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Take a Walk TODAY like Al Roker for fitness’ sake

today.com According to the CDC, 47 percent of adults aren’t active enough. To promote the benefits of walking, Al Roker is doing Take a Walk TODAY around New York City even as he forecasts the weather. He is joined on the go by Dr. Jordan Metzl, sports medicine physician at the Hospital for Special Surgery,...


Vaginal Pessary Viable Alternative to Surgery for Weak Pelvic Floor

"This study highlights the efficacy and long-term acceptability of pessaries for women with symptomatic pelvic organ prolapse, positioning them as a simple and safe solution that may obviate the need for pelvic reconstructive surgery," said NAMS medical director Stephanie Faubion, MD, MBA, of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, in a statement."

medpagetoday.com Majority of women continued treatment for at least 5 years


Hit the Gym, Skip the Testosterone for Healthy Vessels

Study after study, exercise seems to be the secret sauce for health.

medpagetoday.com Exercise training is the winner for men in randomized trial


Top 4 Fridays! 4 Ways to Make and Keep a Habit

themanualtherapist.com How to Keep a Habit, How to Break Bad Habits, Cameron Faller, The Eclectic Approach


The Top 21 Nutrition Myths of 2021

Some good information to consider at the beginning of the year, when most of us make a conscious effort to take better care of our health.

examine.com So many myths it’s hard to know where to start. Covering carbs, (saturated) fat, protein, eggs, and a lot more.


The COVID Choice | Dr. Alan Christianson

Another helpful article someone shared with me about the "CoViD Choice".

drchristianson.com Recent surveys have shed light on attitudes in the United States toward COVID-19 vaccines. American adults were asked by pollsters


The COVID Choice | Dr. Alan Christianson

Another helpful article someone shared with me about the "CoViD Choice".

drchristianson.com Recent surveys have shed light on attitudes in the United States toward COVID-19 vaccines. American adults were asked by pollsters

Kudos Greene County Public Health on the CoViD-19 vaccination effort! The experience was seamless and efficient in spite of early morning computer issues. The staff and volunteers were friendly and caring. I am so grateful for all the researchers from all branches of science all over the world who worked (and continue to work) so tirelessly in this effort to mitigate the negative effects and consequences of the SARS-2 coronavirus.

For your information, Phase 1A and Phase 1B are currently ongoing. If you are interested in signing up and being notified when you can receive your vaccine, follow this link to GCPH's website. Healthcare workers who provide direct hands-on patient care, click the blue box. People 65 or older, click the purple box.

More informative articles and videos in the comment section below. :)


Institute of Clinical Excellence

It's time to stop being afraid of normal findings on MRI (or any other medical imaging for that matter).

It’s certainly time to stop being lured into unnecessary, risky, and invasive medical procedures based on normal findings being pitched as abnormal findings. All of the tissues in our body undergo changes in shape as we age, an entirely normal process that parallels the gift of another trip around the sun.

Just as our skin will wrinkle and our hair will gray, our intervertebral discs and vertebrae will develop cracks and bulges. Fortunately neither the wrinkles on your face OR the wrinkles in your spine tend to cause pain.

The evidence for this statement is robust, one example is the famous paper by Nakashima published a few years ago in the prestigious SPINE journal that is highlighted in the images here. Nakashima et al examined MR images of 1,211 ASYMPTOMATIC individuals (people with no neck pain) and found that nearly 88% of the images revealed intervertebral disc bulging at one or more levels.

In other words, 88 PERCENT of people across the lifespan who have no neck pain whatsoever have what radiologists routinely call “abnormal” images. Does that sound as ridiculous to you as it does to us?

If 88% of people that don’t have a problem have this going on how in the world can we call it abnormal? We can’t, we shouldn’t, and it needs to stop immediately.

Please share this information widely and let’s push back together on a harmful and inaccurate narrative that has led to massive unnecessary costs and overmedicalization.

Nakashima H, Yukawa Y, Suda K, Yamagata M, Ueta T, Kato F. Abnormal findings on magnetic resonance images of the cervical spines in 1211 asymptomatic subjects. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2015;40(6):392-398.

