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Licensed Manual Therapist providing Corrective Bodywork and Wellness Education sessions. Each session includes posture and movement assessment, followed by Therapeutic Massage utilizing advanced modalities such as Active Muscle Release and Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular Re-education, Therapeutic Exercise, and Mindfulness Coaching.

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Wellspring Therapeutics | Austin Manual Therapy & Wellness 12/23/2022

Wellspring Therapeutics | Austin Manual Therapy & Wellness

Howdy folks! A lot of you have been around for a long time; my loyal clients, who I appreciate so much. Thank you!
But, I’ve also seen a lot of new faces around here… Some of you have just started following my page, and are new to Wellspring Therapeutics - I want to welcome you!
I’m Regina - Founder, owner, and lead therapist at Wellspring Therapeutics.
This feels like a good time to give you all a brief explanation of what I do, what Wellspring Therapeutics offers, and what we hope to do as we move forward as a small business that’s constantly evolving and growing.
Obviously, there’s more history than I can possibly fit in one post… So I’ll streamline this a bit. I’m college graduate in Behavioral Anthropology, and (a little tidbit) I’m a U.S. Air Force Veteran. After my time in service, I decided to go back to school, and began studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Although I do not practice in this field, the education was invaluable and informs my work every single day. What I did decide to do was pursue a license in Manual Therapy… and I’m so grateful that I did!
I’m one of those lucky people who doesn’t feel like I’m working, I’m actually doing something I truly enjoy, and feels like my life’s purpose. Since receiving my initial licensing in 2015, I have gone on to pursue advanced credentialing in Structural Integration and Somatic Therapy. I am also certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, and I am in the process of finishing up my Reiki Master Teacher Level 3 certification.
I truly believe that each of us are capable of restoring and healing ourselves. My job as your therapist is to help facilitate this realization in each of you, and hold a safe space for you to discover your strength, and regain sovereignty over your mind & body.

Let me cut to the chase: WE WORK.
Therapist and client are teammates in a process that takes commitment on both parts.

Sometimes the bodywork will be challenging. But when we have a breakthrough, it is immensely rewarding!

I work with people who are post injury, post surgery, post traumatic event… Often times there’s deeply embedded trauma that we don’t even realize still needs to be processed, and it takes up residency in our body, in our fascia. Given a healing touch at just the right moment… You experience release. It is meaningful and monumental, and I’m humbled by this work every day, and by each encounter.

I also look forward to the future of Wellspring Therapeutics! I have had quite a bit that I’ve been considering for the last few years, and I am committed to begin working towards the next iteration of this small business in 2023! It will be a long-term project in which I will be creating an educational program for all of you! This will not be a program to certify new professional massage therapists, but a program for the people… ALL THE PEOPLE! That’s all I’m able to say for now… STAY TUNED!

Thank you for taking interest. Thank you for trusting me with this work, and with your well-being. 🙏🏻
I look forward to seeing each of you in my office… And if you haven’t been into see me yet, I look forward to meeting you someday soon.

With that said… I should explain that I do tend to book quite far in advance. If you are a new client and you’re having trouble getting on the calendar for an appointment, please reach out to me via email and I’ll do the best to help you get a session.

Contact information is on my website: www.wellspringtherapeutics.care

Happy to be serving our community in two locations, Austin & Bastrop!


Wellspring Therapeutics | Austin Manual Therapy & Wellness Wellspring Therapeutics offers several forms of manual therapy in Austin while also treating clients using a variety alternative wellness services.


Continuing to restock all of our delicious herbal ghees, dressed in their brand new packaging & labels! 😬👏🏻👏🏻😋

Find your favorite and !


Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 12/13/2022

We’ve repackaged our herbal infused ghee!!
Thanks to .studio for the cool label redesign with our amazing logo from !!
I love, love, love all of it!!
I especially love the delicious, nutritious, specially formulated ghee inside the jar!

Get some today & (they’re about to get a restock)!


