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Ulrike Schmidt, Licensed Midwife
Midwifery Services in Austin & Bastrop, TX and surrounding areas. My care is non-discriminatory. I proudly serve all families.

I am a licensed & certified professional midwife practicing in Austin, Bastrop, and surrounding areas. I offer comprehensive and holistic care for the prenatal, labor & birth, and postpartum periods.

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kxan.com 09/03/2020

Shortage in Black midwives is causing concern during pandemic

Less than impressive piece, but the subject matter is very important.

kxan.com She’s been a midwife for more than three years, but lately what’s happening across the nation pushed her to start a grassroots movement.

washingtonpost.com 05/13/2020

Perspective | Covid-19 exposes the need for midwives

Birth at home should be the norm, not the exception.

washingtonpost.com Covid-19 is reminding us that birth doesn’t require hospitals or doctors.


Motherwhelmed Book Trailer

Beth Berry has done it again!! So very excited to get my hands on this book. And the timing couldn’t be more appropriate. 💗

Motherwhelmed by Beth Berry Available on Amazon May 1st, 2020

thecut.com 03/27/2020

Midwives Are Swamped With Home-Birth Requests

thecut.com But making a last-minute switch probably isn’t a good idea.

vox.com 02/13/2020

Did you give birth in your home? Help ProPublica and Vox report.

Take a moment to fill this out! And please share with fellow home birthers!

vox.com What drives women in America to have babies at home rather than in a hospital or birth center?

npr.org 02/06/2020

Finland's Women-Led Government Has Equalized Family Leave: 7 Months For Each Parent

This. Right. Here. 🙌🏽

npr.org Under the new policy, families are entitled to a total 14 months of paid leave. The health minister says the goal is to both improve gender equality and boost a declining birth rate.

newscientist.com 12/11/2019

Some women feel fetal kicks years after they've given birth

newscientist.com Around 40 per cent of women in a survey experienced phantom fetal kicks, which is the feeling of a kicking fetus years after giving birth

parenting.nytimes.com 09/23/2019

The Rage Mothers Don’t Talk About

“Mother rage is not “appropriate.” Mothers are supposed to be martyr-like in our patience. We are not supposed to want to hit our kids or to tear out our hair. We hide these urges, because we are afraid to be labeled “bad moms.” We feel the need to qualify our frustration with “I love my child to the moon and back, but....” As if mother rage equals a lack of love. As if rage has never shared a border with love. Fearing judgment, we say nothing. The rage festers and we are left under a pile of loneliness and debilitating shame.”

parenting.nytimes.com Mothers are supposed to be patient martyrs, so our rage festers beneath our shame.


Mothers Unfolding

Our bodies are synergistic magic, y’all ✨✨✨

“To produce breast milk, mothers melt their own body fat. Are you with me? We literally dissolve parts of ourselves, starting with gluteal-femoral fat, aka our butts, and turn it into liquid to feed our babies.”

😳 WoW!


Austin Midwife 2 U


As of today (in Texas) you can now see a PT without a referral. This is great news for those needing pelvic floor therapy and also great news for midwives!

upworthy.com 08/29/2019

It's Black Breastfeeding Week. Wondering why? One short, gut-punching poem says it all.

upworthy.com Yes, there is something unique about black breastfeeding. Several somethings, actually.

lauriefremgenmidwife.com 08/20/2019

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

The last weeks of pregnancy can feel like they stretch on forever. The anticipation of meeting your baby can feel overwhelming, like it’s never going to happen. But sitting in the not knowing and uncomfortability DOES have a purpose. As all things do.... 💛
Thanks for this beautiful piece, Laurie Fremgren.

lauriefremgenmidwife.com “The Waiting is the Hardest Part. Everyday is one more yard. You take it on faith, you take it to the heart. The waiting is the hardest part.” Tom Petty

theguardian.com 07/25/2019

The black midwives changing care for women of color – photo essay

theguardian.com African American babies in Minnesota are twice as likely do die in their first years as white babies. A birth center is trying to change that through culturally focused care for women of color

heartofgoldmidwifery.com 04/22/2019

Heart of Gold Midwife- heart of gold austin bastrop midwife

I am rarely on Facebook, so if you have any inquires related to midwifery care, please call or email.

[email protected]

Thank you!

heartofgoldmidwifery.com Ulrike Schmidt. Home birth midwife in Austin, Bastrop, and surrounding areas. Travis, Bastrop, Hays counties in Texas. Specializing in holistic prenatal, labor and birth, and postpartum care.

avivaromm.com 08/22/2018

Vaginal Seeding After Cesarean: Is It Safe and Recommended for Your Baby? - Aviva Romm MD

Vaginal seeding after cesarean section. Did you do it? Plan for it? Not even know such a thing existed? Exposure to vaginal flora is pretty important for baby's microbiome. Something to consider when facing a surgical birth.

avivaromm.com While research into the practice of vaginal seeding is new and in the early stages, it holds great promise for the future health of our children.

whatdobabiesneed.com 04/11/2018

Babies Need to Sleep with Someone

whatdobabiesneed.com “It is a primitive need of the child to have close and warm contact with another person’s body while falling asleep…. The infant’s biological need for the caretaking adult’s constant pr…

popsugar.com 03/27/2018

This Birth Photographer Captures the Most Beautifully Raw Photos — and You Won't Be Able to Look Away

Austin’s own Kayla Gonzales! 💘

popsugar.com Talk about capturing the miracle of life!

naturalwomanhood.org 03/24/2018

Cycle mindfulness: what happens when you teach fertility awareness to teen girls | Natural Womanhood

naturalwomanhood.org In the 1980s, Leslie Carol Botha taught basic fertility charting to 13-17 year-olds at eight different restorative care homes for at-risk girls. A typical girl in the program had been a victim of sexual assault, ran away from home, used drugs and alcohol and ended up in jail. In working with these g...




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