Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy

Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy


“ is one of the most accessible and frequented segments of healthcare. And so we think partnering in this way makes great sense when we talk about providing accessibility to clinical research opportunities,” said TPA member Nicola Trevis, Pharmacy Director at Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy.
It is with deep gratitude that all of us at TXAND celebrate the life and love of Bill Swail, PharmD, the founder of Peoples Rx Pharmacy. Bill was a champion for patient advocacy and providing responsible care that truly led to wellbeing, and he created this compassionate world through Peoples Rx. Even today, the greater Austin community knows "go to Peoples" which means, no matter what you are experiencing, how difficult and impossible things seem, you're going to be cared for and there is hope. This belief created a natural partnership between Bill Swail and naturopathic doctors, who share this same vision.

Bill created a welcoming home for naturopathic doctors at Peoples Rx, providing opportunities for employment in his wellness departments and giving NDs the foundation and support to build thriving practices within Peoples. As Texas NDs faced the challenges & uncertainties of working in an unlicensed state, Bill was our enthusiastic champion and gave us the opportunity to truly serve the community as we were trained to do. Many of us also enjoyed co-hosting his Let’s Get Healthy radio show with him over the years, where he always embodied his belief that laughter was the best medicine!

Bill was a natural guide and teacher when it came to understanding the vulnerability that people face when dealing with health issues. One piece of wisdom that Bill often shared with us was a concept he felt really dear about - making people feel important. He would often say “Do you know the thing that makes the biggest difference with people? Making them feel important.” To this day, Bill's lesson is something we carry in our hearts as we serve our clients in their healthcare journeys. Not just making them feel important, helping them know they are important.

Bill had a genuine caring nature, he was trustworthy and he believed in everyone’s goodness & potential. It is his belief in us as NDs that has gotten us this far. We know he is our angel now and we will never forget him.

We love you Bill!

Your Friends & Fans at TXAND
Natural antivirals Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin are better than acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir drugs. See medical journals.
Natural antivirals Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin are better than acyclovir, valacyclovir, and famciclovir drugs. See medical journals.
The best antiviral treatments are Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin. See medical journals for clinical studies. Effective against HPV, HSV, CMV, and EBV.
The folks at Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy are the best. Something went wrong with Bailey’s last prescription refill (she gets a specially made formula to help prevent UTIs). It didn’t mix properly and was sticking to the bottle and refusing to come out. The human was starting to worry that Bailey was going to run out of medication three weeks before she could get a refill. But the nice pharmacists at Peoples talked to the human, did some investigating, and replaced her medication free of charge! Can you believe it? Everybody wants Bailey to be happy and healthy!
Happy Pet Appreciation Week! Share a photo of your pets in the comments or tell us how you are planning to celebrate!

📷: Village Pharmacy Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy C and D Drug Store
The best antiviral treatments are Gene-Eden-VIR and Novirin. See published clinical studies. Both are listed on the USA NIH database of drugs.
Congratulations to Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy on their brand new, state-of-the-art, 5000 sq ft closed-door compounding lab.
We couldn't be happier to congratulate Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy ​on their successful opening of their new location. 📍

What a rewarding process to be a part of and we couldn't be more grateful. The family at Flintrock Commercial can confidently say after a first-hand experience with them, it's obvious why they're Austin's favorite pharmacy.
Thank you to these local businesses for donating some invigorating health, fitness, and self-care items to our Cheetah Fest Silent Auction. Check our their donations at today!

