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Mending Roots is a healing arts practice offering Reiki healing sessions, herbal consultations and classes. Our mission is to provide access to knowledge and resources, which nurture the mind, body, spirit and community.

Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing, which promotes health and spiritual/emotional well-being by encouraging the release of negative energy from the body. Jessica E. K. Sellner is an Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master with a background in traditional western medicine. She is a student of herbalism and found reiki during her own ongoing journey to physical and spiritual health. Her universal intention is to increase accessibility to all knowledge and healing modalities.

Operating as usual


happy beltane.
#beltaneblessings #mayday #likeariver #gunpowderfalls

Photos from Mending Roots Reiki & Herbal's post 04/25/2021

Thanks so much to @bmoreholly for another great #forestsession!! 🌱🌿🍄🐾
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#urbanedibles #redbud #afternoonwalkswithfriends

#urbanedibles #redbud #afternoonwalkswithfriends


STOP ASIAN HATE | happy equinox.
#stopasianhate #stopaapihate #cleavers #ostara #springequinox #onlyonemessage

STOP ASIAN HATE | happy equinox.
#stopasianhate #stopaapihate #cleavers #ostara #springequinox #onlyonemessage


#visualconcepts #umbc #stillherestillqueer #lateimbolcblessings

#visualconcepts #umbc #stillherestillqueer #lateimbolcblessings


The wicked ghosts of white supremacy are alive and well in the nation’s capital. Until the systems built to uphold these hateful tenets are dismantled, beginning in the hearts of every individual, nothing is sacred.
#dismantlewhitesupremacy #destroywhiteprivilege #trumpisafascist #siegeatthecapitalbuilding #failedcoup #25thamendment


Moving slowly forward into 2021 with the tools of grief, gratitude, strength and vulnerability salvaged from the past twelve months.
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Blessed longest night 🔥
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I am sad to announce that Mending Roots’ brick and mortar location has closed its doors. It has been a difficult year for everyone and a time to re-evaluate current attentions and paths forward. I intend to spend the remaining dark half of the year hibernating, evolving and re-seeding ideas to unfurl in the spring. I will continue to refill herbal preparations and Reiki II and III courses will still be available for previous students in the coming year. Thank you to everyone that has supported Mending Roots so far and I look forward to sharing whatever iteration comes next. Stay safe everyone 💚


Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!
#indigenouspeoplesday #whoselandareyouon #stewardsoftheland #landacknowledgement #endcolonialism #columbuswasamurderer


What a beautiful beginning to almost fall! 🍁🍂🌾 I got to wear a sweater and I started the day with a face full of goldenrod and lavender thanks to @foxhavenfarmretreatcenter !!
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Herbal CSA pickup from @foxhavenfarmretreatcenter 🌿
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What does Independence Day mean to you?
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Happy Pride y’all 🌈🖤


Excited about my June herbal CSA pickup from @foxhavenfarmretreatcenter and ready to start processing! 🌱
#borage #elderflower #californiapoppy #stjohnswort #yarrow #elderberries @ Baltimore, Maryland




Original caption:

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION TO THE WHITE WITCHES OF THE WORLD ⚔️ Do the protection ritual for Black People. It’s in @bad.mamma.jama highlights 🔮Do it especially for Black Trans People. ⚡️POST THIS IMAGE ON YOUR MAIN PAGE NOT IN YOUR STORIES in its original form and words now. 🖤Hashtag #BLACKMAGIC


ALT TEXT: Black Witches To THe Front on magenta background with black panther illustration and @bad.mamma.jama


I am dedicated to dismantling whiteness and white supremacy in myself and the people and structures around me through both education and action.

I am dedicated to using my privilege and my reach to support People of Color, to uplift Black and Brown voices and to call out and fight against racism and systemic oppression.

This work is life-long and constant. This work looks different for everyone. What does this work look like for you?

🎨 @mendingroots

Original 📷s by: MIA Studio, a katz & John Gomez

ALT TEXT: Collage art featuring Black Lives Matter protesters, frenzied police, raised fists and text reading: end police brutality and dismantle white supremacy.

#blacklivesmatter 05/26/2020

Sign the petition to Congress: COVID-19; Demand that Congress Expedite Funds and Resources to Tribal Nations As of April 3, 2020, Johns Hopkins University has reported that COVID-19 has officially infected more than one million people worldwide, bringing the number to 1,083,084 with more than 58,000 deaths. In the US, there are now more than 245,500 cases, with more than 6,000 deaths. Tribal officials and....


Super excited to pick up my first herbal CSA of the season today!
And @mcclintockdistilling has put out a gluten-free, organic, pure cane, neutral tincturing spirit with 10% of proceeds going to @foxhavenfarmretreatcenter!!
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Chamomile bloom🌱
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I received a really strong reminder today to slow down. I know: the global pandemic should have been enough of a message, but my roles have only shifted and intensified since its onset. I find, like many folx, that after I’ve finished everything that I “have” to do or “need” to do, there’s little to no time left for what I want to do or for the responsibilities that I have chosen to take on to further my education and take on new roles.