I couldn’t resist.
If this is the year you decide to surprise your kids with a puppy under the Christmas tree, I highly encourage you to bring your new best friend home from one of the local shelters.
I saw Rudy in January 2020, and it was love at first sight! I have zero regrets about bringing this boy home.
You can also make a visit to and to find your new furry family member! ❤️🐶🐈

Cheers & Merry Merry!


On the 12th day of December…
Take your person dancing!
I have so many small businesses I still want to mention, but not enough days left to do it. So, on this 12th day of our I want tell y’all to go dance! Sign up for some tango lessons , or check their calendar for dance parties throughout the month!
After or before your dance-capade, go grab a delicious mezcal cocktail ! The next day, take your sore muscles for a some restoration and rejuvenation where you can sauna and cold plunge , stretch out , and replenish . Of course, we’re also available for a full body reset and realignment! And while you’re out in Bastrop, you might as well go just a little bit further to Smithville and get an adjustment ! Go for it!
(Y’all see what I did here?!)
So yeah… go dancing! And all the other things too! 😉

Cheers & Merry Merry!

And to all a good night…

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 12/11/2022

On the 11th day of December…
We’re celebrating COFFEE!!
I’ve just discovered on my commute from Smithville to Austin. Situated right off 71 westbound (just before Bastrop), this cozy little spot does all roasting in-house, and offers yummy house baked goodies too!
When I’m in Austin I love, love, love - brewing up delicious lattes in the morning, and pouring yummy beers from the tap in the evenings. Coffee & beer in one spot? Yes, please! Stouthaus also offer their own line of in-house roasted beans. ☕️
Both places have gift cards for purchase - makes a great stocking stuffer!

Cheers & Merry Merry!

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 12/10/2022

On the 10th day of December…
My favorite spot for all of my herbal needs, 🌿🌱
Dried herbs, custom crafted tinctures, beautiful balms, hydrosols and oils, candles, books, and so much more… You’ll be able to find something for everyone at Earth Commons!
Community minded, this amazing little apothecary also regularly offers educational workshops, and they have memberships offering great events throughout the month. ALL ARE WELCOME!
Go to and click on the link in bio for more details. Or, stop by the shop in East Austin and chat with the friendly staff.

Cheers & Merry Merry!

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 12/09/2022

On the 9th day of December…
I’m looping back around to pottery. But really what I’m promoting here is EDUCATION! Remember, a few days ago how I mentioned that buying a beautiful piece of hand created pottery makes a great gift? Well, even better… Give the gift of actually LEARNING to create that pottery!
I recently took a one-time wheel throwing class , something I’ve wanted to learn to do for years and years, and it was such a thrill! In fact, I loved it so much I’m now signing up for a six week course!
Visit and click on the link in their bio… Their website has multiple class dates available and online registration for upcoming courses. Expand someone’s mind, add to their skill set, help them discover a hidden talent!

Cheers & Merry Merry!

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 12/08/2022

On the 8th day of December…
Give the gift of a GETAWAY!

Some of the best gifts aren’t tangible, they’re a state of mind… an amazing experience. Whisk yourself and a special someone off on a mini-adventure! Plan an overnight stay just off Main Street in Smithville, . Small town with a big art scene, situated right on the Colorado River. Or head further east to Round Top for some antiqueing, and stay .
If the outdoors are more your thing, go glamping at North Shore Park Lake Bastrop - to reserve go to lcra.org 🛶🏕️

Cheers & Merry Merry!