Austin Women's Boxing Club // barre3 // Black Swan Yoga // Camp Gladiator Southwest Austin // Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids, Sunset Valley, Texas // HOPEcpr // Hush Hush Tan // Kristen Lucas Postpartum Doula // Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy // Restore Hyper Wellness // Sage Blossom Massage // Skinny's Barber Shop // ToddPilates & Barre South Austin // Urban Betty // Young Living Essential Oils (courtesy of SVE parent Darby Richardson Perkins)
Thank you Peoples Rx! "Working with Rx Message On Hold (formerly Tom Talbert Imaging) is always a pleasure. The professional, prompt and friendly advice and support has helped strengthen our brand awareness, as well as increased sales on targeted wellness products. Even our staff raves, ‘Brilliant!’ Thank you, Tom, for your impeccable service."~ Jeneen Schloz, Director of Public Affairs & Marketing, Peoples Pharmacy, Austin, TX

Celebrating 40 years as Austin's favorite holistic compounding pharmacy. Peoples Deli in 3 of 4 loca At Peoples Rx, we understand the value of your health and wellbeing.

That’s why it’s our mission to empower you with the knowledge to become more proactive in your health. Our pharmacy has become a cornerstone of the Austin community through our caring pharmacists and practitioners, personable environment, and wide range of services. We have served Austin for 40+ years with pharmaceutical-grade vitamins & supplements, holistic remedies, high-quality CBD products, c

Operating as usual

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Happy Week! When considering your essentials for the weekend, trust us, we’ve been doing this a long time... Peoples Rx is proud to present the Bodega at for the 15th year, complete with all your last-minute needs, whether you suddenly need hair ties, band aids for blisters, sunglasses, flip flops, deodorant, or a snack, we've got you covered. Come see us or prep the fest by visiting any of our 4 locations to stock up on hydration, SPF, allergy remedies, etc. 🧡😎🕺✨🎵


Melatonin for Immune Health and Sleep!


Melatonin for Immune Health and Sleep!


Melatonin for Immune Health and Sleep!


Here to brighten your Monday with the news that our cult-favorite Flourless Chocolate Cake is BACK this October 🍰🍫 Available as a whole cake or by the slice 😋 So fluffy and rich, you’d never guess it’s gluten-free!


Next week, Dr. Amy is back to chat all things Melatonin 💤 Join her on our Peoples Facebook live Wednesday 10/5 at noon!


We’ll go out of our way to keep you around too, Jewel! Thank you for the kind words and support ❤️ Comment why Peoples is special to you…

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Telepathy or coincidence?!🤔 Shout out to our ladies of South Lamar showing up for work each repping the same Peoples shirt! Plus some matching kicks. We love it!


At Peoples, we’re all family. We love and value our customers, patients, and partners so much! Celebrating with an OG Swail fam photo from the 80’s when it all began 😃👨‍👩‍👧‍👦


Calling all advocates for pet health ‼️ 🐾 Help us ensure animal patients and veterinarians continue to have access to the compounded medications they rely on! Please contact your congressperson through this link and urge them to sign on to the joint letter to Center for Veterinary Medicine on GFI 256 by next Friday 9/30/22.

What's GFI 256? The FDA's Guidance for Industry #256 lays out a new regime for overseeing animal drug compounding. But the guidance lacks clarity, so pharmacy compounders and veterinarians may not know how to comply. Right now, procedures that adhere to the new GFI are unclear, which puts our animal patients at risk.


Words of wisdom from our founder, Bill Swail. By focusing more on the interaction than the transaction, Bill built a heart-centered business where customers walk out of Peoples with their prescription, or supplement, or food, but also with a sense of hope and belonging.

In our ever-growing city, Peoples continues to be the small-town-feel drug store where the employees know the customers by name. We’re here not only to exceed your expectations with our knowledge and expertise, but also to show that we care for you ❤️


Happy First Day of , y'all! To most, that conjures images of pumpkins, red leaves, and sweater weather, but here in Austin we know what it really means... a new spike in seasonal allergies. As your local allergy experts, Peoples is here for you. We've got the best natural remedies and tinctures herbal extracts to keep you breathing easy.

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Xander’s staff picks this month are all about feeling good! Which are you trying first?