I had already decided not to take classes this summer, so I can focus on minimizing and writing curriculum for online courses. Right now, I’m sitting under a tree and trying to remember what it feels like to just sit and connect and breathe. I know: that means put my phone down too. Thanks for listening.

#thanksforlistening #iseeyoutoo #stopandbreathe


Happy International Workers Day! Standing in solidarity with those on strike today and those continuing to suffer unfair treatment and unsafe conditions. Thank you for all that you do!

Happy Beltane/May Day! May your fires burn bright!

Original 📷s by Everett Historical, hramovnick & Carlo Falk

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🌱Check out this series from Wild Ginger Herbal Center🌱

Bloom Online Series - On Sale Now through May 1!
For $25/month, you can access 6-8 incredible classes on amazing topics including: herbal healing and medicine making, indoor and outdoor gardening, making flower essences, pelvic steaming, yoga and meditation, heathy cooking, canning and food preservation, astrology and tarot, radical self- and community care, and so much more! Hosted by Wild Ginger Community Herbal Center.
Your investment gets you a wealth of new knowledge and skills, connection with a beautiful and strong community of "plant people" committed to this work, and it helps to support so many who continue to work for the wellness of our community, even (and especially) during this unprecedented time.
Check out the incredible schedule and sign up today!

Link in bio🌱

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Happy Earth Day! 🌍
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There is no better therapy than a solo car ride (to pick up herbs) singing at the top of my lungs and stopping off to see some plant friends! Thanks @wildgingerherbalcenter !
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Happy Spring Equinox! It’s hard to believe that spring has arrived while we are collectively confined to winter mode. If you are able to get outside and ground, please do. Alternatively, open a window, connect with your house plants, engage with herbal medicine or meditate on your favorite herbal ally.

Spring is often a time for new beginnings and growth. Is there a creative project or hobby you’ve been meaning to start? Is there something you can bring forth at low or no cost?

In honor of social distancing, reiki and herbal consult appointments are available via phone or skype. I’ll be posting resources in my stories as I become aware of them. Please be well and stay safely connected with folks.

#spring #springequinox #ostara #socialdistancing #universalwellness


I just received my beautiful hand-drawn birth chart from my reading with @indigomoonartist !!! Xander’s observations, intuitions and recommendations are amazing! I can’t wait to dig deeper into this work! Looking forward to our next meeting!! 🌌
#indigomoonartist #astrology #birthchart #scorpiosun #aquariusmoon #cancerrising


Sending light to @baltimorereclaiming as I spend a quiet Imbolc at home after a long week of (self) forced extroversion.
#imbolc #candlemas #light #intention #brighid #bride #introvertinanextrovertworld #wheeloftheyear


Feeling swirly and energized after an amazing Reiki I Class & Attunement today. Thanks to everyone that participated!🌀💕✨

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Finally got to Baltimore Tarot Club today✨ and scored this awesome zine by @tarotelectric !!!


Top nine photos and collages 2019! No unadulterated selfies this year. Something to remedy in 2020. It’s been a powerful year. Thanks for all the support!

#topnine #happynewyear #topnine2019 @ Mending Roots Reiki & Herbal


Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing, which promotes health and spiritual/emotional well-being by encouraging the release of negative energy from the body. The Reiki I course includes: History, Philosophy, Symbology, Techniques, Ethics and Practice.

Students will also receive the Reiki I attunement. Through this knowledge and attunement, students will discover within, an enhanced ability to heal themselves and others.

The cost for the class and attunement is $200. Students can reserve space and receive their digital copy of the required text by making a non-refundable deposit of $50. Partial scholarships ($100) are available for all self-identified LGBTQ+ and BIPOC students. Please DM or email [email protected] with any questions or to arrange payment. I look forward to sharing with you!
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Happy Winter Solstice! ❄️

As we continue through the dark part of the year, time for introspection and self care rises. These are some things I do to support myself this season.

⁃ drink lots of warm tea
⁃ journaling/free-writing
⁃ reading
⁃ napping
⁃ meditation/energy work/divination
⁃ eat predominantly warm/well cooked foods
⁃ body oiling
⁃ say “no” to excess commitments to reduce seasonal overwhelm

What do you do (or not do) to nourish your inner self this season?

#wintersolstice #yule #introspection #hibernation #darkhalfoftheyear #wheeloftheyear #universalhealing

Our Story

Mending Roots Reiki & Herbal is a healing arts practice offering Reiki healing sessions, herbal consultations and classes. Other modalities will be offered as we grow and evolve.

Our mission is to provide access to knowledge and resources, which nurture the mind, body, spirit and community. We are a safe space and we believe in universal inclusion for all people and all bodies. We aim to honor and reflect the unique experience of each individual.

Reiki is a form of hands-on energy healing, which promotes health and spiritual/emotional well-being by encouraging the release of negative energy from the body. It is beneficial as a stand-alone session and continues to facilitate healing or maintain health/relaxation over a series of sessions. Reiki healing also pairs well with other services.

We currently offer Reiki I & II classes/attunements. The Reiki I course promotes self-healing between sessions. Reiki I practitioners are also able to facilitate healing for loved ones. The Reiki II course prepares students for working with clients and has an emphasis on ethics, business practices and incorporating other modalities.

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