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If you are ready to start on the path to increased wellness, I can help you. Traditional Chinese Medicine incorporates acupuncture needles along with hands on bodywork, breathing, exercise and herbal/nutritional guidance. This is the original wholistic medicine. Don't let fear of needles hold you back, it's a unique and effective healing paradigm

[04/27/18]   Believe it or not, I lost the ability to post to this page until just now!!! Working on a new website for my business... will keep you posted on progress!

[05/13/15]   In light of the drought, what are your top water saving tricks? I've discovered I can brush my teeth with only a Dixie cup of water.

[04/30/15]   "Studies show that people who ride their bike to work are happier". What do you think? How do you get to work? Do you arrived happy and refreshed?

Boston Nurses Speak Out Against Mandatory Flu Shots

Are you going to get the flu shot this year?
Click below for an interesting article. A bit more work than most fB posts , but it's still worth a click and a read. Last month the Massachusetts Nurses Association sued Brigham and Women’s Hospital over a new policy that required nurses to receive the annual flu vaccine as a

[10/15/14]   Maybe you didn't know you could book an appointment from my FB page. Just click the drop down arrow next to "more" above! See you soon :)

Today was wear your sleeveless black shirt to work Friday, apparently. When I got to work, my colleague and I were dressed identically!

Back to school with Dr Ta, herbal expert at Mayway in Oakland today ( and yesterday)

[09/24/14]   Happy New Year! Finally seem to have unlocked my business page from my phone....can you read this? Hit "like" if you can see it! Thanks everyone....

[06/25/14]   Upgrading to Windows 8.1.
I just love new technology, don't you?

KUMU HINA - A Hawaiian Model for Gender Diversity

This is a beautiful movie. We saw it this afternoon. Well worth it!!! Help spread the true meaning of aloha – love, honor and respect for all - through community outreach and education

Chinese Medicinal Herb Farm - Home

My pal Peggy Schafer has been growing Chinese herbs organically right here in California! Check it out Sustainably grown chinese medicinal herbs products available as fresh, dried, or seed. All products grown at our northern California farm located in the hills west of Petaluma

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At Mayway in Oakland this weekend, great Chinese herb review with Dr Ta!

Are butter, cheese and steak really bad for you? The history of the anti-fat crusade

It's like I keep saying, "fat is not the problem"... a pretty good article from the Wall Street Journal earlier this month. Americans have been told for decades to avoid butter, cheese, red meat and other fatty foods because they cause heart disease. But do they really? The dubious science behind the anti-fat crusade

Yep, it really looked like this under the water, folks. I felt like I was swimming in an aquarium! :D

[05/14/14]   Back from a refreshing vacation-looking forward to seeing my patients tomorrow. Today is laundry day! :)

[05/01/14]   Tomorrow is Dia de Los Niños - I love this new office calendar!

[04/23/14]   Happy administrative professionals day! (That's what my calendar says!)

[04/22/14]   Tai chi class at Kaiser is taking off!I am starting a Level Two class for my students who have learned the entire set, and want more depth... Next class starts Thursday, May 15. It will be fun!

[03/29/14]   Next Weekend: Enjoy Complimentary Mini Treatments @ Our Community Wellness Fair

[03/25/14]   Here’s a prescription for how you might spend your time:
33 percent Sleep: 8 hours per night, 7 days per week = 56 hours
23 percent Work: 8 hours per day, 5 days per week = 40 hours
44 percent Fun: 168 hours minus 56 sleep and 40 work = 72 hours
Do you see? The majority of your time is for fun!

Today’s Affirmation: “I am full of joyful energy,
and all my dreams come true!”
-From Chellie Campbell, Financial Stress Reduction expert

[03/04/14]   Does sleep help memories stick? Many lifestyle choices have the potential to affect your cognitive abilities. In recent years, various researchers have found that a habit that most of us take for granted — sleep — may affect our memory in noticeable ways. Memories and the entorhinal cortex In a recent study from the journal Nature Neuroscience, UCLA neurophysics professor Mayank R. Mehta found that a brain area called the entorhinal cortex plays a key role in memory consolidation during sleep. Memory consolidation is the process that stores and reinforces long-term memories so you can draw on them later. While the mice in Mehta's study slept, their entorhinal cortices displayed activation patterns very similar to patterns that occurred when the mice remembered something during the day. This nighttime activity, in turn, spurred neural activity in the hippocampus. The hippocampus has often been considered a central player in long-term memory consolidation during sleep, and this study shows that the processes may be far more complex than previously thought. Sleep may provide direction for Alzheimer’s research Not only can Mehta’s research help us understand how we strengthen memories during sleep, but it may also provide clues for investigating Alzheimer's disease — which begins in the entorhinal cortex and often involves impaired sleep. Of course, human brains differ greatly from those of mice, and further research will be needed to truly understand the entorhinal cortex's role in memory consolidation. Sleep well and stay sharp This study reminds us of the complex ties between lifestyle habits and cognition — and reaffirms the importance of getting enough sleep each night. With many new studies continuing to find evidence that our brains are hard at work during the night, most scientists agree that getting a decent night’s rest is a good idea.

