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Grace Recovery TX


We believe in the power of the individual. We also believe that recovery happens with support, which is why we're passionate about growing our network of recovery experts.

We're honored to have hosted Texas recovery experts, Rachel Malloy of HEF Recovery in Dallas and Leah Malone of Grace Recovery ATX in Austin. This past weekend, they toured the Lodge with our Director of Hospitality, Kevin Shields, then enjoyed a delicious lunch with mountain views, and even got to check out the Sensory Deprivation Tank in the spa.

Later, Rachel, Leah, and Kevin met up with APN's Manager of Clinical Administration, Andrea Boorse, along with Case Manager, Kim Harker, for a lovely dinner in downtown Edwards, Colorado.

We're grateful to be able to support our community by sharing our approach with experts in the field. Together, we can support more clients as they take their first steps toward recovery.
Thank you, Misheel, Bella, and Emily with Grace Recovery ATX for volunteering today! We got so much done in an hour 🧡
Sober bowling fun!!! Huge thanks to DART BOWL for helping us stay sober! And thank you for supporting the Austin recovery community and donating to Not A Glum Lot! Check them out for the greatest bowling experience ever Please support the company that supports us and head to Dart Bowl!
Dart Bowl
Also, big thanks to the many sober living homes for encouraging your residents to participate in sober fun!!
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Heartwood Recovery, LLC.
Grace Recovery ATX
Infinite Recovery
Brightside Sober Living
North Austin Sober Living
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Hensley House Sober Living Home

What is Not A Glum Lot?
We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a mission to help people new to a life of sobriety by crushing their initial fears that a life without drugs and alcohol will be glum and dull. When our participants realize that they don’t need drugs and alcohol to enjoy life and enjoy themselves, they are more likely to STAY IN THE FIGHT!
Here are the facts:
1.)The leading cause of death for Americans under 50 is overdose!
2.)The most common time of death is after a period of abstinence!
This means that people are getting help and are trying to help themselves. They get sober, but unless they learn how to enjoy their new lives, relapse eventually occurs. When they relapse, and their body doesn’t have the tolerance it once had, they overdoes and often die.
Not A Glum Lot reduces the amount of relapses that occur. The fewer relapses, the fewer overdoses. The fewer overdoses, the fewer deaths.
People who ENJOY their new lives in sobriety, STAY in sobriety!
Please donate to help us provide more opportunities like this to more people who are trying to help themselves.
Visit us at . Check us out and show your support with a donation!!

Focused on enhancing the standards for women in sober living. Founders on their own journey of recovery and supporting recovery, as sisters.

Operating as usual


You are allowed to grow out of your past. 🌵 You are allowed to become infinite, stronger versions of yourself .


It doesn’t matter how many times you have tried to get sober, it only take one to work! ☀️ Perhaps this is the sign you needed 😉


Denial will keep you stuck in place with your wheels spinning and your time running out.🌄 But if we accept that our pain is real and our lives have become unmanageable, we are opening the door to solutions for a greater change.


"My name is Jaime Kintonis and I am a recovered heroin addict. I share my story to show that recovery is possible and we can beat the odds placed against people with the disease of addiction and more specifically heroin addicts. In November of 2011 I took my IV out of my arm and left the ICU. I left against medical advice, without my belongings, in a hospital gown to return to using after almost losing my life to an overdose. I was completely powerless, hopeless and had fully accepted I was going to die from the one thing I thought I couldn't live without.

Today my life is not defined by being a heroin addict. With God's love and power I get to live a life free of the chains of addiction. I seek to be present, connected to others and live in gratitude. I work daily not to be perfect but to learn from my mistakes and treat myself with compassion. I know who I am today and who I want to be. An amazing woman once said to me, "You can choose recovery and do anything you want in your life or you can do drugs and do nothing." I have been able to witness the power of setting intentions, trusting god, putting in the work and watching these things materialize in my life and so much more. I am a student at UT, a hairstylist, a business owner, a warrior for other women, a fiancee to an incredible man and the person God made me to be. I hope that every person struggling chooses recovery no matter how many times they have to pick themselves up to get here. I am not special, I just believed the women that came before me and followed their lead."

-Jaime K.


"The idea of staying sober seemed as far fetched as Santa Claus being real. I had tried and failed countless times to put together anything longer than 3 months. When I finally made my way out to Austin, I had once again found myself homeless, strung out and alone. I didn’t know God wasn’t done with me yet. I didn’t believe that people my age could stay sober, and I didn’t think I was I going to be an exception to my “rule”. After a few months of treatment, I started to see things shift. I started to see a fellowship grow up around, I had friends- REAL friends. I had a conscience again. I truly had the obsession removed me through doing the 12 steps, and I had finally found a God of my own understanding. Almost 2 years after arriving in Texas, I am an entirely different person. I listen to direction, and I find relief in service work and in prayer (which still blows my mind each time). Every day I wake up and I dedicate my day to my God and I’m able to live my life in his will, to the best my abilities. I found a career when I was chronically unemployable in the past. I have my entire family back, and have the most amazing relationships with women and men God hand picked for me to have in my life. The list could continue to go on but the most indispensable thing I have gained from walking this path with God is my freedom and peace of mind. Something that I believed was impossible more than long-term sobriety."

