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[02/25/17]   not sure why I have neglected posting on this page.... is anybody still paying attention? Had a great experience with BELIEVE oil today! feeling like the oils are just plain magic #justsayin #bluebookwonders #alwaysspoton

[05/28/16]   Feeling all nostalgic remembering when #valor and #peaceandcalming and #whiteangelica were in 15ml bottles..... ahhhh the gold ole days.....

[03/21/16]   Anybody in Dayton, OH area looking for a CARE workshop.... in April

A Heart for Oils

Great perspective by Stacey McDonald.....


Kicking the New Age Out of Old Age Remedies

Great perspective by Stacey McDonald.....

commonscentsmom.com Kicking the New Age Out of Old Age Remedies Originally published July 2013. Edited November 2015. Just in case you wondered, you are not God. If you don’t believe me, ask your husband. Neither are there little pieces of God scattered throughout the universe. Splendor. Beauty. Expanse. As amazing as…


Essential Oils and Pets: A Quick How-To

looking for ways to use oils with your pets....

youngliving.com If you love using Young Living products in your home, you’ve probably wondered how you can share their amazing benefits with your animals. Which oils are safe to use? How much can I apply? Should I diffuse or apply topically? If you’ve ever had questions like these, we’re here to help! Check out t…

There's only ONE LEADER in essential oils.... others may try, but they'll never be as good, never have 20+ yrs experience and they don't have Gary Young.

[10/23/15]   How have I not posted in over a MONTH on this page? I sure have been using oils like crazy! Well, I did do 2 CARE workshops and have another one next weekend... along with keeping the home fires burning.... Loving some BELIEVE in my diffuser today....

[09/17/15]   printing, printing, printing..... for a class..... and planning..... what's on your "to-do" list today?


[06/28/15]   I am unable to respond to individual requests for help with health-concerns. It is not that I'm uncaring, it just is not permissible. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.... ask your immediate upline how to research for yourself if you don't know how.... purchase 3rd party resources. I do pray for every one of you that phones me, but I just cannot answer. I hope you understand.

[06/21/15]   I really have not dropped off the face of the earth.... got back from the Global Leadership Cruise, then spent the weekend with my daughter, and getting ready to pack up for the SILVER retreat in 2 days!! whoop whoop..... need more STRESSAWAY and HIGHEST POTENTIAL and I zyto-scanned for BELIEVE so think I'll throw some of that in for good measure!

Reach for the "STARS"!!!!

Have you lost your DREAMS, your AMBITIONS, your DESIRE for a better life? Have you SETTLED? Put on some HIGHEST POTENTIAL and PRAY......

one of my all-time favorites....

[05/16/15]   What IS it about a CAT.... that if he demands you pet him, you just stop what you're doing and PET HIM? ..... how can I integrate whatever it is HE HAS......and get the same responses.... although, I do not desire being petted..... being listened to would be nice :)


Citrus bergamia essential oil: from basic research to clinical application. - PubMed - NCBI

Bergamot = stress-buster

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov Front Pharmacol. 2015 Mar 2;6:36. doi: 10.3389/fphar.2015.00036. eCollection 2015. Review

[05/13/15]   WHAT makes you happy? WHAT is your HAPPY oil? what makes your heart SING? I love hummingbirds like SO MUCH.... and today I put out the feeders.....and HIGHEST POTENTIAL is my ALL-TIME HAPPY OIL right now.... I canNOT get enough of it!!

May 2015 Promotion....

Make your job easy & duplicatable.... which tools do you have? What tools do you provide to your team? What are you reading RIGHT NOW?

[04/27/15]   Are you on my Young Living Raindrops & Roses TEAM? Class tonight, there will be "make & takes" and prizes..... you should be there.... just sayin


Speed Oiling

love this post

thrivensity.com Speed Oiling. Have you heard of it? It's based on the concept of Speed Dating, but it's less awkward and you smell great after! I must admit that first I completely balked at the idea. Of course, I...




Medical Kidnapping: A Threat to Every Child in America Today

the new facts of life..... keep yourself healthy & well so you don't need the services of these facilities....

medicalkidnap.com If you live in the United States of American today, and you have children in your home under the age of 18, every day you are in danger of losing your children to the State through medical kidnapping. All across the United States today, parents are losing custody of their biological children due to…

[03/27/15]   Highest Potential - blend of Australian Blue, Gathering, Jasmine, YlangYlang... it combines powerful emotional blends with the most exotic essential oils of Jasmine & YlangYlang and the potent biblical oils of Frankincense, Galbanum, Cedarwood & Sandalwood (found in Gathering). It elevates the mind as you gather your thoughts and mental energy to achieve your highest potential. This blend harmonizes several grounding, calming, inspiring and empowering eos into one intoxicating blend. - emotions associated with it are: annoyance, Get even, and powerless... for powerless the other side of that is POWERFUL and the alarm point is "kidney" and the way out statement is: "I AM EMPOWERED!" (EOPR & REPWEOs) #Fridayfavoriteoils, #yleos, #raindropsandroses, #getintheoilygame, #getalltheoils, #workthroughyouremotionalblocks

[03/26/15]   Acceptance essential oil blend- blend of: Coriander, Geranium, Bergamot, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Blue Tansy Neroli, Ylang Ylang & almond oil.
It stimulates the mind, compelling us to open and accept new things, people or relationships in life, allowing one to reach a higher potential. It also helps us to overcome procrastination and denial. Emotions related to Acceptance - "Don't belong, embarrassed, insecurity, misperception, sorrow" - for sorrow - the alarm point is Bronchial - the other side is Peace, the way out statement: I am in balance. (references: EOPR, REPwEOs) LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this one smells. another truth is that when someone else scans for something.... it always seems to apply to ME TOO!! and I want the oil.... #needalltheoils, #zytoproblems, #thursdaytruths, #raindropsandroses, #yleos

Adam Green

Ed Daily, RN shares some of the products you can use to support your digestive system! Peppermint and enzymes are a daily staple for me!

#drinkmoreoils, #getintheoilygame, #raindropsandroses

my first attempt at a meme
#yloils, #Raindropsandroses, #getintheoilygame, #MondayMEMEs

[03/04/15]   100% USP grade oil.... is a pharmaceutical grade oil ..... means it is food grade ..... which means it has been standardized to meet a specific "standard"..... (standardizing is essentially the same as adulterating, but they are up-front about doing it) ....

[03/02/15]   The Raindrop Technique, by definition is an application of a specific set of YOUNG LIVING essential oils. It is a SPIRITUAL anointing (not a medical treatment or a massage) which is designed to bring BALANCE to the HEART, MIND and BODY. Therefore.... it cannot be done with any other "brand" of oils. You cannot "sub-in" another brand and receive the same benefits.... any other oils or any copy-cat technique is an impostor.....


Healthy Nonhybridized Wheat | D. Gary Young's Blog

who avoids wheat?

dgaryyoung.com [caption id="attachment_2974" align="alignright" width="464"] Gary took this photo of Pakistanis threshing their einkorn wheat. Northern Pakistan doesn’t have dwarf wheat.



A trio of essential oils was tested against one of the worst hospital-acquired and antibiotic-resistant germs plaguing mankind today. Read this week’s AIRASE research article and find out which ones you can use to help you keep your home germ-free.

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true story!

Does this resonate with you today?

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