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 12/07/2022

On the 7th day of December…
I’m cheating just a little bit. Ok, a lotta bit! 😬
This particular small business and artisan is located nowhere near Austin… Or even Texas, for that matter. Lol! Based in Montreal… Canada, that is, Lvnea is something VERY special. I’ve been buying her organic perfumes for years now, and I just had to share this magic with all of you!
Honestly, her Instagram feed alone is worth following . It’s gorgeous! However, the true beauty is what’s inside these onyx glass bottles and jars… It feels like she’s made every single scent just for me, personally. Made from organic, raw, locally, sourced materials, I’m not ashamed to say I’m addicted to these products; I have more of these jars in my bathroom cabinet than I probably should. Lol! A scent for each mood… and I have a lot of those. 😉
This makes a very special gift for anyone who loves and respects the time, knowledge, and effort that goes into creating hand-crafted body & beauty products. And the packaging is so luxurious - drool.🤤
A bit of a splurge, but worth every penny.

~ Order online. Ships to USA. Link in bio ~

Cheers & Merry Merry!


On the 6th day of December…
Go vintage!
If you have someone you’re buying a gift for who loves things of the past, is a hot little spot filled with a variety of fun finds! Located just off the old town square in Lockhart, I stumbled upon this shop just recently while out for a weekend drive. SCORE!
After you’ve shopped your heart out, go grab lunch , or get an afternoon caffeine fix .lkrt!
In fact, there’s too many great places to shop & eat in .tx to list them all - just go and see for yourself!

Cheers & Merry Merry!

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 12/05/2022

On the 5th day of December…
I’m sharing an actual obsession of mine - POTTERY.
I love the way a beautifully crafted and glazed piece of ceramic feels in my hands. I also just recently took my first wheel-throwing pottery class, and can now tell you from that experience, that there’s a lot of heart, time, dedication and skill that goes into creating each and every piece. There’s really no way to truly put a value on it, but I can tell you it IS worth every single penny that you spend on it!
Some of my favorite Austin artists include: who custom created a mug and dish set for me that I absolutely adore! (see 2nd photo) My morning coffee tastes better when I sip it from these mugs.
makes these adorable little berry bowls. I have one from her and love it!
And… is a phenomenal artist out in the Bastrop/ Smithville area. She has sweet ornaments she’s selling in her online holiday shop - OPENS TODAY!
But that’s not all these ladies offer… I encourage you to go view thier pages for more of their amazing work. And treat someone to a piece of (usable) art!

Cheers & Merry Merry!

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 12/04/2022

On the 4th day of December…
Ok, this might be one of my most favorite gift ideas ever! I personally would love to receive this as a gift… Any time of the year!
I have enjoyed my own bouquet from Cassiopeia Farm and it was absolutely stunning, of the highest quality, and had the most unique variety.
Owner, operator, and flower farmer extraordinaire, Samantha, is such a gem, and works her land ethically and sustainably. This sweet little flower farm in South East Austin offers farm tours, bouquet making workshops, and a season-long floral bouquet club called BEST BUDS! This club has various memberships offering 3, 6, or 10 bouquets which are distrubuted monthly throughout the growing season. Lovely!!
To sign up for yourself and/ or buy this as a gift for someone special, go to and click on the LINK IN THIER BIO! 🌸💐🌷🌻
Link: https://cassiopeiafarmatx.com/product/bestbudsclub2023/

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 12/03/2022

On the 3rd day of December… I absolutely must share these 3 amazing Austin-based wellness practitioners. My own personal health & wellbeing wouldn’t be where it is without them, and I’m forever grateful for their skill, compassion, and the healing space they each hold in such unique and beautiful ways.
Dr. Nicole Finkelstein of is literally one of the kindest and coolest gals I know, and one of the most gifted herbalist and TCM practitioners I’ve ever worked with.
Alicia Poché of is not only a dear friend, but has been a source of professional advice & encouragement as I’ve forged my way as a wellness practitioner over the years. She’s a seeker and a learner, and always growing, subsequently making her a wonderful healer.
Dr. Laine & Dr. Maninder both have incredible energy and work so patiently and sincerely with their chiropractic patients… infants through adults.
I refer many of my Austin clients to all 3 of these practices… All of them have a deep and true desire to help others.
Without hesitation, I encourage you to treat yourself, or give the gift of wellness to someone you love, with a visit to any one of them! Or all 3! 😉

Cheers & Merry Merry!