-Gigi H.


"I always remember the times when I couldn’t go a second without drinking. I’m still overwhelmed with gratitude that today I get to live completely free from alcohol. On August 23rd, 2015 the stars aligned and I finally got help for an addiction that was slowly killing me. I had hit my own internal and external rock bottom, and was lucky enough to have family who loved me enough during my darkest days to convince me to go to treatment. I went begrudgingly, convinced it wouldn’t work for me after my own failed attempts to get sober.

When I was in treatment, I met people exactly like me who had a life of freedom from substances. They were smiling, laughing, owned businesses, had families, and lived full lives. I wanted what they had and I was going to do anything to get it. I’ll forever be grateful for the support of my family and recovery community I found in Austin who showed me a new way of life. Today, I get to do all the things I’ve dreamed of- I have my own place I love, friends who get me, the job of my dreams, family who supports me, and a life that’s FUN. The highs and the lows in life, I get to feel the entire range of the human experience fully and for that I’m extremely grateful.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone knows someone who is or has struggled with addiction. I share my stories every year to de-stigmatize addiction and share that recovery is possible. If you or a loved one is struggling, there is a way out! Reach out for help. Life is so beautiful on the other side."

-Bonnie B.


What a way to start off the week! 🦋 Time to get things in motion that you want to see blossom! .
Thank you


"Recovery to me has meant awareness and connection. Awareness of my own thoughts and actions and how they not only affect my personal trajectory but directly affect those around me as well. I have gained tremendous assets in the form of the 9th step promises allowing me to not only handle situations that used to completely baffle and immobilize me but also reaping the benefits of God doing for me what I absolutely could not do for myself.

Today I get to say yes to things that excite me and bring joy to my life and say no to what puts my serenity at risk. I'm able to set the boundaries and limits I need for myself because of the awareness gained through bringing my character defects to the surface and confronting them.

I have spent the last five years constantly pushing myself to learn more about why I operate on a certain plane and strive for personal growth through the human experience. After building a solid foundation for recovery through the 12 steps, I began adding in various forms of trauma/shadow work and experiential healing such as PolyVagal Theory, Internal Family Systems (IFS), and being committed to a strong program of Codependency Anonymous. The relationships I have gained through recovery and the work has given my life purpose, meaning, and peace. I am by no means an expert in any of these areas but I recognize this curiosity as a gift I've been given to live a life of service accompanied by spiritual principles allowing me to be a constant student to the process. Thank you to everyone who has been with me on this journey and impacted me to keep trudging the Road of Happy Destiny!"

-Camille R.


"I just want to take a gratitude moment and pass along what Recovery has given me:

1. I have an amazing relationship/connection with my Higher Power.
2. I have a grateful heart and am now able to be there for others.
3. I have a relationship with my Family, which i never thought possible!
4. I have Community and My Tribe of trusted friends, Mentors, and Mentees.
5. Im able to walk in integrity even when (especially when) no one is looking.

These are just a few of The Promises that have come true for me. I hope to always be teachable and work everyday at moving forward. The shame and guilt has slowly slipped away and has been replaced with ‘how can i help someone else’? I look forward to life's little ups and downs and now see them as victories to celebrate or challenges to overcome. Either way, there is always a lesson to be learned. Recovery gave me a second chance and I don't want to miss any of the daily miracles! I owe EVERYTHING to God and Recovery! !"

-Karen M.

Our Story

Becca and Leah are sisters who have grown a passion for helping women recover from the grips of addiction. Their love is strong and always has been. It hasn't always been easy and at times, didn't even feel strong. To love an addict, some say, is to know what it feels like to run out of tears. Becca has been sober from he**in addiction since October 31, 2015. Becca completed treatment in Chicago and moved to Austin for sober living. Becca had her life to rebuild, her soul to piece back together and her spirituality to discover. Becca credits the high structure and accountability provided by living in a community of like-minded women, a key component to her lasting sobriety.

By the Grace of God, and with a firm understanding of the deadliness of the disease of addiction, Becca became willing to work a program of recovery. To this day she continues to guide women through the steps and mentor women in recovery. Leah has observed her sister’s courage and grace and it has been brought to her knees in amazement.

The amazing sober community of Austin pulls Becca closer when she may feel she's drifting, reminds her of her purpose when she’s feeling listless and reconfirms there is a Power that never stops fighting by her side when she’s feeling defeated.

Becca and Leah want to give back to the very community that gave Leah her sister back and Becca her life back. Without the compassion and unyielding support of Austin’s sober community, Becca and Leah would not have the opportunity to help women change their lives, just as Becca has.

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