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The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ever!
Do you know what is soooooo much better than flowers or candy for Mother’s Day? The gift of relaxation, renewal, and time just for her…of course! Give her a healing experience with massage therapists you know and trust. Believe it when we say (your mom has enough candles and coffee mugs), THIS is what she wants!

You can purchase a Gift Card online for a 60 minute, 90 minute, 4Hand massage, and more - it will be send electronically and saved in our system!

“Your muscles function through coordinated movements and timing because of messaging they receive from your nervous system, via your spinal cord. By reducing inflammation and restriction in both your muscles and your nervous system, you are allowing optimal function and communication throughout the body. That’s why regular massage therapy and routine chiropractic care make the up perfect combo for wellness.

After a massage, your muscles are loosened up, which can make chiropractic treatment more effective and your pain relief last longer. In addition, the soft tissues treated with massage heal quicker once the joints are realigned. Ongoing, regular treatment with both massage and chiropractic will help keep the pain from coming back.”

Food for thought!
“You can’t go wrong by simply having massage and yoga both in your overall wellness routine. However, you may be wondering abut the benefits of practicing the two in tandem, and what the best sequence is—yoga then massage, or vice versa? The answer depends on your goals.”

Compassion 🙏
Do you agree? Can you still accomplish your life’s purpose and have rest, ease, and joy?
10 minutes of meditation is all it takes to shift your mindset, your mood, and even your level of pain. You deserve to feel better 🙏☮️💗

Fascinating podcast episode!
Everything we do…we do for you! We strive for each person who arrives to a session to know that all the small, relaxing details were created with you on our heart and mind. May each of our clients feel a sense of lightness, ease, and peace upon walking into our healing space. 🙏💓
The couple who reads together…has healthier brains together 💗☀️☕️
We love the science that backs up what we already know from our experience working regularly with clients! Massage is not just a luxury and it effects vagal tone and HRV - the right massage pressure and techniques for your body and mind is the secret!

“Science of Massage

So we put massage to the stress test. We took a small sample of patients (n=5) who had pain, and provided an hour-long massage by an experienced massage therapist of 26 years.

We used a sophisticated EKG machine (ANS1) for a measurement of the ANS both before and after the massage. Patients reported the session very enjoyable, and one even quoted that it was “the best massage they ever had.”

No deep tissue techniques were used. Results? We found some good news; massage increased vagal tone an average 47 percent, which is very impressive documentation for the healing science behind massage therapy.”


We are located in My Salon Suite - Westgate
4477 South Lamar
Building 510
Austin, TX 78745

We are i

Hands of Chi has been in the Health and Wellness arena for more than 2 decades, studying the biggest issues and finding ways to help people back to where they want to be. Knowing that today’s client is more than a one size fits all situation, Hands of Chi provides a list of services that can better facilitate their needs. Many variables can contribute to the pain felt in the body, requiring differ

Operating as usual


Reset your nervous system to reduce pain and stiffness. Give it a try! All you need is 10 minutes and a quiet space.
Link here ⬇️


Here’s to more love, more joy, more health, more wisdom, and more soul growth in 2023! What words did you see?


“This is the night when you can trust that any direction to go, you will be walking toward the dawn.”
We are following the rhythms of Mother Nature and are taking time to slow down, hibernate, and cuddle up with each other and our furbabies. We hope you can find some time for some down time too. Namaste and we love you!


Our gratitude for such amazing clients and a thriving practice is a daily discussion for us. We also hold all of our clients in a space of loving prayers and wishes for abundance and health. We really do love YOU!


There is a time for everything 🙏


Our bodies NEED BALANCE! Just as our brains need rest after lots of studying, our bodies (and nervous systems) need rest after lots of workouts. This is where modalities come in - our faves are non-sleep/deep-rest protocols, salt baths, and wet or dry saunas. We find that doing one or more of these passive recover techniques per week help keep us in balance and living with less pain and tightness. You owe it to yourself to work hard and get stronger BUT you also owe it to yourself to make your workouts and busy life sustainable long term by implementing restful recovery time too.


“We’re all just walking each other home.” - 🙏
Walk with integrity. Hold your head and heart high. Shine your love light and stay on the path of loving awareness. ☮️💓☮️💓


are equally as important as your workouts. Active Recovery exercises include activities like and . Over the years, we’ve seen many clients suffer from avoidable injury, pain, and stiffness due to not engaging in exercises. If you want to keep moving and grooving into old age, please take care of your body and reevaluate your workout choices often! What worked for you at 20, may not be working for you at 50. “Is this supporting my health or hurting my health?”
Article link:



We are forever grateful for all of our amazing clients, friends, and family who support us, love us, and make this world a better place. THANK YOU and we hope everyone had a restful 🙏💓


Ringing out the holiday tension and more than happy to do so! Thank you 🙏💓☮️


Give thanks to your body, mind, and spirit with this all levels practice. 🙏 YOU DESERVE IT 🙏
Link to video: https://youtu.be/TdVrOzXkcd8