The science keeps supporting exercise as medicine

Picture look crazy? Taking it a bit too far perhaps? Tell us the research isn’t there (and trust us, the only thing limiting the length of this list is Instagram’s word count):

Depression: Journal of the American Medical Association Psychiatry (2018) Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of 33 publications: “Resistance exercise training significantly reduced depressive symptoms among adults regardless of health status...”

Metabolic Syndrome: Mayo Clinical Proceedings (2017) Prospective cohort of 7,418: “Less than 1 hour of weekly resistance training exercise was associated with 29% lower risk of development of metabolic syndrome”

Infection Susceptibility: The Lancet (2020) Systematic Review and Meta Analysis of 55 publications: “Regular physical activity should be promoted to decrease the risk of community acquired infection and infectious mortality disease, strengthen the potency of immunisation programme and lessen the impact of pandemics such as the recent COVID-19”

All Cause Mortality: British Medical Journal (2020) Prospective cohort trial of 479,856: “Adults who engage in leisure time aerobic and muscle strengthening activities at levels recommended by the 2018 physical activity guidelines for Americans show greatly reduced risk of all cause and cause specific mortality”

Let’s say you have two options to help a patient with a condition. One of them is a drug that may indeed help ameliorate symptoms of the current complaint but will likely come with a few negative side effects of varying severities AND MORE IMPORTANTLY WILL HAVE ZERO POSITIVE SIDE EFFECTS. The other option will also ameliorate current symptoms but is completely devoid of negative side effects but chock full of positive side effects that improve virtually every other aspect of a person’s life while also happening to elongate it. HOW DO YOU CHOOSE THE FIRST ONE? Perhaps it’s time to put a check box on those prescription pads for assault bikes, barbells, and jump ropes. Call us crazy if you will but please bring your research when you do, we showed you ours


IDEAS: What if you are wrong about masks?

To think like a "caring clinician"

daytondailynews.com Ohio is facing a rise in COVID cases and our hospitalized patients are increasing at the same time. While we are all concerned about our vulnerable community, we must be as concerned for the physicians, nurses, practitioners, respiratory therapists, and all other frontline workers providing care.


Even a small apple a day may help keep diabetes away - Harvard Health

A small apple a day...

health.harvard.edu A study published July 8, 2020, by The BMJ found that people with the highest intakes of fruits and vegetables were 25-50% less likely to get diabetes during the study period, compared with people who ate the least.


Can Herd Immunity Save Us from COVID-19? | ASA Monitor | American Society of Anesthesiologists

"For now, the most important science describes the actions we can take, as citizens, to help stop the transmission of this virus. As succinctly summarized by Dr. Haseltine: “Every American also has a role to play and an opportunity to stamp out this disease. By wearing masks, practicing safe social distancing, and choosing the inconvenience of self-isolation when we fear we’ve been exposed to infection, we can stop this outbreak dead in its tracks."

pubs.asahq.org Richard Simoneaux, Steven L. Shafer; Can Herd Immunity Save Us from COVID-19?. ASA Monitor 2020; 84:18–19 doi: https://doi.org/10.1097/01.ASM.0000718812.88829.39


FDA Issues New NSAIDs Warning for Second Half of Pregnancy

Pregnancy and Ibuprofen, etc...

medscape.com The agency links potential for low amniotic fluid and kidney issues in unborn children with over-the-counter and prescription NSAIDs, with the exception of 81 mg aspirin.

A summary of what the current evidence shows (courtesy of examine,com):


How virus transmits? Japanese captured it on highly powerful camera.

This is how a virus transmits - and not just the novel coronavirus. The "simple" human coronavirus that causes the common cold; the various viruses that cause flu, just to name a few.

youtube.com See... How the virus transmits... Japanese captured it on highly powerful camera. #covid19 #coronavirus

[03/19/20]   Let's stop the spread of these as well!


These simulations show how to flatten the coronavirus growth curve

"...a single person's behavior can cause ripple effects that touch faraway people."

washingtonpost.com The early trickle of new coronavirus infections has turned into a steady current. By creating simple simulations, we can see how to slow it down.

A good visual of why precautionary measures are so important.



