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Hiit Fitness is not another cookie-cutter health and fitness business. Our approach to your health is personal, not just to you, but to us as well. We offer safe and focused methods to enable you to achieve maximum results with the healthiest outcomes.

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Full day at Jiu Jitsu representing Dayton MMA.

Jiu Jitsu tournament today. Representing Dayton MMA.

Delts 6

December of delts continues! This is a movement I picked up from a training partner of mine. Stay close to the machine and extend your arms while keeping your elbows from flaring out. If you’re too far from the machine and you lift up you’re going to have a cable go somewhere really uncomfortable :-)! Combat that by staying tall and close to the machine. This is a workout best used in a super set in combination with something else. I’ll go over those movements within the next couple days so stay tuned.

Unbalanced shoulder press

December of delts day 4: I had some people ask questions about new ways to hit their medial section of their shoulders. Here’s one of my own exercises...the unbalanced shoulder press. This exercise causes the holding shoulder to constantly have to readjust and rebalance the weight. This exercise also causes a psychological play on the brain. The brain starts to think (in my case) that, "I’m pressing a 70 lb. weight on both sides when in reality it's only 50." So this position allows me to get more reps out of the 50s because I am holding the 70. Therefore, both shoulders are receiving a positive yet different type of workout. MAKE SURE TO SWITCH ARMS!
P.s. I’ll give a free training session to anyone that can identify the mistake I made in this video. What can I say? Old habits die hard.

Side Raises

December of Delts continues... There is nothing wrong with a side raise, but try this to switch up the routine! The resistance band adds more of a workout by increasing the downward force on the shoulders. Try to resist going down for 5 to 8 seconds before starting a new rep. Do this for 10-12 reps, typically at the end of a shoulder workout. Wider feet equals more tension and vice versa. Be careful to watch shoulder positioning. Sometimes when abducting the arms directly lateral to the body it can be uncomfortable for some. Move the arms forward a bit to find the right angle between a front raise and a side raise that doesn’t cause discomfort. Everyone’s shoulders are unique, regardless, we always want to fight rounding the back when lifting.

December of Delts Day 2

"Delt the Halls!" Fun play on words, but it's all about your deltoids in December. I grabbed Momma Morton to demonstrate this reverse EZ shoulder bar press. It's easy on your wrists and shoulders. Keep your elbows tucked in. Don't let them flare. Push your derrier to the front of a chair, relax back, and press the weight bar up and back down with smooth, easy lifts.

December of Delts Day 2

[11/23/17]   At HIIT Fitness, we are totally on board with indulging a little during the holidays, and especially for Thanksgiving. But (there's always a but), take five. Go for a five minute brisk walk. Do a five minute abs workout. A five minute run. Drop down for 10, 20, 30 or whatever your count to get some push-ups in. And, don't deprive yourself, but don't eat to the point you feel sluggish. Find the balance. Listen to your mind and body. Happy Thanksgiving from HIIT Fitness! Enjoy the day.

[10/11/17]   "I can't control everything in my life, but I can control what I put in my body." Take the right steps to a nutritionally sound lifestyle. Look for helpful tips this week from HIIT Fitness.

[10/03/17]   Our hearts are heavy at Hiit Fitness. Sending our thoughts and prayers to the people of Las Vegas.

HIIT Fitness's cover photo

HIIT Fitness's cover photo

Hiit Fitness personal trainer and owner Lucas Morton takes 1st Place in North Atlantic Grappling Association. Congratulations, Lucas!

HIIT Fitness's cover photo

HIIT Fitness

HIIT Fitness

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Delts 6
Unbalanced shoulder press
Side Raises
December of Delts Day 2
December of Delts Day 2




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