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Photos from Running on Full's post 05/18/2020

This picture was taken about a year ago when my dear friend, , came to San Miguel to teach for me. She showed gratitude for the support I have given her in our business. I have believed in her from the moment I met her so it has always been super easy to support her, (sort of, there was a lot that was challenging while she grew our team in Mèxico that wasn’t so easy). Last May, Susana brought her daughter and mother to San Miguel, when she didn’t have to. Time away from her husband and son, when she didn’t have to. Time away from growing her own business when she didn’t have to.
Susana is my “downline.” Anything I do for her team supports me as well. Her efforts here where to help me grow, not because they benefited her. Susana is the reason I laugh when people call network marketing a pyramid scheme. She is on my team, we are part of the same community. I am her upline. She is 5 levels below me. She is a higher rank than me. While I do well and support myself in my own rite, she earns three times what I do. Why? Because she never let herself be limited by me or my excuses. She shows up and has helped at least 8 other people rank higher and earn more than I do, while I have focused on other things. She has received my love and used it as fuel but she has sought what else she needs to grow when I chose to be stuck.
I have been so incredibly supported by this business, the essential oils I use to shift my mindset and keep me grounded and enhance my family’s wellness, and by the relationships. Tomorrow evening I get to do one of my favorite things and teach all about these magic little bottles with my dear friend and encourager. I hope you will join us on Zoom, on Tuesday, 5/19 at 8:30pm CDT because I cannot think of a more loving and encouraging place to be.
@ San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

Timeline photos 05/16/2020

This year I bought a vocho. A Volkswagen Beetle, from 1993. Its a manual transmission vehicle. I didn’t know how to drive it. I had barely driven in Mèxico at all. I refused to drive the big 4Runner we have through the tiny little narrow streets of San Miguel de Allende. Fitting big things into small spaces is not my forte (childbirth, s*x, and driving all illustrate this point).
Leading up to when I turned 16 and got my driver’s permit, my parent sold their manual transmission vehicles. I had a reputation for being the most inattentive human ever. They thought giving me access to only automatic transmission vehicles would be the best option.
When I met Ryan and moved to Colorado with him and we got married and had a baby, he sold his Mazda 6 with the manual transmission so that we could share cars without me having to learn this skill we all thought I couldn’t handle.
I used to ask my mom, “what if I get stranded in a desert and the only way out is a manual transmission car?” She never answered me.
Four years ago I was at winter harvest and Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, let me drive the semi truck. I, somewhat panicked, explained that no one had ever thought that was a good idea before. He jumped out of the truck and yelled, “don’t worry, you’re on ice, you won’t even have to shift!”
The main character in The Bean Trees, by , one of my most favourite books in all of high school, drove a beetle, and I always knew one day I would too.
In January I decided it was time. I found and bought this car. With the help fo a dear friend, I have mostly learned to drive it, just please please please keep a a healthy distance if we are stopped on a hill going up!
There is so much freedom in learning and doing new things, especially ones I had so much baggage about not being able to do! If I can do new scary things I couldn’t do before I bet you can too!

Timeline photos 05/07/2020

A lot has changed since this picture was taken a year ago!

Is the perspective you currently have working for you? If so, join us and share your energies! If not, maybe you’ll find a new one by coming to practice the yogas with me!
Today there are two opportunities via zoom!
I am leading a hatha flow practice at 2pm CDT and an Aroma Yoga® mini session at 6pm CDT (if you have oils great, but even if you don’t you can still get a lot out of this hour long moving breathing centering practice!)
If you message me I can send you the links for the zoom meetings! I hope to see you there!
As always, come and take what you need, I am happy to practice with you! If you have something to share, please make a donation to, my San Miguel home, or the studio nearest and dearest to your corazòn!
Muchísimas gracias y buen día a todos!
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Timeline photos 04/28/2020

Doing pre-algebra and loving it.
Sometimes the kids I want aren’t the kids I have. That sounds awful, I know. I will try to explain because I think it’s important to talk about.
My oldest left traditional school in January, so technically when schools closed and we had little guidance and then made the decision to unenroll our daughters from school in March, I should have had a groove going with educating kids at home and we could all just jump in.
Except, my resistance. I was mighty attached to this notion that if I didn’t provide direct instruction and on grade-level lesson plans, my children’s creativity would flourish and they would be self-starters, and we would be directed to things they wanted to learn and there would be so much curiousity and creativity and kindness and freedom.
It took me the first quarter of this year to realize that was my want, and desire, and what these children, that I actually have, need is structure and direction.
Now that I have gotten out of my own way, and begun to lessen my resistance, I stepped into the role of curriculum developer and teacher. We are a week in to following a structure to our day and using to assess our learning needs and develop our plan.
There is resistance, for sure, to the expectations and accountability, but it’s also clear this is what they need.
My children are perfectly perfect and whole as they are, I just have to be willing to see it.
Sometimes I get in my own, and all of our, way. I am glad to be able to identify and course correct!