🍉 Watermelon Reserve

“In such a burgeoning CBD market there's a lot of products you're going to find. This one in particular has a really great synergistic quality between the CBD and THC. When I've had a long day at work and can’t get my brain to calm down, this stuff brings me down and helps me sleep.”

🌿 Ashwagandha

“Ashwagandha is awesome. It is an adaptogen, which basically means it helps you adapt to stress and different situations that would normally cause that elevated cortisone adrenaline response. It helps you cope. I take it at night, let it work in my system when I’m asleep, and wake up in the morning totally refreshed and ready for the day.”

🥇 Digest Gold

“Yolanda, one of our resident practitioners, actually introduced this to me. I was having some problems with digestion and she suggested I take these before meals and that there would be no issues with gas, bloating, or later on issues. It helps me digest even the most hardy, southern meals. You're eating brisket, mac n’ cheese, stuffing, pecan pie, and this will just power through all of it.”


All You Want to Know About the Gallbladder!


It’s Month - turn to Peoples for a delicious and nutritious start to your day with smoothies, juices, gluten-free muffins, build-your-own oatmeal and more!


*New* series alert 🚨 - welcome to “What’s the Difference?”

Up first, Turmeric! 🧡 We love the popularity turmeric has gained over the past few years — it's an incredible tool in fighting inflammation in our bodies. But not all turmeric is created equal..

What makes the difference in our Peoples pick from Thorne?

• Concentrated formula, remarkable for pain and inflammation

• Superior absorption compared to other curcumin extracts

• No black pepper filler, which can worsen leaky gut


Happy National Day! 🥑🍎🥕🥦🍋

Eating well to feel well is a staple practice for our Peoples family. It’s why we use only the highest-quality and most natural ingredients in our deli and bakery offerings. It’s why we carry supplements that aid digestion, like digestive enzymes and probiotics. And it’s why we have nutrition specialists on site to help determine the best ‘food medicine’ for you.

Be like Hippocrates. “Let food be thy medicine” and visit Peoples today.


Mental health is a valued part of healthcare!


Join Dr. Amy tomorrow at noon for her discussion on suicide awareness and mental health. See you there!

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We ❤️ Austin Artists! As a proud sponsor of HAAM Day, tomorrow on Sept 13th, help keep music in Austin alive and well with your Peoples deli purchase! A portion of sales will directly support healthcare services for Austin musicians. Live performances at three of our locations. Join us!

• North Lamar @ 12 pm - Margaret Slovak

• Westlake @ 12 pm - Wm. Barrett Simms

• Lakeline @ 12 pm - Heather Miller


Meet Yolanda! One of our many beloved practitioners here at Peoples, you can find Yolanda at our North Lamar location chatting all things amino acids and probiotics. She calls Peoples a “signature piece of Austin” and we have to agree. Get to know her better below…

✨What’s your name?
My name is Yolanda. I have a BA in English and a MA in Chinese Medicine. I’m also a Reiki master, and I do nutritional health coaching.

✨How long have you been with Peoples?
Three years.

✨What is your favorite thing about Peoples?
It is a signature piece of Austin. Nothing is like this, and I actually jumped at the chance of being here.

✨Favorite product?
Everyone can do amino acids. In particular, I love NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine). It helps it detoxify. It’s a wonderful product to do.

✨Hobbies outside of Peoples?
My favorite, favorite hobby is working with animals. My big goal is actually to open up some type of rescue or a place where people and animals can come for energy healing.

✨Do you have a favorite outdoor spot to hang out in Austin?
No - you’re gonna find out about it, then everyone will come!

✨Hidden Austin Gem?
Tyler’s Outlet.

✨First Concert?
Black Sabbath/Ozzy Osbourne.


All About DLPA and Phosphatidylersine!

Photos from Peoples Rx - Austin's Favorite Pharmacy's post 09/06/2022

We’re ‘fall’ing head over heels for our Pumpkin Bread (GF/DF) and Carrot Cupcakes (GF)! A triumphant return of your favorite sweet treats made with only natural, nutritious ingredients to enjoy without the guilt.

