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What are you beginning?

What are you ending?

Let’s honor and celebrate both.

As the year comes to a close here are some questions to sit with as a way of honoring and celebrating the endings and the beginnings in your life.

1. What lessons did you learn?
2. What, if anything, are you ready to complete?
3. What are you most proud of?
4. What are you most grateful for?
5. What new thing(s) are you leaning into and looking forward to in the coming year?

I would love to hear your answers. If you share them with me I will read what you write, celebrate you and speak a wish into the new year for your dreams to come true.

Celebrating and honoring all that you’ve accomplished
and all that you are about to create!

Wishing you the most wonderful new year ahead.


When you imagine a magical someone giving you all the things your heart desires,
Who do you see in your mind?

Is it Santa?
Your Fairy Godmother?
Glenda the Good Witch?
A genie?

Being Jewish, Santa wasn't an official part of my life, but he was there on the sidelines and I liked the idea of a generous jolly man bringing presents to all the kids.
What a wonderful thing.

What if you could be your own Santa?
What if you didn't have to wait for a special holiday, occasion or birthday?

What if instead of wishing for someone else to give you the things you desire,
or give you the approval that you've earned the right to give it to yourself..

You simply decided to be your own Santa Claus.
This is an act of love.

I'm here to tell you no matter what or who you believe in,
it is in your best interest to believe in yourself.
AND give yourself everything you ever wanted in life, now.

The more generous you are with yourself,
the more generous you will be with others.

You can't lose.
It's a win-win-win.

I promise
You've already earned it.
You are worthy of receiving your wishes.

Wishing you Happy Holidays.
Celebrating the miracle of YOU.


Tomorrow I'll be chatting with Janene Liston: The Pricing Lady, The Podcast.

Join us Wednesday Dec. 14th, 16.00 Central European time / 9:00 am CST for the last live streamed episode of 2022.

Live on LinkedIn:

Love your pricing.
Love your work.
Love your clients.
Love yourself.


It takes courage to live a life that matches the real you.

Every time we take a step forward
even when we don't think we're ready
or tell the truth about something we’ve been pretending
or say yes to something that we want to give ourselves,
regardless of what others might think of us..

These actions create confidence.
Confidence comes AFTER we do the thing.

Taking bold action teaches us that living in alignment with who we are is more important than any judgment, social rule or limiting belief that may be floating around in our minds.

What’s one thing you could courageously and unapologetically claim for yourself today?

You are worthy of being real.
You are worthy of saying YES to yourself.
Be bold and let yourself be you.


Gift this to yourself! It has been so much fun to be a part of I want it for you too! Fun, freeing and powerful... I’m honored to be one of the guest speakers at the Raising My Voice Summit, organized and hosted by my friend and colleague, Simona Spark.

This is a free event filled with inspiration, insights, gifts and many transformational moments. It's for anyone having a hard time speaking up in any area of their life. Maybe you're feeling challenged speaking up with your partner, or in your business or on big stages, this summit will help you navigate your fear of speaking... and help you transform it into excitement and ease.

Every speaker brings their perspectives and their gift to support you on your journey of speaking up and speaking out. We are all stepping on this summit’s stage with one intention: to help you raise your voice!

On a personal note, the more I speak what is inside of me the freer I feel.
Your voice matters! Your story matters! You matter!

Join me in the Raising My Voice summit here https://simonaspark.click/raisingmyvoicewithrachel

Sign up now, it's free and All conversations and all gifts will be sent directly to your inbox!


I am you.
You are me.
It is possible to live in peace.

The more honest we are with ourselves and each other,
The more compassion we can offer ourselves and each other.

You are worthy of being seen
as the bright, loving, powerful human you are.

The more you see it in you,
the more you can be it in the world.

..and the world needs your bright, loving, powerful self.


Raise Your Standards

We often confuse high standards with perfectionism, being judgmental, difficult or demanding.

You can be loving AND direct.

You can be visionary, idealistic AND patient with yourself and others.

You can be a loving stand and a constant invitation for life to give you the best.

For the people around to be inspired by their own greatness,
see their greatness,
remind them of it often
and ask for it from them.

There is nothing you need to settle for.

Delegate, release and let go of anything you do not love.
Lovingly and generously give yourself only 10’s.

It’s okay to decide what you are no longer available for,
and what you will no longer tolerate.
You’re allowed to create the easiest, best life you can.

What will you do with all the left over free attention and energy you have?
You will create beautiful, amazing things.
You are worthy of creating beautiful, amazing things.


When we grow for ourselves, we achieve.
When we grow for each other, we live.

Don’t underestimate the ripple effect and positive difference you make for others while you grow.

Knowing this, you can imagine that with every act of love you give to yourself,
you are also opening the door of more love for the people around you and beyond.

You are a double, triple blessing.

This is one of my favorite photos of me and my sister.


You’ve worked hard enough.