Timeline photos 04/24/2020

Usually these fraternal twins do not in any way want to dress alike. There can be knock-down-drag-out fights if someone looks at the shirt the other was already thinking of buying.
New clothes we ordered weeks ago arrived today. They somehow ordered several of the same items and are having fun modeling them together.
They are cute and they keep me guessing!

Timeline photos 04/23/2020

These warriors take so much in stride! My girls are almost always up for an adventure. They packed popcorn and almonds and water and where ready for a hike this morning!
There is a lot changing in their worlds. They know to look for the helpers and the laughter. I am so grateful for the reminders.
The calm and serenity in our home is brought to us, at least in part, by my yoga practice and our deep dive into essential oils and living as much of a toxin-free life as possible!
I’ll be doing the yogas, on Zoom, at 2pm CDT today. It’s an all-levels class. A mat or towel is helpful and a block if you have one, or you could use a book!
Take what you need and give what you can! Show up and move and breathe with us. If you can donate to Esencia Yoga Spa, where I teach, or any other local studio, please do!
So much love!
Send me a message if you would like a link for today’s class!


There is so much joy in running dogs and children.
Can I be honest for a moment? We have tried so many training options and collars for Rocket and we haven’t figured out how to train ourselves to communicate with him. He is a perpetual toddler and also 95ish pounds. I can walk him on a leash until he sees a cat or dog or chicken and then it’s over. I do my best to root down and gain authority but we aren’t there. He came within millimeters of being hit but a car last week and just kept right on barking at a dog on a roof.
With walks being such a challenge, for the longest time I have surveyed inadequate opportunities for movement for my beloved family member . I can feel his atrophying muscles and joints as they are my own, from lack of activity, and I hated my part in it.
Last week I decided to take him to open land and let him run. The risk he wouldn’t return was great, but not as great as the certainty he was slowly perishing without freedom to run. I call it my Anais Nin moment.
Taking Rocket to run free has brought so much joy to all of us. He loves to run and play. He always comes back. It’s joyous to be around and the hour of time on the trails brings movement and structure and vitamin d to our day.
Today we encountered a flock of sheep and he completely deherded them and they all ran wild and I know the sheep guy was really upset with me but I am still laughing.

Timeline photos 04/20/2020

It’s a new week! A new opportunity to gather together and use breath and movement and community to support wellness!
I’ll share all levels Hatha Flow yoga today at 11am CDT and Thursday at 2pm CDT.
If you have a yoga mat, that’s helpful. If not a towel will do! A block is great but you can use a big book or nothing at all!
Take what you need and give what you can! Join me and raise the global frequency through your self-care. If you have the resources to give, please make a donation to Esencia Yoga Spa or your favourite local studio!

Monday zoom link:
Thursday zoom link:

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Timeline photos 04/16/2020

“Let’s try to love our people in a way that makes them feel both held and free. Us too.” - thank you for showing up and reminding us we can do hard things.
This morning’s Glennon Instagram live could not have been more perfect timing for me. She talks in Untamed, her new book, and in this live, about how maybe the best way to honour our parents is to trust ourselves to be the women they raised. And,how living into our futures fully pretty much means we will do things our parents don’t understand because you can’t blaze your own trail while following in someone else’s footsteps.
It’s a lot that’s beautiful and a little bit challenging to come to a place of understanding about, this idea that in order to be the most true to myself it may mean I disappoint someone else. And it’s a little easier, I think, to know it’s coming that my children will disappoint me, when I remember that I would so much rather they disappoint me than themselves.
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Timeline photos 04/10/2020

No manaje cansado
Evite accidentes.
Do not drive tired
It invites accidents.
There is so much truth and wisdom in this road sign. Such a beautiful and simple reminder.

Timeline photos 04/09/2020

I am increasingly grateful for my yoga asana practice helping me feel more comfortable in my body, and reminding me of the support and connection I have with the divine.
I would love to share that with you! Hatha flow for all levels is happening at 2pm CDT today Thursday on zoom!
It’s also happening on Mondays at 11!
Do you have a specific asana (posture) or body part you would like to focus on? Let me know!

Thursday at 2pm /
Monday at 11 am (message me for the link if you would like!)