Dear Ohio People, contact your state legislators and ask them to support this. It will help us to continue to fight the opiod epidemic. Let's remove barriers to effective treatment. #GetPT1st

oneclickpolitics.global.ssl.fastly.net HB 547 - FAIR CO-PAY LEGISLATION FOR PT + OT Rep. Jeff LaRe (R-77) introduced HB 547, legislation that would create co-pay parity for physical and occupational therapy services. Currentl...


As coronavirus spreads, many questions and some answers - Harvard Health Blog

What we know so far

health.harvard.edu Readers have many questions about the new coronavirus (COVID-19). We have enlisted one of our experts on infectious disease to answer some of them.


Our bodies are chronically in "threat mode"—but being kind recalibrates our nervous system

"Be kind. It is good for your health."

bigthink.com Being kind to others positively impacts your physical and mental health, according to this groundbreaking research by Stanford professor Dr. James Doty.

Claim one of the limited spots here:


South of the Belly Button

It's coming again! Reserve your spot!

southofthebellybutton.simpletix.com If you "leak" when you sneeze, laugh, cough, run, jump, or lift heavy things, THAT IS NOT NORMAL, even if you've had babies!


Time for a new segment called Kit Fact Fridays!
Our very own Dr. Kit Durban, PT, DPT of the West Loop clinic recently became a certified Therapeutic Pain Spceiclist trained in Pain Neuroscience Education Plus.
He's been dropping knowledge bombs like this one every week and we thought it was time to share them with the masses.
💥💥 💥
Did you know that the prevalence of arthritis was lower in a group of almost 700 runners compared to the average American population?
8.8% vs. 17.9% prevalence to be exact.
Contrary to what some might say,
💥 💥💥
Click here to check out the original research article 👇
And click here to learn more about Kit 👇


Why Home Health Care Is Suddenly Harder To Come By For Medicare Patients

If you were wondering

khn.org Medicare has changed how it pays for services. In response, agencies across the country are firing therapists, limiting physical, occupational and speech therapy, and terminating services for some …


Posture of the Month: Active Hamstring Stretch

A good self-mobilization for sciatica, for tight hamstrings, for pelvic pain...

yourpaceyoga.com It’s common to experience tight hamstrings if you sit for prolonged periods of time. Some of us also have tension in the back of the legs that is from “neural tension” rather than, or in addition, to tight hamstrings. Neural tension is created when the body is placed in certain positions that ...

No shame here...just encouragement to "complete your body-repair motions at home".

5th Friday Free – January 31, 2020

Reserve one of the 5 spots Dr. Victoria has set aside for anyone who wants to find out if treatment at VTS Physical Therapy is the right fit for them.
• Have been dealing with a painful area in your body that is keeping you from enjoying life and doing activities you like to do?
• Have decided to become more physically active this new year but aches and pains are challenging your resolve?
• For women only: Ever wonder what happened “south of the belly button” after babies came (and grew), and how you can re-take control over issues that many healthcare practitioners just write off as “normal consequences of child-bearing”?

Call 937-532-8383 to claim your 30-minute free discovery session and find out how you may move forward on the path toward improved health and wellness. No strings attached. REALLY!


Symptoms of a Pelvic Floor Disorder

"Research shows that 50% of women are not doing Kegels properly when verbally instructed, so one-on-one treatment and guidance is essential .... Studies show 50% to 70% of women can have decreased symptoms of urinary incontinence with pelvic floor physical therapy."

nextavenue.org Good muscle tone is important to health in many ways. But most people don't realize that it's also important to maintain, treat and improve muscle tone in Experts explain the conditions, causes, symptoms and treatments for pelvic floor disorder


Sit, stand, sit: The new science about how to best use your standing desk

Sit-to-Stand desks...they're meant to be used alternating between sitting and standing. At least that's what preliminary studies are saying.

cnn.com How often should you sit versus stand? An analysis of current research on standing desks has some surprising tips on how to best use them for your health.

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Struggling to Get Back Into a Workout Routine? These 5 Strategies Could Help

"Try to make moving your new mission."

time.com Expert-backed tactics that will get you on track after a long hiatus

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