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Fun Bible

True on so many levels...

Can you change it? 05/25/2018

Research Finds Acupuncture Effective for Chronic Pain

Acupuncture is an effective tool in treating chronic pain, much better than opioids!, and is starting to be taken seriously by the biomedical community. A new meta-analysis published in the Journal of Pain has found that acupuncture is effective for the treatment of chronic pain, which may have implications for the way family physicians treat patients with this condition.


Middle Way Acupuncture Institute

After teaching Botany this weekend, MWAI faculty member Joe Rothstein is just getting warmed up. Bring on the herbs! Herbal Certificate Program now enrolling for Fall 2018 - 02/06/2018

Meet Bob Shapiro: Mover of Chi - WhatcomTalk

Qi Gong instructor Bob Shapiro teaches Free classes at Unity Care NW in Bham! Bob Shapiro teaches Qigong at Unity Care NW in Bellingham. This unique class offers amazing health benefits to its many committed participants.


David Wolfe

Studies Show What Happens To Your Body When You Walk Barefoot On Earth 10/14/2017

Your Internal Clock And Your Weight - Andrew Weil, M.D.

Chinese clock energetics say our digestion is strongest between the hours of 7-11am (stomach and spleen time) If you’re doing everything right and wondering why you still can’t lose body fat, the problem may be when you eat, not what - or even how much - you consume 10/10/2017

Spartan Life - Is R.I.C.E. All Wrong?

I have a golden topical herbal formula that works much better than ice anyway New research proves that R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression, elevation) is the wrong way to treat sports injuries. The right way: Keep moving. 10/06/2017

Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to 3 Americans Who Explained Our Circadian Rhythms

"Alzheimer's, depression, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), heart disease, obesity and diabetes and other metabolic issues are among the many conditions that appear to be linked to circadian rhythms being out of whack."
This is yin/yang imbalance in East Asian Medicine. Acupuncture/herbs/Qi Gong can help attune you to the natural rhythyms of the Universe and the Earth. Three Americans — Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young — have won the 2017 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine for their discoveries about the mechanisms that control an organism's circadian responses to light and dark.


This is what I've been working on lately... 06/22/2017

Giving Thanks for Calendula

This is one of the main herbs I grow in my garden. 1. Because it is beautiful 2. Because it is useful 3. Because it is easy to grow! Calendula (Calendula officinalis) is an amazing herb. It is probably under-utilized and under-appreciated, so I'm going to give it its due thanks! Cal... 05/31/2017

iebook1 | HEALTHSPAN

My Qi Gong teacher, Dr. Don Zhang, has a new book out: Healthspan - In it, he talks about ways to naturally improve our health and lifespan (hence 'Healthspan') based on his theory of "intended evolution" - A novel concept, understanding our bodies from an evolutionary perspective and working with it, rather than against it. Check it out: 05/04/2017

Why Tai Chi Is As Good For You As CrossFit

Qi Gong too! It may be the ultimate mind-body workout.


Marya Stark

Yin and Yang!

'Yin and Yang' (Animated Music Video)
From the album 'Qi Songs For Crystal Kids'

Written by Marya Stark ft. Travis Puntarelli
Animation by Svitlana Reinish

Qi Songs for Crystal Kids is a concept album about Qigong and Energy Principals designed for children and their families. It is a part of an emerging curriculum for alternative schools and Young Jedi Academies.


QiGong in Cancer Care Trailer

This website: has excellent resources and links to research regarding Qi Gong and Cancer.

This is a trailer for Qigong in Cancer Care Documentary. The goals of the documentary are to raise public and professional awareness of the benefits of qigon... 03/23/2017

With Millions of Records Sold, Bellingham’s Soundings of the Planet Are New Age’s Old Pros | Seattle Weekly

If you are a patient of mine, you might hear or have heard some of their music while on the table. My personal favorite is Eagle River. After surviving the rocky MP3 era, they’ve found even more success in the world of digital streaming.


Matt Van D**e EAMP 03/19/2017

Nourishing With Stinging Nettles

A good article on Nettles from an eastern and western herbal perspective. Stinging nettles do sting. My first encounter with nettles was not pleasant, and at the time, I didn't know enough to look for lamb's quarter or dock to soothe the nettle's sharp bite. Instead, I chose to run screaming back to camp, seeking my mother's aid to treat the flaming red blisters on my le...


Ep. 1 Conversations with Dr. Kevin Zhu: An Introduction to the He Tu, "River Map"

One of my respected teachers here explains the Yellow River Map and its relationship to Chinese Medicine. 1st in a multi-part series.

This is the first in a series of three videos featuring an introduction to the He Tu or "River Map". Dr. Kevin Zhu L.Ac DAOM, with the help of his student Ni...


We have the power to construct our own reality tunnel

Have you ever heard the myth “Our genes predict our health”?

Yes, that’s right – myth. In the past we have blamed our genes for the outcome of our health. We were told we’re victims to what we’re born with. But actually that just isn’t true. Everything you thought you knew about how your genes work has been completely changed. Your genes are not fixed and you are no longer the victim, but the creator.

In this new updated and expanded 10th Anniversary Edition of "The Biology of Belief", you will see the stunning new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning to show that all the cells of your body are affected by your thoughts.

Free eBook of new updated and expanded 10th Anniversary Edition of "The Biology of Belief"!