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Timeline photos 03/31/2020

Timeline photos 03/17/2020

Let's play yogas! I love sharing breath and movement and am so excited to offer an opportunity to tune in, connect with breath and move in a heart-centered way, from the comfort of our own homes! It will be awesome if you have a yoga mat, and a block, since I am obsessed with them, but these things are not required.Mar 19, 2020 02:00 PM Mexico City
Every week on Thu, until Apr 9, 2020,Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 708 564 296
Password: 131500

Timeline photos 03/17/2020

Online Meditation offering!
Over the past several years I have found so much peace and solace in cultivating a meditation practice. I adore sharing a brief meditation when I teach the yogas.
I am taking a break from public classes, and I am eager to connect in a heart-centered, meaningful way with.
So, weekly, on Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm Mexico City time (which is currently MST and will be CST again April 5th), I will share a meditation practice.
Let's raise the vibration and connect. We'll check in briefly and do a 20ish minute guided meditation. It will be fun, relaxing, restorative and uplifting!

We will begin this Wednesday, Mar 18, 2020 and meet every week on Wed, until Apr 8, 2020. If there is demand, we can continue past that date and I can add other items!
I will also offer a few more family yoga classes and some hatha flow yoga classes I will post about separately!
Sending ALL the love to all!

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 377 373 608
Password: 039947

Timeline photos 03/16/2020

The truest thing I have heard in so long. These words not only resonate so hard core, they also make me dance, which raises the frequency. Sending so much love to you all!
“I must keep the faith, no matter what I'm seeing
'Cuz that's the key unlocking or receiving
The impossible taking place in my life
The greatest steps ascending through those higher highs
I got my health, I got my strength, I'm in my right mind
I still have breath, so I got hope that love is on my side” - Kim English, Everyday

Timeline photos 03/16/2020

I think being heart-centered and showing up as good global citizens by doing our part to keep social distance while remaining loving and hopeful, is what’s needed now.
We like to move, and I would love to share the benefits of family yoga with y’all. My kids and I will be live with 30 minutes of kid friendly yoga on zoom tomorrow (Monday 16 de March). It’s at 11am our time, which is 12pm CST. If you have kids who want to move their bodies and breathe, please join us!

Topic: Yoga for kids
Time: Mar 16, 2020 11:00 AM Mexico City

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 953 800 4877

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Austin locals! Join us for another round of Aroma Yoga at Myo Massage Sat. Dec. 28th 2-4 pm. Destress during the holidays and get anchored in love and light and clarity for the beginning of a brand new decade!
This is a great gift to yourself or a loved one! An afternoon of focus on your body, mind, and spirit. I am looking forward to seeing you!
Sign up here:


This is happening tomorrow! I have taught Aromayoga internationally and had such beautiful feedback. I am so excited to offer this workshop here in Austin at Myo in the Triangle!
Saturday November 16 2-4
$20 or you can use your ClassPass!

Sign up here:

Myo Movement
4616 Triangle Avenue 407, Austin, TX 78751
Try it out!

In this two hour workshop you will learn fun, easy to do, gentle exercises, infused with therapeutic grade, beyond organic Young Living Essential Oils that you can incorporate into your daily exercise routine. No prior yoga experience is necessary.
Rejuvenate and restore clarity, certainty, direction and purpose with the mighty combination of essential oils, movement, breath awareness, and sounding. It’s a juicy environment for transformation. Promise.
You are going to leave feeling and smelling amazing.
Open up to pure positive energy with Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils and Polarity Yoga Exercises for Youth and Vitality. Integrating aromatherapy into your yoga and healing practice will restore balance and promote health and well-being.
Come to learn how essential oils can relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce body tension, and quiet the mind.


When I was growing up, we had family friends who had a daughter a few years older than me. We moved to Connecticut when I was in sixth grade, to the city our friends lived in. I remember being about 12 years old when I overheard one of the parents emphatically state that their daughter didn’t do anything she didn’t want to do. Ever.
It was such an intriguing and attractive concept to me. It was so different than how I had lived my life up to that point. I had found most of my value in attempting to please others. Suddenly I was curious about what if I didn’t? What if I too could be described as “Kimberly never does anything she doesn’t want to do?”
I didn’t fully understand why it was important to me at the time. I just knew I wanted this ideal to guide me, like a North Star. ‘Do I want to do that?’ If the answer is yes, I am all in! Sometimes I forget myself, and lose my way and slip into doing what I feel I should instead of what I want. For whatever reason it’s been surfacing a helluva lot lately to ponder, which is why I am writing about it. Realigning feels important. Discussing it feels important. This guiding principle doesn’t feel the same as only doing things for myself or never considering or caring for others. It’s about being true to myself on a soul level and then acting from there.
To me, all these years aspiring to be a person who never does anything I don’t want to do has meant that you will know exactly where stand with me. We may have some uncomfortable conversations. I may disappoint people I genuinely love and care about when I decline requests and invitations. When I show up and when I say yes, though, there is a genuineness to it. You will always know I am there because I chose to be, doing “it” because I want to, and that means you get all of me. That feels important!
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