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 12/02/2022

On the 2nd day of December…
It brings me the greatest joy to present all of you with goat milk products!
Now, there isn’t possibly enough space in this Instagram post for me to tell you how much I adore this farm, these adorable goats, and the very special lady who puts her heart and soul into every single thing she does, Jenna. There was no way either of us could’ve possibly known that the most peculiar of circumstances (the pandemic) would not only bring us together, but develop into an amazing friendship… one I hold very dear in my heart.
And let’s not forget the stars of the show here… the herd! Believe me when I tell you these products are made fresh from the milk of the finest goat gals around!
And I’m not just saying that because I love them, I’m saying it because it’s true. The cajeta from Texas Bee Tree Farm & Dairy is liquid gold! And this body lotion is absolutely dreamy!
Get some for your loved ones, and some for yourself!
The farm also has an amazing event space where Jenna is holding public and private events throughout the year. And stay tuned! There are also rentable cabins on their 100 acre ranch coming soon! - Manor, TX.

Cheers & Merry Merry!

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 12/01/2022

‘Tis the season!!
Wellspring Therapeutics Presents:

Gift-giving ideas from some of my favorite local, small businesses, artists, and fellow wellness practitioners, from Austin to Smithville, and places around and in-between!

On the 1st day of December…
I’m sharing .studio with all of you! Located in the sweet, little town of Smithville, TX.
From fine art by to vintage clothing curated by and amazing handmade goods & crafts by local artisans, LUMBARYARD STUDIO has something for everyone! BONUS: The gals who own and run the studio (includes the two mentioned above alongside .books) are just really great people!
Worth the drive from Austin - I promise! 😉

Keep checking back each day for new posts & more holiday cheer!

Cheers & Merry Merry!

Wellspring Therapeutics, PLLC has eGift Cards available 11/27/2022

Wellspring Therapeutics, PLLC has eGift Cards available

Give the gift of wellness!

Wellspring Therapeutics gift cards are a great idea any time of year!

Spread holiday cheer, wish someone happy birthday, support a friend in need, congratulate a coworker, or just tell someone you love them... Gift cards are available in any amount and are great for any occasion.
Wishing you health & happiness!

Wellspring Therapeutics, PLLC has eGift Cards available Click here for an update from Wellspring Therapeutics!


Appointments in Austin Monday through Wednesday, and in Bastrop on Thursdays!

I do book up a bit in advance.


NOTE: If you’re a new client and having trouble getting on my schedule, please reach out to me for assistance.


View from inside the infrared sauna … I’m about to plunge into that ice cold tub!!🧊🥶
So lucky to have Strive Human Optimization as one of our wellness neighbors at our Bastrop location, !
The benefits of Contrast Therapy (heat & cold) are too numerous to list here… Just trust us! Great before or after your bodywork!
Book your sessions today!

Wellspring Therapeutics serves both Austin & Bastrop communities. Come see us at either location… But this amazing sauna/ plunge pool combo is only in Bastrop! 😉

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 10/24/2022

Many years ago, long before I was licensed as an LMT, or even had an inkling that I would own a wellness business someday, I studied at AOMA - Advanced School of Acupunture & Chinese Medicine. Although I chose not to become a licensed acupuncturist, what I learned from that curriculum formed my perspective on health & whole body wellbeing. It has stayed with me all these years, and absolutely informs all of the work I do now.
One of the most profound and amazing gifts from Chinese Medicine is a bodywork modality called Chi Nei Tsang. This massage technique was developed following Traditional Chinese Medicine’s principles that assert that emotional blockages are physically hosted in our body. With nowhere to go, trauma must manifest in physical form, at some point…
When we experience trauma of any kind, and do not have the ability to work through the related emotions, they get “stuck” in our soft tissue, take up residency in our body, and become the source of pain and discomfort years later. This can often show up in the form of adrenal fatigue, digestive disorders, reproductive problems, sleep issues, anxiety, and so many other chronic afflictions.
The healing power of touch can oftentimes help release physical tension tied to our emotional suffering.
Wellspring Therapeutics Abdominal Release Therapy is based in these principles, and incorporates many techniques from Chi Nei Tsang, along with Anatomy Trains, and Myofascial Release Techniques.
I’m very excited to be doing a deep dive into Chi Nei Tsang this spring and summer of 2023! I’ll be learning even more, and able to incorporate even more of this amazing modality into our Abdominal Release Therapy sessions!