Click here: 02/27/2017

Needles of relief — free clinic brings acupuncture to the community

The Acupuncture school where I teach: MOUNT VERNON — In a tranquil setting where the only noise comes from ambient music, Moe Webster and seven other people lay in extended chairs, eyes closed. A few small,


Middle Way Acupuncture Institute

Please come join us in Mount Vernon for the Middle Way Acupuncture Institute 10 year Celebration! 11/21/2016

Doctor & Senior Professor Lucy Hu, LAc: A Life Dedicated to Service - Five Branches University

A very nice article written about one of my mentors, Dr. Lucy Hu.

“Being a doctor is very special because you have the opportunity to save a life. Being a pediatrician, for me, is the most important because you can save the life of a child and help a family who is scared, and sick with worry.”

~Dr. Lucy Hu, Physician (China), LAc Twenty-seven years later, Lucy is still teaching at Five Branches University and treating patients in the university health clinics, her private clinic in Palo Alto, and consulting with Stanford University pediatricians on difficult cases. 08/11/2016

Qigong Yi Jinjing Promotes Pulmonary Function, Physical Activity, Quality of Life and Emotion Regulation Self-Efficacy in Patients with Chronic Obs... - PubMed - NCBI

Yi Jinjing Qigong, or, Muscle/Tendon Changing Classic Qi Gong is said to be developed by Da Mo (also called Bodhidharma), when he came to the Shaolin temple around the 5th Century. There are many similarities between the Yi Jinjing and Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong. J Altern Complement Med. 2016 Aug 3. [Epub ahead of print] 07/28/2016

Evidence Base of Clinical Studies on Tai Chi: A Bibliometric Analysis

2015 Meta-study concludes Tai Chi is extremely effective for Physical Performance enhancement and General Well-Being:

The majority of studies (94.1%) reported positive effects of Tai Chi. Evidence of benefits of therapeutic tai chi includes two major areas: physical performance and symptoms of physical well-being, Physical performance includes strength, flexibility, cardiovascular function, balance, pulmonary function, body mass index, biomarkers of immune function, and mediation of inflammation. Symptoms of physical well-being include depression, stress, mood, fear of falling, self-efficacy, anxiety, self-esteem, social functioning, and quality of sleep. Of the 105 studies reporting on safety, no serious adverse events related to the practice of Tai Chi were reported. The safety and health benefits of Tai Chi mind-body exercise has been documented in a large number of clinical studies focused on specific diseases and health conditions. The objective of this systematic review is to more comprehensively summarize the ...


Matt Van D**e EAMP


East West School—Study with Michael and Lesley Tierra

Some reasons why taraxacum is the maximum.

Dandelion is used throughout the world. Native Americans applied its juice externally to snake bites. Ayurvedic practitioners use it for dysentery, fever, vomiting, and as an anti-poison. The leaves are grown as a vegetable in Europe and eaten when young in the spring (they are less bitter then – add olive oil and lemon juice) to help clear winter’s excesses and prevent spring’s colds and flu.

Of course my favorite use of dandelion is still what I learned as a child – picking the flowers when gone to seed and blowing their white parachutes off the stem. To me this is a wonderful metaphor – the plant transforming like a snake that sheds its skin and then reseeds to start their lives anew. May this wonderful plant continue to mellow the angry folk and heal many others!
-Lesley Tierra


Matt Van D**e EAMP 04/13/2016

Dragon Tongue Medicinal Farm | High Quality Medicinal Herbs for Traditional Chinese Medicine

Locally sourced medicinal herbs. The future of Chinese Herbal Medicine? Dragon Tongue Medicinal Farm where rain and soil meet root, leaf, flower, fruit and seed land is medicine See Our Products High Quality Medicinal Herbs We grow high quality medicinal herbs for sale to the Traditional Chinese Medicine community and local herb stores. View Our Products We provide fo… 03/25/2016

Acupuncture while Floating? Floatupuncture is Born. » Matt Van D**e, L.Ac. EAMP | Acupuncture -...

"So for a long time I've been speculating on the potentially synergistic effects of Floatation + Acupuncture. I mean, they're both amazing in their own right, but sometimes in Acupuncture sessions I have patients who can't quite get comfortable on the table because of their chronic or acute pain. Or perhaps they are easily distracted by the construction noises outside. And with floating, sometimes it takes a while to get relaxed and turn off the mind when you're in the tank. So, I thought, why not use them together and see what happens? And it works, it works well." Those of us who are Acupuncture junkies know the relaxing and transformative power of placing tiny needles at various points in the body. I mean, I should 01/12/2016

Medical Qi Gong Classes Starting! » Matt Van D**e, L.Ac. EAMP | Acupuncture - Herbs - Qi Gong in...

This month's focus is Back Health. Would love to see you there! I am pleased to announce the start of affordable Medical Qi Gong classes at Core Kinetics studio: Qi Gong* for Health & Vitality with Matt Van D 12/31/2015

Needles don't hurt a bit at Seattle Children's

Kids love acupuncture! In-patient acupuncture helps kids in the hospital


Medicine Nobel Recognizes Fights Against Malaria and River Blindness

Congratulations Youyou Tu, Chinese Herbalist / Scientist awarded Nobel prize:

"Using the Qinghao to treat malaria was in fact recorded in the Manual of Clinical Practice and Emergency Remedies by Ge Hong of the East Jin Dynasty in 340 C.E.," A Chinese herbal remedy and a drug made from soil bacteria lead three researchers to a share in the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. 09/22/2015

5 Things You May Not Know About Pope Francis

The Pope benefits from acupuncture... :-) On the eve of his visit to the U.S., here are a few facts you might not know about the 266th Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.





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