What can you let go of today?
Where can you press the easy button?

You are worthy of ease and peace.
Relax your mind and let it be simple.



Celebrating my friends Amy Hooper Hanna and Holly Joy McIlwain , Today is the launch of their new book! The book: For She Who Grieves: Practical Wisdom for Living Hope.

Join me in getting a copy NOW on Amazon:

Today is also the 99 cent digital download day that helps their status on Amazon. Consider purchasing that in addition to the paperback to support the effort!

The book offers raw, real, compassion and encouragement for the grief you, or someone you love may be carrying. They validate and inspire hope with stories, research and actual tools you can sue. This book will support you in your journey at this very moment to give you more joy, peace and ease. - ENJOY taking good care of YOU!


There is no goal worth sacrificing your peace of mind.

One of my favorite skills that I continue to practice
is committing to a goal AND committing to what I will and won’t do to achieve it.

Let's say I want to make a million dollars in the next year
I commit to achieving my goal.
I ALSO commit to they WAY in which I will achieve my goal.
Why? Because I want to enjoy the now, I want to enjoy the entire time
between now and achieving my goal, and I want to like who I am when I get there.

For example:

What I will not do:
Work a schedule I don’t love
Stress out
Judge Myself
Do anything for the money that I would not do once I already have a million dollars in the bank.
Do anything for the money that would leave me feeling out of integrity with the way I want to live my life.

What I will do:
Serve people deeply
Tell the truth
Have high integrity with every person I talk to and service I offer
Have fees that correlate to my skill and the money I want to make
Make sure I have a schedule I love
Only work the amount of hours that allow me to be my best, energized, happy, attentive self
Love myself regardless of any ups or downs
Enjoy my life
Increase my skill
Get support and ask for help when I need it
Invest in great coaches and mentors who have already accomplished the goals I am wanting to achieve
Take the time to invest in nourishing my body, mind and spirit.
Watch television and snuggle on the couch with Dave.

..and then, as I am human and will likely forget one of these agreements I've made with myself,
and when I do, I keep my promise to love and forgive myself quickly so that I can re-calibrate and keep going.

Your state of mind is your most precious resource.
Love your state of mind.


This ↑ is one of my favorite paradigms.
You can repeat it to yourself any time you need the reminder.

What else can you tell yourself that is both true and what you would love?

It is possible to have more free time and less work.

It is possible to experience an abundance of love, joy and miracles.

It is possible to take the elevator straight through your own income ceiling into your next thrilling level of success.

It is possible to relax and have a peaceful mind while you create big things.

It is possible to breathe life into your dreams and see them succeed.

It is possible to trust yourself fully.

It is possible to totally and completely love and accept yourself.

It is possible to ______ (fill in the blank with whatever you would love).


Without realizing it, we are constantly choosing what to believe.

Choose beliefs that lift you, inspire you and support you in experiencing the life you want.

Choose beliefs that allow you to feel good about yourself, about others and your contribution in the world.

This is one way to love your life.


Don't underestimate the value + ripple effect of your own happiness and pleasure in the world.

You have within you more love, power and generosity
waiting to come forward
by allowing yourself to have the life you really want.

Get as specific as you can.

What are you tolerating?
What would you love instead?
Give these things to yourself now.
There's no need to wait.

You are worthy of the life you want


Whenever possible, consider that life is happening FOR you.
(rather than to you)

Not because this statement is unquestionably true,
but because believing that life is on your side
creates a much better experience for you.

Life is happening...

For your growth
For your evolution
For your wisdom
For your compassion
For your pleasure
For your willingness to love yourself more deeply than ever before.


Photos from Rachel Madorsky, Author Speaker Coach's post 10/11/2022


Good morning ✨

Remember to look at the sky.

Wherever you are,
Whatever the time.

Look up. 💛


Trusting yourself is the most powerful thing you can do.

Taking aligned action with that trust creates your favorite and most miraculous results.

You Trusting You is Powerful.

Period. The end.


It takes courage to live a life that matches the real you and your real authentic vision for your life.
Do it anyway. and make it fun.

What’s one thing no matter how small that you can courageously and unapologetically claim for yourself today?

Every time we take a step forward before we think we’re ready,
tell the truth about something we’ve been pretending,
say yes to something we really want to give ourselves…
Regardless of what other people think…

All of these actions equate to more confidence and success.
Because every time we take one of these actions we teach ourselves that living in alignment with who we really are is more important than any judgment, rule, or limiting belief that may be circling around in our mind.

You are worthy of being real.
You are worthy of saying yes to yourself.
You are worthy of being fully alive, living the life you really want.

You can do it.
I know you can.

I'm right there with you... out on the edge of what's known, creating new things, making moves, feeling things and having fun.


Sometimes we think in order to move forward on the big things we want,
we have to be different or change in some way in order to do it.

What if the the opposite were true.

Doing anything creative, taking any next step in the direction of our dreams IS the thing that changes us.