The fascinating with Andrew Huberman 🙏🙏🙏
💙The brain responds similarly to joy and gratitude.
💙A regular (and correct) gratitude practice can shift connectivity of emotions to reduce anxiety and fear pathways, increase motivation and pursuit pathways, and decrease inflammatory cytokines – amongst other physiological benefits.
💙 Unlike other practices (such as mediation or breathwork), the positive effects of gratitude practice are felt almost instantly (60-90 seconds) making it sustainable to incorporate regularly.
Link to this podcast article:



Gentle reminders for the holidays. 🙏💓 And remember to go at your own pace and try not to get swept away in the chaos of shopping and consuming! Remember to take rest, spend time with loved ones who replenish you, and stay centered.


Life can bombard us with our own problems and other people’s problems. It can be draining and feel like a big weight. Create harmony within your body and mind. Get stagnant Chi flowing again, detach from negative attachments, and improve spinal health with these 4 simple movements. ☮️🙏✌️
Begin in Mountain Pose - stand tall and feel your feet on the ground.

1. Breathe in as you sweep your arms up and over head and look up. Breathe out as you sweep your arms back down into a gentle forward fold with knees slightly bent. (Repeat 3-5x)

2. Breathe in to sweep your arms up. Breathe out to fold laterally to one side slowly and gently, through bottom center, and then up the other side as your breathe in. (Repeat 3x in one direction and 3x the other way too)

3. Begin in a forward fold and tap your feet and all the way up your body letting no area go untapped. Once you reach your face and top of your head, gently sweep it all off beginning with your head and work your way back down to your feet. Breathe on to sweep your arms up and come back to Mountain Pose.

4. Stand with feet wider than hips distance and let out arms rest heavily at your sides as you begin to twist side to side - your arms and hands will lightly tap your body throughout this movement. Keep knees slightly bent and maybe close your eyes. When you’re ready to stop, let the momentum you’ve created naturally subside and find yourself back at center…pause and breathe for a few moments, notice any changes in how you feel. Bow to the Earth and bow to your highest good. Namaste 🙏


Our brand new set of silicone cups! It’s been fun working with them again and increasing the therapeutic value of our bodywork. Cups can be used in a static way or can be slowly dragged across specific areas. The benefits are epic - myofascial release, increase blood flow, increase lymphatic health, and remove toxins!


Thank you Rebecca ✌️🙏


Thank you Destany 🙏☮️ It was an honor to support your well-being!


Your love is powerful and supports your health and well being and the world around you. Keep focusing on your ability to love and have compassion - this is the only thing in our control. 🙏☮️


Improve your immunity through and a regulated 🙏
According to an article in Massage & Bodywork Magazine…
“Some aspects of the interplay between immunological function, fascial health, and the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Sympathetic ANS activation may trigger fascial cells (fibroblasts and myofibroblasts) to express more if the cytokine TGF-beta1. An increased presence of this cytokine then induces an altered immune system interaction with the body-wide micro biome. While a larger portion of this micro biome resides in the guts, there are also many foreign microorganisms in our body-wide fascial network that interact with the ANS (via pro/anti-inflammatory mediators) and our immune system.”

20 min Morning Yin Yoga - Wake up & STRETCH! (NO PROPS) 11/03/2022

20 min Morning Yin Yoga - Wake up & STRETCH! (NO PROPS)

Take 20 minutes for yourself today 🙏☮️ Your body and mind will thank you!

20 min Morning Yin Yoga - Wake up & STRETCH! (NO PROPS) Enjoy this morning yin yoga stretch where we hold each pose for about 2 minutes, no props needed.🌿 My NEW BOOK is out! Get "Year of Yoga"📕👉 https://geni.u...


Gentle Reminder 💙


Have a spooky day 👻


Happy Diwali! ❤️💙💛
A reminder to look for the light in the world and to be a light in the world. Shine your light! ☀️


Our goal in life is to serve and support others in feeling their very best in body, mind, and soul. Thank you Stephen 🙏🙏🙏


Interoception is a wonderful tool for educating kids BUT many adults need it too 💙


Interoception: The Emotional Side of the Human Myofascial System
“Often referred to as the primitive skin, this interoceptive network is what drives our need for social touch and the release of oxytocin. Many massage techniques especially those which are lighter in nature are thought to affect the interoceptive system.
The human viscera fascia is one of the most concentrated areas of the interoceptive network with shifts in the viscera often being confused for irritable bowel syndrome or indigestion when it is really an emotion such as stage fright or excitement of a upcoming exam.”


