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All classes are ongoing, so that means you can join whenever! Yoga on Fremont is a Hatha Yoga studio. We also offer private and group sessions.

Hatha Yoga is the preparatory stage of physical purification that the body practices for higher meditation. Yoga on Fremont offers all levels of classes, as well as different variations of yoga classes. All classes are ongoing, so you can start at any time!

Operating as usual


Good morning, yogis. For those of you who haven’t heard, our building is in the process of being sold, which today means 9:30 is canceled so inspectors can do their inspector thing. See you at 4:30 or 6!


Juls is experiencing a family emergency that has suddenly taken her out of town. Craig Lawhead will be teaching 6 pm restorative. Unfortunately I’m still traveling and no one is available on such short notice for the 4:30 Vinyasa.

Tl;dr NO 4:30 today, YES 6 pm


UPDATE: because putting yourself and others in harm’s way is totally against all that is Yoga, we are taking a full snow day today. All classes are canceled. But assuming this stops Meeraj will be there bright and early tomorrow to greet you at 6:30 am Vinyasa.

Good morning, folks. 9:30 am Vinyasa today will be canceled due to weather. Stay tuned for info on 4:30 and 6 pm as we get closer to the afternoon and see what happens with this snow. Stay warm and stay safe!


Due to teacher illness Restorative Yoga is canceled tonight. Effective immediately, restorative yoga will be held Monday nights at 6 pm.


Hi friends, our building is being assessed this morning, so we won’t be holding our 9:30 class. Back to regular programming at 4:30 this afternoon.


Kaley is on her way for some snowy morning Yoga! Be safe getting to your mat!

Timeline photos 01/13/2018

8:30 am tomorrow is canceled. See you at 10!


We’re keeping an eye on the weather for tomorrow morning’s classes. I’ll post here and make changes on our schedule page around 7 am if we decide to cancel anything. Stay safe!


MBO appears to be having some issues, but don’t worry - we’re here for 6:30 gentle + nidra. No preregistration required!


YinYang is on tonight at 6! Come get your Yoga - now with heat!


Hi guys, despite promises to have the heat back on this afternoon, it’s not. Unfortunately even with our space heaters and overhead blower, in this frigid weather we just can’t make the studio comfortable for practice. We’ll cancel tonight’s 6:30 advanced class and both classes tomorrow morning. Hopefully we get heat tomorrow and YinYang will still be on at 6 pm. Stay tuned.


One more chance for a donation practice this morning, and then we’ll head to a limited version of our regular schedule through the 31st. Watch for a few cancelations. We appreciate your understanding as we spend a little extra time with family and loved ones this holiday season.

Canceled classes:

12/27 6:30 pm Slow Flow with Nidra
12/28 6:30 am and 9:30 am Vinyasa
12/29 4:30 pm Vinyasa
12/31 5 pm Advanced & 6:30 pm Restorative

On New Years Day our only class will be a Detox Flow 12-1:30 pm with Juls.

Regular schedule resumes 1/2.


The snow is slowing down, the roads are clear, and Maryellen is headed in to teach 9:30 Vinyasa! Don’t miss out on starting this snowy Thursday strong and warm 🧘‍♀️🕉💛


6:30 am Vinyasa is canceled this morning due to weather. We’ll see you at 9:30 am, 4:30 pm, or 6:30 pm. Stay warm!


Well, today is probably as good a time as ever to remind everyone of our winter weather policies.

If area schools are closed or delayed, the 6:30 am class will be automatically canceled. We will get in on mbo and here are early as possible. In most cases, other classes will continue as planned throughout the day. However, in the case of severe weather we will cancel as needed. We will always give you as much notice as possible, here and on our online schedule.

Thanks and stay safe out there! Tonight’s 6:30 Chakra Flow is on!


Beat the winter blues tonight with Kelsie at 6:30 for Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa!


Get cozy with Meeraj tonight at 6:30. This 90 minute class will start with some low key slow flow and end with the best Yoga nidra! Don’t miss out 🙏🤸‍♀️🧘‍♀️😴



Just a reminder that we have a few schedule tweaks starting today. Chakra Flow with Rachael is at 6:30 pm tonight. Tomorrow meet Meeraj for a juicy Slow Flow with Yoga Nidra at 6:30 pm, and on Thursday Kelsie will be there at 6:30 pm for Intermediate/Advanced Vinyasa. Check our schedule or send me a message if you have any questions



No yin Tonight guys. Tara got stuck out of town. Thanks for understanding!


Due to instructor illness, our 7:30 pm advanced class will be canceled this evening. 4:30 and 6 pm classes are still on so you can get your yoga!

Schedule 10/25/2017


Hi all, I’ve been waiting to make a call on this in hopes that the weather might turn, but at this point it seems like it’s only getting colder and wetter, so unfortunately it looks like we’ll have to cancel our final week with the Bellevue Farmers Market at Andrew Bayne Memorial Library Park. We’ve had so much fun this summer, and can’t wait to be back next year! Until then, you can catch us back in the studio for all our normally scheduled classes, as well as some fun upcoming workshops



After a run of excellent weather, we're finally up against a rainy Wednesday. While it's not raining right this second, the forecast doesn't look good, so we'll be holding our FREE 4:30 class at our studio, 8 S Fremont Ave, rather than the farmer's market. See you soon!

Discover the Peaceful Practice of Yoga Nidra 10/11/2017

Discover the Peaceful Practice of Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra offers a host of benefits, including stress and anxiety reduction, better sleep, and general relaxation. Join Meeraj tonight and every Wednesday at 7:30 pm to experience this beautiful, calming practice.

Discover the Peaceful Practice of Yoga Nidra A proven antidote to anxiety, yoga nidra has been adopted by veterans, recovering addicts, and average stressed-out people.


Observing these students becoming teachers is such a joy. I'm humbled by your patience, humor, and enthusiasm. Much love ❤️🙏


The good news is our ceiling leak is finally getting fixed! The bad news is the plumbers decided to come early and it's happening right this second, so we have to last minute cancel 9:30 vinyasa. We should be good for evening classes, stay tuned!


Looks like the weather will cooperate for free yoga at the Bellevue Farmers Market today at 4:30!


Apparently all it took to get a good day for yoga at Avalon Pool was me going out of town! Enjoy an all levels Vinyasa class with Juls at 10:30, then stay and play at the pool as long as you like!


With predictions for intermittent thunderstorms throughout the day and an already wet and muddy ground, we're sad to say yoga at Avalon Pool is once again canceled 😞. Here's hoping for dry Fridays in July!

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Rhiannon the master!
Craig hooping it up!




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