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We’re a small therapy practice that’s locally owned &operated.We offer mental health & substance use counseling as well as specialized services like EMDR.

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We’re happy to announce additional administrative support as well as the addition of a Bilingual Therapist to our line up of outstanding resources! How can we help you move ahead towards the best version of you?


NCDHHS is encouraging eligible North Carolinians to see if they are eligible for the Low-Income Energy Assistance Program or the Crisis Intervention Program if they need assistance with heating bills. The Low-Income Energy Assistance Program is a seasonal program that provides for a one-time vendor payment to help eligible households pay their heating bills. The Crisis Intervention Program is a year-round program that assists individuals and families who are experiencing a heating or cooling related crisis.

Households can apply online through the ePASS portal at or by submitting a paper application through mail, fax or dropping it off at their local Department of Social Services, without having to go into the agency to apply. Individuals may also contact their local DSS by phone to apply.

Learn more:

For more information on these energy programs and specific eligibility, visit the LIEAP and CIP websites at:


This came up in session a few times in the last week. When bad things happen we tell everyone who will listen about it and then ruminate on it some more. When good things happen we are happy or exited ( we might tell a couple of people) but then life goes on. Those not so good things get moved in to long term storage in a nice neat way and the good things may make long term memory but in a disorganized hard to retrieve way. What happens when we can easily retrieve the bad stuff but not the good? We discount the good things and focus on the bad. We may begin to believe that only bad things happen to us, which can severely impact our mood.



Hi all! My quarantine is now through 1/12(hopefully no longer). Sorry for the inconvenience. - Heather


New Year’s resolutions can be a fun way to hold yourself accountable but did you know that they can reinforce negative thinking patterns and impede self improvement? The idea that change can only begin at the beginning, whether we’re talking the beginning of the year, month or week tricks our brain into thinking that one little misstep in our path to change means we’ve failed and will have to wait until another “beginning” to start over. Instead of resolutions I challenge each of you to begin each day looking for opportunities to show love and compassion, especially toward yourselves. If you realize that you didn’t meet your own expectations on a goal don’t throw in the towel, take a few moments to recalculate and keep moving ahead. (Think about YoYo dieting; giving up on healthy eating because you had a cupcake and binging until the next “beginning” just to start the process over again).
Below is a simple daily list for the month of January that can help you with ideas to show love and compassion, to yourselves as well as family and friends.
Wishing our clients, their families and our community a Happy, Healthy 2022!

Happy New Year 🎉



TikTok trend that can have teens believing they have mental disorder troubles experts 12/29/2021

TikTok trend that can have teens believing they have mental disorder troubles experts

This is definitely a trend we’ve been hearing about for at least the last year and a half from teen/tweenresidents of the tri-county area. TikTok and Discord are the 2 biggest offenders that are mentioned in our offices but this is happening across social media. Remember that teens and tweens are not the only family members who are vulnerable to this misinformation. Please talk to your family members and seek professional evaluation if needed.

TikTok trend that can have teens believing they have mental disorder troubles experts Mental health experts say these pose a risk to those who are most vulnerable.


Our phones are back up and operational. Sorry for the inconvience!


Our phones are down. Please bear with us as we try to fix things.

If you need something immediately please email me at [email protected]

Photos from American Counseling Association's post 11/22/2021


We’ve been hinting at big changes coming to MACS and we’re finally ready to announce our big news! Please join us in welcoming Ted Jamison, Jonaysha Douglas and Jeannie Dann to the MACS team! Ted will be doing therapy and psychological testing, Jonaysha will be providing some evening therapy sessions and Jeannie is our new admin support. We can’t wait to help Brunswick County move ahead towards a healthier future!


We’ve been hinting at big news in the MACS universe.
Check us out bright and early tomorrow for an exciting announcement!


The best gift that we can give our child is our own healing. When we invest in our own healing, our children's future shifts and generational cycles are broken.

Dr. Daniel Siegel will once again be joining us for our upcoming Children's Mental Health Conference on November 19, 2021 as a Keynote Speaker! He will be presenting on "Parenting From the Inside Out". Register for this online event at:

The Imperfect Storm: College Students and Su***de - Harvard Political Review 10/10/2021

The Imperfect Storm: College Students and Su***de - Harvard Political Review

Across the country student counseling services are underfunded and under staffed and students are struggling. Your student and/or their friends/ roommates need extra support during this difficult time and waiting 5 months to get seen at student counseling services could be too late. We know that counseling works to reduce stress as well as depression/anxiety symptoms and increase resiliency but our young adults sometimes need some help to get there. If you have a student in college, whether commuting or living on campus, please take an hour to help them locate sources of assistance during crisis as well as to provide supportive counseling before crisis.

The Imperfect Storm: College Students and Su***de - Harvard Political Review Now, amid a pandemic, student mental health presents an increasingly alarming crisis. How the university, the people within it, and the culture inhabiting it respond to this crisis holds great consequences for the wellbeing of our student body.


After trauma, it’s not uncommon to feel shame and guilt about the way they responded during the event.

It turns out that we don’t have a lot of say so in how we react because our nervous system makes the choice for us.


Stop waiting, start healing!

I am duly licensed as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor Supervisor and a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist. I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches and tailor my approach to each clients needs. I offer specialized services such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Prime for Life to help clients achieve their goals.

I pride myself on my down to earth and straight forward style which allows me to connect with my clients in a genuine way. This connection has helped hundreds of clients learn new skills and see real change in their lives. Healing takes time, & asking for help is a courageous step. Schedule your appointment today & find help that will keep you moving ahead!

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Please know that we did not make this decision lightly. Our hope is that we can get things back to business as usual ASA...
Our March Selfcare contest winner is.....
Please don’t use your relationship status as a reason to beat yourself up tomorrow. If you're not into Valentine's Day o...
Wishing you a happy, healthy 2020!
Tomorrow is a fresh start
move ahead towards the best version of you in 2020!




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