t even in my chair yet? Wait. You aren’t even through the door yet?? This is why I am against the opening of beauty services until the standardized laws that were previously written in the TDLR Health and Safety Book are enforced. We need a new system. In the past 20 years, how many times do you think my studio has been inspected by the TDLR?


I want you to really think on that. I want you to think about how many nail salons you have been to in your life thinking as you are walking out, “I hope I don’t get an infection.” Cleanliness has and always should be top priority in this industry. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case in many of my own experiences receiving beauty services, especially nail salons.

Let me ask you this. How many times have you left a nail salon with a cuticle that has been cut or is red from a file, nail bit, or cuticle nipper? The beauty industry is going to have to drastically change for reopening. TDLR didn’t have enough workers to perform regulatory inspections so what makes you think that they will now that we are in a pandemic. TDLR has been negligent in the past when it comes to following up on a complaint made by a patron. Even if an inspector does follow-up, the salon has to pay a fine for every law that is broken. In most cases, these salons are issued a warning and the inspector has to come back to reinspect.

With Covid-19 we are talking about your life and the lives of others. No amount of money can put a price on risking lives. If your child lost their life due to Covid-19 from contamination in the salon, would a warning be enough?

TDLR and medical professionals need to be teaming up with salon owners and operators to put in place a medical standard of running a salon. Every single step between the operator and the patron must be taken into account. These steps must have guidelines to follow if even one mistake is made.

You still aren’t in my chair yet, are you? Good. The industry isn’t even remotely close to being ready. Not in my opinion. Oh, I forgot to mention that I was diagnosed with on April 4th, 2020.

Stay tuned for Part 2

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Melody Lasseter
Gemini Nails And Makeup

Coronavirus live updates: Texas posts third straight day of 1,000 new cases as state reopens Covid-19 has infected more than 3.4 million people around the world as of Friday, killing at least 242,270 people.


Covid-19 has hit the heart of us all. I send out love and white light healing to all of those that are suffering. Remember the souls the virus has taken and pray for the world. Remember to be grateful. Remember to live. Remember to love.

Timeline photos 02/20/2020

Pusheen Love Nails!


Jade Crystal Reflexology Pedicure $110

2 hour service using a Jade Accupressure Wand to aid in releasing negative thoughts that unblock heartache.

Jade filters toxins from the kidney and adrenal glands while reconnecting cellular structure. This relieves stress and energy will flow to parts of the body that are unbalanced.

Jade is said to bless everything it touches and connects us to the universal energy that flows in everything.

Green Jade, the love stone, energizes the heart chakra which will allow trust in existing relationships. Your heart will be open to unconditional love and provide a gateway for soulful relationships in the future.

Please like and share! Gift Certificates are available for

Timeline photos 02/11/2020

Geometric Nails!

Photos from Gemini Nails and Makeup's post 02/04/2020

Glam Makeup!!

@ Gemini Nails and Makeup

8 Things Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health 01/19/2020

8 Things Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health

Do you have any of these nail conditions?

8 Things Your Nails Can Tell You About Your Health Here is what your fingernails say about your health. If you notice any strange changes to your nails such as yellowing nails or dark lines on your nails and ...


Amazing New Client Review!!

2020 Trend Predictions 01/15/2020

2020 Trend Predictions

It’s going to be a good year for

2020 Trend Predictions Another year has gone by, and it’s time to look to our nail experts to see what they think is on the horizon for 2020. From high-contrast designs to soft pearl finishes, there’s sure to be something that every client (and every technician!) can embrace.


Christmas is right around the corner! Have you booked your appt for holiday nails? Have openings next week 💅🏻💅🏻💅🏻

Photos from Gemini Nails and Makeup's post 11/09/2019

It’s and at all is to support
Come on in and pick your moustache nail art to put on an accent finger to show your support!


Last week for Halloween Makeup and Nail Services! Openings available 🎃💋💅🏻🎃


Have openings for ya!


Openings Thursday evening and Friday afternoon!

The Biggest Nail-Art Trends For Fall 2019 Have Arrived 09/20/2019

The Biggest Nail-Art Trends For Fall 2019 Have Arrived

LOOOOOVE the tortoise shell nails! Who wants to try this?

The Biggest Nail-Art Trends For Fall 2019 Have Arrived From terracotta accents and pearls to remixed French tips and animal prints, check out the nail-art trends that will be everywhere this fall.

Timeline photos 09/19/2019

Fall Leaves!




Another Stellar Review!!

NYFW SS20: CND Nails for Libertine 09/13/2019

NYFW SS20: CND Nails for Libertine

FW Spring/Summer 2020 Nail Art

NYFW SS20: CND Nails for Libertine CND provided a variety of over-the-top nail art to go with Libertine's English garden and Victorian print-inspired collection.


Fill my book manana!!

21 Manicures From New York Fashion Week That Will Reignite Your Love for French Tips 09/12/2019

21 Manicures From New York Fashion Week That Will Reignite Your Love for French Tips

Let’s polish!

21 Manicures From New York Fashion Week That Will Reignite Your Love for French Tips French manicures became the gold standard during the '90s and early aughts, and they're back — along with cargo pants — on the runway at New York Fashion Week's Spring 2020 season. In 2019, the classic tips are far from boring or mom-ish: Top manicurists have updated the look with creative


Pumpkin and Vanilla Chai Luxury Spa Add-On
*now in season for $25 🎃

Timeline photos 09/07/2019

Blue Glitter Nails!

Timeline photos 09/07/2019

Glitter Nails!


Another great review by a new customer!


Loyalty is key

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