Treatment Resources for Youth, Inc

TRY is a substance abuse counseling facility geared towards the adolescent population. Treatment Resource for Youth, Inc is a non-profit, adolescent centered substance abuse facility with numerous ties to the community in Baltimore City, Maryland.

Treatment Resource for Youth, Inc offers three levels of substance abuse treatment which are our COMAR regulated Early Prevention Program, Traditional Outpatient Program (TOP), and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) that are lead by qualified substance abuse counselors and personel.

Operating as usual


Attention Baltimore City youth:

-Are you between the age of 18 and 24 years old?
-Are you interested in earning $$$ while learning valuable skills?

If yes, the Keys to Success (K2S) training program welcomes you. Youth have the opportunity to earn money while learning valuable life skills such as financial stability, employment, housing, health, and nutrition.

See contact information to learn how to join.


Attention Baltimore City youth:

-Are you between the age of 18-24 years old? Are you interested in earning $$$ and a monthly bus pass?

If yes, attend the open house on April 5th to learn about the Keys to Success (K2S) training program. Youth will have the opportunity to earn money while learning valuable life skills such as financial stability, employment, housing, health, and nutrition.

See flyer for information.


Treatment Resources for Youth, Inc

[05/12/14]   Good afternoon friends! Mark your calendars! Treatment Resources for Youth will be hosting a SPIRIT NITE at Chick-Fil-A on in Catonsville on Route 40, Thursday, May 29th from 4pm-9pm!! Come stop by and support us! Be sure to mention that you are there for SPIRIT NITE when making your order. We look forward to seeing everyone! 05/23/2012

Local families learn tragic damage done by synthetic pot use

Here's a video about the synthetic marijuana, Spice. Take a look at this so you won't be fooled into thinking that this "legal" marijuana is "NO BIG DEAL." IT DEFINITELY IS A BIG DEAL!!

[04/30/12]   What do you think about the legalization of marijuana?


KONY 2012

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and se...

[03/08/12]   While we are on the topic of families, how many of you know about Kony 2012? Basically, he is a guerrilla leader in African who decided to use small children as his soldiers when he ran out of adult candidates. These little boys have been displaced from their homes and their families. This has been going on for 26 years and he has stolen over 30,000 children. Could you imagine that?

[03/08/12]   Hey FB family, its that time of the week again where we discuss our WEEKLY TOPICS. This weeks topic is on the subject of family. Our idea of a family has changed recently from the nuclear family which is mom, dad, kids and a dog. Every family is different and unique so there can be different kinds. What kind of family do you have and what do you love about them? What do you wish could be different?

[02/28/12]   Hey FB family! This week's weekly topic is on Safe Sex. Safe sex is not just regulated to wearing condoms but its about making smarter decisions when it comes to sex, your partners and your bodies. It is also about being knowledgeable about everything that is out there and available to us that might not have been to your parents. Can I hear what some of your safe sex tips and advice are?


Cyber Bullying

Bullying doesn't just end at school anymore. Bullying can follow you home to your FB or Twitter when you are trying to mid your business. Be careful what you say to people online. It could make or break a person...

INSPIRED BY SUPERMAC18 Check out his youtube! His Videos are awesome! Supermac18's Video- Supermac18 Youtube- http...


AC360 - 14-Yr-Old Jamey Rodemeyer Bullied To Death

A 14 year old boy committed suicide last September after being bullied for years for his sexual orientation. How many people have you called "Gay" today?

Anderson Cooper talks with bullying experts Rosalind Wiseman & Rachel Simmons.

[02/21/12]   Hey FB today we are going to talk about somethig that has been getting a lot of press lately and thats BULLYING. This can happen in many forms and is not regulated to a specific race, sexual orientation, clothes, school etc. Can you name a time that you were bullied and what was that like? Did anyone know that bullying and suicide go hand in hand? Stay Tuned...

[02/14/12]   Happy Valentines Day Facebook Family!! I hope everyone is enjoying their day because I am ready to start the week with our weekly topics!!! Right in time for Valentines Day, we will be focusing on conflict resolution. This can pertain to ANY kind of conflict; romantic, with friends, with family, with coworkers, ect. What is your conflict and how to you resolve it?

[02/07/12]   Did anyone hear the story about the Anne Arundel County Police officer that warned neighborhood drug dealers about an impending drug raid on their base of operations? What does that say when drug dealing has become so rampant that the people who are sworn to do what is in the best interest of the neighborhood end up supporting the illegal drug trade?