Perfectly spiced, our Pumpkin Bread is naturally flavored by real pumpkin, vanilla, nutmeg, ginger, and clove 🎃

Our sweet, delicious & healthy Carrot Cupcakes are made with carrots, walnuts, brown sugar, pineapple, cinnamon, and ginger, and topped with cream cheese frosting 🥕


Happy Labor Day! Today, we celebrate our hardworking, kind, and incredible community 💙 From our new team members to practitioners who have been with us for over 20 years. Peoples is about our PEOPLE! Give them a hand with us and leave a 👏 in the comments.



September is National Month. At Peoples, we believe mental health is an essential part of wellness. We’ll be rounding up to the nearest dollar $ at the registers ALL MONTH LONG in support of and their life-saving work. So come by and see us, and choose to round up! Your purchases will directly support mental health advocacy and resources in Texas.

If you are ever struggling with your own mental health, please seek assistance or dial 9-8-8. Support is available.

Peoples Rx cares.💙💜


Pain management and Sports Support


Who puts the Peoples in Peoples Rx? Why, the people of Peoples of course!

And would you believe it? Some of our people have been Peoples people for decades! This month, we celebrate the work anniversaries of a few fine folks that have been here for 30 years or more!

Donna, 39 years 🎉
Brian, 31 years 🎊
Julie, 30 years 🎉

Collectively, you are looking at 100 years of dedicated service to Peoples Rx. That dedication carries over to our commitment to the health and wellbeing of the other people of Peoples, YOU!

Cheers, to another 100 years! 🥂


🐶🐶🐶 We love our doggos! 🐶🐶🐶

If you want nothing but the best for your furry friend (of course you do!), then Peoples is your place to nab the highest-quality:

🏖calming treats
🤧allergy drops
🪄CBD, and
💊customized prescriptions (chicken flavored, anyone?)

We are here for you and your four-leggeds on National Dog Day and every day. Pop in and see us soon (and give your pup some extra scratchies from us).

Our Story

Independently owned in Austin for over 35 years by visionary pharmacist, Bill Swail, Peoples Rx has a pharmacy model of service you won‘t find anywhere else. Our incredible health counselors, including highly trained pharmacists, nutritionists, naturopaths, homeopaths and acupuncturists, our health seminars and private consultations, our state-of-the-art prescription compounding facilities and experience, and our cutting-edge, holistic, often hard-to-find products truly set us apart.

Our mission is to empower people to make educated health choices while providing prompt, friendly service with quality products. We hope to see you soon in one of our four stores! For locations and hours, visit our website:

Also check out our new podcast: Cultivate Wellness for the latest in alternative health and wellness news from authors, practitioners, and the most passionate doctors in their fields!

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Melatonin for Immune Health and Sleep!
Melatonin for Immune Health and Sleep!
Next week, Dr. Amy is back to chat all things Melatonin 💤 Join her on our Peoples Facebook live Wednesday 10/5 at noon!#...
We’ll go out of our way to keep you around too, Jewel! Thank you for the kind words and support ❤️ Comment why Peoples i...
All You Want to Know About the Gallbladder!
Mental health is a valued part of healthcare!
Join Dr. Amy tomorrow at noon for her discussion on suicide awareness and mental health. See you there!#peoples #peoples...
September is National #SuicidePrevention Month. At Peoples, we believe mental health is an essential part of wellness. W...
Pain management and Sports Support
On this week’s Obsessed with Dr. Amy, our resident ND will talk about healthy snacking and share some of her go-to snack...
Back to school Basics!
Fatty Liver Disease




3801 S Lamar Blvd, B
Austin, TX

Opening Hours

Monday 8am - 10pm
Tuesday 8am - 8pm
Wednesday 8am - 8pm
Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday 9am - 6pm
Sunday 10am - 6pm

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