Photos from Hands of Chi LLC's post 10/17/2022

We just got back from a wonderful trip to commune with nature and celebrate 10 years of our marriage 💓💓💓 The leaves were changing colors and the weather was perfect! We are feeling and ☮️✌️🙏


Get the most out of your session by enhancing your power of ✌️
“One of the primary benefits of massage therapy is that it stimulates the nerve endings in the myofascia, leading to a greater sense of interoception—a perception of what is felt within the body.”
Read more here ⬇️


We peel back layers of and - old and new 🙏
Stress and/or trauma may be purely physical, like workouts, injuries, etc., or it can be mental/emotional from adverse experiences or health challenges. continues to prove that the felt in the is deeply connected to mental anguish. Thankfully, can help unwind physical and mental/emotional . Sending and to all! ☮️🕉💓


Feeling blissful in my body and mind after my weekly hot yoga session. ☮️
Why do I do ?
🙏 to unwind fascial restrictions and increase flexibility and ease in my body because my other workouts can leave me feeling inflexible and uncomfortable.
🙏 to detox my internal organs
🙏 to unwind mental stress and tension
🙏 to strengthen my superpower of Interoception
🙏 to let go of what I need to and remember what truly matters to me


There are always people who will support you in rearranging, changing, or improving your life BUT the truth is that YOU are the only one who can MAKE IT HAPPEN 💓💓💓


Next time you’re having a massage, get the most out of your session by tapping further into your power of Interoception. For instance, observe any sensations, emotions, or thoughts that arise while the therapist is working on a specific area of your body. Also try becoming more aware of sensations inside your body or even in other areas of your body which are not currently being worked on. (i.e. your forearm is being massaged and you also feel sensation in your back, foot, or head). Follow the link at the bottom for more information about our super power of Introception. 👍🙏☮️
“Interoception is “the process by which the nervous system senses, interprets, and integrates signals originating from within the body, providing a moment-by-moment mapping of the body’s internal landscape across conscious and unconscious levels” (Khalsa et al., 2018). This feedback loop of incoming and outgoing information between the brain and body has also been called our “sixth sense.” The brain’s ability to register, interpret, and integrate bodily signals is undoubtedly consequential for our well-being.”
➡️ https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/between-cultures/202208/understanding-interoception-the-sixth-sense


Thank you to the amazing .pksolutions for visiting us AND for taking time out of her busy schedule of helping entrepreneurs create success in their lives and business to leave a wonderful review about her experience at Hands of Chi. 🙏☮️🥳


We are busier than we’ve ever been since starting Hands of Chi over 10 years ago and we are so thankful! But that does mean that we are currently booking 4-6 weeks out and many folks have chosen to reserve a regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly appointment time. So if you know you need or want a massage in the last few months of 2022, this is your friendly reminder to plan ahead and BOOK NOW! 🙏🙏🙏


How do you find your way OUT of a negative rabbit hole? Start with gratitude for a few small things and let that grow into more…before you know it you’ll be out of the negativity roller coaster ride! Yes it’s important to acknowledge your worries and fears but why is it better to not allow yourself to get swallowed up by them? Because your brain and nervous system will be healthier as you age AND the important people in your life need your light to shine its brightest. 🙏


We are finishing off September with one last educational post (for now) on our amazing network of FASCIA! 🕸🕸🕸
According to Kinetix practitioners, “Fascia holds our subconscious memories and unprocessed emotions.
➡️ Nerve signals (feelings, perceptions, thoughts and energy) travel through the water rich fascial system, creating neural loops (automated behaviors).
➡️ Fascia houses the entire lymph (detox) system.
➡️ Fascia responds to chronic fear by thickening and densifying to protect us.
➡️ Fascia release increases blood circulation, stimulates the body to produce its own collagen and hyaluronic acid (allowing tissues, nerves and joints to self-repair), opens detox pathways, moves lymph, improves muscle + organ function, restores structured water and offers opportunities to release stuck emotions, memories and traumas from the body.
➡️ Every memory of being loved or violated, held or punished, celebrated or shamed, and the faint (or rowdy!) remembrance of what it is to be a unique and authentic Soul...it all lives in the body.
➡️ One of the most healing experiences we can have as human beings is to feel MET by another person while we are in pain. To be in the presence of someone who is unafraid and leans in closer to say “I see that you’re hurting and I bet there’s a good reason for it. Let’s explore this together.””
Source: https://mobilitymastery.com/kinetix/
WOW! Do you realize how incredible our bodies are? And how important it is for your body, mind, and soul to move bring more flexibility to our largest sensory organ? Yoga, stretching, joyful movement, deep breathing, and massage are some methods for healing trauma and injury.


It makes our hearts burst with happiness to work with the most amazing people! Thank you for supporting what we love to do! 🙏☮️💓

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Everything we do…we do for you! We strive for each person who arrives to a session to know that all the small, relaxing ...
Working towards healing and harmony with our clients is a gift that keeps on giving. Thank you to everyone for supportin...
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Harmonious morning fish tank fun with Brad...we love or snail friends! 💙🐌☮️🐠
Quarantine Nature Break ☮️ pain relief and mobility for Upper Back, Chest, shoulders, and neck 🌲
Namaste 🙏🏽 Brad Chi guiding you through a beginner friendly, 3 breath Qigong form. Follow along and change how you feel ...




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