[02/07/12]   Hello FB Nation. I hope that everyone enjoyed their Superbowl Sunday but now its back to business with our WEEKLY TOPICS!!!! This week we are going to be discussing drug dealing and how it relates to Baltimore City. I'm pretty sure everyone will have a story to tell about this subject. Stay tuned... 01/31/2012

Bloods & Crips: Made In America [Full Documentary]

This is one of the most powerful documentaries on gangs that I have seen. Take a moment to learn the history. IMDB Info: "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purpos...


LIL WAYNE talks about Crips & Bloods, Gangs, & More!

So Lil Wayne says that he does not believe that gangs will go away but that they can evolve into something positive for the community. What do you believe? An exclusive sit down with Lil Wayne talking on gangs, violence, America, and on Baron Davis's acclaimed documentary movie...

[01/31/12]   Hey FB family, its my favorite time of the week and that is WEEKLY TOPIC TIME!!! This week we will leave the area of marijuana and its many guises and move on to Gangs and Gang Related violence. Does anyone know what the different gangs are and how their heirarchy is structured? I know in Baltimore the Crips and the Bloods are running rampant. What are your thoughts? More to come...


2012 State Of The Union Address: Enhanced Version

Did you guys see the State of the Union Address? If not heres a recap..

President Obama delivers the 2012 State of the Union Address to Congress and the nation.


Medical Marijuana Reform

what do you guys think? Everyone discusses regulation of legalized marijuana but in California where only medicinal marijuana is legalized there does not seem to be much progress in regulation.

The Obama administration has unveiled a new set of more relaxed policies concerning medical marijuana use. Bill Whitaker reports on the potential impact of t...

[01/24/12]   Good Morning Facebook Family, it is that time of the week again for our weekly topics. This week we will continue with the theme of marijuana use and discuss medicinal uses for marijuana. What are some of the medicinal uses of marijuana? Can you see a difference between medicinal use of marijuana to recreational use? What are your thought?


Debate over marijuana legalization

Here is another interview that offers both sides to the legalization debate. Have legal substances had more of an impact that illegal substances on America and the youth? You decide and speak on it!

Debate over marijuana legalization



Here is a video debating the legalization of medicinal marijuana is Texas. What are your thoughts?

[01/17/12]   The weekly topic for this week is the legalization of marijuana. I know all of the reasons why everyone would want it legalized but what are your individual thoughts about it? Is it really a good idea? What would it really mean to you as the marijuana consumer if it was legalized? Think about it....

[01/10/12]   Weekly Topic Number 2 is here!! Sorry for the delay but even adminstrators of a FB page need a break. I hope everyone had a great holiday! Anyway, The second topic is (drumroll) What is in Street Marijuana? I want to open it up by asking, for those of you who may know, what are some of the "street" brands of marijuana like "purp" or "blueberry" and what's the difference?

[12/13/11]   Its here, WEEKLY TOPICS! This week we are going to explore Gateway Drugs. A Gateway Drug is a drug that opens and individual up to the Pandora's Box of the drug world and can lead to hardcore addictions. The number one gateway drug is Marijuana but a lot of people don't believe that ii is a real drug. By taking the poll below, you can answer the question of Do yo think Marijuana is a "real" drug?

[12/01/11]   COMING NEXT WEEK, WEEKLY TOPICS!!!!! Everybody get ready, topic number one is GATEWAY DRUGS. Start preparing your youtube links and burning comments because its about to get real. Have a great day FBookers!

[11/29/11]   Hey FB family, I hope that everyone's Thanksgiving holiday went well but now its back to business. It seems like the holiday season when family is involved is the main time whe you notice all of the problems and issues that arise. Its time to make changes and you don't have to wait until your New Years Resolution to do it. Have a great day!

11/29/2011 - Treatment Resources for Youth, Inc Provides substance treatment and prevention services to Baltimore City youth and their families

[10/18/11]   Do you believe that due to the harsh economy, more people are relying on substances to cope?

[10/18/11]   Has anyone seen that the mother whose child went missing in North Carolina is saying that she was drunk around the time that her son went missing? It is amazing how substance abuse can affect all aspects of a person's life. What are your thoughts?

[10/11/11]   How has substance abuse affected your life? (yes marijuana does count)

[10/11/11]   How has substances affected your life or the lives of your peers? (And yes, Marijuana does count as a substance)

[10/11/11]   How has substances affected your life or the lives of your peers? (And yes, Marijuana does count as a substance)





2517 N Charles St
Baltimore, MD

General information

Clients can be referred through the Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Social Services and the Juvenile Court Early Intervention Program. Clients can also be referred from other mental health agencies and through family and self referrals. The population is geared towards adolescents between the ages of 12 to 21. This program is a minimum of 90 days.
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