The truth is, we change by doing it.

Start that next thing, take that next step. Create your desire.
Nothing needs to change about you first in order to be ready.

What have you been telling yourself needs to be different before you...Leave the job, pursue the creative project that's in your heart, start your business, write your book, take a sabbatical, go on vacation, lead.

The most wonderful risks are the ones that grow us in the direction of our dreams.
Every aligned action we take shapes us into the human we'd most like to be.


Ease is a form of abundance.

Got a to-do list?

How can you do the things with more ease?

What can you let go of?

Where can you release the pressure on yourself?

Let it be light.


Let the breeze remind you to choose ease.

This is your life.

Life is created through desire, meaning the more we say YES to what we want,
the more we feel ALIVE.

When you feel a desire and you do something else, that's what creates struggle.

When you tune in and say YES, Here's what you get to do instead:
Choose ease. Choose support. Choose love. Choose you.

You are worthy, deserving and capable of having the life you want.
Haven't you struggled enough? I believe you have.

There is no need to wait any longer. Let it be good for you now.
All permission granted.



You are worthy of everything you desire, including love + wealth in all its forms.

What does "wealth in all its forms" mean to you?

*time to relax
*more money
*an abundance of freedom
*close friendships
*a home you love
*great health
*beautiful travel
*good food
*an empowering, loving relationship with yourself

What does it look like to give yourself everything you want.. for no reason other than because you love yourself?

One of the greatest ways to heal the past while simultaneously creating the life you desire is to say YES to yourself. more and more. every day. big and small. whenever you can. wherever you can.


This is the practical side of self love.

Decide how you want your life to really be.. then say YES to everything that supports your vision and No to anything that doesn't.

Self love isn't all flowers and butterflies and flowers, although I love flowers and butterflies! Real self love is also about having the courage to be real and act accordingly. To say Yes to our desires and let go of everything else.

You are worthy of the life you crave.
There is nothing selfish about it.

Your best life will always ripple out in goodness for others.


Many of us have been conditioned to equate hard work with our value, hard work as a way to deserve what we desire, hard work as a badge of honor.

What if the opposite were true?

What if everything we desire is closer to us than we think.. and we are energetically pushing it away by working so hard.

What if practicing letting things be easy is the fastest path to the goodness your heart craves.

Give it a try.
Feel how it feels in your body.


You do not need to be different, better, more educated, more experienced, younger, older, nicer, more beautiful, more anything, or less anything.

Simply practice the art of letting you be you.

Being who we really are expedites the process of taking us where we want to go, and brings us to the people and experiences most perfect for our joy and evolution.

Life loves you the way you are.

and so do I.

Photos from Rachel Madorsky, Author Speaker Coach's post 08/12/2022

There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes, looking forward to sharing more with you soon..

In the mean time.. celebrating! 🎉
Dear Angels, Thank you, this is bliss!

Today was a dream come true. I got to record the audio for my book and audible, it was magical.

I’ve been getting to work with some of the best of the best and learning so much. These photos were taken earlier today sitting in the booth with a handful of items:

my book on the monitor, some post-its, and a small photo album of me as a little one…as a reminder to be gentle and connect with the innocence in all of us.

This book is dedicated to every little girl who wanted more, and every woman who said yes to herself.


Happy Independence Day!

Sending Love and Gratitude to everyone I’ve ever depended on, including me. ..and you (reading this).

We were born to be inter-dependent by loving ourselves and loving each other, caring for ourselves and caring for each other.

True independence comes from giving yourself everything you want - because you love yourself

and every time you do, you open the door and free somebody else.

Wishing every one Love and Freedom.


The Science of Getting Rich for Women: Your Secret Path to Millions 06/09/2022

The Science of Getting Rich for Women: Your Secret Path to Millions

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The Science of Getting Rich for Women: Your Secret Path to Millions The Science of Getting Rich for Women: Your Secret Path to Millions

You Can Have What You Want. Coaching for Individuals, Couples + Entrepreneurs

Wether you are wanting more love, closeness and fun in your relationship, or less arguing and more agreeing in your marriage, or more peace, freedom and income your business and your life -> you are in the right place.

I’m Rachel, Licensed Relationship Therapist and Business Coach. For over 20+ years I have helped thousands of people, just like you, create healing in their relationships, with more love, joy, peace, success and freedom in every area of their life.

What do I actually do with my clients?

I recently described what I do like this: “I love the parts of my clients that they cannot love themselves. Until they love themselves.”

I help them identify and solve the complex problems that they can’t find solutions to on their own, whether internal feelings or external experiences.

I help them let go of the things that feel like “have to’s and embrace the people, things and experiences that light their hearts on fire, both in business and at home.

We collaborate on their sense of self: creating wholeness and healing.

We collaborate on creating: who they are to themselves, who they are in the world, and easily upgrade how they show up to their lives.



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