Mary Lynn Morales, Licensed Acupuncturist's cover photo

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[01/01/14]   Happy New Year! Make it a healthy one

[11/06/13]   New session of tai ji chuan starts this coming Thursday at Kaiser Oakland. 11am-noon

Mary Lynn Morales, Licensed Acupuncturist's cover photo

Mary Lynn Morales, Licensed Acupuncturist's cover photo

[09/06/13]   Here's an interesting take on Syria:

[08/10/13]   My practice thrives on your referrals, thank you!

[08/10/13]   I have successfully helped people recover faster from fractures, helped them focus better for work and school, improved sleep and immune system health, and facilitated digestion and eliminated heartburn, all using traditional Chinese medicine. Do you know someone that I could help? My practice thrives on your referrals!

Chinese herbs from my garden

[08/04/13]   Did you know? Acupuncture and Chinese medicine helps with digestive disorders, pain and asthma, among many other things

[08/01/13]   Hello, dear ones! Now you can schedule your next appointment with me, ONLINE! (If you are a new patient, you still need to talk to me first, I want to make sure I am the right person to help you). Just click the blue "Schedule now" button, above. Check it out!

[07/09/13]   Miracles

Why, who makes much of a miracle?
As to me I know of nothing else but miracles,
Whether I walk the streets of Manhattan,
Or dart my sight over the roofs of houses toward the sky,
Or wade with naked feet along the beach just in the edge
of the water,
Or stand under trees in the woods,
Or talk by day with anyone I love, or sleep in the bed
at night with anyone I love,
Or sit at the table at dinner with the rest,
Or look at strangers opposite me riding in the car,
Or watch honeybees busy around the hive
of a summer forenoon,
Or animals feeding in the fields,
Or birds, or the wonderfulness of insects in the air,
Or the wonderfulness of the sundown, or of stars shining
so quiet and bright,
Or the exquisite delicate thin curve of the new moon
in spring;
These with the rest, one and all, are to me miracles,
The whole referring, yet each distinct and in its place.
To me every hour of the light and dark is a miracle,
Every cubic inch of space is a miracle,
Every square yard of the surface of the earth is spread
with the same,
Every foot of the interior swarms with the same.
To me the sea is a continual miracle,
The fishes that swim-the rocks-the motion of the waves
-the ships with men in them,
What stranger miracles are there?

~ Walt Whitman ~

(Leaves of Grass)


"...You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."
-John Lennon

Senator Jon Tester of Montana has just introduced a People’s Rights Amendment in the U.S Senate to reverse the US Supreme Court’s ruling in Citizens United v. FEC and to make it clear that corporations do not have constitutional rights, as if they were people. This marks the first introduction in the US Senate of a constitutional amendment bill to overturn fully the fabricated doctrine of corporate constitutional rights and ensure that people, not corporations, shall govern in America.

In addition to this major development, Senator Tom Udall of New Mexico has just introduced a new version of a constitutional amendment bill he sponsored last year, with support from 25 other US Senators, that will enable us to end the outsized influence of big money over our politics and will allow for overall limits on campaign spending. Senator Udall’s amendment bill would overturn an earlier, equally damaging Supreme Court ruling in Buckley v. Valeo (from 1976), which said that campaign spending is a form of “free speech”.
As Warren Rudman, the late Republican US Senator from New Hampshire, wrote, “free speech can hardly be called free when only the rich are heard.”

Please contact your Senators now and urge them to support both of these bills.

[06/03/13]   There’s no way to prevent contamination from genetically engineered (GE) crops planted in test fields. Tell the USDA to put an immediate ban on all field testing of GE crops. And then share this with anyone you know who cares about the food they eat.

[05/28/13]   40th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION JUNE 9th | The Taoist Center

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