Wellspring Therapeutics, PLLC has eGift Cards available 10/20/2022

Wellspring Therapeutics, PLLC has eGift Cards available

Give the gift of wellness...

Wellspring Therapeutics gift cards make the perfect gift for anyone, anytime of year!

Wellspring Therapeutics, PLLC has eGift Cards available Click here for an update from Wellspring Therapeutics, PLLC!

Photos from Wellspring Therapeutics's post 10/16/2022

As promised, in celebration of the GRAND OPENING of our 2nd location at Bastrop Fitness Project, we’re giving away a FREE Initial Assessment at our Bastrop location… and we have a WINNER!
In fact, we have TWO winners!
Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway!
I took every single one of those Instagram handles, wrote it on a slip of paper, and put those slips of paper into a little draw bag. When I stuck my hand in and grabbed a slip of paper, I actually pulled out to names!
Who am I to argue with the lady luck!?!
Also, I’m announcing it a day early because I’m just too darn excited!!
So the TWO lucky recipients of the INITIAL ASSESSMENT sessions are… drum roll 🥁🥁🥁

Please, DM me for more details and to arrange your appointments!

Anyone else needing bodywork, feel free to hop on our website and book your sessions in either Austin, or Bastrop!


We’d like to invite you to join us in celebrating Wellspring Therapeutics 2nd location, the GRAND OPENING of !
OCTOBER 12 / 3:30-7 pm!

We’re thrilled yo be sharing this amazing space with these other wellness business:

Join our celebration at BASTROP FITNESS PROJECT; fun for everyone! Free classes, tours, GIVEAWAYS! Food from , live music with , and cookies from !! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

ENTER TO WIN an Initial Assessment bodywork session (or session of equal value) with Wellspring Therapeutucs Bastrop location:
1. Like this post
2. Tag a friend
3. Follow us

Taking entries now through our GRAND OPENING event on October 12th!
See you there!


We just planned out our menu for the next
And let me talk ya, it’s gonna be delicious!!

Join us October 22nd for baked goodies and sweet treats! Mushrooms can be incorporated into almost any dish, in the most unexpected ways.

Come dip, sip, and nibble with us .studio!🤤☺️
Tickets on sale now! LINK IN BIO!


I’m returning from some time off…
Self care and self love; there is no greater investment. Because we cannot give from an empty vessel, it is so important to allow yourself a break when you feel you need it.
I’ve appreciated this time so much, and your patience & understanding as I gave myself a much needed breather.
I now have overflow to give. 🙏🏻🌿


Join us on October 22nd .studio for our next

Baking & Dessert Making w/ Functional Mushrooms!
Limited spots! Get your tickets today!

Our Story

Providing care for the WHOLE person through Structural Integration, Somatic Massage, Energetic Healing, Mindfulness and Wellness Coaching. We also offer specialized Ayurvedic Postpartum Care and Herbal Preparations, along with full line of plant medicinal products.

Bodywork sessions include posture and movement assessment, followed by individualized sessions utilizing advanced, specialized modalities such as Anatomy Trains, Myofascial Release, Active Muscle Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Trauma-Informed Bodywork, Rolfing, Marma Point and Reiki Energy Healing. Happy to make nutritional and herbal supplementation suggestions upon request.

Wellspring Therapeutics is also pleased to offer educational and workshop opportunities. Please see our EVENT PAGE for details!

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